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650 Truths

650 Truths

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Published by Suresh Nakhua
650 Truths You must know before it is too late.
650 Truths You must know before it is too late.

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Published by: Suresh Nakhua on Dec 13, 2010
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650 Truths You Must Know Before It Is Too Late

P. Deivamuthu, Editor, Hindu Voice hinduvoicemumbai@gmail.com

Secularism is a new religion developed by enemies of Hindus, in addition to Islam, Christianity, Communism, etc. The followers of this Religion call themselves Secularists, although the word "Secularist" is a misnomer. Only a State can be secular, and NOT an individual. An individual can be a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Parsi, Rationalist or Atheist, and definitely not a "Secularist". So in effect, they are perverted Secularists. Their holy book is called the Constitution of India. But, they conveniently forget that this holy book has been changed, altered and mutilated nearly 104 times so far. This holy book (Constitution) is being used selectively and whenever and wherever it suits them. However, there are some people who are really ignorant of the facts. And if the facts are presented before them in proper perspective, they may become Nationalists. If you are one, this book is really for you. In order to enlighten such ignorants and to expose the perverted secularists, I have compiled some questions which are given in the following pages. Please ponder over these questions, keeping your conscience open. If you are already an enlightened person, please help in spreading this message far and wide to all ignorants, so as to make them truly Nationalists. By doing so, you will be rendering a yeoman’s service to a national cause. If you are a staunch Hindu, then next time when you come across someone professing and promoting this new religion - Secularism - please ask some of these questions and demand his reply. In fact, the first 23 questions were compiled by me in March 2004 and was published in Hindu Voice, April 2004 issue. Since then, many people have emailed this to their friends. Some have even prepared a beautiful Power Point Presentation of these questions. Some Muslims tried to answer these questions via email, by citing a few exceptions as rules. Their poor rebuttal exposed them more and strengthened my case. Looking at the interest created on these questions, I enlarged the list and published a booklet, in January 2005, titled "Are you a Secularist? Then please answer these questions" containing 121 questions. I have been able to distribute about 50,000 copies of them, all over the world. Many people have xeroxed this booklet and distributed them amongst friends and wellwishers. Subsequently in July 2006, I brought out a book (an updated version) titled "330 Searching Questions to Perverted Secularists" including the 121 published earlier. Many people have translated it in their mother tongue. As some people frowned at the word ‘secularists’, the title was subsequently changed to "330 Truths You Must Know Before It Is Too Late". It has been reprinted several times, and lakhs of copies have been sold. The buyers have distributed it free. The present book "650 Truths You Must Know Before It Is Too Late" is the result of my continuous research. I am sure this book too, as was its earlier editions, will be well received and appreciated by nationalist Hindus, to the chagrin of perverted secularists. The book is available in Hindi too, titled ^650 lPpkb;ksa dks tkusa ---- dgha nsj u gks


If any one is interested in translating some or all the points into his/her mother tongue, he/she is free to do so, with due credit to Hindu Voice. No permission is needed. I would be happy as long as the message reaches the common man in the language he understands. P. Deivamuthu, Editor, Hindu Voice 1. There are nearly 57 Muslim countries. Show one Muslim country which provides Haj subsidy. 2. Show one Muslim country where Hindus are extended the special rights that Muslims are accorded in India? 3. Show one Muslim country which has a Non-Muslim as its President or Prime Minister. 4. Show one country where the 82% majority craves for the indulgence of the 18% minority. 5. Show one Mullah or Maulvi who has declared a ‘fatwa’ against terrorists. 6. Hindu-majority Maharashtra, Bihar, Kerala, Pondicherry, etc. have in the past elected Muslims as CMs; Can you ever imagine a Hindu becoming the CM of Muslim-majority J&K or Christiandominated Nagaland/Mizoram? 7. Today Hindus are 82%. If Hindus are intolerant, how come Masjids and Madrassas are thriving? How come Muslims are offering Namaz on the road? How come Muslims are proclaiming 5 times a day on loudspeakers that there is no God except Allah? 8. When Hindus gave to Muslims 30% of Bharat for a song, why should Hindus now beg for their sacred places at Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi? 9. Why temple funds are spent for the welfare of Muslims and Christians, when they are free to spend their money in any way they like? 10. When uniform is made compulsory for school children, why there is no Uniform Civil Code for citizens? 11. In what way, J&K is different from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu or Uttar Pradesh, to have Article 370? 12. Why Gandhiji supported Khilafat movement (nothing to do with our freedom movement) and what in turn he got? 13. Why Gandhiji objected to the decision of the cabinet and insisted that Somnath Temple should be reconstructed out of

public funds, not government funds, when in January 1948 he pressurised Nehru and Patel to carry on renovation of the mosques of Delhi at government expenses? 14. If Muslims & Christians are minorities in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar, etc., are Hindus not minorities in J&K, Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, etc?. Why are Hindus denied minority rights in these States? 15. Do you admit that Hindus do have problems that need to be recognized. Or do you think that those who call themselves Hindus are themselves the problem? 16. Why post-Godhra is blown out of proportion, when no-one talks of the ethnic cleansing of 4 lakh Hindus from Kashmir? 17. In 1947, when India was partitioned, the Hindu population in Pakistan was about 24%. Today it is not even 1%. In 1947, the Hindu population in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was 30%. Today it is about 7%. What happened to the missing Hindus? Do Hindus have human rights? 18. In contrast, in India, Muslim population has gone up from 10.4% in 1951 to about 14% today; whereas Hindu population has come down from 87.2% in 1951 to 81.5% in 2001. Does any politician have the guts to ask Muslims to go for family planning? 19. Do you consider that - Sanskrit is communal and Urdu is secular, Mandir is communal and Masjid is secular, Sadhu is communal and Imam is secular, BJP is communal and Muslim League is secular, Dr. Praveen Thogadiya is anti-national and Bhukari is national, Vande Matharam is communal and AllahO-Akbar is secular, Shriman is communal and Mian is secular, Hinduism is communal and Islam is secular, Hindutva is communal and Jihadism is secular, and at last, Bharat is communal and Italy is secular? 20. When Christian and Muslim schools can teach Bible and Quran, why Hindus cannot teach Gita or Ramayan? 21. Abdul Rehman Antuley was made a trustee of the famous Siddhi Vinayak Temple in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. Can a Hindu say Mulayam or Laloo - ever become a trustee of a Masjid or Madrassa? 22. Dr. Praveenbhai Thogadiya has been arrested many times on flimsy grounds. Has the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi, Ahmed Bukhari been arrested for claiming to be an ISI agent and advocating partition of Bharat? 23. When Haj pilgrims are given subsidy, why Hindu pilgrims to Amarnath, Sabarimalai & Kailash Mansarover are taxed?

24. In 2003-2004 - A Muslim President, a Hindu Prime Minister and a Christian Defence Minister, running the affairs of the country, with a unity of purpose. Can this happen any where except in a Hindu Nation - Bharat? 25. In Kerala, MLAs, MPs & Ministers take oath in the name of Allah and Infant Jesus, which is against the Constitution. Can a Hindu take oath in the name of Ram or Krishna? 26. Arabic language is promoted in India at Govt. expenses. but not Sanskrit? Is Arabic more national than Sanskrit? 27. IMTD act in Assam gives legal rights to Bangladeshi Muslims to settle and become Indian citizen, whereas Indians cannot settle in Jammu & Kashmir. Why this double standard? 28. J&K with about 1 crore population has been provided with aid worth Rs.24,000 crores, i.e. Rs.24,000/- per head, whereas in other states the per head aid is less than 5% of this amount. Is this not a reward for anti-nationalism? 29. If painting is un-Islamic, why there is no Fatwa issued against MF Hussain? If he still persists with painting, is he not doing an un-Islamic act? 30. If music, singing and dancing are un-Islamic (because Islam is a serious religion), why no Fatwa is issued against the many Khans in the cinefield. What will they give up - Islam or Acting? 31. Do you think that India will remain secular and democratic if Muslims become majority? 32. When Deepavali & Janmashtami are celebrated at White House, House of Commons, Australian Parliament, etc. why are they not celebrated in Indian parliament? Are we more secular than USA, UK & Australia? 33. If the communal riots is due to RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, etc. why there are riots in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Chechhnya, China, Russia, UK, France, Spain, Cyprus, etc. - where there is no RSS/VHP. 34. If Islam is a religion of peace, why Quran-reading and Gunwielding is taught in tandem? 35. How do you explain the Muslim psyche : Enjoying the freedom in a democratic country like India, USA, UK, France, etc. and still trying to make it an Islamic nation, where they lose all freedom. 36. A former President, two former PMs, Sadhus and Sants have demonstrated against the arrest of Kanchi Shankaracharya, but the media says there is absolutely no protest. Do you think violence is the only yardstick to measure people’s agony?

37. When Quran does not believe in negotiation (it believes only in defeating Kafirs in a war), do you think that the Ayodhya problem will be solved by negotiation? 38. Do you trust that Islam and Christianity believe in Sarva Dharma Samabhav? If yes, why do they believe in conversion. 39. Don’t you believe that Islam and Christianity are political ideologies, out to grab nations. They - through their Mullahs and Fathers - achieve what Army, Navy and Air Force cannot, by converting locals and destroying their culture. 40. Ishwar Allah tere naam - Can you show me one Muslim who has agreed to this? 41. Don’t you think that ‘Secular Muslim’ is a misnomer? A person can either be Secular or a Muslim, and not both? A Muslim (who believes in the only God, Allah) cannot be secular (believing in many Gods). 42. UN Charter says that minority means less than 10% of the population. How can Muslims, who are nearly 14% in India be called a minority? 43. Do you believe that Communists love our country, when they refuse to admit that China was the aggressor in 1962? 44. Do you agree with the thesis of Communists that India is a State of different nations, like the former USSR, (and not a Nation of different states) and therefore is bound to break up? 45. How come a Muslim family peacefully lives in a predominantly Hindu locality, whereas a Hindu family is not able to do so in a Muslim locality? 46. Why Hindu dominated Bharat is secular for ages and Muslim dominated countries are only Islamic with no powers to minorities? 47. Why Christian Missionaries do not go to Muslim-dominated areas and start their social service there? Is it because they will not get sufficient return to their ‘investment’? 48. Are you aware that India is the only country which openly invites infiltrators from Bangladesh. Bihar, UP and West Bengal Govts. provide them with immediate ration cards and make them voters. 49. Riots take place mostly after the Friday prayers (e.g. Marad, Kerala). Is it not because of the fiery sermons of the Imams? 50. All Hindu-majority regions are peaceful. But all Hindu-minority regions have become problematic - like J&K, North Eastern parts, etc. Can you explain why?

51. A MLA, C.P. Shaji, said in Kerala Assembly that "the hands that touches even a syllable of the Shariat will be chopped off then and there" (Mathrubhumi, July 3, 1985). Do you concur with this? 52. Do you agree that the policies of all political parties are contradictory to the aim of uniting all sections of the people by a stream of thought? 53. Are you aware that illegal Muslim immigrants have become a deciding factor in the election of nearly 25 Lok Sabha and 120 MLA seats in India? - And they are voting for a particular party lump sum - Congress, RJD, SP, ML or Communists - whichever is likely to form the Govt.? 54. Are you aware that according to KPS Gill some of the NGOs or even media organisations were actually front offices for terrorist groups? He says there is a nexus between some of the terrorist outfits parading as NGOs and human rights group. 55. Are you aware that the so-called secular Maulana Wahiduddin, when asked to pray for the Indian soldiers fighting at Kargil, refused, under the pretext that he cannot pray for people who are fighting the Muslims? (Sonia and Priyanka attended his funeral later). 56. A Pakistani becomes Indian when he marries a Muslim girl from J&K. But when the same girl marries a Hindu from any part of India, he does not become a J&K citizen, but on the contrary, she loses her J&K citizenship. What kind of law is this? 57. In the Ayodhya case, the Supreme Court questioned the locus standi of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. But the SC did not question the locus standi of the Babri Masjid Action Committee or the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. Is this not double standard on the part of SC? 58. In the Ayodhya dispute, you say that Hindus must abide by law. Do you know how many times the constitution has been amended to overturn verdicts of the High Courts and Supreme Court? - Shah Bano, unseating of Indira Gandhi, etc. 59. When you are asking for the resignation of CMs like Narendra Modi, Uma Bharti, etc. on trivial grounds, why are you not demanding the resignation of the CM of J&K, where thousands of security personnel have been killed by terrorists? - where nearly 4 lakhs Hindus have been ethnic cleansed. 60. The UP govt. confessed that it cannot abide by Supreme Court judgement of 1986 on the Varanasi burial ground dispute between Sunni and Shia Muslims. The Karnataka Govt. refused to abide by the SC’s order on the Cauvery water dispute. Is this respecting court judgement?

61. When one Graham Staines is killed, the English press goes overboard in condemning his killers. But when 58 Hindus, including 30 women and children, were burnt aline in Sabarmati Express, they kept silent. The victims are depicted as the villain. Is this responsible journalism? 62. Farooq Abdullah, former CM of J&K who has married a Christian, rejoiced at the marriage of his son Umar with a Hindu girl. But when his daughter married a Hindu boy, he disowned her. Is he the icon of secularism? 63. Have you ever visited a Muslim ghetto? If not please make it a point to have a Darshan Yatra of place like Mumbra (near Mumbai) or Mallapuram in Kerala. If you are a real secularist, you will really ‘feel good’. 64. When Islam and Secularism/democracy have nothing in common, why Hindus are made to watch this ugly dance in their stupor? 65. According to law, human organs cannot be an election symbol of any party. Then how come ‘Hand’ symbol is allotted to Congress. Is it not against the law? 66. Delhi Imam Syed Bhukari declared that Taliban is the ideal for all Muslims and Osama Bin Laden is the hero? Do you consider him a secular icon? 67. Delhi Imam Syed Bhukari is rearing a Black Buck in his courtyard, which is against law. The Delhi police team which went there to arrest him, came back calmly. Is he above law? 68. If Muslims do not want common civil code, will they clamour for the Quaranic code of criminal justice? - eye for eye, leg for leg, hand for hand, etc. 69. In J&K, about 2 lakh Hindu adults are voters for the parliamentary elections, but not for the assembly. Why? 70. The duration of the J&K assembly is six years and not 5 years as in other states. Why? 71. Do you support the building of a Memorial for Afzal Khan, who plotted to kill Chatrapati Shivaji, in Pratapgarh (Maharashtra)? 72. Do you support the building of a Masjid for Babar, a looter and invader, at Ayodhya? 73. Do you consider that celebrating Valentine (Lovers) Day on 14th Feb. is in tune with our culture? - when exactly after 9 months, i.e. on 14th Nov. you celebrate Children’s day. 74. What is so special about Nehru liking children? Children are liked by one and all. Is it not absurd to celebrate his birth day

