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Christmas List

Use the link Symbols, Customs and Traditions to find

the following items.

1. The country from which we get the beautiful red

flower called the Poinsettia
2. The country that the tradition of having a Christmas
tree comes from
3. The man who lit the first Christmas tree
4. The country in which the original Santa Claus was

Use the link Santa’s Net to find the following items.

5. The place many Australians have Christmas dinner
6. The name of the special celebration in Melbourne,
Australia held on Christmas Eve each year
7. The things that children in France leave by the
fireplace on Christmas Eve
8. In France the award you get if you find the bean
hidden in the Three Kings’ Cake
9. What Children in Great Britain do with their letters
to Santa
10. What people from Ireland leave in the window Eve
Joseph and Mary on Christmas Eve

Use the link Santa’s Other Names to name for Santa

in the following countries:

11. Brazil ______________________________

12. England ____________________________
13. France _____________________________
14. Germany ___________________________
15. Italy _______________________________
16. Russia _____________________________

Use the link Santa’s Net for the following activity.

Choose a country and find the following information

about Christmas in this country:

1.The name of the gift giver


2.List three important decorations


3.Tell about the food or meal the people eat to