Do you know dear ? Do you know dear ? I am aging! I can not believe it.

Yesterday the mirror told me, I saw many a white hair on my head It was shocking to me. I always thought , I would be young forever. Oh dear…… oh dear Can it happen to me? In my childhood, I used to see my dadi, nani. They all were aged, fragile. Their muscles weak Skin loose White hair Eyes covered with glasses, Stick in hand Mouth with no teeth. They were growing to decay. And one day they died. I wept over their bodies and wondered where they had gone. But it never came to me one day the cycle of time will crush me also I will be aged, fragile. Muscles weak Skin loose White hair Eyes covered with glasses Or may be contact lenses. Stick in hand mouth with no teeth And I will grow to decay. Oh God ! can it happen to me? Why? Why do you this to me? I am a happily married person With a sound financial status. What else do I need ! I don’t want to be a Gandhi or Hitler Leave me alone. I want a normal life.

So why this aging, Stop god, stop this. I am fed up with your shitting. You control my life Who are you to do this? Who has given you this authority We have developed this world We can fly in the sky, sail in the water You have no control on us. We can whatever we feel like doing. ONE DAY WE WILL EVEN CONTROL DEATH And that would be the judgment day When we shall cry out happily – “We are the Gods” And you will perish my dear.

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