as Children’s’ Day? The real Children’s’ Day should be Gokulashtami - Yes Lord Krishna. along with his colleagues did all the antics of a child. 75. Hindu girls are molested and gangraped in Bangladesh. Temples are burnt or destroyed almost every day. Why none of our secularists and Human Rights Activists raise their voice for Hindus in Bangladesh. Are Human Rights only for Muslims? 76. Are you aware that Islam does not believe in nationalism and national boundaries. It wants to bring the whole world under Islam - from Darul Harab to Darul Islam? 77. A 65 years old Muslim has remarried his first-divorced wife for the 54th time. What could have happened to the other 50+ wives he divorced. What type of society it would be, can you just imagine? Do you want this type of society in India? 78. Why Muslims go after building Masjids and Madrassas, and not schools and colleges? Do you think Madrassas churn out Scientists and Engineers? 79. Mohurram processions are being taken out in Hindu majority areas. But Hindu religious processions are not allowed through Muslim localities. Why? Does this not perpetuate the communal divide? 80. Is a Dist. Magistrate/Police Commissioner justified in treating a particular area in our country as alien territory (by not allowing Hindu processions there)? Is he not violating our constitution? Is he not abetting communal divide? 81. In six states - J&K, Punjab, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland - where Hindus are minorities, they do not have minority rights. But others who are in majority still enjoy minority rights there? Is this not ridiculous? 82. In which Islamic States are Hindus extended the special rights that Muslims are accorded in India? Likewise, in which Christian State, the Christian majority accorded Hindus the special rights that India accords the Christians? 83. Do you know that Mother Teresa projected a negative image of India - of dying without dignity - to make money. Did she ever attempt to counter-balance this image? 84. Do you think that Nehru family is the only family which fought for freedom or there were other freedom fighters too? - like Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, Madan Lal Dingra, Vaanchinathan, Chapekar Brothers, Veer Savarkar, Raj Guru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Udam Singh, etc. 85. There are some pockets in Godhra where Sales Tax/Income Tax/Electricity Personnel cannot enter. Even policemen do not

tread, unless in huge numbers. This is not the case where Hindus are in majority. Can you explain the reason? 86. In support of Ishrat Jahan, the lovely terrorist from Mumbra shot dead by the Ahmedabad police, the whole locality observed a Bandh and every one participated in her funeral. If this is not supporting terrorism, what it is? 87. China is still showing Arunachal Pradesh as its territory. Will you please ask a Communist to condemn this? He will not. For Left outfits, Communist camaraderie comes before the interest of the nation. Are Communists nationalists? 88. "The list of those I want to kill is very long, but I will shoot Modi if I am given a pistol" said Vijay Tendulkar. Do you consider him a Human Rights Activist or a terrorist? 89. In Mallapuram (Kerala), a doctor found that 3 generations of Muslim women - daughter-13, mother-26 and grandmother39 - all pregnant being admitted for delivery. Do you still think that family planning is unnecessary for Muslims? 90. Lalu Prasad Yadav gave a resounding slap on the face of judiciary by derisively and openly notifying his palatial house as Jail. Do you still feel all are equal before law? 91. The author of Ramanayan, Rishi Valmiki, was a bandit. Same way, the author of Mahabharat, Veda Vyas, was a fisherman. Both the epics and the authors are revered by all Hindus. Do you still think that Hinduism supports casteism? 92. In 2002, the Karnataka Govt.’s revenue from temples was Rs.72 crores. Out of this, 50 crores were given to Madrassas, 10 crores to Churches and only 10 crores to Temples. Why Hindus should pay for development of Madrassas (terrorist factories) and Churches? 93. When Taliban demolished the Buddha statue in Afghanistan, Times of India wrote that it was in reaction to the demolition of Babri mosque. Do you agree to this justification by TOI? Is titfor-tat OK? Then why do you criticize Gujarat riots in reaction to Godhra carnage? 94. "Genocide" "Holocaust" are the words used by the media for the riots in Gujarat. But do you know that Jews and Parsis were never persecuted and lived and prospered in total freedom in India? 95. In Pondicherry a Muslim was denied burial because he constructed a temple for Lord Muruga. Do you still think "Religions do not teach to hate one another"? 96. Why Mother Teresa did not stay in her native country, Albenia, and help poor there? Why Greham Staines did not stay in

Australia and help needy people there? Why Sonia Gandhi selects India, and not Italy, for her service to the poor? Why do you want imported leaders - like imported religion and imported products? Is India a land for all and sundry? 97. Are you aware that illegal immigrants from Bangladesh are settled in an area where Hindu candidates win by a narrow margin, so as to change the trend in the next election? 98. In 1989 election manifesto of Congress, Rajiv Gandhi declared that if the people of Mizoram voted the Congress to power, it would run the govt. on the basis of teachings of Bible. If this is not communalism, what it is? 99. Shaikh-al-Sayeed Yusuf Sayed Hashim al Rifai of Kuwait, the chairman of the World Muslim Minority Community, was allowed to land in Kerala without visa. He was not only not arrested but was given royal treatment as a guest of the govt. of Kerala and was provided with govt. cars to enable him to carry on conversion. Is this promoting nationalism? 100. If a Muslim in Britain or USA (secular countries) cannot marry more than one woman, why should he be allowed in India to marry more? 101. The Pope was invited to visit India, but the King of Nepal, Mahendra, was not allowed to participate in the Makar Sankaranti function at Nagpur in 1965? Is this secularism? 102. In the Hindu Code Bill, a Hindu is defined as not being a Muslim, Christian, or Parsi. It is an inclusive and unifying definition - to include all others - Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, etc. Then how come our present-day politicians have fragmented the Hindu society, can you ponder? 103. Tipu Sultan wanted to Islamise the entire south India. He was prevented from doing so by the British, as British wanted to rule them. So he had to fight the British first. Is he a Indian freedom fighter? If yes, are Babar, Aurangazeb, Afzal Khan, Gazhni, etc. too? 104. An English daily published Sonia Gandhi’s speech on Hinduism under the column of spiritualism! Is this not ridiculous, and insulting Hinduism too? Have our presspersons become intellectually bankrupt? 105. Ashoka and Kanishka ruled Afghanistan. Khandari, mother of Duryodhana, came from Khandar, now in Afghanistan. Do you believe that Afghanistan was once an integral part of India? 106. Our Sanatan Dharm was time immemorial. But still Bharatvarsh was continually partitioned - Iran, Afghanistan, Burma, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. Today Kashmir is with India not because of Sanatan Dharma but because of our

security forces. Do you agree that for dismembering Bharat, one has to target our Sanatan Dharm. 107. The Baptist Church in Tripura was set up by missionaries from New Zealand 60 years ago. Do you think the Church will promote nationalism? 108. Students in Pakistan are taught from the very beginning that Hindus are our enemies, that Hindus can never be our friends and that Kafirs (Hindus) are to be killed. Do you still think that friendship is possible with Pakistan? 109. The defence establishment of secular America observes Church services for Good Friday, a pure religious ritual, and deliberately asks evangelists to address security personnel. Can you imagine the Indian Army or Navy or Air Force doing a puja and inviting a Shankaracharya to address them? 110. Pakistan is an Islamic country. But for a by-pass surgery or cancer operation, they come to India. How come a country, which has developed nuclear weapon, did not develop good hospitals and world class doctors? Does this mean that Pakistanis are only trigger happy, at the cost of development and health services? 111. Communist leader Stalin’s daughter, Swetlana, wished to marry Dinesh Singh’s brother and settle in India. Our Communists and Indira Gandhi opposed this. How do they now support an Italian lady? 112. When Yoga has become a multimillion dollar industry in USA, why our govt. is blind to this human-development technology? Is it because it is a part of Hindu culture? 113. In a Pooja, the ‘sankalpa’ begins with "Bharata varshe, Bharata kande ...". What are they? Do you still think that spiritualism and nationalism are different or are they the two eyes of the nation? 114. Spiritualism and nationalism are inseparable in Bharat. Don’t you think that without spiritualism Bharat will be like a body without soul? 115. Why should practising my religion or wearing my religious symbol hurt the feelings of other religionists, when their practising their religion or wearing their religious symbol does not hurt me at all? If this is not religious hatred, what else is? 116. Is it not true that from 1920, the Britishers, knowing that their rule is going to end soon, started doling out large plots of land to Christian organisations and Churches at throw away prices? 117. Kanchi Shankaracharya is not allowed to perform pooja and eat the food he likes, but Pappu Yadav is allowed all facilities

inside Jail, including Mobile phone facility for contacting even Bihar Jail Mantri. Is this equality before law? 118. Muslims convicts in jail are allowed time for Namaz and also given all facilities for observing Ramzan fasting. Then why Kanchi Shankaracharya, only an accused, is denied facilities for performing Puja in jail? 119. Armstrong, the US astronaut, landed in moon in 1969. Since then many astronauts have done so. Can you inform this to your Muslim friend and see whether he admits this fact? 120. Temples are over-crowded in TN. Durga pooja is celebrated on a grand scale in West Bengal. Still in both the states, the God-fearing people vote for atheists. Why? 121. In Hinduism, you find a lot of ‘Reformers’. Why such reformers are not found in other religions? Do they not need reform? 122. In the Radha Bhai Chawl (Mumbai) case, the people responsible for the massacre of innocent Hindus were let off by the High Court. How is it that, in the Baroda Best Bakery case, the Supreme Court becomes overzealous in asking the whole case to be transferred out of Gujarat? Are Muslims more equal than Hindus before law? 123. When a Muslim files a PIL on Ayodhya Sri Rama Temple construction, Supreme Court takes cognizance of his PIL. In Kanchi Shankaracharya case, Shri B.P. Singhal’s PIL is dismissed with the remark that the petitioner does not have a locus standi in this case. Is this not double-standard? 124. In the case of Teesta Setalvad, the Maharashtra HC directs that three days notice be served before her arrest. Why is it that the same facility has been denied to one of the most revered Hindu religious heads – Kanchi Shankaracharya? Is Teesta Setalvad more equal before law? 125. A Muslim can keep a battery of four wives at one time and it is lawful. But, if a Hindu has more than one wife, he is guilty of breaking the law. Is it not a contradiction against the very spirit of natural justice? 126. Are you aware that an archbishop cannot be proceeded against in any Court of Law in India? When some one is appointed an archbishop he automatically becomes a citizen of Vatican and gets a Vatican passport. Are all equal before law? 127. In Kolkatta, Sheikh Nazrul gave talaq to his wife Jahanara Bibi because she had administered polio vaccine to their six-monthold son. Is giving polio vaccine an offence in Islam?

128. You say all religions are the same. Then why do you need temples? Instead of going to temples, would you and your family members go to a Church or Masjid? 129. You say all religions are the same. How can you equate beef eating with cow-worship? How can you equate Christian pork eating with Muslims? 130. You say all religions are the same. Would you arrange for the marriage of a girl in your family with a Muslim boy? 131. Are you aware that Muslim and Christian boys are paid and rehabilitated for converting and marrying Hindu girls? 132. A 60-year old Arab married three girls - Afreen, Farheen and Sultana - within 10 minutes in Hyderabad. If this is not rape, what it is - animal farm? 133. Although Hindus form 82 per cent population of India, there is still only one university which teaches Hinduism - whereas there are five which teach Islam, five which teach Christianity. Is this in order? 134. The Turkish Government’s Dept. of Religious Affairs has issued instructions to the country’s fifty universities to help prepare a new exposition of the Koran. Do you think this should be done in India too? 135. The Patna Dist. Magistrate goes to the meeting addressed by LK Advani, Dy. PM & Home Minister, and orders him to stop the speech before 10.00 pm obviously at the behest of Laloo. If this is not goonda Raj, what else is? 136. Many ministers in the UPA govt. spend more time in instigating and provoking the opposition, rather than serving the nation, while prices are sky-rocketing. Do you feel that this is a healthy trend? 137. Smt. Sonia Gandhi is still an Italian citizen, and can fight election in Italy. Do you still consider that she should be made PM of India? 138. A Pakistani, by marrying a girl from J&K becomes the citizen of India. Would you agree to make him the PM too? - And if that man is Pervez Musharraf? 139. The Kolkatta CM has compared VHP with Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has killed millions of innocent people all over the world, when VHP has not even targetted its sworn enemy, leave alone innocent human being. Is he not instigating Hindus? 140. Did one Muslim, just one, (not to mention Hindus) go from India to Pakistan or Bangladesh after 1950. But why are millions of Muslims coming into India from both countries even now? Who is driving them out and why? So who is tolerant?

141. Are you aware of the latest gimmick of prohibition of religious figures in Railway stations? Is it not directed totally against Hindu shopkeepers, to demoralise and insult them? 142. The AP Christian CM allows Peoples War Group to say that Dalit should destroy Hinduism. Is he not communal? Is he not provoking Hindus? What does a Hindu do when such attacks take place? 143. Police prohibited Bhajan in local trains in Mumbai, due to noise pollution. Will they similarly prohibit Azaan through loudspeakers and also Namaz on roads? 144. If sacrificing a goat before a village deity is cruelty and should be banned, can slaughtering cows and buffalos in an abattoir not also be banned? 145. Many Hindu Swamis preach that all religions lead to one and the same God. How can this be true when a God becomes a butcher of idol worshippers (Hindus)? 146. Christian Missionaries declare, through leaflets and TV channels, that they want to free Hindus from the clutches of Satan. Do you agree that Hindus are demon-worshippers? Is this not spreading religious hatred? 147. Jesus Christ was tortured and ultimately crucified, and you consider him as God. Will you in the same breadth accept Kanchi Shankaracharya Jayendra Sarawati Swami, who was tortured and jailed, as God? - He was jailed for our sins! 148. In Mecca, Haj pilgrims wear white dhothi; do parikrama; pelt stones at Satan (temple); women are allowed to worship. All these are not allowed in a Masjid. Don’t you think that Mecca was once a Shiv Temple and the old tradition is still maintained? 149. Does your Guru or Bapu calls himself a Hindu? If not, is he not alienating you from the national mainstream - Hinduism - to perpetuate his personal fiefdom? 150. You admire Gandhi cap. Can you show a few pictures where Gandhi is wearing this "Gandhi cap"? He rarely wore this cap. 151. Bhagavat Geeta was preached by Lord Sri Krishna exhorting Arjun to fight against Adharma. Then why do some Gurus misguide their followers, so as to make Hindus despondent? 152. Every Hindu God and Goddess possesses a weapon. Still, how come that Hindus today have become so coward? 153. Why "Traditional Day" in colleges? Have we forgotten our traditional dresses like dothi, sari, kurta, etc. that we have to remember it only for one day in 365 days?

154. Same way, why celebrate Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Children’s day, etc. Are fathers and mothers to be remembered only once in a year, a western trend? 155. Why schools ask for signature of either parents or "Guardian". Guardian is for westerners where mother and father separate after living for sometime, and the children become orphan and are guarded by ‘fathers’ or ‘nuns’. Why this culture should be discreetly reminded in Bharat? 156. A Model complained, when things went wrong, that a film director had "raped" her 58 times in 3 years! Many such characters appear in special TV shows lecturing on virtuousness and chastity. Don’t you think that this is a big fraud, in a country of Sati Savitris. 157. King Dasrath was having three wives, but Sri Ram only one Sita. Hindus worship Sri Ram - the Ek Patni Vrata - and not Dasrath. What do you learn from this? 158. The word "Secular" was incorporated in our Constitution in 1976, during emergency. Do you think that India was un-secular before that? What was the need for this amendment. Whom did Indira Gandhi fool? 159. In 1976 during emergency, a separate section on "Fundamental Duties" was inserted. Can you punish a citizen for violating these duties? (The violation is punishable under different laws and not under the constitution). Then why this mutilation of the constitution? 160. USA has 84% Christian population as compared to India having 82% Hindus. But in USA, all are treated equally and there is no minority-appeasement. Why is this malaise in India alone? 161. France has 24% Muslim population and they are clamouring for separate civil laws based on Shariat (as they do in all other countries, including India). How do you explain this world phenomena? 162. All Muslims are not terrorists. But all terrorists are Muslims, including the "lovely" terrorist from Mumbra (near Mumbai), Ishrat Jahan. Why? 163. Communists and Fake Historians depict Islamic rulers as wellintentioned, progressive, broad-minded and tolerant. Do you buy this theory vis-a-vis Ayodhya, Mathura, Kashi? Don’t you think that they are taking you for a ride? 164. Times of India wrote an editorial justifying the infiltration of Bangladeshis into India (TOI 29th July 2004). Can you imagine New York Times or Washington Post justifying infiltration into USA/UK. Please think - what could be TOI’s compulsions.

