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Tell if it’s true or false.

If it’s false, please write the correct sentences

Animals that don’t have skeleton are vertebrales.

Animals that eat plants are hebivorous.

The human, horses, rabbits belong to the vertebrales group.

Animals that are born from eggs are called oviparous

Bees, sardines….. belong to viviparous group.

Cows, deers, dogs, cat belong to viviparous group

Animals that eat other animals are called ovipaorus

Animals taht eat plants and other animals are called omnivorous

Animals that eat other animals are called herbivorous

Fill in the gaps

We can classify animals according to three different criteria

1.- Based on the structure, we find two differnt groups.

-----------------------, that means animals that have a -----------------------

Invertebrates, that means animals that ------------------- a -----------------------

2.- Based on the food they eat, we find three different groups

Animals that eat both, plants and other animals are called --------------------

Herbivorus, as the elephant, cow….. means that animals eat only ------------------

Lion, tigers are ------------------- because they eat other animals

3.- Base don the reproduction, we find two differnt groups

Bees, sharp…… belong to ---------------------- because they are born from eggs

Humans, dogs, cats… as are born from mum’s womb are called--------------------

Give me four examples of vertebrate, invertebrate, carnivorous, herbivorous,

omnivorous, oviparous and viviparous animals