India's transport network is developing at a fast pace and the automobile industry is growing too. The automobile industry also provides employment to a large section of the population. Thus the role of automobile industry cannot be overlooked in Indian Economy. All kinds of vehicles are produced by the automobile industry. It includes the manufacture of trucks, buses, passenger cars, defense vehicles, two-wheelers, etc. The industry can be broadly divided into the car manufacturing, two-wheeler manufacturing and heavy vehicle-manufacturing units. The major car manufacturers in India are Hindustan Motors, Maruti Udyog, Fiat India Private Ltd., Ford India Ltd., General Motors India Pvt. Ltd., Honda Siel Cars India Ltd., Hyundai Motors India Ltd., Skoda India Private Ltd., Toyota Kirloskar Motor Ltd., to name just a few. The two-wheeler manufacturing is dominated by companies like TVS, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (Pvt.) Ltd., Hero Honda, Yamaha, Bajaj, etc. The heavy motors like buses, trucks, defense vehicles, auto rickshaws and other multi-utility vehicles are manufactured by Tata-Telco, Ashok Leyland, Eicher Motors, Bajaj, Mahindra and Mahindra, etc. Some of the major characteristics of Indian automobile sector are:
• • • •

Second largest two-wheeler market in the world. Fourth largest commercial vehicle market in the world. 11th largest passenger car market in the world Expected to become the world's third largest automobile market by 2030, behind only China and the US.



Automobile in India now understand that your vehicle needs human care & attention. Therefore, we would provide you the maintenance tips of all types of vehicles. Chevrolet cars has provided service center & dealership network all over India. With cut throat competition witnessed by top automobile manufacturers in India after the slew of new car launches, car companies are giving increasing stress on providing better after sales service to its customers. With this as the backdrop some of the major car companies are pushing the throttle to increase the service center and dealership network. General Motors India (GM India) has expanded its dealership network to 95 sales points and over 110 service centres so far. GM India is in the process of appointing more dealers and authorized service outlets in urban and semi-urban cities to widen its network. By end of this year, the company intends to put in place 120 sales points and an equal number of service outlets across the country. In addition, two new parts distribution centres have also been set up in Maharashtra and Delhi to supplement the two centres in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. With Hyundai Motor India Ltd. expecting its second plant expected to go into operation soon, the company is now looking to speedily ramp up its dealer network to push sales for the increased production. HMIL reportedly had 167 dealers in January 2007, and plans to expand its network to 250 by December 2007.

Maruti Udyog Limited. is one of the companies in India which has unparalleled service network. To ensure the vehicles sold by them are serviced properly Maruti had 1545 listed Authorized service stations and 30 Express Service Stations on 30 highways across India. Most of the service stations are managed on franchise basis, where Maruti trains the local staff.


Today Indian automotive industry is fully capable of producing various kinds of vehicles and can be divided into 03 broad categories: Cars, two-wheelers and heavy vehicles.

The first automobile in India rolled in 1897 in Bombay. India is being recognized as potential emerging auto market. Within two-wheelers, motorcycles contribute 80% of the segment size. India is the largest three-wheeler market in the world. India is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world.
India is the second largest tractor manufacturer in the world.

India is the fifth largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world. The number one global motorcycle manufacturer is in India. India is the fourth largest car market in Asia - recently crossed the 1 million mark.


Cadillac STS. Nominees: Near-Luxury . BMW 3-Series. Lincoln MKS. The ever-so-pleasing Mid-Luxury vehicles such as Jaguar XF & BMW 5-Series. BMW. Lexus. It comes down to the Near-Luxury vehicles such as Audi A4 & Cadillac CTS. BMW 5-Series. Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Last but not least the one segment we all wish we could actually afford the Premium Luxury vehicles including the Lexus LS & Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Infiniti.• GENERAL MOTORS • BMW • KIA • PORSCHE • CHEVROLET Which car manufacturer is top dog in the luxury vehicle segment ? Every luxury manufacturer is always coming up with a way to top their fellow competitors in the interior wars. Jaguar. & Volvo. Mercedes-Benz C-Class. So the question is which luxury nameplate reigns as king in their respective segments? Among these luxury nameplates would be the likes of Acura. Volvo S40/S60 Mid-Luxury . Lexus GS. Lexus IS/ES. Infiniti M. Infiniti G. Ladies and gentleman let the games begin. New technologies and more standard equipment are becoming something of the norm. Audi A4. Mercedes-Benz.Acura TSX/TL. Choose the Top 5 in each category. Cadillac CTS. Audi A6. Audi. Lincoln. Cadillac. Feel free to include 2009 models as well. Lincoln MKZ.Acura RL. Jaguar XF. Volvo S80 4 .

Mahindra & Mahindra's automobile chapter dates back to 1947. it was only in 1994. Mahindra & Mahindra has four manufacturing plants. that a specialized automotive division was created. Jaguar XJ. They are very indigenous regarding this particular aspect. They were always very keen on working out their own indigenous technology. Mercedes-Benz S-Class COMPANY’S PROFILE Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.Audi A8. They are also a major player in the tractor manufacturing segment as well. Out of them three are located in Maharashtra and one in Andhra Pradesh. However. Nasik and Igatpuri. The first two deal with multi-utility vehicles and the third one deal with engines. They are the market leaders in the utility vehicles segment. BMW 7-Series. shortly after that they started manufacturing their own light commercial vehicles.Premium Luxury . They are the only sole Indian company to be a part of the top five tractor manufacturing companies in the world. . The three manufacturing units in Maharashtra are in Mumbai. However. This one deals with the 5 . Lexus LS. This was done along with the organizational restructuring. is one of the major automotive companies of India. They initially had collaboration with Willys Overland Corporation to import and assemble jeeps in India. Their first indigenously developed sports utility vehicle was the "Scorpio". The fourth plant is located in Zaheerabad in Andhra Pradesh.

Europe.manufacture of light commercial vehicles and three wheelers. Nanchang (China). and employing more than 50. 6 . It would be called Mahindra Logan. Sharjah (UAE). Germany. Mahindra & Mahindra has recently entered into a joint venture with Renault. Financial Services. Texas (USA). Even their R&D division is equally strong. they would be manufacturing Logan's in India. The group for decades is driven by the vision of delivering the very best in all its functions. Australia. In addition. They also have a very strong network of dealers. UK. and South Africa. the Mahindra Group has today evolved to become one of India’s leading industrial houses. The Group’s principal activities revolve around manufacturing and distribution of Automobiles and Farm Equipments. and the SAARC nations. the Middle East. They also export their products to other countries as well. Trading. California (USA). Their multi-utility vehicles are very popular among people there. The exports of the group are spread across the world covering USA. it has a vibrant presence in IT. With its firm belief in innovation & technology – fortified by strong ethical groundings – the Mahindra Group stands out as one of India’s top business houses. Africa. sales offices. Mahindra & Mahindra has established a very strong market base in the urban and semi-urban areas. Systech forms a part of Mahindra Group. with a turnover of approximately USD 6 billion. and the Auto Component Business. an auto manufacturing company from France.000 people worldwide. Malaysia. service stations etc. Infrastructure. Mahindra has established global manufacturing & service locations at Brisbane (Australia).

ONE STOP SHOP ART TO PART. which is in alignment 7 . The Founders of our nation and of our Company passionately believed this. and will shape our future.Anand G. • CORE VALUES: Our Core Values are influenced by our past. DESIGN TO DELIVERY 1. tempered by our present. what we are and what we want to be. Our Core Purpose is what makes all of us want to get up and come to work in the morning. Mahindra Indians are second to none in the world. They are an amalgam of what we have been. We will prove them right by believing in ourselves and by making Mahindra & Mahindra Limited known world-wide for the quality of its products and services.' . Good Corporate Citizenship As in the past.2 WHAT DRIVES MAHINDRA GROUP? • CORE PURPOSE: We don't have a group-wide mission statement. we will continue to seek long term success.

