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Poem in a Song

Poem in a Song

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Published by: ankenym7708 on Dec 12, 2010
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A Poem in a Song.

Per the request of your fellow students, we are going to adopt “a poem in a song” writing for the Friday creative poem writing time. How it will work: 1. You submit song lyrics that have poetic devices or an especially relevant theme. 2. I approve the song and the lyrics. 3. You present to the class the song, give a mini-lesson on the poetic devices and/or theme, and then we have a discussion, then write poems/lyrics similar to the song. An example is as follows: “Mr. Ankeny, here are some song lyrics that would be good for Friday poem in a song day.”
All the wild horses Tethered with tears in their eyes May no man's touch ever tame May no man's reigns ever chain you And may no man's weight ever lay freight your soul... And as for the clouds Just let them roll Roll away

“Okay, and what poetic devices or theme would you like to discuss?” “Well, I think this shows alliteration really well, especially with the ‘tethered with tears’ and ‘touch ever tame.’ Oh, and there’s some assonance, which is impressive, in “weight” and “freight.” And I like the theme of liberation and a free spirit despite captivity. Plus, the clouds rolling away is an example of personification, if you really think about it, he’s hoping the clouds roll away like a person rolling down a hill.” “Perfect, thank you for submitting!” [LATER, ON FRIDAY] “Class, we’re going to listen to Ray LaMontange’s song “All the Wild Horses,” so follow along with the lyrics and look for alliteration and assonance, and think about the theme.” “Great, I love poem in a song Fridays!” So, the schedule:

Wednesday: You submit Song Lyrics/Explanations. Thursday: I choose one of the submissions. Friday: You present and we write.

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