165. When a Hindu is arrested for a crime, English newspapers headline "Hindu arrested". But when a Muslim commits a murder, they try to hide his religion and call him ‘Asian’. Why? Are they afraid of only Muslim criminals? 166. Human rights is for all. Then why do you need a Minority Commission? Are the Hindus, the majority, not entitled to Human Rights? 167. In J&K, MLAs, MLCs, Ministers and Judges take the oath to bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of the State and not to the Constitution of India. Still you do not want to repeal Article 370, why? 168. Arjun Singh once said "we should not have allowed these people (BJP) to come to power", as though power is doled out by Congressmen. Is he a democrat or a dictator? 169. Arjun Singh dared the RSS to do its "worst", and RSS replied that "the worst civilised people can do is file cases" (and RSS has filed a case against him). Here, who is talking like a thug? 170. In USA, UK and Europe, Churches are for sale. They are bought and converted into temples. Do you think that the educated westerners are being brainwashed in the name of religion? 171. In Western countries, scientists, doctors, professors, engineers and industrialists are turning to Hinduism and Hindu Dharmacharyas. But in India, Missionaries are brainwashing illiterates and converting them. Can you say who is fooling whom? 172. Shri S. Gurumurthy was questioned by the Kancheepuram police for writing articles protesting the arrest of Kanchi Seer. None of the English press raised their voice in his favour, a cojournalist. Have they pawned their freedom? 173. Have you ever seen citizens disparaging their own country and culture, as the pseudo-secularists and communists do in Bharat? Is it not like disparaging their own mother. Can a sane mind do it? 174. Can you show one building belonging to a Muslim named "Mahal". Muslims always call "Manzil". Then how come Shahjahaan named it "Taj Mahal"? Does this not prove that it was actually Teajomahal, a Shiv Temple? 175. Have you ever seen a Dargha with parikrama, Hindu motifs on the wall, etc. No, is itn’t? If you see Om, Lotus, Sun, etc. in Taj Mahal walls, how do you believe it to be a Muslim monument? 175. Apart from that of Mumtaj, many dead bodies have been buried inside Taj Mahal. Are you aware of that? This was just to desecrate the temple, Tejomahal, so that the Hindu King gives up his fight for taking back the temple.

176. A Muslim prefers to settle down in USA, UK or Singapore and not in Saudi Arabia, Iran or Iraq. Why, when he so much loves Darul Islam? 177. Crores of Muslims have crossed over to India from Bangladesh and Pakistan. Have you ever heard any Muslim from India migrating to Pakistan or Bangladesh - the Dar Ul Islam? 178. Are you aware that Muslims from UP and Bihar who went and settled in Pakistan during partition are not recognised as Muslims there? Is this their brotherhood? 179. To control a population of about 3 crores, Christians have about 1,22,000 Fathers and Nuns. To control a population of about 15 crores, Muslims have nearly 70,000 Mullahs. There are nearly 70 lakhs Sadhus and Sants too who do control themselves, and not the 85 crore Hindus. How do you equate Hinduism with these one-book-based and controlled religions? 180. Are you aware that for Saudi Arabia, Islam makes great business sense? It invests in the growth of Islam through out the world and reaps good dividends from Muslim pilgrims visiting Mecca. 181. Are you aware that the Mullahs have a vested interest in keeping the common Muslims poor and uneducated, so that they are under their control? Once enlightened, they will start questioning them (Mullahs). 182. Islam prohibits Muslims being photographed. Does this fit into modern civilisation where you need photographs for passport, election ID card, work ID card, etc. Do you at least agree Islam needs change? 183. If Islam prohibits photography, how come Islamic states are running TV channels. In some places in India, Mullahs have issued fatwa against watching TVs. Do you realise the selfcontradiction? 184. Jesus is saying that those who don’t believe in his Name as the ONLY son of God are already doomed to hell. How does that fit in your (a)dharma? 185. Bangalore Jakkur Airfield, belonging to Defence Dept. was not allowed for a Dutta Jayanti celebrations. But the same land was made available to Benny Hinn, a evengalist fraudster, from USA. Is this secularism? 186. Have you ever gone into the family background of those shouting of secularism? Most of them are non-Hindus or those who have gone astray from Hindu culture. In order to hide their aadharmic act, they take refuge into secularism. Having themselves spoilt, they want to spoil others too - Indira, Sonia, Mani Shankar Iyer, Anand Sharma, Teesta, Sunil Dutt, Natvar Singh, etc.

187. Sonia Gandhi, in May 2004, wrote to the President staking a claim to be sworn in as PM, submitted a list of 340 MPs, demanded that 3,000 persons be invited to witness the oathtaking ceremony and that it be held on the lawns of the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Do you still consider she "sacrificed" PM post? 188. Sonia Gandhi’s year of birth is given as 1944. But it is reported that her father, Signor Stefano Maino, was a prisoner-of-war in Russia allegedly from 1942 till 1945. What is the fact? Don’t you think that Sonia should come out with her past? 188. In 1991-1998 in UP, when the BJP had a clear Hindutva stance, it won 60 seats. But now having given up Hindutva, it has won just 10 seats. Don’t you think that the alternative to Hindutva is casteism and communism? 189. While BJP called for a Bandh against Benny Hinn show in Bangalore, BJP’s Christian MP from Bangalore, Sangliana, was one of the main guests at the show. Do you agree that there are many such secular "time-bombs" in BJP? 190. Do our Swamis who go to other nations call the locals devil worshippers? Why Benny Hinn, a evengalist fraudster, from USA, is allowed to do so in India? 191. Are you aware that Acharya Rajnish was put behind bars and poisoned with false allegations, in USA? How Benny Hinn, whose only aim is to convert Indians, is patronised by our Governors, Congress CMs and Ministers? 192. Why Congress CMs and Ministers take advantage of such congregation to defame RSS and VHP. Is it in keeping with the secular traditions of our country? 193. Why a God should need so much publicity? Is it because, without publicity, He will be forgotten by his followers? 194. Nehru is the only Father in the world who wrote letters to his daughter, Indira, in a foreign language, English, and not in our national language. Is this called national pride or love for Rashtrabhasha? 195. After Nehru, no one in the Nehru family has become a Graduate, i.e. in nearly 90 years. Is this the family destined to rule our country? 196. The Rashtrapathi Bhavan has a Masjid. But it does not have a temple. Do you still say ours is a secular country? Doesn’t it look like a Muslim country - secular in de jure and Islamic in de facto? 197. Are you aware that you cannot garland our National flag, nor can you break coconut in front of it? It is an offence. This is Nehruvian secularism!

198. About 4000 Communists in AP, who fought against granting freedom to India during 1940s, have now been declared Freedom Fighters, with all incumbent facilities. Is it not rewarding anti-nationals? 199. You say our country is secular. How come a secular country has in its flag "Ashoka Chakra"? Was Ashoka not propagating Bhuddhism? 200. How is that the Karnataka Chief Minister and other seculars proudly participate in the mass proselytising event of Benny Hinn, who abused Hindus and Hindu Gods? 201. The Kanchi Matham is being hounded, while the raid on the Islamic religious school at Nadwa to catch ISI insurgents was called off and Central ministers were sent to apologise to Ali Mian for the raid? Is this called equality? 202. How is it that ‘secular’ intellectuals are asking for the release of the Godhra accused and none of them is bothered about Vijayendra Saraswathi in jail? 203. In cities, there is no separate crematorium for Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Bhuddists. But Shia, Sunni and Brelvi Muslims have separate graveyards. RC and Protestant Christians have separate burial grounds. Whose tradition is uniting and whose is dividing? 204. Are you aware that according to Quranic aayats, it is the religious duty of a Muslim to side with a Dar-ul-Islam country like Pakistan when it invades a Dar-ul-Harb country like India? Can you understand the dilemma of a Indian Muslim soldier? 205. In FIR No. 98/93 dated 14.05.93, the Delhi police had successfully thwarted repeated Court orders to ensure the presence of Ahmed Bukhari in the court for three years. Ultimately, the Govt. withdrew the case. Is it equality before law? 206. A Christian prayer is sung by the Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagalim, Issac-Muivah group, before they begin talks with the Prime Minister in the South Block. Would they allow the same gesture to a Hindu outfit? 207. An article Saffron Demography (Hindu Communalists...) by a JNU man Mohan Rao in Times of India dtd. 20th April 2006 teases Hindus of their vegetarianism whose women, according to the author, are going to non-vegetarian Muslims for sexual satisfaction. He further writes ‘Ultra-virile Muslim male bodies attract Hindu women’... etc. Is he and ToI not insulting Hindus? 208. A Ghazi is one who has killed many Kafirs. So, what are places like Ghaziabad, Ghazipur, etc.? Are they not reminders that in these places Hindus were massacred? Are they not places of Hindu genocide?

209. A Hyderabad municipal corporator Ms Syeda Mumtaz Fatima wants Road No 7, Banjara Hills, to be named after the late Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Is Khomeini a secularist/democrat? 210. The Kerala Assembly passed a resolution for the release of Abdul Nasser Madhani, the Coimbatore blast case accused. Did any one talk either in Parliament or Assemblies about the arrest of Kanchi Shankaracharya? 211. The Congress and Nationalist Congress Party have divided the Shirdi Sai Baba and Siddhivinayak Temples amongst themselves, and their funds are given to NGOs supporting Christian and Madrassas. Why can’t they take over Churches and Masjids and spend that income for upliftment of Christians and Muslims? 212. When Nargis (a Muslim who lived like a Hindu) died, Sunil Dutt prepared to take the body for cremation but her brothers/ cousins, insisted and took the body to the Muslim burial ground and buried with Islamic rituals and customs. Why this insistence? 213. A Muslim in Afghanistan, Abdul Rahman, is facing death sentence for converting to Christianity. Why are the international Christian community silent? 214. A Muslim in Afghanistan, Abdul Rahman, has converted to Christianity. Muslim clerics clamour for his death. Is this the way clerics of a religion touted as compassionate, kind and tolerant behave? 215. The world famous towering Buddha statues at Bamiyan was blasted by Taliban, in the name of Islam, and Allah. What was the provocation? 216. In Orissa, a couple - Nazama Bibi and Ser Mohammad - was forced to live separately by Mullahs. The police, NHRC and even the Orissa High Court refused to come to their help. Ultimately the Supreme Court intervened. Are they - police, NHRC, HC (the protectors of human rights) - afraid of Muslims? Where does our secularism stand? 217. The UPA Government amended the Foreigners Act 1946 (after the IMDT Act was struck down by SC) for selective applicability in Assam to facilitate Bangladeshi infiltrators. Does this not amount to importing voters? 218. Manu Smruti was conveniently used for Hindu bashing. Now VHP and Dharmacharyas have rejected Manu Smruti for some outdated notion. Will ‘Fathers’ and ‘Mullahs’ disown some of the outdated verses in Bible and Quran respectively? 219. Don’t you think that it is the anti-Hindu articles, writings and attitude of the so-called historians and secularists that gives

solace to Nazism, racism, Marxism, fundamentalism and, indeed, terrorism? 220. Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari of Jama Masjid, Delhi, entered into a scuffle with reporters outside PM’s house. He could not tolerate a question from Yusuf Ansari from Zee TV. Is he qualified to preach peace and tolerance to Muslims? 221. In Singapore, a Muslim father raped his five teenage daughters several times. He quoted excerpts from the Koran to justify his incest. Will the Mullahs explain the stand of the Quran? 222. Sonia Gandhi does not own a home in India, but has an ancestral home in Italy, and is therefore emotionally connected to Italy. She became Indian citizen after 18 years, that too under duress. Do you still believe that she loves India? 223. Since Sonia Gandhi is domiciled in Italy but has Indian citizenship papers in her name. Are you aware that under private international law, domicile decides the personal law applicable to a person? So Sonia Gandhi, the Congress President, will be governed in personal matters by Italian, not Indian, law! 224. Sonia Gandhi does not own a house in India, but she lives in one of the largest and luxurious bungalows in Delhi at No.10 Janpath, valued at about Rs 100 crores! which is owned by the government, but exclusively for her use. What are her special qualities, to get this special treatment at tax payers’ money? 225 Our Prime Minister asks the Hindu King of Nepal to establish democracy there. In the same vein, will he ask dictator Musharraf to establish democracy in Pakistan, as he usurped power from a democratically elected PM? 226. Mani Shankar Iyer says that he is a Secular Fundamentalist. Can a secular be a fundamentalist? He can either be secular or fundamentalist, and not both. 227. The Govt. does not interfere in the so-called personal laws of the minority communities, but interferes without any impunity with similar personal laws of Hindus. Is this not a flagrant violation of the very basic principles of secularism? 228. In AP, the government is selling temple lands. Why can’t it sell Church properties also? Between 1940-47, the British Govt., knowing that their government is folding up, doled out thousands of acres of lands to Church organisations. 229. Almost every coin in USA is inscribed with the words "In God we trust". The National song of UK starts with the words "God save the King". They could have used "Christ" instead of "God", but did not. But we, with a billion God-fearing citizen, say: "We, The People of India ...". And we are calling the west as ‘materialist’.

230. Alok Tomar, editor of a Hindi magazine, has been arrested for publishing a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad and charged for hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims. Will the Govt. arrest MF Hussain for drawing nude picture of Hindu Gods, Goddesses and Bharat Mata. Is he not hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus and Indians? 231. If Uma Bharti can be sent to jail for hoisting the flag at Hubli and Advani could face trial in Babri Masjid case, why should the UP minister Haji Yaqoob Qureshi (who announced a reward of 51 crores to behead the cartoonist) not be booked for inciting violence? 232. The Government was very serious on the cartoons issue, but did not show the same kind of seriousness in the case of MF Hussain. Is it not a clear case of Muslim appeasement? 233. The Government approached the Israel Govt. to stop conversion of Roman Catholics in the North East, but it does not show any concern about the conversion of Hindus all over the country. Is it not a clear case of Christian appeasement? 234. As reported by the Peace Council of Pakistan, a women is raped every two hours and up to three women a day died from "stove deaths" in Pakistan. Where are our Women’s Right Activists, who cry foul at imagined bride-burning and dowry death in India? 235. Why should anti-Bush protest in Lucknow turn in to a largescale communal violence, killing two Hindu minors and injuring many? Why are Hindus targetted unnecessarily? 236. A innocent Hindu sailor was killed by his Muslim colleagues on board a Norwegian oil tanker, following an argument over the cartoons issue. But you say Islam does not preach violence! 237. In Pakistan, Ahmadis are not accepted as Muslims. In fact many Mullahs prompt their followers to eliminate Ahmadis from Pakistan. Is this the brotherhood of Islam? 238. Pak Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer and MMA president Qazi Hussain Ahmad has termed Basant (Kite Flying) a bloody game demanding immediate ban on it because it is a part of Hindu culture. With this hate-culture, is peace possible? 239. According to KPS Gill, all political parties believe that supporting the extremist - rather than the moderate - Muslim stance is more productive in delivering the 'Muslim vote'. Is this not dangerous to democracy and secularism? 240. Christians sent 60,000 Bibles to famine-stricken nation of Niger. "Come rejoice, and feast upon the word of Our Lord, Jesus Christ," said Christians. The right way to serve the starved! 241. Kamala Surayya, a noted poet and writer in Kerala who had converted to Islam a few years ago, now regrets her decision

and is disillusioned with the treacherous behavior of her Muslim friends. What more proof do you need for treatment of women in Islam? 242. Out of 6236 Ayats of the Quran, about 3900 are directly or indirectly related to 'Kafirs', and refers to other subjects like, Jihad, Kiyamat, Hell and Heaven. Does this mean peace and tolerance? 243. In the Baroda Best Bakery case, the poor, illiterate girl Zaheera is punished for perjury, whereas the wealthy, educated, politician, Teesta Setalvad is left scot free, although, according to SC order, both were to be interrogated for telling lies. Is this not doublestandard? 244. Many times Muslims are acquitted by courts for want of sufficient evidence. The secularists like, Teesta or her CJP have no time to think of justice. But when Hindus are acquitted, they make a hue and cry. Can they be called only a Muslim rights activist? 245. Our PM and President had expressed their great indignation at the offending cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad published in Denmark. But about the paintings by MF Hussain in our own country, they expressed no opinion at all. Do they respect Hindu sentiments? 246. The Hyderabad City Police and Andhra Pradesh State Wakf Board chose to dismantle (for renovation) a platform in the courtyard of the Mecca Masjid. Within hours, Chief Minister Samuel Reddy shifted a top Wakf Board official Syed Anwarul Huda. But the same Christistian CM mercilessly destroyed the 1000 pillar structure at Tirumala and presently planning to demolish part of Tirumala Temple. Who cares about Hindu sentiments? 247. Sunni Muslims have filed a petition in Mumbai High Court asking for a ban on Shia’s Mohurrum processions on fortieth day, saying Quran does not allow such a ritual (March 21, 2006). HC tells the police to settle the issue after discussion. Is this tolerance? 248. Of the top 20 countries ranked in order of defence expenditures as a % of GDP, 14 are Islamic. Whom are they afraid of? (India is at 47). Tells you something, doesn't it? 249. According to CIA report, many Islamic countries spend between 10 and 15 % of their DGP on defence purchases. Is this how the US defence industry survives? 250. Smt. Jaya Bachchan was holding an Office of Profit in UP which was created long back during the Congress rule. But Sonia Gandhi’s Office - Chairperson of UPA - was created only recently. So, who is more guilty?