We will do this without compromising ethical business standards. We will support innovation and well reasoned risk taking. both personal and corporate. We will respond to the changing needs and expectations of our customers speedily. so as to secure maximum benefit 8 . courteously and effectively. 1.2. in our products and in our interactions with others. We will do it 'First Time Right'. We will continue to do so. trust and transparency. we will nurture fairness. Customer First We exist and prosper only because of the customer. Dignity of the Individual We will value individual dignity. Through our actions.1 CORPORATE HISTORY The goal of any system of governance is to achieve the best performance within the overall context of the prevalent economic environment. but will demand performance. These values are the compass that will guide our actions. We will make quality a driving value in our work. Quality Focus Quality is the key to delivering value for money to our customers. uphold the right to express disagreement and respect the time and efforts of others.with our country's needs. Professionalism We have always sought the best people for the job and given them the freedom and the opportunity to grow.

and will. the corporate failures in developed countries regulated by highly disciplined capital markets have only brought home the stark reality that good governance can never be the result only of legislation. 1. corporate India has been flooded with several prescriptive principles of governance. ultimately leading to the cornerstones of transparency and accountability.for all the stakeholders. always be an integral part of the fabric that makes up our ethos. it has many more products that have made it popular with individuals and institutions in India and the world. While the world-class Scorpio (declared to be the ‘Car of the Year’ by CNBC Auto car. culture and ethics of an organization. For this to be achieved. processes and metrics. They are a reiteration of the fundamental precept that good Corporate Governance must. values. Our shareholders are aware that the Mahindra Companies have been associated with good governance even before corporate were faced with legislation and a set of regulations. which is what good governance. governance cannot only be systems. The Company has formally enunciated its own governance practices by way of a Code of Corporate Governance. It must have real commitment from the management. This Code seeks to serve as a reminder of the underlying principles governing the conduct of our businesses. In the recent past. It also has to integrate within itself the beliefs. Ironically.2 MAHINDRA’S AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR DOMESTIC OPERATIONS The Automotive Sector is the market leader in utility vehicles in India since inception and currently accounts for about half of India’s market for utility vehicles with a product portfolio that ranges from rugged.2. the result of intense deliberations of eminent commissions. mass-transport utility vehicles to personal segment sports utility vehicles like the Scorpio. is all about. The Automotive Sector 9 . BBC Wheels and Business Standard Motoring) is the Automotive Sector’s current flagship.

USA. the Mahindra Group is a leading manufacturer of multi-utility vehicles with significant presence in key sectors like automotive. IT and infrastructure 10 .of the Mahindra Group is currently present in the multi-utility vehicle. financial services. after-market. Today. farm equipment. few groups can identify as closely with India’s destiny and industrial progress as the Mahindra Group. automotive components. Mahindra is like a microcosm of the country of its birth. trade and logistics. Indeed. INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS From India to the world… Born around the same time as independent India. the company soon began manufacturing light commercial vehicles and agricultural tractors. Established in 1945 as a franchise for assembling jeeps from Willys. emerging as one of India’s leading auto brands. light commercial vehicle and three-wheeler segments.

Mahindra also developed the Mahindra Pik Up. Ethiopia. The emphasis was now on establishing a solid local presence as this was the key to long-term success and building trust with the customer. exclusively for overseas markets. An SKD (Semi Knocked Down) facility is set up in Uruguay for manufacture of the Bolero Pik Up which is locally sold under the brand name of Cimarron. Rwanda . the Scorpio was by far one of the most exciting products ever developed by M&M and one that would give it immense recognition. In 2002. M&M achieved a major milestone with the launch of India’s first indigenous SUV.. the Scorpio. is also set up in South Africa for sale of the Scorpio and Bolero Pik Up. Congo.Reaching out to the world – a global timeline. Mozambique. Burundi and Nigeria . a JV company. Sri Lanka. which sees the company open its first office outside India marking its presence internationally. 11 . Mahindra South Africa. The success of the Scorpio in India further bolstered Mahindra’s global ambitions and the company actively began looking for partnerships overseas. The winds of change were blowing through Mahindra as the company began consolidating its strengths in design. In addition to the Scorpio. 2004 – A significant year for Mahindra. based on the Scorpio platform. Madagascar. In the early 2000s Mahindra made its presence in Tanzania. A runaway hit from the day of its birth.

000 cars per year. Today. An investment of 125 million euros (Rs. The Logan would be produced at M&M’s state-of-the-art factory located in Nashik.The joint venture is a 51:49 Partnership between M&M and Renault. With a growing global presence. Thousands of people across the world use Mahindra vehicles every day and perceive the Mahindra badge as a symbol of trust. Today. the company is all set to write a new chapter in the history of its international operations as it gears up to enter the challenging US market in 2009.2005 – Mahindra Europe is established in Italy with the launch of the Scorpio (known as the Mahindra Goa). 2006 . This was soon followed by CKD operations in Brazil for manufacture of the Scorpio SUV and Pik Up range. the Mahindra Pik-Up and the Bolero Pick up range of vehicles. Mahindra also made a foray in the French market in the same year. M&M’s debut in the country was led by the Mahindra Goa. Mahindra announced its entry in Spain at the Madrid Auto Show. the Mahindra Pik Up which was built on the Scorpio platform. The journey has just begun… MAHINDRA RENAULT In February 2005 Mahindra & Mahindra and Renault decided to join forces to produce and commercialize Logan in India. style and innovation. durability. 700 crore) was announced to set up a production capacity of 50. reliability. M&M has a growing global footprint and has established itself in markets across the world as one of the world’s most prestigious auto brands. which offers a 12 .M&M launches a product solely for the overseas market. and Bolero Pik Up. 2008 – M&M’s first overseas CKD (Completely Knocked Down) operations are established in Egypt with the launch of the Scorpio.

besides accelerated tests on the Renault test tracks. The JV went on stream on September 1.stamping shop.August 2005. The second phase of validations was completed at Renault test tracks. a paint shop with a top quality pre-treatment and an assembly line specific for the Logan. The reason being that this is very essential for any company. The first phase of road trials was done in May.000 km on Indian roads and passed the rigors of India’s climactic changes. for its survival in the long run. 13 . the paint shop and the TCF line. Upgradations at the level of suppliers for the new product are being implemented by the Mahindra Renault team. This gives a clear indication that the company's market share is one of its biggest strengths. Very strong brand image of making efficient and reliable cars. Some vehicles completed more than 50. • • Market leaders in terms of sales and turnover. The trial vehicles have been put through thorough durability testing on Indian roads.3 SWOT ANALYSIS Mahindra motors are one of the highest selling car companies in India and are the eleventh four wheeler manufacturer in the world. The assessment of all suppliers has been done by Renault’s quality team. As the case is every company has its strength and weaknesses and Mahindra motors is no exception:- STRENGHTHS • Over the years the company has emerged as one of the top players in the world in terms of number of tractors sold. All specific equipment required for production has been installed in the body shop. • The company's ability to introduce new products in the market and to generate sales from those new products is a major strength. 1. 2006 with the trial production of Logan.

Amongst the resources which bolster systech is Mahindra Engineering Services (MES). New companies entering in car market will pose a considerable threat.4 MANUFACTURING UNITS OF MAHINDRA AUTOMOBILES Systech is one of India’s largest conglomerates of auto components. Very few models at the lineup stage. Also exploring global opportunities by tapping up the market. Competitors’ becoming aggressive with new products launches and high marketing pitch. THREATS • • • • Entry of new players.WEAKNESS • • • The company is highly dependent on the rural sector. the opportunities for employment has gradually increased. 1. Neighboring countries are not fully exploited. Not the strong player in the premium market OPPORTUNITIES • • • • Being a new player in the market. It is equipped to give a full service supply – right from engineering services to steel to finished products – making Systech a one-stop-shop for its global clients. MES is celebrated as one of the 14 . No tie up with any other company can lead to losses. and the rural sector in turn is highly dependent on the monsoons. It’s a growing market thus company has high growth potential in future.

Today. and an ultra-modern testing lab. Schneider. MES is headquartered in Mumbai (India). we offer enhanced CAE services to all the three verticals. It also has the expertise to handle specialised products in resin transfer moulding and hand lay-up reinforced plastics. The Company's global clients include General Electric (Healthcare & Industrial Systems). and manufacturing industry. We are part of the Mahindra Group. and over the years progressed to include Aerospace and General Engineering. 15 . Bangalore (India).few companies in the world to provide innovative design solutions – from product con • Mahindra Engineering Services (MES) • Mahindra Engineering Services (MES) is a leading engineering services provider to the global automotive. Legrand. and we have our branch offices located in Pune (India). Bajaj Auto. automobile. with a capacity of 12. Siemens. The Company specialises in the manufacture of sheet moulding and dough moulding compounds. aerospace. Mahindra & Mahindra (Automotive / Farm Equipment Sector). defence and construction industry. We have successfully established a wide customer base in the global aero and auto industry. One is located at Pimpri (Pune) and the other at Mangaon (Raigad). L&T. a global manufacturing company with annual revenues in excess of USD 6 billion. • Mahindra Composites has two manufacturing units in Maharashtra. MES’s specialization originally lay in the automotive domain. and London (UK). Sonalika and Swaraj Mazda. medical. With the help of stateof-the-art compression moulding presses.000 tonnes per annum. Ashok Leyland. it manufactures highly complicated /intricate components for the electrical. MDS. The Company has a world-class product & tool development cell. Tata Motors. Detroit (USA).

