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4 McGill University, Faculty of Engineering Course ECSE-303: Signals and Systems 1 Midterm Examination #1, Fall 2009 Date and time: Wednesday, October 7, 2009, 8:35am - 9:25am ‘Examiner: Yannis Psaromiligkos Instructions: This is a closed book/notes examination: only the faculty standard caleu- lator is allowed, NO crib sheet. Attempt all 3 questions. NOTE: This exam spans 2 pages. 1. Consider the following signal: (t-1) where a > 0.5 and u(t) is the unit step function. (a) Calculate the energy of 2(¢). (b) Calculate the average power of 2(¢). HINT: You may want to consider cases for a. 2. The response y(t) of a system to the input 2(t) is vt) = os faery ee =1/2)= Assume that 2(t) is continuous for all t Justify all your answers. 4(t+ 7) dr (a) Derive an equation that relates y(t) to 2(¢) and does not contain integrals, (b) Is the system BIBO stable? (c) Is the system memoryless? (4) Is the system causal? CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE 25 marks 3. Consider a linear time-invariant (LTT) system won{) she impulse response given by [25 marka| (2) The input to the system is a 0 otherwise. {i ite (-1,1), Calculate and plot the response y(t) of the system. (b) Plot the response of the system to the following input: oo . : Orefomtn, fe Ule-)*dee te dt - [oe Oey ay ia 1 _ @ taro, telsn J-as co oe @ «. nas, te fet] =o Bo Pp =O. Smee KO Bos Finte energy ®@ Fo ros . Foy pos eo ude = aco.s , A bon 2 (mutts en + we Oe alee! =o ar