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The Easiest Way to Double your Income in your Spare Time

The Easiest Way to Double your Income in your Spare Time
5 steps to at least double your monthly salary
Here’s the thing... I was recently home for the weekend in Grimsby and as is always the case, I inevitably ended up talking to friends about how information publishing works and its many benefits. If you’re not making some kind of attempt to get involved in this field, you really should be. When explaining the scope of it to my friends, it just becomes so clear how good a way it is for regular people to make money. So, I’m going to do 5 things... 1. Explain why you should get involved in information publishing; 2. Show you how to start building a customer base for your information publishing business; 3. Help you create a guide that you can sell to your customers; 4. Explain how to create a promotion that you can use to sell your guide to your customers; 5. Show you how to repeat step 3 and 4 every month (or more) to at least double your current salary. I’m going to go through each step slowly and keep things as simple as possible because I really want to show how easy this is to do. But first I want to start from scratch and explain why you should get involved in information publishing. And this step won’t take you a minute to do, it’s dead simple.

How to half the work and double the money
The aim of this step is for a little light to go off in your mind and you say to yourself – actually, I really should get me in on this action; I could make a lot of money. OK. Here’s how I’m going to make that light turn on:

Shortcut Guide – Page 2

yet double your income.. because over the next pages. there’s no way you’re not going to be able to see how great this opportunity is.. Do you still need to do your regular job? That’s up to you but hopefully the light is on.000 a year. If you already read and purchased the guide. Is the light flickering? That’s £20 multiplied by 100 – that’s £2.) Altogether it maybe took you a WEEK. I’m keeping the figures rough. how to produce the guides and promotions to start making this money. You’ve only got 200 customers but you’ve just written a report which you’re going to sell for £20. You’ve just doubled your salary. I’m going to be using the letter and guide as a template over throughout this guide and I think it would be enormously helpful for you to have a copy with you. You could cut your work in half. great (I hope you’ve already started establishing your niche)... But then let’s say you do that twice a month.000 a month. From your little information publishing business alone you’re pulling in £4. but keep that in your mind.000. I recommend following the link below and having a read of the letter and getting hold of the guide. you’re looking about £2. But secondly. you earn £4. The report took you a few days to write. For the sake of argument. If you haven’t already seen or purchased our Niche Trading Expert guide. After tax and whatnot.000 a month. you work the equivalent of 2 weeks. (Remember I’m going to tell you how to do all this. But if you’re still not sure. £2. But for those of you who haven’t got it.000. Shortcut Guide – Page 3 . yet instead of earning just £2. I think you should check it out. read this again. let’s say half those customers buy your report at £20. You’re now earning £4. Instead of working for the whole month. Or you’re still sceptical in someway. Right now you should be in one of two camps: Either you’re thinking it sounds great and want to know how to get customers. Two reasons: first I think it’s a useful guide that in its own right could help you generate another very valuable income stream. here’s what I want you to do first. The promotion a few more days. That’s fine.000 a MONTH! Right.000 for ONE WEEKS’ work. it’s not a problem. now imagine you’re running your own little information publishing business.000 a month.Let’s say the average annual wage is about £30. For those of you who already understand how good this could be for you and are chomping at the bit.

Michael’s email turned into what we now call an e-letter. Seriously though.” "It’s easy to build a customer base. “It’s easy to build a customer base. . Especially when we get to the ‘sales letter’. it does become harder to grow that list. It seemed realistic that other businesses and budding entrepreneurs would be interested in receiving his advice. Michael Masterson started emailing his colleagues. Shortcut Guide – Page 4 .uk/nte?E970K358) to read the letter and pick up a copy of the guide. Click here (http://www.. building your customer list up from zero. A few years back. It has some of the best entrepreneurs in the world contributing to it.. He’d email his thoughts on how his present business was running and what he thought could be done to improve things..the trick is in growing it. as this will be just as important to you when it comes to doubling your salary. unfortunately I can’t cut the price anymore as we’ve already halved it! OK..... we’re only concerned with getting your list going. it’s true." That’s an old saying that I invented just now. you should be sure to take time reading through the letter from Andrew as well. For now though. But by that time you’re pulling in plenty of profit to be able to spend a little more time on it. if not THE biggest. When you get to the stage where your list of potential customers is at a decent size.co.. Building a list of potential customers is the easiest thing you’ll do when starting your own information publishing business.. A quick story.. has an enormous readership and is highly thought of in the information publishing business the world over.fsponline-recommends. People enjoyed reading the email and hearing Michael’s thoughts. entrepreneur and information publishing guru.But don’t forget.. as well as getting the guide itself. and bang! In its present form.. Michael’s email is one of the biggest. Hopefully you’re looking forward to learning how to start your own information publishing business and cutting your work in half but doubling your salary... After a while it became clear that the emails Michael was sending where useful beyond his own business. Next we’ll tackle the next step and we’ll start building customers. e-letter in the United States. Colleagues started implementing his suggestions and following his advice.