defence. consumer durable industry and general engineering applications. and performance and economy. The Stampings Division currently has two manufacturing locations in Western India (Kanhe near Pune and Nasik)with proximity to seaports. All the manufacturing units are strategically located close to automotive and auto component manufacturers for providing Justin-Time supply. The manufacturing activities are backed by a Die Maintenance team trained by Fuji Technica. the Group has developed a large product portfolio catering to a diverse customer base spanning rural and semi-urban customers. luxury and ruggedness. REVIEW OF MAHINDRA’S AUTOMOBILES The Mahindra Group’s Automotive Sector is in the business of manufacturing and marketing utility vehicles and light commercial vehicles. which bridges the gap between style and adventure. The core strengths of the Stampings Division lie in tool maintenance and providing value-added services to its customers. and currently accounts for about half of India’s market for utility vehicles. It supplies components in an assembled form in a duly powder coated / painted condition. It is the market leader in utility vehicles in India since inception. It has a wide range of presses (both hydraulic and mechanical category) under one roof. South Asia and the Middle East. Over the years. A third unit is coming up at Rudrapur (Uttarakhand) in Northern India. 16 .• Mahindra Steel Products is a leading manufacturer of critical stamping parts required for automotive. South America. including three-wheelers. railways. Africa. The Group exports its products to several countries in Europe. auto component. Japan. defence requirements and luxurious urban utility vehicles. it launched the indigenously engineered worldclass sports utility vehicle-Scorpio. In 2002.

financial services. technology with the latest generation dci common rail engine.000 technical and non .technical personnel and is situated on an area of over 5. India’s first wide body car. infrastructure development sector.The Automotive Sector continues to be a leader in the utility vehicle segment with a diverse portfolio that includes mass transport as well as new generation vehicles like Scorpio and Bolero. The company has rapidly expanded itself and today has seven state-of-the-art factories and 33 sales offices supported by a network of more than 500 dealers throughout the country.000 square meters.1 Business products Mahindra & Mahindra is a part of the Mahindra Group and was established in 1945 to manufacture general-purpose utility vehicles. It will also provide component sourcing and engineering services to International Truck and Engine Corporation. will manufacture trucks and buses for India and export markets. 1. The International Operations of the Automotive Sector focuses on the international business. BUSINESS SECTOR The Mahindra group runs business in five key industrial sectors. Mahindra Navistar Automotives Ltd. The company employs over 17. and farm equipment sector. a joint venture between Mahindra & Mahindra Limited and International Truck and Engine Corporation.4. It has been designed for the Indian market incorporating a contemporary styling and design. IT. sporting a host of class-defying features at an aggressive price. The Logan redefines its segment in terms of spaciousness as well as performance. 00. Mahindra Renault announced the launch of Logan. It later moved into manufacturing tractors 17 .. trade and retail sector. namely.

Mahindra (Sedan) The Mahindra Renault with its petrol and diesel variants targets the upper middle class consumer with Mahindra cars ranging between rupees five and seven lakhs.4 (Petrol) Renault Logan GL 1. Mahindra Renault variants include Renault Logan GL 1. New cars 18 . and is today the tenth largest private sector company in India. It is a built around Renault's leading space optimization' design.and light commercial vehicles.4 is one of the perfect fit and finish car in its segment.the leading automobile manufacturer worldwide. Following are the major automobiles of mahindra:- Mahindra (Logan) Popular Mahindra sedans range from Mahindra cars costing a bit below rupees five lakhs to Mahindra cars costing a bit above rupees nine lakh eighty thousand. Popular Mahindra Logan include Mahindra Renault (Logan) The Mahindra Renault Logan is a spacious wide body sedan built in association with Renault .

5. The Renault Logan DLE (Petrol) Renault Logan GLX 1. etc. Renault Logan DLX 1. octroi. Renault Logan GLS 1. Renault Logan GLX 1.5 (Diesel) Renault Logan DLX 1.5 is marked for its spacious and comfortable features.5 (Diesel) This variant of Logan defines itself in terms of spaciousness and performance.4 car prices vary with the car dealer's location.6 car prices vary with the car dealer's location.00. 55. etc. New cars have a show room price of around Rs.4 car prices vary with the car dealer's location. RTO.000 including supplementary charges.6. this car costs around Rs. RTO.6 is the ideal combination of power and elegance. 50. Renault Logan GLE 1. This includes standard ancillary charges also.000 and on-road price of around Rs.6 (Petrol) Renault Logan GLS 1. Mahindra Renault Logan GL 1.000.000 with an on road price of around Rs.000 inclusive of all charges such as insurance. 75. At the showroom.000 with an on-road price of around Rs.5.5. Renault Logan GLE 1.have a show room price of around Rs.6. octroi. Renault Logan DLE 1. New cars in this series have a showroom price ranging from around four lakhs to around five lakhs inclusive of all charges like insurance. this perfectionist has is gifted with perfect body structure and control level.35.4 (Petrol) Renault Logan GLE 1.6 is a wide body car with classy features and aggressive price. 20.000 and on-road price of around Rs.5 is now available at a showroom price of around Rs.00.000. New cars in this series have a showroom price ranging from around six lakhs to around seven lakhs 19 . Mahindra Renault Logan GLS 1.

Mahindra (SUV) Popular Mahindra SUV car prices range from Mahindra cars at a bit above rupees five lakhs to Mahindra cars at a bit below rupees ten lakhs. At the showroom.7. Mahindra Bolero variants include :- 20 . Mahindra (SUV) The Mahindra Bolero with its diesel variants targets the middle class consumer with Mahindra SUVs at on-road prices ranging between rupees five and seven lakhs. octroi. Renault Logan DLS 1. This includes standard ancillary charges also. 30. It comes with a brand new style and time tested performance.000. RTO.5 (Diesel) This sedan variant from the Logan collection includes all the latest features and facilities available in its segment. including Mahindra Bolero (SUV) The Mahindra Bolero is Mahindra's leading presentation in the utility vehicle segment.6. The Mahindra Bolero lives up to its reputation of being a tough vehicle. etc. Renault Logan DLX 1. this car costs around Rs.inclusive of all charges like insurance.5 car prices vary with the car dealer's location.000 with an onroad price of around Rs. 50.

Bolero SLE car prices vary with the car dealer's location.00.000 with an on-road price of around Rs. Mahindra Bolero DI car prices vary in lakhs upon the car dealer's location.55.6. New cars have a show room price of around Rs. muscular stance and low fender extensions. 21 .50. Bolero Plus (Diesel) The Mahindra Bolero gives an outstanding performance along with modern looks and features giving the owner complete value for money. At the showroom. octroi. Bolero SLX (Diesel) This variant of Bolero is packed with new style and comfort to suit your needs or unleash your style. The Bolero DIZ is now available at a showroom price of around Rs.20.5. comfort and convenience.000. etc.85.5.Bolero DIZ (Diesel) The Bolero DIZ excels in style with an aggressive grille ornament.000 including supplementary charges. New cars in this series have a showroom price ranging from around five lakhs to around six lakhs inclusive of all charges like insurance.60. this car costs around Rs.000 with an on road price of around Rs. The Bolero Bolero SLX is now available at a showroom price of around Rs. RTO.000 with an on road price of around Rs.5. Bolero SLE (Diesel) Bolero SLE is a perfect match of style.20.000 including supplementary charges.5. Bolero DI (Diesel) Bolero DI makes toughest roads smoothest while riding. This includes standard ancillary charges also.000 and on-road price of around Rs.6.

000.6 LX (7-Seater) car prices vary with the car dealer's location.000 and on-road price of around Rs.8. convenient and comfort features. New cars have a show room price of around Rs.7. convenient and comfort features.000 and on-road price of around Rs. Scorpio2. Mahindra Scorpio 2. Mahindra Scorpio 2. etc.00.00. Scorpio 2.8. interior.Mahindra Scorpio (SUV) The Scorpio is Mahindra's world class presentation and flagship adventurous SUV. octroi. New cars have a show room price of around Rs. exterior. Mahindra (SUV) The Mahindra Scorpio with its diesel variants targets the middle class consumer with Mahindra SUVs at on-road prices ranging between rupees eight and ten lakhs. Mahindra Scorpio 2.6LX(9-Seater)(Diesel) Figure out the great technological.6 LX (7-Seater)(Diesel) This vehicle comes fully packed with loads of stylish.7. RTO. New cars in this series have a showroom price ranging from around seven lakhs to around eight lakhs inclusive of all charges like insurance.6 LX (7-Seater) car prices vary with the car dealer's location.10. 10.6 LX (9-Seater) car prices vary with the car dealer's location. and safety features on this masterpiece. This vehicle comes fully packed with loads of stylish.000. 22 .

Scorpio2.6DX(7-Seater)(Diesel) Scorpio 2.6 DX is well known for eye-catching looks and sturdy performance. At the showroom, this car costs around Rs.7,80,000 with an on-road price of around Rs.8,80,000. This includes standard ancillary charges also.

Scorpio2.6SLX(7-Seater)(Diesel) This variant from the Mahindra Scorpio's stable is marked for its durability, reliability and low maintenance. New cars have a show room price of around Rs.8,40,000 and onroad price of around Rs.9,50,000. Mahindra Scorpio 2.6 SLX (7-Seater) car prices vary with the car dealer's location.