251. The chief guest at our 2006 Republic Day celebrations was the Saudi King. Is it not a farce that a Monarch is the Chief Guest of a Republic Day function? Will the Monarch allow Hindus in Saudi Arabia the same freedom Muslims enjoy in India? 252. The Saudi king wanted to give money to run madarassas in India and rebuild the Delhi Jama Masjid. Will he, in the same vein, allow at least one temple to be built in Saudi Arabia? (Today Hindus are not allowed to perform pooja even inside their home). 253. Michael Witzel, professor of Sanskrit, Harvard University, permits several passages in the California Text Book trivialising and ridiculing Hindus. For example, one passage said: 'The monkey king Hanuman loved Rama so much that it is said that he is present every time the Ramayana is told. So look around, see any monkeys?' Is it not making a mockery of beliefs? 254. Rahul Gandhi had to avoid going to the U.S. forever. Because of the pending police case, he could be arrested again by FBI if he ever steps in to US. (He was caught with his girlfriend with US$2 lakh in cash at Boston airport in 2001, but was released at the behest of Brijesh Mishra). Is he Mr. Clean? 255. "Professor dies in Indian gun raid" reports a BBC headline about the terrorist attack at IISc, Bangalore. What is "gun raid"? Is it not a terrorist attack? ‘Professor dies’ - Was he not killed? Has BBC become intellectually bankrupt? Or are they afraid of terrorists? 256. On the terrorist attack at IISc Bangalore, the NDTV hurries to report that there were some previous enmity between the gunmen and the professors! Can you imagine personal scores being settled by the use of automatic guns! Whom are they, NDTV, fooling? 257. Suspected LeT militant Abdul Rehman, who is in police custody in connection with the IISc attack, has revealed the involvement of 12 moulvis in spreading terror in various parts of the country; 11 are from Karnataka (Belgaum, Bellary, Mangalore, Hubli etc). How many more are there in India? 258. A number of Catholic cardinals have warned Italian women against marrying Muslims. What our secularists and preachers of "Sarva Panth Samabhav" have to say on this? 259. In Pakistan, Muslims girls are married to Quran, similar to our Devadasis? Pakistan has decided to introduce a bill in Parliament to impose a ban on this custom. Does this mean that Pak’s culture is Hindu culture, although the practice is condemnable? 260. Killing of peaceful Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh or even in India is not taken seriously by media, by government or by

various political parties or by Human Rights industry in India. Why? Do they fear only violence? 261. Communist actions and ideologies call for the destruction of Hindu temples, spiritual movements, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and Hindu cultural practices. Do you think they fit in a democracy? 262. In Imphal, Manipur, the outlawed Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup threatened to target BJP party workers, and therefore BJP leaders kept away from electioneering in the civic body elections. Whither democracy? 263. Communists never support for the inclusion of women as members of the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church. They have never talked about women in Islam who have fewer rights than men. Are they real protectors of proletariats? 264. Saudi Arabia restricts entry of non-Muslims to Mecca. Catholics never allow a third world Bishop to become a Pope. Will our communists and secularists take up these matter as Human Rights violations? 265. Communists, Christians, Muslims and some Congress leaders - all of whom have nothing in common and often hate each other - are united against Hinduism and Hindu leaders. Is it because unity among Hindus will thwart their nefarious designs? 266. The famous French journalist, Francois Gautier, writes: "The British did not conquer India, it was given to them by its warring Hindu princes, jealous of each other." Don’t you think that history is being repeated today, by the likes of Arjun Singh, Mani Shankar Iyer, etc.? 267. Prince of Arcot Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali has questioned the Haj subsidy, which is against Islam. Haj is an obligatory duty and not a luxury trip or picnic, he said. How does the Muslim community sacrifice values, principles and rules of Islam for petty financial benefits, he questioned. Any comments from Mullahs? 268. What is Murti Pooja? You visualise a figure and give a shape to it. Muslims visualise Prophet Mohammed and give a shape to him by imitating him, by growing beard and wearing skull cap. In what way it is different from Murti Puja? How can they talk against Murti Pooja? 269. Many NGOs under the leadership of Mahesh Bhat made a representation to the Dy.CM of Maharashtra objecting to the word "Imam" being used in connection with the arrest of a terrorist (who was a Imam) from the Haj House in Mumbai. Did these NGOs express any concern when Kanchi Shankaracharya was arrested on fake charges? Doesn’t this prove that all these NGOs are at the behest of anti-Hindus?

270. According to reports, every year, 98,000 patients die in US hospitals due to medical negligence and three to four times that number are left permanently-disabled. Greed, malfeasance, misfeasance, grand corruption, murderous intent, and a self-centeredness has led the system to such a pass. Is humanity dying in USA? 271. According to reports, 150,000 people, mostly from the United States, came to India last year for Medical care. Called "medical tourism", the number is expected to grow at 15% per year. Has it something to do with Yoga? Brinda Karat would be the best person to answer. 272. A lot of hue and cry was made about the ‘manufactured’ Sanjay Joshi CD issue - a purely personal affair. Would secularists dare to condemn the Roman Catholic Christianity for breaking the solemn vows of celibacy by their priests? 273. How do the secularists accuse RSS and VHP of dividing the country on communal lines when it is the ‘secular’ ideology that has done the damage and continues to do so! How can an effort to unite the 82% population of a country be called divisive? 274. A British airline has banned its staff from taking Bibles and wearing crucifixes on flights to Saudi Arabia to avoid offending the country's Muslims. When you respect their belief, don’t you expect that they too respect your belief? Why do they succumb to Islamic pressure, instead of fighting for human rights? 275. The Hindu’s headline says: "Concern over personalised attack against Brinda Karat - Over 150 scholars, academicians and social activists sign statement supporting her". Can you understand the concern of The Hindu? Can you also imagine the reach of the perverted secularists? 276. Hindus and Christians in Pakistan are looked down upon. They have to take up inferior jobs and their chances of rising in any field is low. Is this the reason for Pakistani cricketer Yousaf Youhana, a Christian, to embrace Islam? 277. India is blamed for casteism. Then how come a Dalit, the late KR Narayanan, elected President of India. How come a Dalit becomes CM of Maharashtra. Has a black man ever been President of the United States? 278. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Marfai, a 80+ years old Arab has bought a 27-year-old Indian bride from Hyderabad for Rs10,000. A Muslim cleric Qazi Mehmood Qureshi performed the marriage. Why this animal instinct in a 80+ years old Muslim? What could be the motive of the Qazi? 279. ‘We hate Hindus because they are Hindustanis and the number one enemies of both Islam and Pakistan. We know it all through our history text books on Pakistan Studies’ said a 14-year old

boy in Pak. How do you expect peace and friendship between the two countries? 280. A Muslim girl in Thiruvananthapuram, Rubiya, and her entire family has been ostracised by Muslims, because she learnt Bharathanatyam. Who will educate the Muslims on national integration? 281. According to AIMPLB, Muslims women should not work with men or go to shopping malls, and should not mix with men. Are they any different from Taliban? Why our Human Rights activists silent on this? 282. Secularism means separation of religion from state. But in India, the Govt. usurps temple funds and spend them on giving salary to Muslim Clerics, whereas temple pojaris do not get salary. What type of secularism is this? 283. The West Bengal population is 8,02,21,171. But there are 8,75,13,280 ration cards issued. That is 72,92,109 more eaters than people. Will the communists of ‘progressive’ WB explain? 284. In Kolkatta, hand carts are in vogue, i.e. man pulling a cart occupied by a man, whereas in Ahmedabad, even cycle rickshaws are absent - only autorickshaws. Can you compare the development of communists’ Kolkatta with that of ‘communalist’ Modi’s Ahmedabad? 285. Even with the non-cooperation of the Marxist government’s staff, in WB 10 lakh bogus voters have been identified, which is only a scratch on the surface. Do you agree that the Marxists are coming to power in WB again and again by using undemocratic means? 286. 19 observers sent to WB have confessed to Chief Election Commissioner BB Tandon that democracy and Bengal are two mutually exclusive concepts. The EC has accused the Marxist Govt. of deliberately creating conditions hostile to the holding of free and fair elections. Do you think that democracy is safe in the hands of Communists? 287. The J&K Police arrested a Christian missionary group for using earthquake relief as a means to convert Muslims. Have you ever heard of such action any where in India when Hindus are being converted? Under UPA Govt. Muslims’ conversion is illegal, but Hindus’ conversion is OK! 288. In Lahore (Pak), Quran was found lying in a drain and an enraged crowd torched many vehicles and properties. They also clashed with the police. Is violence the only way shown by Islam to protest? 289. Do you agree that USA and Europe have the power to destroy the entire Muslim population if they were to emulate the example of unfairness and absolute perpetration of hate towards non-Muslims, as is existing today in countries like Saudi Arabia?

290. S.Karunakaran has said that All India Congress Committee (AICC) has become All India Catholic Congress. He cites the importance given to Catholics like Secretary Vincent George, Margeret Alva, Oscar Fernandes, Ajith Jogi, Rajasekara Reddy, Oomen Chandy and A K Antony. What is your opinion? 291. No Indian newspaper has published the cartoons on Mohammed. Even then why have the Hindus been at the end of Islamic ire? - Hindu sailor killed - riot in Hyderabad - Hindu killed in Lucknow - BJP office stoned, etc. Is it because to Islam one kafir is as good as another? 292. In Parliament, the Parliamentary Affairs Minister Suresh Pachouri of the Congress, while explicitly condemning the Prophet’s cartoons published in Denmark, did not mention Husain’s cartoons published in India against Hindus. What was his compulsions? 293. In 2002, a critical comment on Prophet Mohammed by American evangelist Jerry Falwell led Muslims of Solapur (Maharashtra) to vent their ire upon Hindus. Is it because to Islam one kafir is as good as another? 294. UP Minister Hajji Yakoob Qureshi declares a price of Rs 51 crore on the heads of Danish cartoonists. UP Chief Secretary said that those cartoonists are not citizens/residents of India. What will the Govt. do if US President George Bush, who is not a citizen/resident of India, receives a prize on his head from Indian Muslim organisations? 295. Sadhu Vaswani Mission was first established in Hyderabad in Pakistan in 1933. During partition, Pakistanis chased them away to Pune. Now the same Pakistanis are taking grants from SVM for their treatment in India. Do they have any remorse? 296. Thousands of churches have come up in AP in the last five years. Their population has gone up from 1.6% in 1991 to 10% today. 25.1% of the B.Ed. colleges are of Christian managements. Do you buy the theory that Christians are persecuted in India, as alleged by vested interests? 297. Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia don’t allot any land for cremation grounds for Hindus. Nor does Vatican allow the cremation of Hindus in the City. But in the holy city of Tirupati, leave alone Burial Grounds, even Church is allowed. Still Hindus are accused of intolerance. Why? 298. When Saudi Arabia destroyed holy shrines associated with the Prophet Mohammad and replaced them with commercial complexes, Muslims leaders in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, protested. Why? Are Muslims in Kanpur more Islamic than Muslims in Saudi Arabia?

299. In USA, alarming cases of Churches and their properties being sold to settle millions of dollars worth cases involving sex scandal by priests have come to light. Do you think our ‘fathers’ and priests lag behind? 300. One Dr. Zakir Naik says "If any non-Muslim considers the word ‘Kafir’ as an abuse, he may choose to accept Islam and then we will stop referring to him a kafir. Do you consider him to be an intellectual or a thug? 301. Intellectual Muslim is a misnomer; and it is also insulting Quran. Only a free thinker can be an intellectual. Thinking is prohibited in Islam, since every thing has been thought of by Mohammed and written in Quran and Hadith. How can a Muslim think; he has to only look in to Quran for guidance. 302. "Hindustan Times" had termed "Ganesh Chaturthi" as "immersion frenzy in Mumbai". Will the same HT call Mohurrum processions or Good Friday processions as "frenzy". Their pen will fly into frenzy only at Hindus! 303. Just as Hindus are fast giving up the caste system, sati and other less humane practices mentioned in their scriptures, why can’t the Muslims give up the inhuman practice of child marriage and triple talaq? 304. The Muslim clerics are quick in issuing fatwas against some Sania, Gudia and Imrana, encroaching on their personal lives and human rights. But no Muslim cleric has dared to issue fatwa against the terrorists. Is it lack of courage or willingness or both?" 305. In the last civic elections in Gujarat, BJP got a sweeping victory in all bodies. But most of the English media blacked out this news. Why are they biased in reporting news? 306. Benny Hinn and Ron Watts, the Christian preachers, had been allowed and treated as state guests even though in their own country in USA they were under criminal investigation. Why this sycophancy? 307. Many fathers-in-law who raped their daughters-in-law are declared as their husbands and the husbands as their sons, by the Mullahs. Do you think that such a situation will lead to a civilised society? 308. The construction of Kottayam-Erumeli railway line, leading to Sabarimalai, has been abandoned as it would go through Christian-majority area. Christian CM Oommen Chandy has recommended this step. Should Christian-majority areas be treated as alien territory?

309. Azhar Khan (Bangladesh), 80, has married for the 44th time. His 44th wife is half his age. He has no count of his children, nor can he remember the name of his wives. Is this not animal farm? 310. 50,000 quake-survivors on hill tops were suffering in freezing cold because a cleric issued a fatwa that "fleeing from a disaster zone is un-Islamic". Please ponder who is for what - Scriptures for the welfare of people or people for the ‘welfare’ of scriptures? 311. A fatwa says that Yoga violates Islamic law because it is an ascetic Hindu practice. Will the Muslims who have benefited by Yoga question this fatwa? Why a religion should prohibit practices of good health? 312. In Kolachal area of Kanyakumari Dist. TN, Muslim leaders opposed the services of RSS volunteers to Tsunami victims, although common Muslims were happy with their services. Why are the Muslim leaders afraid of RSS service? Here, who is alienating whom? 313. The Deoband Mullahs have issued a fatwa barring Muslim women from contesting the civic polls in UP because it is unIslamic. Then why do they vote? 314. Do you agree that Islam and scientific development are contradictory to each other? Show one Islamic country which has produced good scientists, doctors, engineers or experts in any field. 315. The Hindu, Chennai, with 3.5 million readers, has virtually become a mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party. A cardholding member of the Communist Party, its editor, N. Ram, has been to China and occupied-Tibet at least fifteen times mostly arranged by the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi. He is also the mastermind behind ‘India-China Association of Journalists’. Journalists as Foreign agents? What could be the motive? 316. When Maharashtra Govt. banned dance bars, the bar dancers represented to Sonia Gandhi. Is it because a barmaid can better understand the problems of bar dancers? 317. In Baroda nearly 20 temples were demolished for road widening. Hindus protested peacefully, some even co-operated. But when a Dargah was demolished, Muslims went on a rampage. And the SC stayed the demolition. When thousands of shops were demolished in Delhi, the Shopkeepers protested peacefully. But the SC refused stay. Is the SC surrendering before or abetting violence? 318. Hundreds of road side temples were demolished in Mumbai, Chennai, Madurai, etc. under High Court orders. But when a Dargah is demolished in Baroda, the UPA govt. goes to SC for a stay against Gujarat HC order. Is the UPA govt. only for Muslims?