. All that from an email Michael sent to his colleagues! The easiest way to build a customer base is with an e-letter. there’ll be more people out there than you realise who are interested in hearing from you. It’s as simple as that. This sounds dumb as heck but. Fitness (and combat) expert Matt Furey built his e-letter talking about fitness and combat. Master copywriter John Forde built his e-letter talking about copywriting. I think you can guess.. So we got some friends’ bands to play with us and we hired the function room of a local pub. David DeAngelo decided he knew enough about dating women to write about. If I tried to write an e-letter about gardening. people are interested in what’s interesting. how’d you start getting people to read your e-letter? Why my first ever gig was sold out I was about 15 I think and the band I was playing with had enough songs to do a gig. but your first thought is probably. And it’s not just people who share your interest that will be interested.I don’t think I even need to mention the money it makes.. With that sorted. believe me. Shortcut Guide – Page 5 .. it wouldn’t be interesting – it would be nonsense and no one would read it. dating women! Talk about what you know and you can’t go far wrong. What am I supposed to talk about in an e-letter? What your e-letter should be about This is important: all Michael did was talk about what he knew. We charged a couple of quid to get in and the pub took the money on the bar... write about what you know. guess what... No matter how niche it may be. When writing your e-letter. And before you even ask the question – YES! There WILL be people out there who are interested in the same thing you are.. I’m going to tell you the technical bits and bobs for starting an e-letter.. And the best (and easiest) way to make sure something is interesting is to know what you’re talking about. But if you KNOW about gardening what you write will be interesting.

Shortcut Guide – Page 6 . yes. Ask them to mention your e-letter to their friends and families. Michael emailing his colleagues. everyone I knew from my Saturday job and even my family.. one which won’t cost you a thing. all you friends.. there’s a little bit more involved. and one that will cost a little each month but it is worth it – you’ll see why. world apart but the same thing. Invite them to read it.. Everyone in your family. everyone at work. heard how good the show was and game along to the next gig. ACTION POINT: Take some time to think about what your e-letter could be about and to start writing up a list of all the people you know who you could send it to. So how come we packed the place out? Simple.. We didn’t have any fans and people weren’t going to come to the gig on a passing whim. At that age. Most of us do it umpteen times every single day. That was the only time my grandma saw us play. Inviting my grandma to the show.. After that first gig. as you’ll see. There are two options.. Next we’ll look at the nitty-gritty of sending the email itself. other people heard about the night. you can start getting people who don’t know about it reading too and we’ll look at that soon. include them all on your first emails.But we we’re still wet behind the ears. Not a lot though.. having your grandma in the audience isn’t the coolest thing in the world but if it meant the gig was packed I didn’t mind. This will kick-start the word-of-mouth process and more people will start reading your e-letter. I invited all my friends. So let’s go for it. Sending an email is easy. right? Well. But when it comes to sending an email to your readers. Plus after that we’ll be looking at how to create a report and promotion and start making money from your e-letter.. and see what they think (this will come in handy for testimonials later down the line). When you get into your flow. How are you going to handle the fame? Press ‘send’ and you’re done. The fastest and easiest way to start building a customer base is to simply email everyone you know.

But don’t worry it’s not much – and what you get for it is extremely valuable to the future of your business. How are you going to handle the fame? Eventually you’re going to exceed the average free email account allocation – plus how are you going to keep a handle on all these email addresses. I explained that the best way to start building a readership is to first email your eletter to everyone you know – friends. simple answer. how many people spam your email and how many people click on a link in your email.We’ve been looking at how you can start your own home-based information publishing business. Let’s get a tiny bit technical. when all goes to plan more people will want to start reading your e-letter. a standard email account doesn’t let you monitor how many people open your email. if it’s agriculture: write about agriculture. Apparently it’s this digital photograph of Yosemite: http://www. Finally. The thing is. But the point here is that bigger picture .com/ So there you go!) To start out with you can send your email to people using a standard email account. Quick note: For basic data protection reasons always put your contacts in the ‘blind contact’ field. family and work colleagues – in order to generate ‘word of mouth’. We established that you should write about what you know – if you know about motor sport.yosemite-17-gigapixels. people always seem to talk about ‘the bigger picture’ so I decided to find out what the biggest picture actually was.. An e-letter is simply a communication between you an a reader. via email. (Incidentally. You just withdraw the money and buy fun things First off. in which you talk about a particular subject or issue. But hold on. Unfortunately you’re going to need to shell out a little coin at this stage. Shortcut Guide – Page 7 . That’s the BCC bit of a standard email. all the steps will be simple) is to start writing an e-letter. right? You send it by email.. The issue here is: how’d you send the e-letter to them? Ah.and we’re not talking about the Yosemite one. It means everyone on the list can’t see each other’s email. Although it’s worth noting that this isn’t foolproof . write about motor sport.people can ‘reply all’ and still see all your contacts’ email addresses. We’ve seen the first simple step (believe me. You need to be thinking about the bigger picture.