Commercial Vehicles in India
Commercial vehicles influence the trade, commerce and industry of a country in a major way. Vehicles falling under this category are buses, trucks, ambulance, jeeps and many others. It comes in various uses such as transportation of goods, shipping and handling of various commodities and so on. The future of companies manufacturing these vehicles is very bright due to India's growing commercial sector. The export of commercial vehicles has gone up to 72% breaking all previous records. Mahindra is the 5 the biggest dealer when it comes to commercial vehicles. It include.1. Ambulance 2. Buses 3. trucks 4. tractors 5. Defence vehilces


1.4.2 Car Segmentation
The segmentation of the passenger market in India is vastly different from that in the developed nations. In India, the economy segment accounts for largest share of the cars sold, as compared to mid-range segment in the mature markets. The economy and the premium segment face the lowest competitive threats, while the premium segment will witness intense competition due to lower volumes.

Segment-wise classification of the Indian car market segment
Cars by Price Range

Maruti 800, Alto, Omni Reva Ambassador, Fiat Palio Hyundai Santro, Getz Chevrolet Opel Corsa Maruti Zen, Wagon R, Versa, Esteem, Gypsy Ford Icon & Fiesta Tata Indica, Indigo XL, Indigo Marina Chevrolet Swing, Optra Magnum, Tavera Hyundai Accent, Elantra Mahindra Scorpio Maruti Baleno Toyota Innova Tata Safari Mitsubishi Lancer, Mitsubishi Cedia Honda City ZX Mahindra Bolero Hyundai Sonata Embera 24

Under Rs. 3 Lakhs
• • • •

Rs. 3-5 Lakhs

• • • • • • • •

Rs. 5-10 Lakhs

• • • • •

• • •

Toyota Corolla Ford Mondeo & Endeavour Chevrolet Forester Skoda Octavia & Combi Honda Civic Honda CR-V Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Terracan & Tucso Mitsubishi Pajero Audi A4 Opel Vectra Honda Accord Mercedes C Class Toyota Camry Audi A6, A8 & Audi TT BMW X5, 5 Series & 7 Series Mercedes E Class, S Class, SLK, SL & CLS-Class Porsche Boxster, Cayenne, 911 Carrera & Cayman S Toyota Prado Bentley Arnage, Bentley Continental GT& Flying Spur Rolls Royce Phantom Maybach

Rs. 10-15 Lakhs

• • • • • • •

Rs. 15-30 Lakh

• • • • • • •

Rs. 30-90 Lakhs

• • • •

Above Rs. 1 Crore

• •

Chapter-2 Conceptual discussion


a marketing strategy should be centered around the key concept that customer satisfaction is the main goal. and action sequences into the cohesive goal. A marketing strategy can serve as the foundation of a marketing plan. as the customer constitutes the source of a company’s revenue. prospects. A marketing strategy often integrates an organization marketing goals.1 MARKETING STRATEGY The basic topic of my project which I want to discuss is the marketing strategy of Mahindra motors. defining how the organization will successfully engage customers. A marketing plan contains a set of specific actions required to successfully implement a marketing strategy.2. Marketing strategy serve as the fundamental 26 .for example: “use a low cost product to attract customers . and competitors in the market arena.once our organization via low cost procuct has established a relationship with the customers our organization will sell additional. A marketing strategy is the most effective when it is an integral component of the corporate strategy. marketing strategy is often to keep marketing in line with the company’s Overarching product mission statement.a marketing planning often integrates an organizations marketing goals and policies are generally tested for the measurable results.A strategy consists of a well thought out of series of tactics to make a marketing plan more effective.higher margin products and services. Marketing strategy is the process that can allow an organization to concentrate on its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. policies.

2. place.the four P. product promotion. Marketing strategies are of great importance and plays a vital role in the marketing of the product that further helps in the achievement of the goals and objectives of company. the marketing strategies are the most effective and are bound to be implemented.underpinning of the marketing plans designed to fill market needs and the reach marketing objectives. Product and Promotion. Plans and objectives are generally tested for measurable results.2 Four P’s On the following basis the marketing strategy of the firn depends on the 4 P’s of trhe marketing elements which are the price.s are price. On the basis of the marketing strategy of a firm is dependent on the 4P’s of marketing elements. 27 .

Though it’s all about luck so why not try it as luck favors the brave. Mahindra is giving a strong example of youthness.being a new and young customer’s r in its own segment by launching kunal kapoor they are insisting buyers to buy Logan because of its class and charisma. 28 . They are also trying to attract customers by giving them an additional offer of it if they buy a car of Mahindra they will get a bunch of keys out of them if they put the key in the selected vehicle and they start the initial they will get the car.Last but not least the most common way of promoting the product is through cold calling. By introducing kunal kapoor as its brand ambassador.PRICE PLACE THE MARKETING MIX PROMOTION PRODUCT When it comes to Mahindra automobiles its strategy implications to attract customer is equal to its rivals. They just give the full specification and the comparison as how the car is doing in the market.

4. These purposes guide many operational decisions of the company. To identify the perception of the existing users of the LOGAN and SCORPIO. The experience in the firm was excellent. Surveys are done for different reasons and in a profound sense. Performance of LOGAN and SCORPIO over other segments of cars. To understand comparision between LOGAN and SCORPIO. 3. To find the market share (distribution) of the LOGAN and SCORPIO. To find the customer views regarding LOGAN and SCORPIO. we got to know about the working and the functioning of the firm.1 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY Every survey that is undertaken has an objective that underlines the essence of the survey and its implication to the concerned organization. such reasons form the strategic purpose behind any survey. 5. 2.3.2 Significance of the study The most important factor which I learnt from this summer training and which helped me in this project was the corporate experience. During this training 29 . 3. The main objectives are as follows: 1.

It was a roller coaster ride which I thoroughly enjoyed. 30 . By making this project. I would like to give you an overall view about the company which I worked in. through this training now I can fully tackle the needs and demands and how to interact with the customers and how to face them up. Logan. Through my study I would like to convey you regarding the new launch of our company i.period. I got to know about there sales and marketing strategies which they use to attract customer.e. And what are its basic advantages and disadvantages and being a representative of the company why should we buy a car like Logan. This experience which I take from these 2 training periods will help me along in my future tasks. By working with the top automobile company in India. I worked as a sales representative in the firm where I was given a job to interact with the customer regarding there views and what sort of cars they are looking to opt for. I also got to know about the marketing and the sales strategies adopted by the company to make its product more recognized in the global stream.

CHAPTER-3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY A research design is the arrangement of condition for collection and analysis of data in a manner that to. Research design is conceptual structure within which research is conducted. Why is the study being made? 3. The design helps researcher to organize his ideas whereby it will be possible for him to look for flaws and inadequacies. effort and money. It constitutes the collection. Where can data be found? 6. What type of data is required? 5. What will be the sample design? 31 . Research Design is needed because it facilitates the smooth sailing of various research operations. Where will the study be carried on? 4. measurement and analysis of date. 3. combine relevance to research purpose with economy in procedure. thereby making research as efficient as possible yielding maximum information with minimum time.3 SAMPLE DESIGN Following questions have to be asked in research design:1. What is the study all about? 2. What periods of time will the study includes? 7.

The data collection form was designed in the form of a standard questionnaire because it is more reliable than unstructured format.8. ranking scale is used to rank the preferences of attributes of the customers. What technique of data collection will be used? 3.1 Secondary data The major aim of the project was to analyze the strategies used by Mahindra to inculcate the success of the new Mahindra Renault Logan. Some questions are designed for the purpose of cross checking the sample genuiness in filling the questionnaire.4 COLLECTION OF DATA: 3. secondary data was collected from the various sources that included website of Mahindra and Renault.) 32 . This scale is used because it permits the development of descriptive profiles that facilitates the comparison of competitive items.4. (Semantic differential scale is used to understand the images of brands of cars as perceived by the customers. Since a part of the research aims at finding the attitude of people towards the different brands of cars. Most of the questions asked in the questionnaire were closed ended with a few open ended questions also. For the first part. For the purpose of analysis. to know consumers general views. a conclusive research was conducted.

33 . Interviews 3. This was done with the help of Questionnaire and some personal interview. Focus group interviews We have adopted the survey method in the descriptive type for the purpose of collecting Primary data. The sample size of survey conducted was 50 respondents.5 PRIMARY DATA: There are many methods of collecting primary data and the main methods include: 1. Questionnaires 2.3.

Distributing Outlets (Out of 50) 34 .

Most Fuel Efficient Cars (Out of 50) 35 .

Rating out of 1 Tata Maruti Mahindra Hyundai 36 .

6 LIMITATION OF THE RESEARCH: ◊ Time was not sufficient. ◊ Most of the strategies recommended make certain assumption about the common Perception and behaviour.3. ◊ Due to financial constraints the presentation of the project could not be made better. ◊ The company officials were not supportive and hence most of the project is based on secondary information. ◊ Latest figure regarding few topics covered were not available. 37 .

