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' Personalized Prepaid Food Visa Card replaced Sodexho
' Card can be used at all Visa "Food & Beverage" merchant
outlets in India
' If lost, the Card can be hot listed to protect value on it
' Balance Inquiry allowed at all HDFC Bank ATMs
' Net Banking access to every Card account
' 24 X 7 access to Phone Banking
' Card Statement for tracking usage
* |*" #

' The facility allowed for automatic debit of a specified

amount from the employees· salary, so it didn·t
inconvenience the employee in any way.
' The amount debited was tax-free.
' Information on the implementation of the facility was
conveyed to the employees in advance.
' The cards, on arrival, were distributed with no
inconvenience whatsoever.
* |**"$#
' The money accumulated on the card could only be
swiped for a maximum of Rs. 100 which immediately
made it redundant.
' The card could only be swiped for the purchase of
ready-to-eat items.
' The money accumulated had to be used within a
specified time, after which the card would automatically
become inactive.
' The card could not be cancelled for a period of 3 years.
*hen employees were made aware of these terms and
conditions, several recommendations were suggested.
' The terms and conditions should have been explained
clearly to the employees.
' The card should have been optional.

' The card should have been cancellable.

Mails were circulated among all the employees on this issue, which was
then raised to the HR. As of today, the cards are inactive. However,
all employees need to utilize the entire balance on their cards by 31
March, 2009, after which the service automatically becomes void.