com Have a visit and see what’s what. . That’s the potential beauty of the information publishing business which you’re learning how to do yourself as we speak. you’re able to send your e-letter much more efficiently without having to enter all your email contacts manually. But looking around the web I’ve found a single company that does both aspects for you and on the whole is cheaper. If you’ve not done so before. It’s called IContact and you can check out the site at www. It’s worth noting here by the way that I’ve got no deal with this company.Customer credits your account. . There is various guidance on the site itself so I’ll let you have a read around. Once you’ve initially set this up the process would look something like this.Potential customer enters their email online. Shortcut Guide – Page 8 .You withdraw the money and buy fun things. . That automated email collector by the way is known as an ‘auto responder’. it’s just that this seems to be the best one.These numbers are all very important when it comes to information publishing. We’ll explore these factors in more detail in another issue but very quickly: Open rate: Show’s if people are opening your email. So to send emails and collect email addresses you potentially need two programs.(Once you’ve got to the promotion stage) New potential customer reads about your report in your e-letter and buys it. you can set it up so that people can enter their email online and be set up to automatically receive your e-letter. . Notice that after the initial set up you yourself are only involved in the ‘withdraw the money and buy fun things’ part of the process. This is bad for business and knowing about it means you can take action.. So as well as giving you all this valuable information.Automated program sends your e-letter to newly signed-up potential customers. Click rate: When it comes to making a sale through your e-letter you need to know that people are clicking from your e-letter to your promotion.. This gives an idea of how active your readership is and whether subject lines are attracting interest.icontact. and this is a major league plus. . Spam rate: This shows if your e-letter is going into the spam and whether people are highlighting you as spam.Automated program collects details and enters them on system. think about that for a moment. Plus. .

You’ve got friends. And the groundwork for greatness is being laid here.uk/i/pi/7_Simple_Shortcuts.My advice is not to sign-up for a free trial before you’ve decided on a subject and written your first few e-letters. That way when you do.. It runs itself. But first I want you to remember your first time. and you can pretty much do it for free. And to be honest I’d wait until we’ve explored a little more of the information publishing business before starting an account. I mean the first time you subscribed to receive the Shortcut Bulletin. family and work colleagues. you can download it for free here: http://www.. Next we’re concerned with creating what I call an ‘internet imprint’ and how you can use it to gather new readers (and potential customers) to your e-letter.. why starting your own e-letter is the best way to start and why you should begin by sending that e-letter to your friends. For example. Let’s assume you know what your e-letter is about.pdf) This is an example of one of the webpages I use to attract people to join the Shortcut Bulletin. You can use it as a blueprint.it’s done.html (By the way.agorapub. you’ll be hot set to go. Wha! Nothing sordid. And most we just looked at how you can manage your business’s email account. Shortcut Guide – Page 9 .uk/BP/scb-seven-steps.. Who knows who came up with it? Is it the webpage that’s being squeezed or the people who visit it? Either way. You’re gathering pace.. Breaking it down into small stages. don’t try to sign up again.fsponline-recommends. if you don’t already have this report. Oh. I’m changing the vocabulary. we’ve looked at why you should set one up in the first place. Next we’re going to get a little more proactive with getting new potential customers and I’ll show you how to leave an ‘internet imprint’ that everyone will want to see. Why you should start leaving your own web trail We’ve been looking at how you can start your own home-based information publishing business.co. family and colleagues ready to read it.co.. It’s real easy and once it’s done . http://signup. So let’s look at how you create your own internet imprint. and now you know the technicalities behind sending it and collecting new potential customers. Chances are you signed up via one of these webpages. In the business they call them ‘squeeze pages’ but quite frankly I think that sounds not only silly but a little sinister. all the time sending people your way.

