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Course Contents:
Module I
Introduction to Digital Computer:
Major components of a Digital Computer - Number system - Binary codes - Fixed and Floating Point
representation - Logic gates - Flip flops - Registers - Input and Output Devices. Module III

Module II
Introduction to programming:
Flow charts and algorithms - Fundamentals of 'C' Language - Typical structure of a C Program.

Module III
Data Types:
Variables - Constants - Arithmetic expressions - Use of operators - program examples.

Module IV
Decision making in C:
Relational operators - Logical operators - Precedence of operators - IF and IF ... ELSE statements - Looping
concepts in C _ WHILE loop - DO ... WHILE and FOR loops - Programming examples.

Module V
User defined Functions - Local and Global variables - Parameters - Programming examples.

Module VI
BREAK statement - Strings and character arrays - examples..

Module VII
Concept of Pointers - The Indirection operator - Use of Pointers in arrays - Programming examples.

Module VIII
Structures :
The period operator - Arrays of structures - Arrays within structures - Structures within structures - Pointers to
structures - The arrow operator - Programming examples.

Examination Scheme:

Component Codes H/Q S CT2 EE

Weight age (%) 10 10 20 60

• "Computer Fundamentals" by B.Ram
• "Fundamentals of Computers" by V.Rajaraman
• "C Programming" by G.Kochan
• "The Spirit of C" by Mullish Cooper.