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Facial nerve palsy is a
nervous system disorder
in which a damaged nerve
in the skull affects the
movement of the muscles
of the face.
It is a form of cranial
mononeuropathy VII.
meventh cranial nerve palsy
causes paresis of the facial
muscles. Peripheral palsy,
unlike central palsy, causes
paresis of the forehead
facial muscles; furrowing of
the forehead is absent, and
the eyebrow cannot be
! Oeneral: idiopathic
! Common

Y Peripheral nerve causes (Facial muscle

paralysis with forehead affected)
! yme Disease

! Mastoiditis

! Autoimmune Polyneuropathy.

! Head or Neck Mass esion (e.g.

YCentral/mupranuclear causes (Facial
muscle paralysis with forehead spared)
!Cerebral mass lesion (e.g. tumor)

!Cerebrovascular Accident (typically

with ipsilateral Hemiparesis or
!Multiple mclerosis

! Trauma
! ndocrine
Y Diabetes Mellitus
Y Hyperthyroidism
Y Pregnancy
Y Hypertension
Y Alcohol Abuse
! Infection

! Tumor

Y Facial Nerve neuroma

Y Primary temporal bone tumors
Y Meningiomas
! Toxic
@ Present history:
eft Facial nerve palsy onset suddenly
from 1 month ago immediately after pain
in her left ear.
4 past history:
Past disease: Hypertension & diabetes.
mhe had Facial palsy in the Rt. mide several
years ago.
mhe has inflammation in her Rt. eye.
1 sensory examination:
muperficial examination: Face:
2 Motor system valuation:
a) by observation:
Drop eye brown of left eye, lose
of wrinkle in left forehead &
drop the left side of the mouth.
b) facial never valuation:
all muscle of the left side of face
are sub function.
s,Buccinator,orbicular oris,
levator labii, levator
angulii,procerus) of left side of
the face.
2- inability to close the left eye.
3- food fallout from left angle
of mouth.
4- Facial droop.
1- Strength the muscles of left side of
the face.
2- Restore functional movements of the
3- Normalize face expression.
1-active exercises in front of mirror
(elevate eyebrows , frown, smile, close
eyelids firmly,)
2- massage (Semi-circular)
@-is etric exercise f r the
Y flexi {cl se eye}
Yexte si {(help i
elevate eye r s)}
½- i
i tr ti .
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