Find out how you can start today.£500 an hour. First you need to get a webpage. I’ll give you everything you need. (To give you a little help. we’ve organised for Shortcut readers to receive a 10% discount at SubHub – just quote ‘shortcut10’ when you sign up.... without one you’re not going to get very far. that’s it – you can just leave it on the web to collect new readers for you. no problem.com/ These are free services that allow you to put your own webpage online. So how do you create your own internet imprint? The 4 stages of creating your own internet imprint It’s a four stage process. Which leads naturally to the next stage. Obviously this is the easiest route as there’s less work involved for you. Shortcut Guide – Page 10 . even the ‘stolen’ materials. And once you’ve set one up.) The second option open to you is to do it yourself through a free site hosting service like Microsoft Live or Yahoo’s Geocities.. And it’s all down to ‘stealing’ tested and proven blueprints that make normal people thousands every single year. but as I say – it’s not free.uk/sccstealcopy?EPFCK322 Get paid £500 an hour legally ‘stealing’ other people’s work You can start doing this TODAY. so you already need to be sure you’ve got or are quickly going to make the money to cover the cost..officelive. You can do this yourself.. Now most e-letters would skip telling you about this fundamental part because it’s not exciting.. Both services have very helpful step by step guidance to show you how to get your webpage up and running.com) who will set up your webpages for you..subhub..It’s just one webpage that invites the visitor to enter their details to receive my e-letter.yahoo. it’s an imprint on the internet – which is why I prefer to call such a page an ‘internet imprint’. Microsoft Live http://smallbusiness. But while I watch my back you could be earning £100 .. But let’s face it. So there are two options available to you. You can pay a bit of cash to a company like SubHub (www. Keep this to yourself though because me revealing this secret could rub a lot of people up the wrong way..co. It’s like leaving your own little trail on the web.. click here: http://www.com/ and Yahoo Geocities http://geocities.fsponlinerecommends.

once you’ve got your page set up. When I say ‘benefit driven’ what I mean is that the copy should explain the benefits of signing up to your e-letter. so for now just concentrate on the benefits of receiving your e-letter. Ideally the copy shouldn’t exceed a single page. you need to keep it simple and benefit driven. such an incentive helps enormously in encouraging readers to sign up to receive your e-letter. As you can see from the Shortcut Bulletin example I offer a free report for signing up. but so long as your sign up form is in view that’s the main thing. What’s know as ‘the copy’.com) to send a thank Shortcut Guide – Page 11 . it’s important that your e-letter does follow through and provide those benefits..Etc. So. That’s the term for message itself.com allow you to “create your own sign-up form(s) to collect subscribers from visitors to your web site. Remember though.. Though it is not necessary to give a free report away.. your imprint page is done. .” which is exactly what you need to do next. When it comes to creating your own imprint page. Once you’ve written some simple.. etc. Sign-up to Hat-Making Weekly today and discover.A two click trick to knocking life back into flattened hats. benefit-driven copy and you’ve got your sign up form on there too. The sign up form is the most important part of your imprint page as without it people can’t sign up to receive your e-letter and therefore the page is pretty much pointless. Icontact.com. and the copy states the title and benefits of the report.The simple cross-stitch that enhances the rim of any old hat.. Remember that and you can’t go far wrong. .. We’re going to look at how to create a free report (and a guide that you can sell) later. the benefit is explicit. no matter what your subject. For example. Then the third stage.I previously told you about email management companies such as Icontact. Obviously you can see my knowledge of hat-making is somewhat lacking but you can see how you can quickly reel-off a number of benefits. . The final stage is to set your auto-responder (provided by Icontact. if you were writing an e-letter about hat-making you could list the benefits of your hat-making e-letter as such. create a sign up form and put that on it as priority.. .The one simple mistake every hat-maker makes when it comes to hat trims.. ‘7 Simple Shortcuts to Strengthen Your Finances in 2009’ is pretty clear and already in the title itself.

You can do very well starting in your own time stealing an hour here after work. And as we’re seeing as we look at the information publishing business. wrong. Our next stage of starting your own information publishing business from home is to look at creating a guide that you can sell. The assumption is that a bank needs robbing. Your internet imprint is done. People assume you need to dedicate all your time to it.And how you can create an intenet imprint to get potential customers to join your e- Shortcut Guide – Page 12 .. The second mistake is the time. a somewhat larger collection of acorns can be collected over a longer period of time. an hour there at the weekend and all the time putting a little aside from your regular job..Why starting your own e-letter is the best way to start. This email should simple state again the benefits of being signed up to your e-letter.How you can manage your new business’s communications.you email to anyone who signs up.. Wrong. family and work colleagues. And that’s it. . it’s one of the easiest businesses you can get started in. From small acorns. Some money and some time are needed. The secret to creating your own info product It’s a real shame. They figure starting their own business is too daunting. Most people end up spending their entire lives working for someone else. Don’t even think about oak trees. The first mistake people make when considering what would be involved in starting a business is the money needed..Why you should become an information publisher. Now it’s there on the web for people to stumble across and sign up. It’s in thinking a business must be enormous that people believe starting one too daunting. . .. But as the old proverb might have suggested.Why you should begin by sending that e-letter to your friends. Previously we’ve looked at: . Guess what. .. It’s not.