319. Communism is dying every where in the world. But it is thriving in Hindu Nepal and India. Is it because Hindus are gullible? No doubt communists are mocking at Hindus! 320. According to R. Sachar committee report, only 3.1% of Muslims are graduates and just 1.2% are post-graduates. Who is responsible for this? - Mullahs who forces them to go to Madrassa or the Congress govt. which had been ruling the country. Don’t you think that both have a vested interest in keeping Muslim masses ignorant. 321. Meer Waiz Umar Farooq, Former Chairman of APHC, on May 15, 1999 in Srinagar, said. "Kashmir is Paradise on Earth and Paradise can not be owned by non-believers worshippers of thousands of idols and cow. It must be made free from them at every cost." Do you understand the meaning of this? 322. Muslims refuse to accept even Supreme Court verdicts in the matter of divorce, etc. They do not follow family planning. Then why do they demand reservation? How can they have the cake and eat it too? 323. France does not ask for the religion of a person. Taking advantage of this, Muslims have produced more children and have now become stronger with 24%. Last year, Paris was burning for many days and thousands of cars were burnt by Muslims. Is this sufficient number for jihad? 324. Hardly any Muslim in the world blames Osama bin Laden for provoking the US, and all the lives lost as a result - whether in Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere. The reason given is that the casualties are all a part of jihad. In Malegaon, Maharashtra, Osama is worshipped. Is Osama the true Muslim? 325. The contention over Kashmir has often been cited as the cause of Islamic terrorism in India. But in its pamphlet "Why We are Waging Jihad" the LeT calls for the restoration of Islamic rule in all parts of India. Any doubt about their motive? 326. You say Kashmir problem is due to Muslim alienation. What is this alienation all about? Who caused it? Don’t the Muslims have a duty to integrate with the majority? Or is it the responsibility of only the Hindus? Anywhere in the world, have they integrated with the majority? 327. The Bomb Blast in Delhi on 29th October 2005 was referred to as ‘fire works’ by The Guardian, London. Why is it afraid of calling it a terrorist attack? 328. Smt. Indira Gandhi termed corruption as a global phenomenon. True to her word, the Congress under Sonia Gandhi has gone international on corruption - Volcker, Quatorochi, etc. Treading on the right path?

329. When Pope John Paul died, only Italy and Canada had declared state mourning. The third was India. Don’t you think that secular India followed communal Italy? 330. The Government has to terrorise the terrorist. Instead, it is treating them with kind gloves, by repealing POTA, and by submitting to violence? This is a repetition of what Congress did during 1940s, resulting in partition of our country. Don’t you think that it is time for you to wake up from your deep slumber? 331. Bhagwan Sri Krishna said: ‘Dharm can be established by (1) protecting the virtuous, and (2) annihilating the wicked’. Every one talks of protecting the virtuous. Have you ever heard anyone talking about the annihilation of wicked (without which establishment of Dharm is not possible)? 332. While the existence of Ram and Ramayana is denied by M.Karunanidhi, CM of TN, TN govt.’s tourism posters are inviting tourists by saying "The floating stone ‘Sethu Bandanam’ used to build the sethu Bridge is worth seeing here". His own government seems to disagree with his views. 333. MK has confirmed the existence of Rama Setu in a foreword he wrote in 1972 when he was CM, on Ramanathapuram Gazetteer. What are his compulsions now? Is it not true that the DMK government in TN is bent upon demolishing the Ram Sethu as a revenge for the demolition of Babri structure in Ayodhya, so as to appease Jihadis? 334. While Taslima Nasreen is chased away from one state to another, and ultimately driven away from our country for writing a book allegedly insulting Islam, MF Hussain is awarded prizes for drawing naked pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. While Hussain is facing legal cases filed by hurt Hindus, Nasreen is physically attacked by the peaceful religionists! 335. India is backward, right? Then why all developed countries such as USA, UK, Germany, Canada, etc. import Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Professors, IT Professionals, etc. from India? It should be the other way round. Isn’t it?? 336. Dr. Farooq Abdullah, former CM of J&K, recently claimed that the accession of Kashmir with India achieved under the leadership of his father, Shiekh Abdullah, was a mistake. In fact, J&K acceded to India because of Maharaja Hari Singh. Does not Dr. Farooq Abdullah take false credit? Or is he trying to please terrorists? 337. In the recent elections in Gujarat (2007), a few Muslim villages were just left out of campaigning. Congress thought that they have no other go but to vote for Congress. And the BJP felt that they will not vote for them; so why waste energy. Who is responsible for their political wilderness? Definitely not Modi, who talks of 5.5 crore Gujaratis.

338. Some Hindus in the Congress Party have floated a new front "Congress Hindu Front". Have they come to the conclusion that Hindus are being sidelined in Congress under Italian Christian Sonia Gandhi? This is what Hindu leaders have been saying all along. 339. SIMI (Student Islamic Movement of India), a terrorist organisation, was banned by NDA Govt. Sonia opposed the ban. Her UP Congress Party president, Salman Kurshid, was SIMI’s advocate in courts pleading for lifting its ban. How will they contain terrorism? 340. Anwar Ali, a lecturer in National Defence Academy at Khadakvasala in Maharashtra - yes, in the defence academy to train soldiers to provide security to the people of India - was found to be a SIMI activist! Found involved in Mulund bomb blasts in April 2003, he was arrested! 341. Porn artist MF Hussain has drawn pictures depicting women copulating with animals. Is he not lecherous? Why are our women’s rights organisations not raising their voice? 342. Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi, has honoured the porn artist, M.F. Hussain with a doctorate! An art gallery nearing completion will be dedicated to him. Is it not a reward for continuously insulting Hindus? 343. Sonia Gandhi's daughter Priyanka Vadra has purchased 4.5 bighas of land in rural Himachal, near the President's Summer Retreat. This is in violation of the existing law of Himachal Pradesh that only those who are residing there can purchase land. Compare this with Amitabh Bachhan being harassed for buying farm-land. 344. The Election Commission had not taken any action against Aaj-tak for displaying (in Oct. 2007) file photos of riots in Gujarat in 2002. But the same EC had objected to posters showing the burning of Sabarmati Express in Godhra in the past. Are there two laws in India - one for Congress and another for BJP? 345. The Sonia-controlled UPA Govt. has removed the Bharat Mata from the Two-Rupee coins, and has substituted it with a Cross. Do you understand the import of this act - replacing Bharat Mata with a Cross? 346. Gujarat riots in 2002 were described by perverted secularists and the media as pogrom, holocaust, genocide, etc. although 40,000 Hindus too had taken shelter in Relief Camps and 254 Hindus killed in police firing. But what the West Bengal Govt. did in Nandigram was pogrom. But our secularists are deafeningly silent on this 347. Like pseudo-secularists, now comes a pseudo-Shankaracharya set up by the Congress Party. He even went to the extent of

declaring that Rama Setu was a political agenda of the BJP, although it is the Congress-led UPA which is going to destroy the Ram Setu. 348. "Dr. Naik, you know next to nothing about the Western society and are talking through your skull cap. People like you are making the Muslims lag behind other communities." Kushwant Singh to the self-proclaimed intellectual Dr. Zakir Naik. Does Naik need any more certificate? 349. Bangladeshi writer, Tasleema Nasreen, under an Islamic ‘fatwa’, has been living in India, but porno painter MF Husain, is in self imposed exile in foreign countries, just to avoid court cases against him in India. How can one compare these two cases? 350. Our soldiers have been described as "cannon fodder" in the past. In the present Indian context they can only be described as "lambs for slaughter". Fake human rights activists pounce on our Soldiers and govt. talks of human rights violation by them for performing their duty. Does any country treat its soldiers so badly? 351. "Arab Pardha - All pious women should wear it" declares one Advt. board in Trivandrum. In fact, it should have read, "All pious women should disappear behind it." Do you understand that Islam is Arab National Movement based on Arabian tribal culture, and Faith in India is being transplanted by belief in Arabia? 352. Are you aware that 70 per cent of the polio victims in India in recent years are Muslim children, although Muslims constitute just 13.4 per cent of the population. This is because Mullahs and Maulvis advise Muslims not to administer the polio drops to their children, although our Govt. spends crores on this health care project. 353. Do you know that the President & the Prime minister of India did not greet the people of India on Deepavali in 2007. They never fail to send Christmas and Id greetings. Is this not outrageous and atrocious, in a country where about 90% people celebrate the festival? 354. Muslims scholars do not recognize the word "God". It is always "Allah" for them. Then how come our Supreme Court declares that both God and Allah are the same while giving its judgement in the case of 12 Kerala Muslim MLAs who took Oath in the name of Allah? 355. In Jalpaiguri (WB), A 38-year old Muslim (Afazuddin Ali) ‘married’ his 15-year old daughter and made her pregnant (in Nov. 2007). He claimed Allah’s sanction for his incestuous lust. Mullahs and Maulvis are silent on this. Is this because in Islam women are men’s properties?

356. A big hue and cry is made by the secular gang about the encounter killing of Shorabuddin Sheikh, a terrorist, by the Gujarat police. But when it comes to the encounter killing of Mohamed Yunus by the Maharashtra police, they tone down their rhetoric. Is it because they do not want to disturb a Congress govt? 357. Notorious historian Romila Thapar says that Ram is a myth, but Jesus and Mohammed are realities as their biographies have been well accepted. Does she say that Ramayan is not well accepted by Hindus? Whom is she fooling? 358. During the Babri demolition in December 1992, when a few journalists were manhandled by the agitators, the secular gang demanded the public hanging of the BJP leaders. But when many journalists were attacked in Nandigram (WB), the secular gang is silent. The media too plays down the incident. Have they suddenly lost courage? 359. Vice President, Mr.Hamid Ansari speaking at a conference in New Delhi on 'Emerging Security Concerns in West Asia' berated the US Government for providing 'impetus to terrorism'. Don’t you think that Mr.Ansari is providing an excuse for acts of terror by Islamic fanatics? 360. While the Central BJP has rejected the Sachar Committee Report, its General Secretary, Gopinth Munde is supporting it. He attended the "Insaf Do" rally organised by its MLC, Pasha Patel, held in Nagpur on 22nd Nov. 2007, demanding implementation of the Report. Is he not flouting the stand taken by the Central leadership? 361. It is reported that Romilla Thapar and a couple of others have been rewarded with Fellowships amounting to Rs.25,000 per month by the Indian Council for Historical Research. Are they being paid for saying that Ram and Ramayan are myths? They have all along been distorting Indian history and belittling Hinduism. 362. At a Press Conference by Narendra Mody, a lady reporter (wife of Salman Khurshid, UP Congress Chief) asked ‘Is it not true that the number of people who voted for the BJP in the last election is less than 50% of the population?’. How is UPA Govt. formed? Can you imagine the level to which ‘intellectuals’ in India have dipped to? 363. After 36 years US has discovered that minorities are in trouble in Bangladesh. Of course 60 years is still not sufficient for them to notice that minorities are in trouble in Pakistan. Can there be any other country more dishonest than US? 364. In UK, Some Muslim medical students have refused to attend lectures or answer exam questions on alcohol-related or sexually transmitted diseases because they claim it offends their religious beliefs. What will they do if such a patient comes to them for treatment?

365. In Malda (WB), a 14-year-old Muslim girl was forcibly married to a 75-year old Muslim man. On refusing to say with the old man, she has become an outcaste. Local CPM men and NGOs have washed off their hands saying that it is a "social problem". What will be their stand if they were Hindus? 366. On 2nd October 2007 (which has been declared as International Non-Violence Day by United Nations), Sonia Gandhi addressed the United Nations. Is there any relations or comparison between Mahatma Gandhi and Antonio Maino, renamed as Sonia Gandhi? 367. Notorious Advocates Ram Jethmalani, Shanti Bhushan, etc. have succeeded in making Prof. Geelani (Parliament attack accused) free. Salman Khursheed pleased the case of banned SIMI in SC. They think this is their holy work. Why do they consider defending the encounter specialist Vanzara (who finished Sohrabuddin Sheikh) a sin? 368. According to a Senior IPS Officer, over 90% crime in India, is committed by 15% Muslim population. Yet the UPA government does not want to punish those criminals, for fear of losing Muslim votes. Has this not ruined the peace of majority of Indian people? 369. Article 25-30 give special status to Minorities. After partitioning the country and giving one third of Bharat to Muslims, how do you justify giving special privileges to those who preferred to stay back in Bharat? Is it not eating the cake and having it too? 370. Hindus in Malaysia are discriminated against, whereas Muslims in India are pampered. How many Indian Muslim have raised their voice against discrimination of Hindus in Malaysia, if at all they believe in Human Rights? They did protest against a cartoonist in Denmark. 371. 14 lakh people have been displaced in Chhatisgarh and Orissa due to industrialization projects. The PM has directed these non-Congress Govts. to treat their demand for rehabilitation as a Naxalite threat and put it down with an iron hand. But the same PM advocates a velvet handshake to the Islamic terrorists. 372. In the Communal Budget of the UPA, 15% of the 11th 5-year plan has been allotted to minorities. That means allotting funds according to population. Don’t you think that this is an incentive to Muslim population growth. The more children they produce, the more allocation they will get. 373. Madrassas in Ujjain have boycotted the Madhya Pradesh government’s mid-day meal scheme for students on the ground that the food is being prepared by ISKON. Then how do they accept Haj subsidy given by Indian govt., a part of which comes from temple donations?

