Easy Good Deeds Taking the Revolution into Everyday

1. Think of Allah before you take any action. Make duah before everything- sleeping, eating, studying, driving... 2. Read the Qur'an in Arabic and the meaning every day - take the time out of your busy schedule to listen to Allah. 3. Become a serious student of this Deen. Try to make it to the next Islamic class, halaqah or meeting. Shock your friends, bring a notebook . 4. Evaluate yourself daily before going bed. Thank Allah for good deeds, repent to Him for your mistakes and sins. 5. Avoid looking at unlawful pictures, whether they be from television, magazines, or otherwise. 6. Study the history of Islam. Learn of the great scholars and warriors who died with Allah on their lips and Islam in their hearts. Strive to emulate them. 7. Spend some time listening to recitation of the Quran. Find reciters that you like, try Abu Bakr ash-Shaatri, al-Ghamdi, as-Sudais, al-Minshawi.. 8. Encourage your non-practicing friends to come to Islamic events. 9. Hang out with other Muslims. 10. Talk to your non-Muslim friends about Islam. Have you taken the time to explain the basics to them? 11. Go to at least one convention/conference/camp a year. 12. Perform the sunnah and nawafil salahs as much as possible. Find time to pray extras, such as Salatud-Duhaa, Qiyaamul-layl, and Tahajjud. 13. Subscribe to a Muslim magazine. 14. Buy Islamic gear instead of the latest Tommy Hil, CK, Nike , or Adidas... 15. Take the time to understand what's going on in the Muslim world today. Do your part to get involved and help relief organizations. 16. Try to fast Mondays and Thursdays as of today. 17. Lower your gaze. 18. Start reading Qur'an after Salat-ul Fajr. 19. Go to bed early so that you can wake up far Salat-ul Fajr. 20. Keep yourself in a state of wudu' most of the time. 21. Really listen to speakers. Take their advice to heart, commit yourself to change. 22. Give yourself time alone, so that you can think about your life, your deeds, make dhikr.

25. You never know when you'll find someone interested who wants to know more. Prayers of the Last Prophet.23. Dedicate yourself to changing this world. 34. MYNA raps: the Next Level) 33. music with islamic lyrics or with Quranic recitation. 27. Spend more time reading Islamic books. Start giving sadaqah daily. replace them with nasheed. Make it a habit like eating and drinking. Just say no to gheebah. Do not eat unless you are hungry and try not to fill your stomach 32. Avoid eating too much. The world needs you. 30. BE BRAVE PREPARE FOR STRUGGLE PERSEVERE HAVE CERTAINTY THAT ISLAM WILL BE VICTORIOUS Fear Allah wherever you are in all times and all places. books. Buy Islamic videos. It is an art requiring knowledge and diplomacy. . Go against the grain. You might learn something. 28. hafidh. If you meet any new Muslims. Hadeeth. and other ulama. and Fiqh. 24. buddy up with them and make them feel like a part of your community. Stand up for right. 26. 35. Watch as little television as possible. Seriously. 29. especially the Seerah.do your part to change it. qari'. Associate with knowledgeable people. Try to learn how to make dawah to non-muslims. forbid evil. If you like to listen to music. clothes. Break out of your clique. 36. Stand up for Islam no matter who likes it or dislikes it. (some examples: Whisper of Peace. 31. Keep three extra Qur'an translations and some literature in your home at all times. Go to the masjid. support your Muslims brothers and sisters and make Islam a part of every aspect of your life. You are the best community raised up for mankind. tapes. Don't criticize if you dislike something . posters. no matter how little.

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