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Climate change

In my opinion, Climate change is a problem that we must solve, if we don’t,

we will suffer the consequences.

First of all, the fact that climate change exists is obvious, there are a lot of
research projects that prove it. The first thing we should do is recognize
there is a problem and try to find measures to stop climate change or
reduce its effects.

For one thing, if don’t do anything nobody will, if we powered the climate
change we would be able to eliminate it. There is nothing to discuss, we
haven’t thought about who’s living in the planet, we are not alone and they
are a lot of species that are in danger of extinction because of us, like
amphibians, as we could read in the previous reading.

As other problems, climate change is a clear threat for humanity, so if it

continues and we just look at it we will be strongly hit by the consequences
it will take.

In conclusion, there is more than an obligation, it is something moral,

something we owe to the other animals, plants, whatever exists. Make
choices, face the consequences.
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Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to explain a research project I have been thought in order to

prevent and animal extinction.

The main reason I am writing this letter is because without your help this
project won’t succeed. The animal to whom my project is based is “the
golden fish”, an African fish which is in serious trouble (there are just 120
golden fish left). I have been searching information about the golden fish
during five years, I have discovered that it is an essencial fish for so many
environments but, surprisingly, nobody cares about it. What I am planning
is, firstly, build the best place I can to reproduce this animal, after that I
have already asked the permission to obtain several golden fish.

During the process I will not be alone, there will be a group of scientists that
will help me with all the experiment, the only thing I did was the project idea
and the different steps we must follow.

I would really appreciate all you could offer to me, I mean, if you could give
your “OK” I would be really thanked to you. I look forward to hearing from
you, and do not forget that the golden fish project is up to you.

Yours faithfully,

Ferran Barragan Conte

Ferran Barragan Conte