374. "Workers in Catholic charitable organizations must reflect evangelical love, not mere philanthropy, says Benedict XVI." So, charity is not a goal by itself, but a tool to be used to make people know Christ well - in other words to convert Hindus. 375. An Assamese newspaper - Asomiya Pratidin - has been banned, following a report it had carried about the extravagant wedding of Hagrama Mohilary, the chief executive member of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC). Will the media in India come out in support of the Assamese newspaper? No, because it would be against their secularism dharm! 376. In India a terrorist Afzal Guru who was sentenced to death is being protected and in Pakistan an Indian, Sarabjit Singh, who was considered innocent is being given death penalty. What a contrast! No doubt, India appears to be a smooth place for all types of criminals and anti-nationals. 377. Our great humanitarian PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh could not sleep when Haneef was being interrogated in Australia, for his terrorist links. But when our innocent Sarabjit Singh is sent to the gallows by Pakistan, how does the same PM have a deep slumber? What about the other Human Rights group who were so boisterous in the case of Afzal. 378. China is cracking down and crushing Muslim Uighurs in the name of counter terrorism. How come our comrades and secularists in India are not opposing this crushing of the mujahideen in China, when they are so friendly to Muslims in India. 379. Yasin Malik, the supreme commander of the terror outfit JKLF was invited to address ‘India Today Conclave 2008’. The theme was "Leadership For The 21st Century". Should India learn the art of Leadership from a known terrorist? Is it not promoting terrorism? Is not the role played by India Today management reprehensible? 380. When Holi comes, NGOs and Human Rights Activists start crying "save water". Have they every cried "Save Blood", "Save Life", "Save Animals" on Bakri ID? 381. When Deepavali comes, NGOs and Human Rights Activists comes to you and advise "save money for the poor". When Christmas comes and the whole world spends lavishly on wining and dining, they are silent. Why can’t they make the same request to Christians too? 382. Have you every heard of Humanists saying ‘Save youth’ on 31st Dec. and 1st January when youths, mostly Hindus, are lost in wines and girls? They are indeed happy when Hindu youths become vagabonds. And they talk about Humanism! 383. When the RSS-BJP Protest in front of CPM Office in Delhi (against the murder of BJP-RSS workers in Kannur, Kerala, by CMP goons) was forced to turn violent, the DMK and other UPA

allies cried hoarse. The same DMK cadre attacked the BJP/ RSS/VHP/Hindu Munnani offices in Tamil Nadu a few months back? Do DMK have the moral authority to condemn RSS-BJP? 384. Porn artist MF Hussain’s nude paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are being defended by our secularists and the media. But Francois Gautier’s paintings of Aurangzeb as per his (Aurangzeb’s) own record, are opposed by them. What type of Freedom of Expression they clamour for? 385. When an Exhibition in Baroda University, depicting Hindu Gods and Goddesses in the nude was objected to by Hindus, the whole media went crazy and accused them of moral policing. But when Francois Gaugier’s paintings of Aurangzeb exhibited in Chennai was opposed and subsequently closed by Muslim fanatics, the media did not even report the incident. Are they (the media) in the pay roll of Muslims? 386. If attack on inanimate office is bad (RSS-BJP workers attacking CPM’s Office in Delhi), then what is cold-blooded murder of men - brutal murder of a dozen RSS-BJP men in Kannur, Kerala? While our secularists condemn the former, they acquiesce to the latter! And they talk about democracy and freedom of expression! 387. The communists cannot even dream of starting their party leave alone contest in elections in countries where the Muslims are in a majority. But look at the hullabaloo they make in Bharat, the haven of Liberty, riding rough-shod over the amiable Hindus, deriding Hinduism! 388. Dalits, especially their leaders, have a hatred towards Hinduism although Hinduism embraces Bhuddism. According to them Hinduism has dominated over Buddhism in India. Do they ever hate Communists and Communism? China was once a predominant Buddhist country, till atheist Communists took over it. 389. When people eulogise Afzal Khan (who plotted to kill Chatrapathi Shivaji) and build memorial for him, don’t you think that they are insulting Shivaji? Do you think that in India, the name of Chatrapathi Shivaji should be vanished and Afzal Khan should be promoted? 390. In politics, 49% is minority and 51% is majority. In population, what is ‘minority’ and up to what percentage? Will they be considered minority till they are 49% and avail all special privileges, so that when they become 51%, they become majority and enforce Sharia law on Hindus? 391. What do you think of our Constitution which in its Preamble talks of Equality but allows special privileges to minorities in its Articles, without defining who minorities are, leaving its interpretation to politicians and courts? Is it a work of intellectuals?

392. Mumbai Police had asked porno artist MF Hussain (in Feb. 2007) to paint for the ‘Let us Make Mumbai Unbreakable’ campaign and displayed it through hundreds of hoardings. Hundreds of cases are registered against him for drawing obscene pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Instead of taking action against him, the Mumbai Police is befriending him. Is it not a proof that they do not want to act against him? 393. The UPA Govt. has banned movies like ‘Da Vinci Code" and "Escape from Taliban" to please Christians and Muslims. But pictures like "Water" and "Parzania", which hurt Hindu sentiments, are allowed free display. Is this not double-standard? 394. In Jan. 2007, Allahabad police arrested six Gospel for Asia missionaries for trespassing at Ardh Kumbh festival. Scores of GFA leaders and missionaries camped at the Ardh Kumbh location. Does any Hindu Sadhu go and distribute leaflets in their "Prayer Convention"? How dare they go to Hindu Meets? Still they complain of Hindu oppression! 395. All India Muslim Tyohar Committee has declared that Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, the well known cricketer, is no longer a Muslim because he consumes liquor and has acted in films. Is this applicable to Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Amir Khan, et al? Pataudi has approached a clergy to get a ‘fatwa’ issued against this declaration. Has ‘fatwa’ become a blackmailing tactics? 396. A Muslim in Lahore (Pakistan) shot and killed Punjab Social Welfare Minister Zile Huma Usman in an open court (Feb. 21, 2007) in her hometown, because woman holding ministership is against Islam and is contrary to the teachings of Allah. Any comments? Maulvis are mum. 397. In Kerala, the Customs and Police officials seized 35 pistols and 47 air-guns from a container consignment of 817 boxes on Jan. 08, 2007. The surprise was that a copy of the Koran was found in every packing box of each gun! What is the relevance of Koran with Gun? 398. In the Kumbh Mela once in 12 years and also in the Ardh Kumbh Mela, about 13 to 15 crore people assemble at Prayagraj for the sacred dip. They are from different castes, languages, social backgrounds, sampradayas, etc. Just imagine - Were they invited by any Central organisation? Was there any publicity inviting them? Was there any quarrel or skirmishes for food and stay? Peace, harmony, tolerance and brotherhood is in abundance every where. Is it not a ‘Hindu Marvel’? 399. On 31st Dec. 2006, a Hindu girl was molested by a few Muslim youths at the Gateway of India. What were the Muslim boys doing on 31st Dec., when 31st December night has no meaning for Muslims and Islam. Is there an organised plot to ‘trap’ Hindu girls by Muslim boys on such occasions, dressing and acting like modern youth?

400. Legendary freedom fighter Savarkar’s grandson, Praful Madhav Chiplunkar, an IIT graduate, was found begging in Pune streets (in Jan. 2007). Not the Government, but BJP came forward to rescue him. Can you compare this with the status of the grandson and grand daughter of Savarkar’s contemporaries - Nehru and Gandhi? 401. Some of the anti-Hindus question the building of new temples, saying it is a waste of money. But do they ever question the mushrooming of mosques and churches all over India? Instead of building a mosque, if a multi-storey building along with a school is built on the plot, many Muslim families can be accommodated. After all, a mosque is only for males, whereas a housing-school complex can improve the standard of living of the entire family. 402. Are you aware that the Jammu & Kashmir Constitution (many of you may not be aware that the J&K state has a separate constitution) prohibits preaching of Bhagwat Gita in J&K? It is unconstitutional in J&K. 403. Are you aware that in West Bengal in about 8000 villages, there is not a single Hindu left. Further in another nearly 20,000 villages, the Hindu population is less than 30%. No surprise that Hindus are attacked when they celebrate Deepavali, Holi, etc. 404. In Denmark about 20 years back, there was no Muslim. Now the Muslim population is about 2 lakhs, in its total population of 54 million. But no Muslim is allowed to bury his dead body in Denmark. The dead body is sent to his native country. (25 March, 2008 - Saamna). 405. In Miyamnar, conversion is banned, because the country is ruled by a Bhuddist King. Missionaries are fighting for establishment of democracy there, so that they can start their conversion activities, similar to what happened in Nepal. 406. Are you aware that Arunachal Pradesh has driven away all Bangladeshis from their territory. But those driven out by Arunachal government have been accommodated in Assam by the Congress Government, by giving them land and ‘patta’. 407. A Muslim woman police officer in London has refused to shake hands with other superiors because they are men, and shaking hands with men is against Islam. What will they do when they have to catch men-criminals? - allow them to run away? 408. In Britain, Muslims are refusing to wash their hands with required anti-bacterial disinfectant gels, because it contains alcohol and so is un-Islamic. Without cleaning their hands with anti-bacterial disinfectant, are the Muslim staff not endangering the lives of patients? 409. Muslims in London have implemented a Muslim-only swimming sessions at the popular public pool in Croydon, which requires

coverage from head to toe with their swimming costume. While every country, including India, talks of national integration, don’t you think that Muslims are alienating themselves from the national mainstream, all over the world? 410. In Murshridabab’s Kanupur village (WB), no music has been played and no TV sets switched on for the past many months. There is a complete ban - a "fatwa’ - on music and TV. The fatwa also prohibits dancing in public and marriage processions. How long will this take to reach your and my village? 411. Ahmad Hasan, the family planning minister of UP announced (in Jan. 2007) that Muslim women can produce as many children as they want, and that the state government would give Rs.1,400/- to take care of each child. So, the family planning is only for Hindus and Christians? And Muslims are given incentives for bearing more children, so that they can capture power democratically. 412. The Pak government has adopted the slogan "chhoto paribar, sukhi paribar" (small family, happy family). It has appointed 22,000 clerics and 6,000 women scholars to distribute contraceptives and literatures to spread awareness about family planning and safe sex. But look at what Indian Muslims are doing. They want to increase their production, to overtake Hindus. 413. Two Riyadh business partners in their 70s (Al Dossary and Al Qahtani) married their teenage daughters (17-19) to each other, to strengthen business ties. Al Qahtani already had three wives. They said this is according to Islamic principles. Any comments? 414. A USA subscriber, Steve Brown, sent us (Hindu Voice) a cheque for US$ 20/- of Kirtland Federal Credit Union. In the column ‘for’ (against which ‘subscription’ is generally written), he wrote "Jai Sri Krishna" in Hindi. In the body of the cheque, the sentence ‘HINDUISM IS MOST SCIENTIFIC" is printed in capital letters. Can a bank in India do like this? Will our secularists not pounce on the bank for being communal? The Christian-majority USA understands what Hinduism is, but the Hindu-majority India does not, although both claim to be ‘secular’ democracies. 415. Astronaut Sunita Williams carried with her a copy of the Bhagwad Gita and a statue of Lord Ganesh when her space shuttle Discovery soared into space. A Predominantly Christian country allowed this. Do you think that India, a predominantly Hindu country, will approve this? 416. PM Manmohan Singh said that Muslims must get the first rights on our resources. The constitution talks of equality. Is he not violating the constitution? Is he the PM of only Muslims? Is he not talking like the PM of Pakistan? 417. Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf - a dictator - has said (Dec. 09, 2007) that Hindus have equal rights in Pak. But our

PM Manmohan Singh - a democratically elected one - says that Muslims must have first claim on resources. Who is behaving like a Dictator/Democrat? 418. The AP Government has now sanctioned subsidy for Christian pilgrims to Bethlehem. So at the cost of Hindu tax-payers, Muslims and Christians are enjoying subsidy for pilgrims, whereas Hindus have to shell out extra money to undertake Teerthyatras. 419. In Tamil Nadu, a state which boasts of the success of the ideology of atheist EV Ramasamy Naicker, 1/3 of the police force were observing Vrat to go to Sabarimalai (in Nov. 2007). They say that it gives them a lot of mental peace by which they are rejuvenated. Do you think that atheism has succeeded in TN? 420. The DMK Govt. in TN has permitted the installation of atheist EVR statue in front of the famous Srirangam Temple in Trichy (TN). EVR said ‘one who worships God is an idiot’. Don’t you think that it is just to insult and demoralise Hindus. Should Hindus tolerate such insults? 421. DMK and DK activists say that it is OK to instal the statue of atheist EVR in front of Srirangam Temple in Trichy. Will they dare to instal his statue in front of a Church or a Mosque? 422. "On merit, you have no case at all. That is why you want to pressurise the court through the media ... Genuine social workers do not go to the media. You just want cheap publicity:" said Gujarat High Court on 9th Dec. 2007 to Teesta Stealvad. Does she need any more certificate? 423. Muslims who form 13% of our population who are not adopting family panning are backward, whereas Christians (2.5%) and Parsis (0.07%), who plan their families, are not. Is not the reason for backwardness obvious? Still, instead of advising Muslims to go for small family, Maulvis and Mullahs are exhorting them to bear more child. More votes means more power to Muslim clerics! 424. From 1947, till date the total amount given for Haj subsidy is appx. Rs.10,000 crores. Had a part of this amount been spent on building schools and residential complexes for Muslims, they could have been elevated. Why was this not done? Who is responsible for Muslim backwardness? 425. Any Religious book is for the moral, economic and social well being of its followers. But in Islam, it is the other way round. Instead of the religion helping them in their well being, Muslims are advised to even die for the survival of Islam! All religions believe in living, but Islam believes in dyeing. 426. The Ministry of Women and Child Development is pushing for amendments to the laws to punish the entire locality where a sati case is reported (HT 12.11.2006). But no one, including

the Home Ministry, thinks of punishing the entire locality for supporting or giving asylum to a terrorist! 427. In Maharashtra, Muslims are 10.6% of the population. But their percentage in jail is 32.4%. In Gujarat it is 9.06% and 25%, respectively, in Karnataka 12.23% and 17.5%. Why is there such a large percentage Muslims in jails? 428. The UPA Govt. has defended the "jaziya tax" imposed by Aurangazeb as a mere ‘special tax’, in an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court (Nov. 2006). Do they certify that the rule of Aurangazeb was beneficial to Hindus? 429. In an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court (Nov. 2006), the UPA government has defended the Shariat courts, saying their existence posed no challenge to the country’s judicial system. When the Maulvis themselves say that they do not want secular laws, how can the govt. say otherwise? Is there no limit to vote-bank politics? 430. Mansoor Ali, a local thug, raped a mother, in front of her four children. The Muslim panchayat ruled that her marriage stood annulled and she cannot live with her husband nor enter the predominantly Muslim village. The rapist is allowed to go scot free and the victim is punished. What type of law is this? 431. The communists, who consider India as a ‘federation of independent states’ (and not one country), now say that "Hinduism is a Cult". This is the same communists who had supported terrorist Madhani and is now in the forefront to release Mohamed Afzal. And today, they are running the govt. from back seat. 432. Arundhati Roy said in USA that Indian democracy is farce. She also said "the whole case (of Mohamed Afzal) is full of faulty evidence and fabricated stories and to hang someone for something he may not have done is not fair". Whose interests is she serving? Definitely not India’s. 433. Arya Samaj leader, Swami Shraddhananda, was shot dead by a Muslim youth, Abdul Rashid. Mahatma Gandhi called Abdul a brother and blamed the Swami ji for exciting feeling of hatred against one another. True to our "beloved Bapuji", the Congress is clamouring for the clemency of Mohamed Afzal. After all Afzal is our brother, Isn’t it? 434. Patiala House courts additional sessions judge Ravinder Kaur, who issued the death warrant against Mohammed Afzal, has expressed her fears that there is a threat to her life. If the judges start fearing for their lives, can they give judgements fearlessly in terrorism related cases? Who is responsible for this state of affairs in our country?