. you can get a freelancer to write it for you by visiting a website like www. You’d be surprised how. I recommended getting hold of Niche Trading Expert. If you’re absolutely positively sure you can’t do it yourself. I want to at least start by giving you the basics so that you are able to go away and begin creating your own guide which you can sell to your potential customers. then comes the construction of the guide itself.£577 a week Discover how you can recessionproof your finances AND 'lock-in' an extra £230-£577 and becoming a Niche Trading Expert. Though the guide may be made up of a number of different elements and advice. A theme is easy.. Click here: http://www. a single theme must run throughout e.letter. The 6 parts that make your information product Firstly. A 'niche' way to collect £230 . once you’ve worked out what will go into the guide. Again. 7 Steps to Financial Success in 2009. you need an idea or a number of ideas. the first thing you’ll need is a theme. because you’re writing about what you know. Once you’ve got your theme and idea. If you know how to make guitars you could write a guide based around making guitars. The foundations of your information publishing home business are laid. It’s about creating REAL wealth in just a few hours each week... You need something to sell. even if you’re not a ‘writer’ you should still give this a go yourself. Niche Trading Expert is a good example to use because it has a simple theme – making money – and a simple idea – how to do so using niche trading. at least). Your theme could be as simple as ‘guitars’ or ‘making money’....co.. waffle or overblown promises. this isn’t difficult. The truth is I could write for pages and pages about how you can create an information product but we haven’t the time. which you should look into using and b) you can use it as a blueprint for creating your own guide.uk/nte?E970K358 theme you’re going to be writing about in your eletter so your guide will be based on that particular theme too.g.. you can actually get your thoughts down on paper (or PC.elance.. The Niche Trading Expert guide is based around the idea of Niche Trading because that’s what its author knew about..fsponlineBecause by this point you’ve already chosen the recommends. when you’re talking about something you know about. Shortcut Guide – Page 13 . No nonsense. I did this because a) it’s a great little guide... now we’re concerned with how you can start generating income.com and advertising accordingly.. Once you’ve got your theme. In creating your own though.

So far we’ve looked at.Why you should begin by sending that e-letter to your friends. you should restate the reasons why the reader should use the idea or ideas explained in your guide.Why you should become an information publisher. The Method – Here is where you should explain how the reader can put the idea into action. . so it’s important that they finish the guide with the motivation to act in mind. .Your introduction should.How you can create an internet imprint to get potential customers to join your e-letter. . it’s simple and we’ll look how you can do that next.How you can manage your new business’s communications. why niche trading is something you could do to make money.. The Reason – Explain the reason why you are telling the reader about your idea.. The Advice – After revealing the method you should give extra advice on smaller details that the method may not have covered.g. already knowing your theme. The Idea – You should go on to talk in detail about the idea itself. how you offer it to your customers is a whole other kettle of fish. After so much detail it’s easy for the reader to forget why they would bother. family and work colleagues.. But don’t fret. . refer back to the 6 part structure and get going on your guide.. You can see them in practice in the Niche Trading Expert guide and here they are. well... how they came to it and restate the benefits that were initially promised. But it should also remind the reader why they’re reading the guide. One answer to the ultimate question We’re on the home run. introduce the reader to the guide.And how you can use a simple template to create a guide you can sell to potential Shortcut Guide – Page 14 . Action Point: For now. . It is also a good idea to use pull out boxes throughout the guide that give little bits of advice. your guide should follow six stages. The Reason – Finally. have a brainstorming session and come up with some ideas for what your guide could be about. Once you’ve hit upon a good one.Why starting your own e-letter is the best way to start. What is it. Keep it simple and ideally structure it in easy to follow steps. However. how did you come up with it and what does it involve.But either way. The Introduction . . If you follow these six stages you should end up with a concise and useful guide on your chosen subject which you can then offer to your potential customers. This isn’t just the benefit but the reason why your idea works e.

