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Published by: kel56 on Dec 13, 2010
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Some warriors are more than a bit crazed and can be
driven into a frenzy of slaughter during combat. Such
wild and dangerous individuals are described as
frenzied. How or exactly why a warrior may go over the
edge in this way is not particularly important – he could
be psychotically deranged, under the influence of fungi,
or have stayed out in the sun a little too long.


Frenzied target. Afrenzied warrior who catches fire will
ignore the flames and continue to move, shoot and fight
despite burning up. He will, however, continue to take
damage as described in the Scorcha rules.
If an individual is frenzied the following rules apply.


Afrenzied model must always charge the
closest enemy within his charge move (usually
8") if able to do so.


The frenzied model doubles his Attacks
characteristic. For example, A1 becomes A2,
A2 becomes A4 and so on. The model’s
Attacks are doubled before adding extra
attacks for fighting with two weapons, bioniks
or anything else.


Frenzied models cannot block (see The Block in
the Hand-to-Hand Combat section).


Frenzied models must use their 2" follow-up
move to engage in hand-to-hand combat if
possible. Otherwise they must use the extra
move to move closer to their enemy. They may
not use a follow-up move to get behind cover
or retreat (see Hand-to-Hand Combat).


Frenzied models are never affected by fear or
terror, nor by stupidity or hatred.


Aplayer may try to gain full control over a
frenzied model at the start of his turn. This is
purely up to you – you may not wish your
splendidly berserk warrior to calm down and
behave sensibly! To gain control over the
model take a Leadership test on 2D6 like a
Fear test. If the test is passed then the warrior
is under control and can act normally –
however, none of the special Frenzy rules
described above will apply. This control lasts
until the start of your following turn.


If the driver of a vehicle is frenzied he will try
to ram the enemy whenever he gets the
chance. Afrenzied driver must attempt to ram
enemy models if they are within 6" of the front
of his vehicle during its movement.

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