Safety 4. and Turf Green & Diamond White and will be available in selected Mahindra & Mahindra showrooms with Mahindra and Renault branding in major cities across the country.FINDINGS AND ANALYSIS OF MAHINDRA RENAULT LOGAN AND SCORPIO 4. Comfort 3. The Logan will be available in six colors. Parts price and Warranty) The Logan redefines its segment in terms of spaciousness as well as performance. Sahara Beige. Value for Money (Mileage. Quality 2. namely Toreador Red. Overall cost. Fiery Black. technology with the latest generation dCi common rail engine. Mist Silver. The Logan will be available in both diesel and petrol versions.1 4 key selling points of Logan: 1. It has been designed for the Indian market incorporating a contemporary styling and design. 38 .

which sports three separate headrests. State of the art technologies At the heart of the Logan is its state-of-the-art engine. While the 1. It has a boot capacity of 510 litres. This necessitated the need to have much more roomy interiors. Logan's torque has been greatly enhanced at low speeds by redesigning the profile of the cams. Logan is the only product in its segment that offers these features for the middle passenger in the rear seat. The shape of the boot provides a low loading platform and is protected by the boot lining from the upper part of the rear bumper.4 petrol engine delivers 75hp. which is the best in its category Following are some of the features that Mahindra Renault Logan will provide: Feel the Space The target customer groups for the Logan are families.5 diesel. The car uses the tried & tested JH gearbox that has already proved its worth in the Renault range.6 performs with 84 horses the diesel sibling gives 65 hp. Despite its spacious dimensions. the vehicle’s boot can carry luggage – big and small – and of all dimensions. the vehicle is relatively 39 . Another benchmark that Logan has set in its segment is the boot space it offers. offers full and comfortable seating for three persons in the rear seat. Both the engines are meshed with a five-speed manual gearbox. This is the only vehicle in its segment to offer this feature. A unique feature of the Logan is the third head-rest for the middle occupant in the rear seat. With a capacity of 510 litre. This vehicle comes equipped with three engine options – 1. The rear seating deserves a special mention for it offers generous headroom and legroom. the 1.6 petrol and a 1.The Logan is a wide bodied car. The roominess has been further enhanced by the beige interiors that give a bright and plush feel to the occupants.4 and 1.

It complies with the emission standards in force in India and can be adapted to more stringent norms that will be applicable in future. With the 1. The fuel tank has been placed under the floorpan to prevent being punctured in case of a collision from the rear. Safety is the prime focus Logan’s engine compartment layout allows stacking of powertrain components in the event of a frontal collision. The driver gets an ergonomic seating position wherein he can view the display for all the data. door pillars and door panels. improving the efficiency of combustion and saving fuel. Latest generation diesel engine The second-generation 1. The central pillar protects the pelvis in the event of a side impact. 40 . enabling the injection timing and flow to be controlled for each injector individually. The second-generation common rail injection system developed for the 1. The system also features dedicated injector calibration.lightweight. The sub-frame in the lower portion of the car helps absorb energy. The load in the middle part is borne by the front cross-member. An alphanumeric display in the centre of the dashboard brings together warning lights and data supplied by the onboard computer.5 dCi common rail diesel engine gives a performance that is yet unmatched in this segment. Emission levels too have been drastically reduced to 125g/km of CO2 that makes Logan highly competitive among diesel cars currently on the market.25 metres. The car also boasts of low NVH levels.5 dCi engine – a product of the Renault group’s powertrain range – Logan offers driving pleasure combined with an astounding fuel economy (14-18 km/litre). In the upper portion. The power steering provides superior handling and enhances maneuverability with the help of a reduced turning radius of 5.5 dCi is characterized by the supply of precisely the required quantity of pressurized fuel in a series of injections. the load passes through the cowl-side reinforcement.

with particular attention paid to protecting the bodywork. Recently in Logan Diesel Category Logan Sound Proofing . The Renault badge is placed prominently on the grille. Robustness and reliability The Logan project did not compromise on reliability and durability. with headlamps that give a sharp look to the vehicle. Internally the dashboard is made of polypropylene that is effective in absorbing high energies. systematic application of sealant on the external cabin joints and reinforced underbody anti-chip protection.Damping Hood There are few drawbacks when you buy a Diesel car and one of that is noise and vibration. Logan has been adapted to suit the Indian driving conditions. For example. the airconditioning and heating system is designed to suit extreme climatic conditions that prevail in the sub-continent. Concerning engines. The rear lamp clusters. This was done by injecting wax into the box sections. Style exemplified Logan's exterior design is clearly highlighted by accented wheel arches and sleek body sides and bonnet. Since day one I was trying to figure out some solution to reduce the in cabin 41 . In addition. smooth out the car's structured edges. Logan underwent stringent tests covering a very wide variety of driving conditions to ensure real durability.A cross-member in the back of the rear bench seat restricts the danger of objects in the boot entering the cabin. both petrol and diesel engines had already proved their worth in the Renault range. The glove compartment and rest of the lower part of the dashboard are designed to reduce impact on the legs and ankles of the front occupants. set at an angle.

2000 RPM .e.2000 RPM . damping hood. Speed & Fuel Consumption After driving around 12000 Km's I tried various settings and combinations for optimum performance of my Logan DCi and I feel that I have found settings which perfectly match to my conditions (may be change in hill area etc).2200 RPM .noise. Again I am looking for some other things which can reduce noise further.Speed 80 km/ph Fuel Consumption (Average): 42 . So after researching a lot I finally decided to go for sound proofing (damping) stage 1 i.1500 RPM . steering etc. looking for dealer to assist.Speed 15 km/ph 2nd Gear .Speed 30 km/ph 3rd Gear . Logan RPM..Speed 65 km/ph 5th Gear . Few are: • • Use Dynamite on central tunnel and under dashboard Use Hood liner over Dynamite under hood Pasting damping material under dashboard is critical because it requires removing dashboard.Speed 45 km/ph 4rth Gear . Result was not very impressive it only reduced noise by 3-6%. For damping material I had no choice except "Dynamite" which was easily available at accessory shops (a bit expensive I would say). which is as given below: Gear Shifting & RPM: • • • • • 1st Gear . which is already lesser if I compare to some other cars but can’t compare to petrol ones.2200 RPM . Gear Shifting.

And I tell you all after second service at 6500.2900 RPM . but later I come to know through some of my EU country friends that it will improve after around 5000 to 6000 KM's run. Shift gears and cruise normally • • • Also I have tried branded and normal Diesel.90 with lowest RPM possible Always maintain required tyre pressure (matters a lot) It’s a 48kw DCi engine. still unable to find any difference between them. and apply as late as possible while stopping Don't try to go beyond 3000 RPM.2500 RPM .Speed 80 km/ph . Logan Average Fuel Consumption I was not very much impressed with the average fuel consumption when I bought my car and it was between 12 to 14 kmpl with branded diesel (normally HP . now I am very much impressed and satisfied with my decision of buying "Logan Diesel".2500 RPM . 43 .17 km/pl In Highway 5th Gear .Hi Speed).15 km/pl In City + Highway 4th & 5th Gear .120 km/ph Try maintaining speed of around 80 . so don't try to takeoff like a jet.• • • In City condition 4th Gear . If you feel any differences do let us know.19 km/pl Few Fuel Saving Tips: • • • • Quickly reach to toppest gear with maintaining minimum RPM of 1500 Release clutch as quick as possible. change gears if required Maximum speed I tried is 150 km/ph but recommended is around 110 .Speed 60 km/ph .Speed 100 km/ph . In any circumstances I get around 18 kmpl in city condition like in Gurgaon and around 22 kmpl in highway conditions.

holds the road well.3km/Pl City Mileage Overall Mileage Overall Rating : 13. definitely the best for a booted car in India --. over all kinds of roads and we came back impressed --.Overdrive On all types of surfaces. 4. --.Overdrive Highway Mileage: 19.Overdrive Overall fuel efficiency worked out to 17. the Logan is quite composed.6km/Pl : 17.Business standard motoring 44 .2 What the auto journalists have to say about the Logan? Diesel Logan is though sizzling….The best combination I observed for optimum fuel consumption is driving on 5th gear at the speed of 80 to 90 kmph. and rides beautifully over bumps.Overdrive Head room is enough for big lads with big turbans --. nuts and potholes alike --.7 km/Pl : 10/10 We drove a Logan diesel car close to 600km before filling this report and that too.3 km/Pl.

Drive and ride comfort: comfort of a true sedan v/s compromise of a hatch back. --. spacious and great volume --. Mileage: Proven Mileage 3. 2. right risk mitigation exercises and right pricing and packaging.Autocar 4. --. Styling: Complete sedan v/s “cut paste” car. --. v/s “compromised ride”. right manufacturing strategy.Business standard motoring The Logan is well unbeatable for its space and comfort. Space: stretch yourself in the rare seat with company of 2 adults. 45 .Autocar Capable. It is easily the widest in its class. then the Logan diesel is where your hunt should end.3 Advantages of Logan over same segment of cars? Let’s take a comparison between Mahindra Logan and Maruti Swift Dezire:Complete car v/s Compromise car Logan strengths: Summary 1. 4.Right product.Business standard motoring If you are looking at a well built car that can offer excellent economy.

