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Amazon Ec2

Amazon Ec2

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Published by: darlycoupet on Dec 13, 2010
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v0.3 jtodd@digium.

com 2009-02-13 Change values in red to change the cost calculations Caution: Prices are current from Amazon's site, and MAY CHANGE

Amazon EC2 Pricing Cost per Hour Small $0.10 Medium $0.40 Large $0.80

EC2 Data in/out pricing Inbound Outbound $0.10 cost per GB $0.17 $0.13 $0.11 $0.10 cost cost cost cost per per per per GB GB GB GB at at at at <10TB <40TB <100TB >150TB

S3 storage costs $0.15 cost per GB <50TB

Assumptions G.711 Seats Calls Duration Days 82000 bits per second per direction 20 users 5 calls each seat per day 300 seconds per call 30 days per month

Network Calculated Figures (note: network bandwidth is not base-16) Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte 8 bits 8000 bits 8000000 bits 8000000000 bits

Usage Costs Bits per call Inbound Outbound

24600000 bits per call inbound 24600000 bits per call outbound

Bits per user per day 123000000 bits per user per day inbound 123000000 bits per user per day outbound Bits per office per day 2460000000 bits per office per day inbound 2460000000 bits per office per day outbound Bits per office per month ### bits per month per office inbound ### bits per month per office outbound Gigabytes per office per month 9.02 per month . Grand Total: small medium large $75.00 per month $288.02 per month $291.20 price for outbound traffic Total EC2 bitstream cost:$2.00 per month $576.23 Gigabytes per month per office inbound 9.23 Gigabytes per month per office outbound Cost per office per month $0.90 per month EC2 costs.02 per month $579.00 per month 6 (static value of assumption of storage) $0.12 price for monthly bandwidth Hourly cost Hours per day Hours per month Costs for operation small medium large Storage costs gigabytes required cost 24 720 $72.92 price for inbound traffic $1.

2008) 250 watts per server (estimated .11 per kWh (DOE US avg.no interest assumed) $16.47 total cost for on-site electric and equipment lease $38.80 per month in electricity costs Equipment costs $1.25 kWh per hour 720 hours per month of continuous operation $19.67 per month $36.000 cost for a 1u server 60 month lease (flat .56 Difference between EC2 cost and on-site system cost .probably higher due to cooling needs) 0.Costs for in-house server Electricity Costs $0.

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