Hurrah! Get paid £500 an hour legally ‘stealing’ other people’s work You can start doing this TODAY. just to see. Its most important function is to encourage the reader to go from your email to the sales letter.. They are the endorsement. The one thing an endorsement must do In information publishing ‘the endorsement’ is the name given to the email you send to your readers to tell them you’ve got a product you think they should purchase. We’re going to look at just one answer. then don’t bother looking for your paddle because you’re going over the waterfall – in other words.fsponlinerecommends. We’re going to tackle one at a time and first we’re going to look at what’s called ‘the endorsement’. How do you sell products? The answer is. well. it’s the one answer you need for now. Find out how you can start today.. how do you get the potential customers who read your e-letter to purchase your guide? It’s the ultimate question in business isn’t it. you and your business are done for. check this out.. right? You just say ‘Hey. Now I could write an entire guide on how to do this and in fact I have. But while I watch my back you could be earning £100 . And it’s all down to ‘stealing’ tested and proven blueprints that make normal people thousands every single year. But as far as getting your own information publishing business off the ground and selling your guide. And blamo. it’s a guide on sewage draining systems. Keep this to yourself though because me revealing this secret could rub a lot of people up the wrong way. the answer is endless. We’re going to look at how to write a sales promotion for your guide. But we’ll get to that later. So we’re going to narrow our scope big time.co.. I’ll give you everything you need.... Click here!’ What’s ace? What is it? You click.. There are so many ways I think we’d both go insane if we tried to consider them all.. even the ‘stolen’ materials. We’ll keep it simple and split it into three stages. If your endorsement fails to do that. It’s simple though. the sales letter and the thank you.. It’s ace. But there’s one final element we need to cover. click here: http://www.customers.£500 an hour. What I want to do here is go over the very basics so you know what you need to do.uk/sccstealcopy?EPFCK322 Shortcut Guide – Page 15 .

you’ll never actually need to go in the sewer again.. If the endorsement isn’t related in any way to the sales letter.. Shortcut Guide – Page 16 .. who needs another book on sewage draining. It’s a book on sewage draining systems’ unless your readers are all employees of a sewage draining company. they aren’t going to give a stuff.Of course it doesn’t work like that and this is a mistake most people make. So you should reveal some benefits in the endorsement but you should only hint at others.. To solve the problem you therefore need to add intrigue into the mix. when you use our scientifically proven superior sewage system.... But if you just say ‘Hey. Once your reader is informed and interested you need to intrigue them enough to want to find out the full details from the sales letter – at which point you’ll have the time and space to construct your full and evidenced argument. A reader might wonder ‘what is this superior sewage system?’ It’s a somewhat crude example but you can clearly see the difference between just stating a benefit and creating intrigue. three in fact. “. You’d be lucky to be able to convince someone in a short email. you need to interest them too. Here we’ve revealed a benefit. That’s why you need to get the reader to the sales letter – so you can construct a full and evidenced argument for why your particular product is one they should buy. You could for example say. check out this out. And even if your readers are all employed by sewage draining companies. You haven’t really got enough space to fully argue the case for your product in an email.. interested and intrigued mindset. But here you hit another problem. So you need to inform them in some way about the product. when the reader gets there they’re going to wonder what’s going on and subconsciously they’ll be ‘turned off’. You need to explain why this particular book on sewage draining is the one that everyone should have.. In fact I need to clarify that function. “This is the definite guide on sewage draining and it’s only in ‘The Real Sewage Drainer’ you’ll discover how you can drain sewers quicker. chances are they’ll still think ‘heck.’ So as well as informing the reader..” And here we’ve created intrigue (backed up by a benefit). cheaper and easier. The most effective way to do that is to tell them of the benefits of your particular product.and you’ll be amazed at how. The most important function of an endorsement is to encourage your reader to go from your email to the sales letter in an informed.

Already having considered how to get set up and how to start attracting customers. with the rise of the internet (and the ongoing and very messy decline of the postal service).. but if you haven’t come across the word before.. In fact it’s fundamental to the success of your information publishing business. Sales letters are still used though and the principles of writing successful ones remain the same. if you do that – inform. if you’re a subscriber to Shortcut Confidential you can get this guide for free. There’s a very important stage we need to consider. We’ve already established that an ‘endorsement’ is the name of an email you send to your readers with the aim of encouraging them to read your sales letter. this is what you want. Shortcut Guide – Page 17 . interest and intrigue the reader – your endorsement will be successful in its task.So. I’ve revealed the one letter of the alphabet that will double how much money you can earn an hour – you’ll learn how to harness its power.. But.. you should only be concerned with what’s going on online. First. Direct Mail has essentially moved online. a ‘sales letter’ is quite simply a piece of writing used to sell a product. Chances are you have. We’ll tackle that next. it does not necessarily need to be printed. Hemingway will help you start your own business It’s all starting to come together. the art of writing a sales letter is known as ‘copywriting’. a quick lingo check and history lesson for you. and in the last instalment we looked at how to write what’s known in the business as ‘an endorsement’. And if you want to skip ahead. Now. Now. Sales letters are derived originally from the Direct Mail industry. We’ve been looking at how you can start your own information publishing business and we’ve made a lot of headway. In fact.. where they were indeed sent in the post. And I explain the little-known ‘two-line’ rule that will allow you to get more work done more quickly and earn more money in less time. Now we’re at the sales letter though we’ve got another big task. I did mention I’d written a guide. Your reader will arrive at your sales letter in a positive mindset wanting to find out more. we moved onto creating a product you can sell. People do still send letters in the post – we do for one – but when starting out your own information publishing business. Inside it I’ve explained the ins and outs of how to write a sales letter. I’ve explained how you can ‘steal’ them. Otherwise you can pick up the guide for free by becoming a member. But we’re not home and dry yet.. However. Though it is a ‘letter’.