7. Dezire with same engine with added body weight of 30kgs. Logan is European styled car and running successfully in more than 25 countries across the globe. 24x7 supports. Styling: Logan v/s desire? A1.5. Mileage: Logan v/s desire ? A2. It is just boot added to the swift. 6. which is equivalent to that of hatchback. 000 cars in India. Why compromise car with fuel efficiency. The Petrol gives an average of 11km/pl and diesel of 16km/pl. Sir. So we can say its not a True Sedan. Technology and Features: rare value features v/s “just features”. 46 . Safety: best in its own class features. Engine: Latest Renault technology v/s engine of a hatch. Explanations why to prefer Logan over Swift Dezire:- Q1. Sir. After sales support: Least parts price. Whereas Swift looks stylish but Dezire is a compromise. The look is the same as compare to swift. In first year of its launch we have sold approx. 8. Q2. This will bring down the fuel efficiency of the car.25. the last one year Logan has established as the most efficient car in its segment.

not only the boot space but also Headroom is quite ample i. as it is much cheaper (80/90K) than Fiesta. 47 .5 litre.e. Drive and ride comfort: Logan v/s desire? A3. In dezire. Fiesta & Logan. are fuel efficient at par (more or less). more decent & a better looking car from exterior too. however. Fiesta is 1.4 litre while Logan is 1. Logan is far ahead of competition when it comes to the cabin comfort. the designers have inclined the rear back rest to a greater angle. and finalize on the one that suits you in all respect. 17/19 in city & 21/23 on highway (depending upon driving conditions & style).Q3. I suggest. Also it has a responsive engine. test-drive (with family) both the cars. there should not be any problem as such with either of the car. giving better ride quality. Suspensions of Logan are really good (just right for our roads). Mahindra Logan steals it because it has ample space that put even the luxury cars to shame. Space of around 510 mm is there as compared to Fiesta’s 430mm. The ride at the rear is likely to be unstable. However. In terms of interiors & features they both are good – Fiesta is. I feel. In terms of CC. Between the two. The superior suspension guarantees a smooth and silky ride. 970 mm of Logan as compared to Fiesta’s 925. both generate power & torque at par. Sir. Maintenance-wise. Mahindra Logan v/s Ford Fiesta Both the diesel cars short-listed. 68/66ps @ 4000rpm & 160nm @ 2000rpm. Logan can be considered as a VFM (value for money) car. When it comes to comfort. Logan is more spacious & comfortable.

Fiesta is surely a good design but that comes for a very high cost. Logan is a European styled car.7 for Indigo which is quite below as compared to Logan. and the same model is running successfully in more than 40 countries.4 Customer’s take on the disadvantages of Logan over Other cars.3km/pl( highway driving) for Logan in comparison to 18. any changes in the car interior will increase the price of the car. Customer: Fiesta is more stylish than Logan? Sales consultant: Sir. And 16. than any of its competitor and that includes Fiesta. if you look at the reviews of any Auto magazines/journals. but some features have been purposely done away with in order to keep the price in mind. they have rated Logan as a more fuel efficient car. You may agree Logan comes with all desired/essential comfort features. 48 .4. And it’s an old design as well as compared to Logan. The car is loved for its practicality of space and drive comfort. Logan have given 19. Customer: Fiesta and Indigo gives a better mileage? Sales consultant: Sir. Customer: Fiesta has far better interiors? Sales consultant: Sir.3km/pl ( highway driving) for Fiesta.

1 JD Power IQS study in its own segment. Hence the Logan comes equipped with modern features like Engine Immobilizer. at Mahindra Renault we have ensured that there is no compromise on comfort and safety. Customer: Swift is easy to drive in city traffic? Sales consultant: Torque: The Logan has a flat torque curve over a wide range of rpm. It ahs also topped the TCS and APPEAL studies conducted by different research agencies. Anti Theft electronic Key mechanism. crumple zones. I would like to tell you that these simple but practical shapes help to keep the costs of repair and maintenance very low in comparison to any of its competitor. Key is coded and unique. I agree that it does not have that curved and stylish features that Fiesta have. As a proof of our Quality. I don’t like its shape? Sales consultant: Sir. an unmatched 5 year anti perforation warranty. also it has an embedded switch to open and lock doors. rear seat belts and head restraints. This will enhance your driving comfort in even bumper to bumper city traffic condition. Safety: sparkling clear front head lamps and fog lamps bumper that absorb impact. 49 . This ensures than less frequent gear shifting is required between 2nd and 3 rd gear. sculpted bonnet with reinforcements.Customer: Logan is very boxy. the Logan has been awarded with no. Customer: Indigo and Fiesta has more features than that of Logan? Sales consultant: Sir.

!!! A comparison of the base versions of the Mahindra-Renault Logan (diesel) and its two main competitors.000 satisfied Logan owners till date running in India and probably a million across the globe! To add on Mahindra is all India no.4 EXi TDCi 4282 mm 1686 mm 1468 mm 2486 mm 168 mm 1474 mm Overall length 4250 mm Overall width 1740 mm Overall height 1525 mm Wheelbase Ground clearance Front track 1480 mm 2630 mm 155 mm 4150 mm 1620 mm 1540 mm 2450 mm 165 mm 1380 mm 50 . There are more than 20. Economy. Logan is a complete package designed to meet your needs on Comfort.Suspension: Also the suspension of Logan in front provide better dynamic stability and axle rigidity to give better handling both on and off the road. Our fully trained service team and service centers across the world and best in class service network will take care of your car 24x7. Safety and Prestige.5 dci V-BS III Indigo Ford Fiesta 1. is given below: Parameters Dimensions Mahindra-Renault Tata Logan DLE 1.3 in JDP customer satisfaction scores and the most improved company in the department of customer service. the Tata Indigo (diesel) and the Ford Fiesta (diesel). And all this comes price with no other Indian manufacturer can match. The rear suspension is semi independent which is designed to give you comfort on all Indian roads. We are confident that the car will put a smile on your and your family’s face hamesha. Customer: why should I buy Logan? Sales consultant: Sir.

9 km/litre 152 Km/Hour 20.4 seconds 33.5 km/litre 13.1 metres 1.1 metres Turbo-charged indirect 1.9 km/litre 18.2 km/litre 510 litre 1040 kg tank 50 litre 11.8 km/litre 14.7 km/litre 12.2 metres injection intercooler (TDi) with 158 Km/Hour 17.8 km/litre Mileage (highway) Mileage (overall) Performance Maximum speed 0-100 kmph 80-0 kmph Engine type 17.Rear track Front headroom 1470 mm 970 mm 1360 mm 980 mm 1170 mm 450 litre 1070 kg 42 litre 1444 mm 925 mm 1040 mm 430 litre 1150 kg 45 litre Front legroom NA Boot space Kerb weight Fuel capacity Fuel efficiency Mileage (city) 13.5L DCi diesel 142 Km/Hour 15.4 L Duratorq Displacement 1461 cc Power Torque No.5 km/litre 16.3 km/litre 19.2 seconds 37. cylinders Transmission Transmission Manual type Gears/Speeds 5 Gears 66bhp@ 4000 rpm of 4 cylinder 1405 cc 70bhp@ 4500 rpm 4 cylinder 1399 cc 68bhp@ 4000 rpm 160Nm@2000rpm 4 cylinder 160Nm@ 2000 rpm 125Nm@ 2500rpm Manual 5 Gears Manual 5 Gears 51 .7 seconds 31.

5 What the Mahindra Logan owners have to say after there purchase? Following are the pros and cons of consumers owning Logan:- 52 .42 lakh Rs.47 lakh Rs.Independent type beam anti-roll bar Brakes Front brakes Rear brakes Wheels Wheel type Wheel size Tyres Price(Exshowroom) Price (Mumbai) Rs.4. low package height coil springs McPherson strut with heavy duty twistoffset struts coil 4. H.31 lakh Steel 14inch 185/70 R14 Steel 14inch 175/65 R 14 Steel 14inch 175/65 R 14 Discs Drum Discs Drum Discs Drum 3 McPherson with springs link Semi-independent beam.Suspensions Front suspension Rear suspension McPherson strut Independent. McPherson strut Non-independent.7.5.

It has very good suspension for our road conditions.User's Ratings for the car ( Mr. User's Ratings for the car ( Mr.I am afraid this may not suffice to take care of the loaded car over speed breakers. the ground clearance is 150 mm. Overall an excellent car. However as per their brochure. It only requires minor adjustment which Mahindra can easily take care. value for money Cons : less ground clearance for Indian speed breakers Review Popularity Total Views 18781 People Liked 1433 People Disliked 53 The car is extremely spacious. Amit) Style Comfort Performance Value for Money Fuel Economy Average Model User Rating Rating : : Overall Pros : value for money. aptly powered for usage in India. drive comfort. spacious. practical 53 Version Rating: . ravinder) Style Comfort Performance Value for Money Fuel Economy Average User Rating : Overall Pros : very good space and comfortable ride.

