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Creative Collaboration: Ideas and Strategies

Traditionally, western music is a collaborative art that has divided the act of performance from the action of
creativity and invention. Unsurprisingly, when you multiply the factors to include new genres in collaboration,
roles shift and expand often bleeding into unconventional cross-overs. The complexity and definition of these
factors becomes all the more important given these new developments. This class historically and practically
investigates collaboration since the turn of the century culminating with an informed and communicative class
collaboration. Class visitors will include a dancer, a poet, visual artist, and a filmmaker. Thinking outside the box
is required. This class is both an upper level undergraduate and graduate class.

UMKC: CONSVTY 497CM -0001 (15561) and 5590CM-0001 (12104)

Instructor: Mara Gibson
Monday, 2-5 PM, PAC 521

Open to UMKC Conservatory and non-Conservatory students

As well as KCAI students

For more info: email