But the fact is. Let’s take a look at some. The more you read the better writer you’ll become.. But when it comes to learning how to write in a way that sells you can’t go far wrong with four books. it should be ultraspecific. But I include it for two reasons – of which both make important tips. But there are some fundamental rules that if you follow will help you enormously and stop you making a lot of the mistakes that the majority of copywriters make all the time.. The push asks the reader to purchase the product by making an offer. Picture. The fundamental rules of writing a sales letter This is by no means an exhaustive list of the rules. but I want to give you as good an overview as time permits. And it’s not just reading books on how to write ‘copy’ – in fact. Your headline and lead should always aim to be unique. Proof and Push. you need to right in a clear and concise way that is easy to understand.. Quick tip two: Writing is reading.Search for the word ‘copywriting’ on Amazon. no matter what anyone tells you. it should be useful and it should create a sense of urgency. 1. by reading ‘outside’ of copywriting you’ll discover a whole new world of styles and nuances that you can apply to writing sales letters. They are Promise. I don’t think you’ll come across a clearer and more concisely written book than Hemingway’s perfectly written Old Man and the Sea. Ogilvy on Advertising – By David Ogilvy The Architecture of Persuasion – By Michael Masterson Breakthrough Advertising – By Eugene Schwartz The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway Now you might notice the last one apparently has nothing to do with ‘copywriting’. For example. Quick tip one: When it comes to writing sales letters. 2. there is no ‘one answer’ when it comes to writing a successful sales letter.. The picture should show the reader how the product will affect their life. I’ve picked four of the rules I think are most fundamental. The proof and push sections make up what is called ‘the body’ of your sales letter.. The proof should prove how the product will fulfil the promise. look at the following: “Just one simple letter of the alphabet could allow you to demand £500 every time you Shortcut Guide – Page 18 . Everyone’s got their own angle. All sales letters should be divided into four sections..com and you’ll return over 2.000 books on the subject. The promise should explain what the product you’re selling will do. It’s a story. The promise and picture sections make up what is known as the ‘headline and lead’ of your sales letter.

Find out how you can start today. Like this. The final rule I want to mention today is the importance of talking about benefits instead of features. you don’t really know if it’s useful and it certainly doesn’t create a sense of urgency.co. it’s incredibly non-specific. by discovering in the guide a cleaner way to change your oil. I always remember an American Editor. click here: http://www. you’ll never again ruin your clothes with Get paid £500 an hour legally ‘stealing’ other people’s work You can start doing this TODAY... I’ll give you everything you need....fsponlinerecommends. Always write as you speak and keep your sentences short and simple. 3. Chris Mayer said it best: “Never say ‘utilise’ when you can say ‘use’. Keep this to yourself though because me revealing this secret could rub a lot of people up the wrong way.uk/sccstealcopy?EPFCK322 Shortcut Guide – Page 19 . “You can discover right now what that letter is and how you can harness its power to produce writing that people will pay thousands of pounds to use.use it. And can you see how much more effective it is that the following: “Just doing one thing will allow you to demand a lot of money. the features of the guide. But you can improve your sales letter ten fold by concentrating instead on the benefits of what those features will bring.£500 an hour. even the ‘stolen’ materials. And it’s all down to ‘stealing’ tested and proven blueprints that make normal people thousands every single year. It helps with pacing your sales letter and it stops the reader from getting caught up in long boring paragraphs that might become confusing...” It’s not very unique.. It’s useful – who wouldn’t want £500? And finally it creates a sense of urgency – you can discover it ‘right now’..e.” And always remember to break longer paragraphs up with short sentences. Your first thought when it came to selling that guide might be to list the areas you cover in the guide i. This will indeed go someway to selling the guide. You might talk about how.. You should always write in a simple and chatty style as though you were addressing a friend in a bar. But while I watch my back you could be earning £100 . Never be more complicated than you need to be.” It’s unique – how can one letter help you make money? It’s specific – it’s just one letter of the alphabet and it will make you £500 when you use it. Let’s say you’ve written a guide on how to check your car engine. 4. Always talk about benefits not features.