Cons : poor ergonomics. no nonsense. Basic stuff ignored Version Rating: 54 . you must go in for Logan . You have a clear 50k saving compared to fiesta. as these cars are getting dated. Looks might not make people turn their heads neither the ergonomics but this can be overcome with huge spacing. User's Ratings for the car ( Mr ravi) Style Comfort Performance Value for Money Fuel Economy Average Model User Rating Rating : : Overall Pros : Good Value for Money Cons : Suspension. You just can’t compare Logan to Ikon or esteem or accent.Auto car has given the verdict recently for Logan . value for money car. You get almost everything in 1. Overall a value for money car. quality drive and value for money.4 Star rating to match with verna. The drive is class of its own.6 petrol except electrically operated rear mirror and remote boot opening. fiesta rating. Interiors are not posh as that of accent or fiesta but much bearable. spacious. no luxury interiors Review Popularity Total Views People Liked People Disliked 12120 82 15 Hi…persons who are looking for a practical.

On the downside: stupid cost saving issues like. The engine is pretty good and did not feel like I was driving a diesel car. Comparable to a ford Fiesta.Diesel but decided to wait for the Logan. 65 for Logan) however. After the test drive.Review Popularity Total Views People Liked People Disliked 11097 67 12 I test drove the Logan. They've minimized However since the car satisfies most of my criteria’s.Logan is a better bet. 55 . Good price point. the overall package is more appealing in the Logan. Again I'm a city driver and for me factors like room. fuel efficiency and boot space are more relevant than sheer power. the Verna has a better engine (BHP: 110 vs. Roomier than most of the car. however the Verna is miles apart (better).. Although I think that the Indigo is equally roomy. the boot can be opened only with the key. The ride quality is good and its more value for money. Had been contemplating buying a diesel car for a long time. Had finally made up my mind to buy the Verna . The power window keys. The Logan also offers good add-ons like the air bag for driver side. As a car. Also they're not ergonomically placed.BBay by a good 1 lakh... So if you're looking the buy the Indigo-Diesel or the ford fiesta . 3. no remote boot opening. The top end is cheaper than a Verna. 2.. Why??? 1. Quality of drive: Better than an Indigo.and am willing to compromise of the few negatives mentioned above.. I’ve gone ahead and booked the Logan. Mirrors are not electronically operated.

go for better car as well as good After Sales and Service. A potential customer who is spending 5-5. So. rattle etc Review Popularity Total Views People Liked People Disliked Well As a car. Just think that if really Mahindra leaves then. body-roll. it’s Logan is better. it’s clear that Mahindra is not interested in JV. less top speed. : Overall Pros : boot space and suspension But then after the recent developments that Mahindra wants to leave JV because Renault went to Bajaj for $3000 car. So to conclude. really we all know 789 96 3 tough. where will you go for service and maintenance? So though Logan is a better car. om prakash) Style Comfort Performance Value for Money Fuel Economy Average Model Version User Rating Rating : Rating: Cons : less mileage. the winner on the heart is Logan as it is better and I feel a safer car. Now decide?????????????????? 56 . it loses just as FIAT. this.User's Ratings for the car ( Mr.5 Lakh will not want such an unpredictable future.

no remote boot opening. Sameer Wadhwa) Style Comfort Performance Value for Money Fuel Economy Overall Pros : good value for money Cons : low ground clearance Review Popularity Total Views People Liked People Disliked 3675 32 3 Average User Rating : This car is very good value for money car.User's Ratings for the car ( Mr. if comparing it with Verna it is cheaper but the engine of Verna is more powerful but overall package is more appealing in Logan. value for money. Some drawbacks of this car: the boot can be opened only with the key. it is extremely spacious but its ground clearance is 155mm less for Indian roads. fuel efficient. This car is for those people who are looking for a car which is spacious. Overall this is an excellent sedan :-) 57 . Mirrors are not electronically operated.

I am 5'11" tall and of big build.15 lacs on road. Spacious. (850 km on 41 liters of Diesel). Find it difficult to believe and am working further on the calculations. My wife is quite tall and well built as well. Price Cons : Bad Interiors. I have done about 3800 Km’s. The maximum speed I touched was 130 KM/h. But for the price of 7. The car was quite stable. I could have gone higher but for the occasions motorbike that would come up on the wrong side of the road.User's Ratings for the car Style Comfort Performance Value for Money Fuel Economy Average Model User Rating Rating : : Overall Pros : Good Fuel economy. The space the car provides is a huge plus. Did not have to use the brakes at those high speeds but am told that it could have done with ABS. We drove to Bangalore over the weekend. 58 . Design Version Rating: Review Popularity Total Views 2567 People Liked 25 People Disliked 0 I have been driving a Logan for the last 2 months and the experience has been good. I could not have expected more. I got about 21 KMPL. I have been getting about 15 km/pl of Diesel in city which makes the traveling quite affordable.

is that the end of the story? We had a look.6 Mahindra Scorpio review The Mahindra scorpio is one of the many SUVs that India has fallen in love with. Its big. sorry. this one is sealed shut and meant for just looks. This design has been an eye-catcher among SUVs and has bagged many an award for its styling. There are also changes done to the rear end of the Scorpio. But. its chunky and has loads of road presence. but you would be wrong because the top part of the lights don't actually work! The contoured tail lights also call for slightly different rear panels. Hence. its chunky and its a diesel. Mahindra though.Overall and excellent experience. its not the same types that you will find on those big supercharged American muscle cars. this new scorp now has an air intake on its hood! No. It has done very well for itself Mahindra though decided to perk up sales further with some exterior cues and a different dashboard. its big. wanted to bring some distinction between their previous models and this new one. There have been no changes done to the shape of the Scorpio. Design and interiors click to enlarge The scorpio has shape characteristic of SUVs. Mahindra launched this sometime back. I came across something called the Air extractor! 59 . Going through Mahindra's site. it now has a huge tail lamp cluster running all the way from the roof to the bumper! Just like the Indigo marina you think. 4.

but it gets even better once that turbo kicks in. There are so click to enlarge many holes in this dashboard. all these holes and cubby holes are there no doubt and Im sure serve a purpose too. The weight though is pretty much the same as the safari. and Im sorry to say that perhaps the designer had too much ink in his pen. It definitely is good and I'm glad to know that they have fast tracked their development program. I checked to see what it was.5 ton behemoth lunging forward eagerly. the 60 . There are holes underneath the rear AC vents! meant to hold big bottles. The interiors have tried to incorporate many things all at once. There is a surge of power with the 2.3kgm of torque between 1700-2200rpm. There is one thing though. Perhaps now. I really hope that the marketing guys at mahindra exercise a little more discretion in their promotion efforts. Many other minor cosmetic changes include a new style bumper which has air dams! Add on on spoiler ans ski racks to boot. but one felt Mahindra engineers have spent much thought to incorporate this. The interiors have also faced the designers pen so to speak. the performance shows and how. Originally a turbocharged indirect injection later upgraded to a common rail unit which mahindra calls CRDe. of water perhaps. but because this engine has been engineered to perform. This 2600cc 4stroke click to enlarge turbo-charged intercooled common rail develops a very credible 115bhp at 3800rpm and 28. But. it pulls extremely well from low down. Mahindra could really have tried better tricks to impress costumers. Scorpio owners will finally benefit from the extensive wind tunnel testing of the Scorpio which rendered the bonnet scoop completely shut! I don't mean to be hard on the Mahindra click to enlarge engineers and their redesign effort. But. it has holes. Seriously. Engine and Transmission The engine has remained an excellent positive for the Scorpio since its inception. The scorp has excellent bottom end. Its actually the plastic around the last of the side windows and guess what. unlike their competitors. Couple this its 2510kg kerb weight and you end up with a very heavy SUV.Surprised as I was.

