Presented By: Amr Adel

Hany Adel Ahmed Amr Rania Arafa Sally Abdalla

Presented To: Dr. Farid Haddad

Dina Mohamed Mohamed Hesham

8. 6. 2. 7. 4. 9. 12. 13. 11.OUTLINE 1. 14. 3. Company Background Mission & Vision Mobinil Values Mobinil Target market SWOT Analysis BCQ Matrix Mobinil Product lifecycle Mobinil main competitors Promotion tools mobinil uses Distribution of mobinil stores Human resource management Mobinil Customer service Mobinil social activities Mobinil Offers and services . 10. 5.

COMPANY BACKGROUND Egypt First mobile phone operator . . Founded in 1998 The company is partly held by France Telecom(Orange) and Orascom Telecom The first telecom company to receive ISO 14001 certificate in Egypt and the Middle East.1% of Egypt and has international roaming agreements with 261 operators in 112 countries. Mobinil is committed to provide the best working environment for over 2000 employees It now covers more than 91.

providing the best quality service to our customers. the best working environment for our employees. top value for our shareholders and proudly contributing to the development of our community" Vision ´To be a part of people's daily lives by providing reliable and simple services that help people interact and communicate better" .Mission "To be leading mobile service provider in Egypt.

MOBINIL VALUES Corporate values: Respect for people  Integrity  Pursuit of excellence Brand values:  Friendly  Seeking excellence  Humane  .

Mobinil payment facilitates to its customers according to their needs     E-bill (Viewing bills and analyzing call patterns at any time by mail before you receiving printed bills) Corporate cash collection service Direct debit network (Using automatic payment through banking Direct Debit services) E-payment (Online payment for monthly bill) .MOBINIL TARGET MARKET Mobinil target market is the whole population in Egypt as its prices suits all categories. It develops well understanding of its customers needs and tries to satisfy those needs.

Service sometimes goes down Opportunities Threats Rapid increase of mobile importance Increase of competition Rumors about its service .Strengths Weaknesses First mobile phone operator Many retailers in different regions and areas Qualified employees and Effective team.



MAIN COMPETITORS IN EGYPT One of the most important things that makes mobinil unique between competitors is that mobinil spend a lot of money on commercials and ads. . also attractive and funny ads. more products and promotions and offers. It works with professional agencies for advertising.

PROMOTION TOOLS USED BY MOBINIL Television Ads Billboards Events sponsorship Radio ads Internet Flyers .


El Merghany St. Hyper One Alexandria ² Louran Alexandria ² Agami Alexandria .DISTRIBUTION OF MOBINIL STORES Here are some of where mobinil stores are located:           City Stars phase 2 Dandy Mall Heliopolis .San Stefano Alexandria ² Smouha Al Dakhaleya Al Monufia .

and teamwork of their employees Provide equitable compensation. . One of Mobinil Values is " We should respect each and every person we interact with during our business dealings including customers. knowledge. diversity. skills.HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Mobinil Mainly depends on its employee's integrity. and all parties that have a business relationship with the company. and a fair atmosphere with great opportunities for professional growth. It strives to create a culture where tolerance and respect exist between employees. employees. suppliers. excellent working conditions.

o There are four basic questions Mobinil customer service employees consider: o     Who is my customer? What are my customer needs? What are my customer expectations? What would delight my customer? .MOBINIL CUSTOMER SERVICE Mobinil ¶s customer service is considered to be one of the most successful services in Egypt.

MOBINIL SOCIAL ACTIVITIES ´OUR RESPONSIBILITYµ 1. The spirit to serve ´Mobinil employees in collaboration with InJaz egypt delivered personal development sessions on a weekly basis to government preparatory schools students and local universities in Cairoµ 3. Towards Better Education ´ Sponsored the topics of Success Skills and Business Ethics in the students in free enterprise (SIFE) national competitionµ 2. Solid and waste management ´Recycling Programµ .

Mobinil Offers Mobinil Services Star Primo ALO Mobinil Tourist line Call Tones I phone 3G Mobinil 8000 Mobinil Wi-Fi USB Modem Mobinil mobile internet Roamers .

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