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First cut Final cut

1.03 ʹ 1.21 1.01 ʹ 1.18

Here is the main part were we have implanted the new idea. When you
watch the video promo you can see her happy and cheerful when being
with the boyfriend at the cafe. We have changed this buy, creating a
serious talk, and then her looking away in a anger/upset way. Then the
boyfriend says he has to go and heads of.
First cut

  Final cut

1.18 ʹ 1.22 1.15 ʹ 1.18

The second change we made had been an easy error to find. Looking through how
whole video promo we found a part were a scene we had chosen to use had not been
cut down and therefore showed a jog, that had occurred while filming. This in our
eyes did not look good and professional so we went back to the editing. We cut this
down and it flowed much better without any jog and a transaction made it easier for
the viewer to watch in terms of story line.

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