435. "Death will visit judges hanging Afzal, warns Farooq Abdullah" (FPJ Oct. 15, 2006). He also called Afzal ‘innocent’, despite the Supreme Court sentencing him to death. Is he not threatening the judges and also indulge in contempt of court? But who will punish him? 436. A few women lawyers have filed a PIL in the Supreme Court, demanding that ladies be allowed to go to Sabarimalai to worship Swami Ayyappa. Will the same women lawyers demand equal rights for Muslim women - like allowing them into Masjids and offering Namaaz along with Muslim men? 437. A Muslim has beaten up a thirsty Hindu old man for drinking water in Mallapuram during Ramzan fast. If Muslims are fasting, why should a Hindu not drink water? What is the logic in punishing the Hindu? Nothing, except the mentality that we can do anything we want in ‘secular’ India. 438. In many places in Jalpaiguri (West Bengal), Hindus cannot cook food in daytime during the month of Ramazan. Muslims will come and attack such Hindus. Don’t you think that Talibanisation of India is in the offing? 439. Muslims in Bangladesh, under the banner of International Khatme Nabuwat Movement, demanded that the government declare Ahmadiyyas community as ‘non-Muslims’. They threatened to storm and capture the Ahamadiyya mosques at Nakhalpara, saying they are non-believers and anti-Islamic. Is this their brotherhood? 440. RSS National Executive member Ram Madhav’s first-ever official meeting with the US state department in Washington was described as a "very serious issue. It’s a cause for concern" by the ‘so called’ Human Rights activists. Surprisingly, these are the activists who support naxalites and maoists and clamour for clemency to Mohamed Afzal. Judge their patriotism for yourself. 441. The US Govt. denied visa to Narendra Modi, a democratically elected CM of Gujarat. But it has no compunction in embracing Musharraf, a dictator who has usurped power in an undemocratic way. It does not have the courage to stop the Iran President’s visa. And we say US value human rights. 442. Muslims say ‘you bloody live and adopt our ways, if you want to live in Muslim countries, but we will live in your country and demand rights to follow our own Islamic laws, customs and rules of behaviour. If you object, we will ....’. And the whole world is submitting. The gutless Pope says something and next day apologies. Gutless Bush says Islam is a religion of peace, and Tony Blair accepts it. Is it not a victory for Islam? 443. "Hindu", Sanskrit", "Culture", "Bharath" - these are a few words hurting Muslims in Kerala. Anil Kumar, an active member of Samskritha Bharathi, who wrote all these words and many other

nationalists slogan on his Autorickshaw was pulled up by the Traffic CI Mohanan Nair and asked to rub them off. This is happening in the same Kerala where one can see display of Biblical and Quaranic quotes and slogans encouraging conversion everywhere! 444. According to Asom Gana Parishad, many Pakistan’s ISI agents have been appointed in the Assam Social Welfare Department. According to Dilip Saikia, Gen. Secretary of AGP, out of 300 appointments made, 250 belonged to Muslims with some of them being ISI agents (Sept. 2006). 445. Sonia Gandhi’s surprised absence at an event making Vandemataram Centenary in New Delhi (Sept. 07, 2006) has shocked congress workers across the country. Congress leader Ahmed Patel however defended Sonia by saying that the song cannot be forced on any one, and her refusal to sing Vande Mataram should not be made into an issue! Good patriotism indeed! 446. In UK, 31% of Muslims of working age had no qualifications as compared to 16% among Christians and 13% among Hindus. So the situation is the same every where. With Madrassa education alone, Muslims become unemployable and get alienated. So who is responsible for their alienation? 447. India has many IITs and IIMs. But one does not hear of Institutes of excellence in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Everywhere you see Madrasas and Mosques. The situation in most other Islamic countries is no different. What type of intelligentsia you will come across in such Islamic countries? 448. In Moradabad (August 2006) 200 Muslim couples had to redo their nikah in Aharaula village. The reason: These Barelvi Sunni Muslims had committed the crime of attending a namaaz led by a cleric from the rival Deoband sect during the burial of a relative. So, those who attended the said namaaz had become kafirs. Islamic brotherhood indeed! 449. Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid said (Oct 2006) "we have ruled this country for 800 years; Insallah we will rule it again". Don’t you think it is quite possible, looking at the Islamic demographic bomb? It is not without reason that the Muslim clerics say ‘produce as many children as you can’. 450. PM Dr. Manmohan Singh and N. Ram (along with many others) are Trustees of the National Foundation for India, a NGO run by Harsh Mander, the so called peace activist. The donors to the Trust include Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation of USA. Harsh Mander is notorious for defending terrorists and naxalites. By funding and supporting such NGOs, the western powers are influencing the political and economical policies in India. Do you also remember, GPS Gill once said that some of the NGOs are acting as front organisations for terrorists?

451. Arundhati Roy says "India is one of the leading experts in occupation" and has occupied Jammu & Kashmir and the Northeastern states. She further says that India is not one single nation. Leave alone kicking her out of the country (that is for Taslima Nasreen), she is treated as an intellectual and conscience keeper by the media and the ‘secularists’! No doubt, she gets many Awards from foreign countries. 452. Did Mumbaikars do any harm to Muslims. And yet a couple of hundred Mumbaikers have been killed in cold blood, by the July 11, 2006 Bomb blast in Mumbai Trains. What is the provocation. Do Islamic terrorists need any provocation? The presence of Hindus and Christian itself is a provocation for them! 453. Cardinal Varkey, Kerala, says that in 20 years Kerala will become an Islamic State. He complains that Muslims are told to have more than one wife and breed more than 6 children each. Does not the Church now say what Hindus have been saying all along? Will the ‘secularists’ condemn the Cardinal? 454. Home Minister Shivraj Patil says that madrasas are seats of learning, scholarly pursuit and servants of humanity. But this was in sharp contrast to the irrefutable evidences in possession of his own security agencies - i.e. majority of these madrasas are not only breeding grounds of terror but are also in league with anti-India forces to bleed India through a 100 cuts. Who is right? 455. Jamait Ulama-a-Hind Vice President Maulana Masood Madani says that Shahi Imam Ahmed Bukhari is the biggest terrorist of India. He says Bukhari masterminds various bomb blasts in the country and having links with anti-social activists. Why is the government not doing anything to arrest him, he asks. 456. The Pope is funding a project to prove that the Madurai Meenakshi Temple is originally a Christian edifice. But little did he know that the famous Velankanni Church in Nagappatnam is originally a Goddess temple, and Hindus have not claimed it nor do they collect evidences to prove it. 457. In Goa neither the Shariat nor the Hindu Code applies. To this day, the common Portuguese Civil Code applies. If Goa can adopt Common Civil Code, why not for the whole of India? 458. Why should Muslims object to building a police station next to a Muslim ghetto? This is what happened when Mumbai police wanted to have a police post near a Muslim area in Bhiwandi, near Mumbai. The protested against the police post, and even lynched two police constables who were on beat. Have Hindus ever done so anywhere in the country? 459. Hindus living in the west do not want to be called "Asians", which includes Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. They want the west to call them just "Hindus". The word "Asian" is a ploy to

camouflage a Muslim criminal. However, the west never fails to point out a Hindu criminal as a "Hindu". 460. The Australian PM John Horward has asked Muslims who want to live by the Sharia to leave the country. He declared that Australia, though secular, is a Christian country, and immigrants should adapt to the Australian way of living and not the other way round. But in India, we bend over backwards to spread Arab Tribal Culture in the name of Islam. Are we nationalists? 461. There are about 2.5 crore Christians in India, i.e. about 2.6%, a negligible amount. Yet there are today (in Aug. 2006) five Christian chief ministers - Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Kerala and AP. Many politicians/activists of Sonia’s closed circle are Christians. - Oscar Fernandes, Margaret Alwa, Ambika Soni, AK Anthony, Valson Thampu, John Dayal, Kancha Illaya (the latter three are Hindu-haters). Is Christianity taking over India? 462. Two policemen were lynched by Muslims in Bhiwandi, near Mumbai in July 2006. None of the English media published this news, except for namesake. The wives and children of those slain policemen also did not find any place in any English papers. But look at the prominence they give for 2nd, 3rd or 4th marriages of some stars! Is this the respect the English press has for our guardians of law? 463. Jayalalitha, when she was CM of TN, suspended Syed Munir Hoda, Home Secretary, for giving special treatment to Coimbatore blast accused terrorist Madhani. But when Karunanidhi became CM, he appointed Hoda as his Secretary. Do you think that with such appointments, terrorism can be contained? That Madhani was acquitted by the court, after Karunanidhi became CM, and with the help of Kerala CM, is another matter. 464. How many sons and grandsons of freedom fighters like Sardar Patel, Rajaji, Rajendra Prasad, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad or Subhash Chandra Bose are housed, protected and profited in the manner of the Nehru-Gandhi clan? How many memorials are named after such patriots, compared to Nehru-Gandhi clan? 465. The J&K administration has issued an advisory that refrains pilgrims to Amarnath from shouting slogans like ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, because it provokes terrorists. What provoked terrorists to blast bomb at Raghunath temple, Varanasi temples, Mumbai trains, Malegaon, Hyderabad mosque, Akshardham temple, etc. etc.? Did the New York twin tower provoked them? Did the Bhuddha statue at Bhamiyan (Afghanistan) provoke them? Do the Islamic terrorists need provocation at all? 466. In Villupuram (TN), a minor Muslim girl was tonsured by a group of Muslims, on June 11, 2006, for falling in love with a Hindu boy at Kallakurichi village, although the girl’s entire family agreed to the marriage. But the media did not condemn this

moral policing by Muslims, as they do in the case of Hindus. Is the media, which boasts of bold journalism, afraid of Muslims? 467. The UPA Government had sought the opinion of the States over the lifting of ban on SIMI, a terrorist outfit. Can the government disclose which states have supported that idea and which opposed it? The citizens of this country have a right to know this. Isn’t it? 468. Muslims in India protest against the visit of US President George Bush to India. But they hail the visit of Musharraf, a dictator. Muslims in Malegaon, Maharashtra, hail Osama Bin Laden, as their model. What is the message they are sending out to peace loving Indians? 469. Muslims in India demand special privileges. There are nearly 57 Islamic countries. Why can’t they (Indian Muslims) raise their voice and demand at least equal rights for their Hindu brethren living in these Islamic countries? Has any Mullah, Maulvi or Muslim leader raised his voice for human rights for Hindus and Christians living in Pakistan and Bangladesh? 470. When Pramod Mahajan’s funeral pyre was being lit by his son, Rahul, he was wearing a Jeans pant and a shirt with a waistbelt. No one present - K.S. Sudarshan Ji, Vajpayee, Advani, Rajnath Singh, etc. - advised Rahul not to discard our culture. Whither Hindu culture? Remember the proverb - All that evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing! 471. If pro is opposite of con, don’t you think that Progress is opposite of Congress? Yes, the nearly 50 years of congress rule with Nehruvian secularism has retarded the progress of India. 472. In June 2006, while releasing his film in Pakistan, Feroz Khan said ‘We have a Muslim President and a Sikh Prime Minister in India, but in Pakistan Muslims kill Muslims’. Reacting, Mahesh Bhatt said: ‘we are all extremely shocked ...’. Why facts should shock Mahesh Bhatt? Does he want Feroz to tell lies and half-truths, as he (Mahesh) is doing? 473. The film "Da Vinci Code" has been banned in Meghalaya, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, allegedly because the sentiments of Christians will be hurt. How is it that the sentiments of Christians in Christian countries, where the film is released, have not been hurt. Over-acting by Indian governments? 474. The body of a 70-year old Hindu lady, Radha, was rotting in the mortuary in Lahore as no one was ready to take it for cremation because of the absence of a shamshaan ghat (June 2006). At the time of partition, there were 11 cremation centres in Lahore. What happened to those shamshaan ghats? Have they also vanished along with Hindus? Can you understand the pathetic conditions of Hindus in Pakistan and compare it with the preferential treatment meted out to Muslims in India?

475. Pakistan has demolished the only temple in Lahore - the Krishna Mandir, to pave the way for construction of a multi-storey commercial building. Still we take confidence building measures with Pak. We know what happened when an unused old structure at the Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya built by invader Babar was demolished, so as to rebuild the Ramjanmabhoomi. 476. Muslims in Bangladesh wants the Dhakeswari temple situated at the heart of Dhaka shifted somewhere else. Dhaka takes its name from this 12th century temple and it is from this temple that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rehman gave his clarion call to liberate Bangladesh from Pakistan. And India liberated Bangladesh form the suppression of Pakistan. Can you find a thankless people like Bangladeshis? 477. Al Qaida terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was killed in a US air strike in Iraq in July 2006, was allegedly certified as a resident of Lucknow. UP Chief Secretary, NC Bajpai, has ordered an enquiry to find out how the al-Qaida Iraq unit chief was issued a domicile certificate by the Lucknow district administration. Is it only the tip of an iceberg? 478. In her affidavit before the EC, Sonia has said she does not have a car and possesses a cash deposit of only Rs.20,000/(June 2006). But she lives in a bunglow worth about 100 crores. The question is why should India sustain her and her family, and waste tax-payers’ money. Does she deserve it, considering her (dis)qualifications and (in)experience? What are her contributions to India? 479. When China was supplying nuclear and satellite technology to Pakistan, Prakash Karat and his CPM were quiet. However, when India launched Israeli satellite TecStar, to spy on Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, they are questioning the govt. Are they not trying to please their masters abroad, and appease Muslims as well? 480. The common man in India cares two hoots about Pakistan, its society and government. But the elitist TV channels are humming and hawing over elections there. But not a single channel has thought it fit to devote even one minute to that cursed section - the Hindus. Nor do they ‘investigate’ as to how the 24% Hindus have vanished into thin air. 481. Belgium Govt. honouring Sonia with The Order of Leopold is OK with the UPA Govt. But the French Govt. honouring Taslima Nasreen with an Award is unacceptable to UPA. UPA advised the French Govt. not to honour Taslima. What a double standard! 482. The dredging contract for the Sethusamudram Project is awarded to a Mauritius Co. called "TRB Selvam & Co". This company in turn has ‘subcontracted’ the same to the Dredging Corporation of India, a Govt. undertaking. TRB Selvem & Co. is owned by TRB Selvam, son of TR Baalu, the Union Minister of Shipping,

which is implementing the project. Have you understood the connections? You now know why Baalu is adamant in implementing SSCP. 483. Exactly as in Pakistan, in J&K too Hindu temples are being sold in an illegal way. The Kashmiri Pandit Sangarsh Samiti has filed a PIL in the Supreme Court, to save a Shiva temple opposite the Metrological Department in Jammu, said to be around 1,200 years old and worth Rs.300 crores, being sold to an influential Muslim family under pressure from govt. officials. The national media is not interested in the story while the local Muslim-majority media does not care. 484. An Egyptian court has declared today (Jan. 30, 2008) that a Muslim is not allowed to change his religion, making mockery of the Quaranic verse ‘No compulsion in religion’ (2:256) . The verdict came when a Muslim converted to Christianity and requested to change his name and his religion from Muslim to Christianity on his national identity card. 485. The UPA Govt. has decided to provide a relief package to the dependents of terrorists. Don’t you think that this amounts to the govt. rewarding the terrorists for killing our brave soldiers? - especially when many of the bereaved soldiers’ families have still not received the compensation promised to them. 486. Nazia Tabassum, a history (honours) student from Maulana Azad College who shot to limelight after her election to Joint Secretary’s post of the Ranchi Univesity Students’ Union in Dec. 2007, now fears for her life, at the hands of the Anjuman Islamia. They have threatened her with dire consequences for encroaching into a male bastion. Why are our Rights Activists silent? 487. DGS Dhinakaran, the founder of ‘Jesus Calls’ died in Chennai on 20.2.2008, after prolonged illness having admitted in a hospital. He used to hold ‘Faith Healing Meetings’ and converted thousands of Hindus to Christianity. His son, Paul Dhinakaran, too does so. Why could he not be cured by ‘Faith Healing’? Is it not a fraud? 488. Who is Teesta Setalvad? What is her locus standi? ... If she is representing these persons (Godhra accused) we do not want to hear them ... Is she a spokesperson of these persons or petitioners?" remarked the Supreme Court Bench comprising Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan and others (Feb. 18, 2008). This is after reading her article "Shame, shame: a travesty of justice" in newspapers. Does she need any more certificate? 489. If Hindutva were a dirty word for the DMK or the JD(U), how did they tolerate the Shiv Sena in the NDA. This only proved that all partners overlook their ideology and join together to share Ministries. Isn’t it?