000 a year and after tax and whatnot you’re earning roughly £2. Come up with a new guide and adapt your sales letter to that new guide. if when your customers read your sales letter and only half of them decide to buy the guide – you’ve still clocked up £2. In fact in the last instalment we looked at four fundamental factors you need to remember when it comes to creating your sales letter. as I mentioned before. But once you’ve got your initial customer base and your internet imprint is collecting new customers all the time.. Shortcut Guide – Page 20 .mucky oil stains. so it might take a little longer to begin with. we’ve created a guide to sell. Now. And remember. And how much work did you have to put in? Well. first time round you need to set up your list. in your spare time. It’s just a case of picking a subject that you have a passion about and going for it. Seriously though.. We saw how easy it was to make a guide if you simply ‘write what you know’. We looked at how to get customers. You can see that even going over just a few of the rules we’ve covered a lot of ground and there’s plenty to take on board.000 a month. when we considered the maths for doubling your income we based them on only getting 200 customers. we’ve set up an list of potential customers. apply these rules to any sales letters you write and you’ll find you letter will be considerably more effective when it comes to selling your guide.. we’ve written an endorsement that got them to the sales letter and we’ve covered the basics of writing a sales letter – there’s one final thing we need to do and it’s incredibly important for the future of your company. Or you could talk about an even deeper benefit: you’ll no longer get hassle from your partner for all those oily t-shirts that keep appearing in the washing. Doubling your income with half the work Double your salary! That was the aim. Next we looked at how to tell your customers about the guide by sending an ‘endorsement’ that links to a ‘sales letter’.. at home.... create an internet imprint. And just remember. Creating your own ‘internet imprint’ as I explained will over time generate a lot more that 200 new customers. But we’ll stick with 200 for now. to find out even more about how to write sales letters and to hear me expand on what I’ve discussed here today. Remember.. To double it I proposed starting your own information publishing business. We figured on the average annual salary of about £30. We looked at making a guide or report that you could make and retail at around £20.000 (100 x £20).... you can become a member of Shortcut Confidential. write your guide and write a sales letter. all you need to do is repeat the last part..

Plus when you share the task. Don’t just make a sale. if you are able you can at this point provide the customer with a downloadable version of the guide too so that they can start reading straight away.I reckon. You halve all three. And hang on. a) There’s still one more incredibly important thing you need to do when it comes to selling your guide and we’ll cover that in the last part of this series in a moment.000 a month. But when you do. See where you falter and give me a shout and I’ll see if I can address the problem. At least start. There is absolutely no reason why you can not do this. In fact... second there’s the ‘sales letter’..000 salary and only pocketing £2.. it’ll take you about a week.. didn’t we work out you we’re currently working 9-5 everyday for your £30... develop a relationship Your customer has bought the guide. you’ve got their necessary details and you organise to send the guide out right away. And this is super important. Do it twice a month and you’ve doubled your salary for half the work. split the work and share your skills.. But the most important thing to remember is to firstly thank the customer for ordering your product and then reaffirm their purchase by reminding them of the benefits of the Shortcut Guide – Page 21 . First there’s the ‘endorsement’.000 for a week’s work. Or start your own information publishing business which could end up earning you £2. don’t forget this final and incredibly important element. So give it a go.000 a week. give it a go. So you’re looking at £2. running your own little streamlined operation. Your regular job for £2. b) There’s a chance you’re still thinking this all sounds very well but you’re not sure you could do it. Team up with someone. finally there’s the ‘thank you’. Once a customer has read your sales letter and placed an order for your guide you should send an email to that customer thanking them for ordering the guide. you share the responsibility and you share the pressure.... But before you do any of that though. Two things though. And here’s a point: I never said you had to do this alone. Let me address this right now.000 a month? So there’s the choice.. I mentioned previously a third part of selling your guide.

co. The fact is. Admittedly. they do not suddenly stop being a customer. but it is only by remembering the small things – such as thanking the customer for purchasing your guide – that you will be able to build a substantial and loyal customer base.uk Here’s to your success. This is positive for both you and the customer – they receive a better service and you may get another sale for a different product in the future. http://www.guide. Glenn Fisher Editor Shortcut Publications P. once the customer has made a purchase. you should be aiming to build an ongoing relationship.uk/sccstealcopy?EPFCK322 Shortcut Guide – Page 22 . Click here to sign up today. if you haven’t already signed up to my monthly newsletter Shortcut Confidential.fsponline-recommends.. Instead of aiming to sell one guide to you customer. such a relationship is built up over time and regular communication through your e-letter.S. OK. I really do hope you enjoyed it and found it useful.co.. Do that though and you’ll soon see your little information publishing business that you started in your spare time at home will start growing in an unbelievable way. If you get going on your own information publishing business I’d love to hear about how you get on so don’t hesitate to email me at shortcutbulletin@agorapub. if you do so today you’ll receive a free guide that not only teaches you how to write endorsements and sales letters but will also reveal how you can get the best sales writing in the world for free. Don’t forget. That’s all from me for this guide.

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