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Building a Spring Balance

Thick Card Paper Fastener

Elastic Band

Card Pointer

Paper clip
String or thread

‘Hook’ made from paper clip

First, build a spring balance like the one shown above.

Your task is to calibrate the balance so that you can measure some unknown
2. Add 100 g 3. Use a ruler to 4. Use a ruler to divide the
mass and divide 0 and 1 into space between 0 and 1
1. Mark zero on mark 1 smaller, regular into smaller, regular
the card ‘bits’: e.g 4 or 5 ‘bits’: e.g 4 or 5 smaller
smaller sections sections

5. Repeat until there is no more

0 0 space on the card.

1 1 Questions:
6. Label the scale “Weight in
newtons, N”.
a) What ‘C’ have you been doing to
the scale?
b) What is one of small lines on the
scale equal to? (Hint: Could be ½,
¼ or 0.2 N – you decide!)
0 c) Use your scale to weigh and
unknown weight e.g. an apple.
Write it down.
d) Use a manufactured scale to
check your scale.
e) Is your scale reasonably