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Dear Colleagues,
This questionnaire is designed to find out your needs and preferences in teaching of
research papers writing for secondary school students. This questionnaire is a part of
research, the goal of which is to design materials to support teachers.

1. What minimum level of the English language should a student succeed in before writing a
research paper? (Circle the correct answer/s)
a. pre-intermediate
b. intermediate
c. upper-intermediate
d. other (specify)____________________________________________________________

2. What are the main difficulties in teaching writing research papers you have faced?
(Circle the correct answer/s)
a. limited number of tutorials for advising
b. lack of methodological materials for teachers
c. students’ limited knowledge of general English
d. students’ limited knowledge of academic vocabulary
e. lack of students’ motivation
f. lack of students’ critical thinking skills
g. lack of students’ computer skills
h. lack of research literature appropriate for students' level of English
i. other (please specify)_____They do not know how to work with sources, where to search
for information etc., ___________________________________________________

3. What areas mentioned above seem the most problematic for you? Why?
___Limited knowledge of English because I have to explain them what is written in the book or
what the author means. Academic vocabulary - I make a list fr students with all the key words,
such as research, experiment, etc.
4. Are there any questions about teaching of research papers writing you would like to ask?
__Not only teachers but also students need conventions with
M. Šendo