No. The clutch is very progressive and petrol car drivers may cause the engine to whine while getting off the clutch. modern technology offer much better in terms of suspension. The leaf spring can carry a good amount of load. only truck and buses. the scorpio has all its gears at an angle. but I'm sure mahindra could click to enlarge have done without such a system. For some strange reason. Summing it up. the Scorpio had leaf spring suspension. the Scorpio kept constantly rolling and yawing and so on constantly. are the Scorpio suspension blues over? 61 . it still manages to return 9-11kpl on an average. The car lost most of its composure as soon as 3 digit speeds were reached and thanks to the ultra soft suspension which was thoroughly under damped. especially in taxing city conditions. but overtaking may require some amount of downshifting. The problem was so bad in the previous So. but that's all it has to its credit.tachometer is calibrated till 8000rpm. The transmission on the other hand isn't as happy a story as the engine. but the scorp can barely manage 4500. the gear lever is at an angle to the dashboard. I agree its a diesel and that it isn't meant to rev all that much. At least to avoid disappointments. Notice the photo of the interior. I'm not saying that its a big flaw. Simply put. I would prefer the engine on this to that on the Safari because it feels much much more alive. The Scorpio has a 5 speed manual gearbox that is a little weird if you ask me. Ride and handling Mahindra has concentrated the maximum of its engineering effort on this new Scorpio in this region. leaf springs are the same as those you will find in the original Maruti 800. Originally. So. perhaps then they should have had the tacho calibrated to 5000rpm or so. but its light and easy which makes it that much more easy to use. This was one huge drawback as far as the old scorpio went. but in recent times. which is very good. The gear ratios are well selected and can keep the engine on the boil. Although the Scorpio engine feels very alive. The scorp as Mahindra decided to team up with world leaders lotus UK and have finally fitted the scorp with much needed coil spring suspension.

www. it will eat potholes at will and munch miles like a glutton.The answer is a resounding Yes. The major improvement can be felt by those who have experienced the last row Verdict The Scorpio has always been fun to drive.carsinindia. 62 . Don't let the marketing guys fool you that the new air dam and air scoop will boost the aerodynamics of this advises you to occupy the final row of seats. It still can absorb the click to enlarge transverse crevasses that we come across on Indian roads without a hitch and at speeds that can leave most car owners blue with envy. of the Scorpio during a long drive. that of its ride. But. Scorpio now riding on its new set of coil springs and anti roll bars is excellent. As stated earlier. To know how much work has gone into this car. it has commanded every ounce and more all the road presence it deserves.5ton goliath rather nervous on the highways. but it can now additionally scorch up the highways without any loss of contents in the stomach! The new suspension has also helped improve the overall handling however only marginally. Considering that it has 115bhp engine. perhaps then you will personally write to Mahindra for the heavenly deed they have done. just take both the old and new Scorpio for a spin. It always had a huge chink in its armor. it made this 2. It definitely is built for the Indian road conditions. its a rather fast sofa. now think of this car as your sofa on the move.

and performance and economy. The 0-60 speed could be reached within 9 seconds. The car bridges the gap between style and adventure. It has strong engine along with good looks and sophisticated interior design. IP and console 63 .4. Mahindra Scorpio is fitted with SZ 2600 plus DI diesel engine that gives 109 bhp of power with a great torque of 26 kgm. luxury and ruggedness. Company Mahindra & Mahindra Segment SUV Biggest USP Strong engine along with good look Striking Features • • • • • • • CRDe Engine 5-zone cushion suspension Tower tail lamps Middle row sliding seats (only in 8 seater) Tiltable steering Tubeless tyres New spaces for storage on centre bezel. The petrol version of the vehicle has 116 bhp engines from Renault that reaches 0-60 in just under 8 seconds.7 Mahindra Scorpio Nothing Else Will Do Scorpio is the flagship product from Mahindra & Mahindra that has also been successfully accepted in international markets.

6 Turbo 2.Model Variants • • • • Turbo 2.6DX Sportz Turbo 2.6SLX Color Variants • • • • Nobel Black Diamond White Coral Blue/ Warm Grey Engine Silver Awards and Recognition Car of the Year 2003 BBC Business World's Standard Wheels Motoring Most successful brand launch of 2003 CNBC-Autocar Business Standard Brand Derby 64 .

9 CUSTOMERS REVIEW A Review by Anil Pandey on Mahindra Scorpio 20 November.132 4.6 DX Turbo 2.6 Turbo 2.28. 2006 65 .6 SLX Ex-showroom Price (Rs.387 8.Price Tag Model Variants Turbo 2.69.13.) 7.822 7.

armada. sumo. as it gives you a 'macho' image alongwith the comfort. Was this review helpful to you ? Yes | No Write comment | Report Abuse scorpio means tiger A Review by Manoj Kumar on Mahindra Scorpio 16 August.User's Ratings for the car Style Comfort Performance Value for Money Fuel Economy Overall Average review Review Popularity User Rating : 11 reviews | Write a Write your own review Write comment on this review Read Comments on this review Pros : The most stylish in its segment. All others in this categroy have commercial tag (taxi)bolero. If I can ever afford to. with competitive fuel economy Total Views 2687 People Liked 4 People Disliked 3 Scorpio is the only Indian car which can truly be called 'King of The Road' This is the only one which you can use for both onroad and offroad (4wd). 2007 66 . marshal etc. this will be the first I purchase.

6 DX CRDe 02 January. 2007 67 .User's Ratings for the car Style Comfort Performance Average User Rating : Value for Money 11 reviews | Write a Fuel Economy review Overall Write your own review Write comment on review Read Comments on this this review Pros : it is very good and stylish it is the one of my best car it is nice car i love this car Cons : fuel economy is not very good and his interior is not good it's interior is ok but not attractive Review Popularity Total Views People Liked People Disliked overall this is a nice car and comfortable car i love this car 1238 1 2 very much it's look is good i have this car it is lovely designed it's pickup is very good this is beutifully shaped his perfomance is also over all good it is counted in best car people like this car nice car is there well pick up heavy pickup is there Was this review helpful to you ? Yes | No BEST NEW CAR WITH LIST NOISE A Review by HVYAS on Mahindra Scorpio 2.

sUCH A BEST CAR.MILAGE IS CONCERNED IT CAN BE IMPROVED IN HYBRIED MODEL OR CO .SHOULD ARRANGE CONVERSION KIT TO CONVERT CRDE TO HYBRIED Was this review helpful to you ? Yes | No Write comment | Report Abuse 68 .User's Ratings for the car Style Comfort Performance Value for Money Fuel Economy Overall Average Model reviews Version Rating: Write a review Review Popularity 3 reviews User Rating Rating : : 11 Write your own review Write comment on this review Read Comments on this review Pros : ELEGANT LOOK.sHAHI sAWARI Cons : eXCELLANCY ON rOAD Total Views 2272 People Liked 1 People Disliked 3 eVEN i HAVE 2 WHEEL DRIVE i HAD CLIMBED HILL WITHOUT ANY NOTCH.

69 . Most of the consumer feels it will give tough competition to the liker of swift desire and safari. They consider Logan for there comfort and Scorpio for ride quality so as called “ELEGANT LOOK.Logan car is for those people who are looking for a car which is spacious. • Survey show people perception about fuel efficiency and value for money .1 CONCLUSION After conducting all these researches and discussing customer’s take on there purchase we came to the conclusion that Mahindra Logan and Scorpio a robust . latest Renault technology and its riding quality. sHAHI sAWARI”. fuel efficient and value for money. • Our survey show sample covers most of people prefer to take Mahindra car over Tata car and Maruti car because of its comfort . If comparing it with Verna it is cheaper. reliable. Most of the consumer’s or the owners of Scorpio are highly satisfied with there purchase. suspension. economical mid-sizer.5.

But mileage of Scorpio is 10 and 10. The most of 67% people are satisfied that Mahindra car are Safe. Their shows that performance of Scorpio is better than Innova and Tavera.5 Kmpl in mixed city and highway driving with the AC On which is poor than Safari (12 Kmpl). Personal details NAME: ……………………………… AGE: ………… Contact no: E-mail address: Occupation: ○ Service ○ Business 70 . Logan also offers good add-ons like the air bag for driver side.• This show people perception about Safety and Quality of drive. fuel efficiency and boot space are more relevant than sheer power. In true sense it’s a stylish and modern “sedan “and is supreme in its own class. Mahindra owners are highly satisfied with there purchase as they have get there money worth. • Most of the people buy car according to performance. QUESTIONNAIRE A survey of customer’s takes on MAHINDRA RENAULT LOGAN & SCORPIO. Logan is good for city drive because factors like room.

60. 30. ACCORDING TO YOU WHICH CAR OFFERS THE MAXIMUM SAFETY TO ITS PASSENGERS? ○ MAHINDRA ○ Tata ○ Honda ○ Hyundai ○ Others* * Pl. specify……………………………….000 ○ Rs.000 ○ Rs. specify………………………… 69 2. 15. 1.○ SELF EMPLOYED Monthly household income: ○ < Rs.000 – 90. 90.000 ○ Rs.000 –and above WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING CAR (S) DO YOU OWN? ○ MAHINDRA ○ Tata ○ Honda ○ Hyundai ○ Others* * Pl. 15.000 ○ Rs.000 – 30. ACCORDING TO YOU WHICH CAR IS THE MOST FUEL EFFICIENT OF THEM ALL? 71 .000 – 60.

WHICH CAR ACCORDING TO YOU IS THE MOST LUXURIOUS OF THEM ALL? ○ MAHINDRA ○ Tata ○ Honda ○ Hyundai ○ Others* * Pl. 4.○ MAHINDRA ○ Tata ○ Honda ○ Hyundai ○ Others* * Pl. 72 . specify……………………………. specify………………………………. specify………………………………. WHICH CAR ACCORDING TO YOU WOULD BEST DEFINE YOUR STATUS? ○ MAHINDRA ○ Tata ○ Honda ○ Hyundai ○ Others* * Pl. 3.


com 74 .com/cars/ www.mouthshut.BIBLIOGRAPHY: Internet: www.html

com/india/news/wheels/logan-againstindigo-who-wins/282982 Magazines: Auto car 2008 Auto week September 2007 Auto mobiles magazine 2007 – 2008 Road and track Motor trend 75 .html

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