490. CPM cadres who were denied jobs in local factories ransacked CPM party office, beat up leaders and later locked them up in a shop in the Sagarbhanga area (Durgapur, Feb. 18, 2008). Pornographic CDs, condoms and liquor bottles were seized from the CPM Office. Have you heard of such an incident in any other party? 491. Our I&B minister Priya Rajan Das Munshi said that Taslima must apologise for hurting the sentiments of Muslims. Did he ask MF Hussain to seek an apology from Hindus for hurting Hindu sentiments? Did he ask his government to seek an apology from Hindus for denying Ram and Ramayana? These hypocrites have dual tongues. Isn’t it? 492. NDTV canvassed support for awarding Bharat Ratna for porno artist and pervert MF Hussain, who drew obscene pictures of Hindu Deities and Bharat Mata. Bharat Ratna for a porno artist who caricatured Bharat Mata in nude! A well deserved reward, according to NDTV, isn’t it? 493. DMK Chief M. Karunanidhi called upon party workers (in Dec. 2007) to immediately launch a propaganda in support of breaking Ram Sethu and to counter the campaign launched by the Ramasethu Protection Movement. But nothing happened. When he enquired, he realised that many of DMK youths were seen in blue and black dothis, the teltale sign of a Sabarimalai Iyappa devotee. That explains it. 494. Media ‘intellectual’ Karan Thapar desired for the ‘sudden removal’ of Narendra Modi (Article in HT of 29th Dec. 2007). If this is not a voicing of his wish that Modi be assassinated, what it is? He sounds like a Taliban criminal, not like a journalist at all. Has the media itself now become a mouthpiece for terror and against the rule of democracy? 495. The words "Satyameva Jayate" written below the National Emblem have been removed from many Govt. stationeries. A NRI has pointed out 400 such instances where these words have been deleted. Is this because, the UPA Govt. does not believe in these words which mean truth alone triumphs? 496. When Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, a selfless Hindu seer working in Kandhamal (Orissa) was attacked and injured by Christians, media blacked out the news. When Hindus retaliated by burning a few Churches, the media took note of the incident. Yes, the media reports only when minorities are attacked. When Hindus are at the receiving end, it is against Secular Dharm to report it. 497. When churches in Kandhamal were attacked by Hindus and the media was forced to report the incident, NDTV reported the news with a picture of a burning cross. The anchor said "the vehicle of Swami Lakshmanananda was attacked" but did not mention who attacked it. The report contained all lies and

half-truths. One is surprised whether it is a news programme or a propaganda film paid for by missionaries! 498. A Muslim friend of mine says: "My Maulana has told us that being a democracy, we can turn India into a Muslim country purely on the basis of votes. And we will. Perhaps not today. But someday, our children will rule, for sure. Nothing can stop us." How true it is. 499. The Congress was defeated very badly in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections held in Dec. 2007. Leave alone Congressmen, not one newspaper was willing to blame the Gandhi family’s leadership for the Congress debacle. Can you just guess why? 500. There are 46 Muslim dominated seats in Gujarat. BJP won 35 of these. Of these, there are 4 seats where there is a total Muslim majority and it is they who decide the election, and all these 4 seats were won by BJP. Strange facts, isn’t it? 501. CPM goons are murdering their opponents - Congress, Trinmool Congress, BJP and RSS workers - every where - Sangrur and Nandigram in West Bengal and Kannur in Kerala. They rig elections and win again and again. They take orders from their Chinese masters who claim our Arunachal Pradesh. Do you think that such an anti-national party should be allowed in our country? 502. Black Muslims are not accepted as Muslims and are not permitted to perform the Haj, because they consider their founder Elijah Mohammed equal to the founder of Islam. It is similar to the treatment meted out to Ahmedias and Aga Khan Ismailis. Is this their brotherhood? 503. Communists are advocating maximum autonomy for the Muslimmajority Kashmir, but none whatsoever to the Buddhist Tibet. While Kashmiris and Indians are of the same race, Tibetans are different from the Hanrace of Chinese, besides being of a different religion. Tibet had been independent for thousands of years, whereas J&K (as also Pak and Bangladesh) was with India. 504. Why do our Communists go on taking up the cause of Palestinian refuges and their right to go to Israel while they are deadly silent about the plight of our own Kashmiri Pandits who had been ethnically cleansed by the Muslim majority in Kashmir. Is it because the Palestinians are Muslims and the Kashmiri Pandits are Hindus? 505. Why is it that in no Muslim-ruled country, there is a Communist party. Same way, why there is no Muslim party (like the Indian Union Muslim League in India) in communist ruled countries. That shows their ‘good’ relations. 506. The great Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz went to Pakistan at the time of its creation to lead the Communist Party there but had fled that country to India. Still in India, Communists and Muslims are having honeymoon. Is it not strange?

507. Communists in India are very fond of the word minorities Minority Commission, Minority Educational Institutions, Minority Finance Institutions, Minority Ministry, etc - a cover word for Muslims. But in all Communist countries, such as China, Cuba, Vietnam, etc. and also in Pakistan and Bangladesh, there is no such thing as minority. Will Indian Communists raise their voice for minorities in these countries? 508. Although the Communist Party and RSS (from which the Jansangh and BJP draw their inspiration) were founded at about the same time, the communist vote in this country never exceeded 8% and that too most of it only in Bengal and Kerala while the BJP has its vote share of about 24% and is in good strength in every state. Don’t you think that Indians have rejected or marginalised Communists? 509. Darul Uloom in Deoband has lashed out at the UPA Government for its anti-Minority policies, although all the govt. policies are heavily loaded in favour of Muslims. And they want us to believe them! Are we fools? 510. When Narendra Modi walked out of a TV interview, a lot of hue and cry was made by the media which tried to demonise him. But when P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister, walked out of a Live TV chat with CNN-IBN, not even a murmur was made. Is it because the Channel did not want to rub the finance minister because of its pending proposals before the FM? Double-standards or self-interest? 511. In Eraiyur village, near Ullundurpettai, TN, two groups of Christians - Vanniars and Dalits - fought over a Church. Dalits claimed that they are discriminated against, and are not allowed to pray with Vanniars. Clashes broke out, leading to police firing and death of two Vanniars. And Christians claim that there is no casteism in Christianity! 512. On December 9, 2007, a few RSS workers led a group of 16 Harijan youths into the famous Chidambaram Nataraja temple without any fanfare, but in utter devotion. The temple Dixitars applied Vibhuti on the foreheads of all devotees, and gave them sweet pongal as prasadam. The thrilled Harijan youths were then treated to a sumptuous meal at the residence of a businessman (a Swayamsevak) in the town. It is at this temple that Dhravida Kazhakam thugs wanted to create rift between Hindus, sometime back. 513. BJP leader Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi was invited by the Kolkata Press Club to attend a Saraswati puja (March 2008). But when he as the HRD Minister had presided over a programme at Vigyan Bhavan where there was a short invocation to the goddess Saraswati, there was an uproar in Bengal. The Left Front had protested, claiming it was against our secular tradition!

514. Indian Muslim youths in Malaysia want them to be know as Malays and not Indians, because all their rituals conform to Malay (Muslim) customs. But Hindu youths in Malaysia want them to be known as Hindus of Indian origin. Can you understand the consequences of conversion? 515. CM of TN, M. Karunanidhi, has passed orders to open the doors for all Hindu castes to become archakas in Hindu temples. Fine. Will he pass similar orders for women being appointed as Bishops and women priests for conducting Masses? Will he pass orders for Muslim women to conduct Namaaz? Why this gender discrimination in Islam and Christianity? 516. The Vatican has ruled out all forms of feminist theology of the liturgy in Catholicism, saying that God must always be recognised as "Our Father". Some ‘secular’ women lawyers went to court demanding rights for women to go to Sabarimalai. Will they take up the matter of women’s right with Vatican also? 517. In Hinduism, there are temples meant only for Males. Similarly, there are temples meant only for Women. But there are Gods and Goddesses. There is ‘Arthanareeswar’ too. Where is the question of gender discrimination in Hinduism. Don’t you think that in the name of alleged gender discrimination, Communists and ‘Secularists’ are trying to divide Hindu society? 518. Two of India’s legendary journalist editors are being humiliated - MV Kamath was forced to resign from the Chairmanship of Prasar Bharati and MJ Akbar was forced to resign from the editorship of Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle. Their telling the truth has hurt the UPA. And yet all editors-journalist don’t seem to be interested in reporting the matter. 519. Thailand and Cambodia have agreed to lay aside a centurylong dispute over a temple complex on their border, and want to go for United Nations World Heritage status for the site (the temple complex has one entrance in each country). Both the countries want to save the age-old temple, forgetting their border dispute. But in our country, the UPA is bent upon demolishing an ancient bridge and a national monument - Ram Sethu. What a paradox! 520. Our Muslims declare that no one should touch Islamic Tests. But Turkey has commissioned a team of theologians to revise Koran and Hadith. It says that a significant number of the sayings were never uttered by Muhammed, and even some need now to be reinterpreted. It even says that some of the sayings have been invented hundreds of years after the prophet died. 521. UPA Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Panabaka Lakshmi says that a cow urine distillate has been found to enhance the activity of anti-cancer drug Taxol. They have now ‘discovered’ this, when Hindus are saying this for many decades. Then why doesn’t the government save cows by banning cow slaughter?

522. The Mahashtra Govt. has not taken any action to demolish the unauthorised structure on Mughal general Afzal Khan’s tomb at Pratapgarh, as directed by the court. Once a thatched roof, the tomb has been gradually transformed into an impressive structure with 23 posh rooms. So, in this Hindu land, you can not build a temple at the Ramjanmabhoomi, but an Afzal Khan’s tomb, yes. 523. The so called Special Rapporteur, Asma Jehangir, from the UN (a Pak Human Right Activist), after her 18 days tour of India, says: ‘the atmosphere in Gujarat is still oppressive for Muslims’, ‘no communal tension in Kerala’, ‘Christians are targetted in India’, etc. But not a word about Kashmir Pandits, and Hindu refugees in Gujarat. What type of Human Rights Activist is she - considering the pathetic conditions of Hindus and Christians in Pak and Bangladesh? 524. 60 years after fleeing from Pakistan and settling in J&K, over 50,000 Hindu families are still widely seen as "outsiders". They vote in Parliamentary elections, but not in Assembly elections. Since they do not have ‘place of birth’ and ‘permanent resident’ certificates, a basic document in J&K, they are denied all opportunities - jobs, admission in schools, professional institutions, etc. Our UPA govt. which provides special privileges to Muslims all over India, never bothers about the basic and minimal requirements of these Hindus in J&K. 525. Are you aware that every time ISRO launched a satellite, the scientists from ISRO’s Master Control Facility (MCF) in Hassan would present a replica at the Lord Manjunatheshwara Temple at Dharmasthala, and take back the prasadam. The practice, started over 20 years ago, is due to the "intense belief" of a few scientists. 526. Jaipur chief judicial magistrate, Dinesh Gupta, ordered the arrest of Hollywood star Richard Gere for a public act of kissing Shilpa Shetty at an AIDS awareness show. Many of our ‘secularists’, who otherwise shout at the top of their voice that law should take its own course, were accusing the judge of wasting courts’ valuable time by taking up this trivial matter. AIDS awareness by kissing! Yes it is a trivial matter for them. 527. Afghanistan’s Parliament has recently passed a resolution seeking to bar TV programmes from showing dancing and other practices, because they are considered un-Islamic. Our Hindi programmes are a favourite among Afghans. The Afghan TV channels often blur images of statues of Hindu gods in the Indian serials and even the uncovered necks and shoulders of actresses. 528. DMK CM, M.Karunanidhi, and the Dharavidar Kazhakam thugs want all temples in TN to use Tamil mantras and slokhas, instead of Sanskrit. In the same breadth, will they ask Muslims and Christians too to pray in Tamil. If they so much love Tamil

culture, what do they do to stop the spread of Arabic and Christian culture in TN? 529. When a cricket team performs badly, there is a chorus for the change of the captain. When a party performs poorly in an election, there is a demand for the resignation of leader. But nothing of that sort happens in Congress. When the party was routed in UP, Gujarat and Himachal Elections, no Congressman ever thinks of change in the leadership. Why? 530. When King Birendra was on the throne in Nepal, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi visited Kathmandu along with Sonia Gandhi. At the meeting, Sonia pounced on King Birendra and demanded the release of 90 foreign missionaries who had been arrested for conversion activities in the country. Do you understand her motives? 531. Sonia Gandhi’s commitment to the evangelical agenda can be seen in the UPA govt.’s decision to award Ms. Gladys Staines with the Padma Shri last year. What is the contribution of Gladys Staines to India that deserves her Padma Shri? Yes, it is futile to raise this question, when we do not even know the contribution of Sonia to India! 532. In 1947 there were no Christians in Tripura, and now there are 120,000 Christians, with a 90% increase since 1991. In 1961 Arunachal Pradesh had only 1710 Christians, while today they are 1.2 million with 780 churches. The situation in Nagaland is no different. And they demand a Christisthan! 533. New Delhi is going all out to ensure travel documents to Pakistani nationals wishing to visit Jammu & Kashmir. But not a single Kashmiri Hindu has received travel documents to visit the sacred Sharada Peeth in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, despite thousands of applications for permission. What does that indicate? 534. Pakistani nationals who entered India on tourist visas to watch cricket matches (for example, at Mohali, Punjab) or visit Sufi shrines, have simply vanished. They have melted into India. Have you ever heard of (leave alone Hindus) Muslims going to Pakistan and melting into Pak society? What is the moral story of this vanishing trick? 535. In J&K, while the 0.5 million-strong Hindu population has been reduced to just 6,000, the Christian population has seen a startling growth, from just 650 in the 1981 census to around 13,000 at present, all of which is on account of conversion of Muslims. When Muslims are specially privileged, what makes them convert to Christianity? Sonia Gandhi’s abiding commitment to the West’s agenda? 536. Rahul Gandhi claimed that his father (Rajiv Gandhi) told his mother (Sonia Gandhi) that he would have stood in front of the Babri Masjid to stop its demolition. Babri structure was

demolished on 6th Dec. 1992. But Rajiv was killed in 1991. How could Rajiv have told this? Is not Rahul boasting like a brat? Will Rahul answer why Rajiv did not prevent the massacre of 3,000 sikhs in 1984? 537. A two-metre tall statue of Shiva Nataraja is installed at the entrance to CERN, the Eurupean Center for Research in Particle Physics in Geneva. A plaque next to the statue explains the significance of the metaphor of Shiva’s cosmic dance. When the western world is trying to study and understand the science in Hinduism, our Government is trying to belittle Hinduism. 538. Can you point out a single country in the world where antinationals and terrorists like Madani, Mohammed Afzal, Sohrabbudin, Sahabuddin, etc. are favoured, but policemen and nationalists like IG Vanzara (who killed Sohrabbudin in an encounter) are being harassed? Yes, India. 539. Can you point out a single country in the world where terrorist and anti-national organisations like SIMI, NDF, Muslim League, etc. are defended and nationalist organisations like RSS, VHP, etc. are despised, by a section of the people who claim to be ‘secularists’ and ‘intellectuals’? Yes, India. 540. Can you show me a single country which gives incentive for promoting a foreign language and culture, but refuse to promote its own language and culture? Yes, India. UPA govt. at the Centre and the Kerala government are doing so! They do everything to promote Arabic language and Arab Tribal culture, but neglect Sanskrit and Hindu culture. 541. The Sachar Committee report says that Indian jails are mostly populated by Muslim convicts. Had the Muslim criminals been tried with Islamic criminal law, probably crime among them would have come down. Will Muslims (who clamour for separate civil laws as per Shriat) demand criminal laws too, as per Shariat? 542. 12 insurgents were arrested from the official residence of three Congress MLAs (W. Brajabidhu Singh, K. Meghachandra Singh and Bijoy Koijam) and one former MLA (Sova Kiran) in Imphal, Manipur (Aug. 17, 2007). Arms and ammunitions in large quantity were recovered from the MLA’s houses. Is Congress giving asylum to secessionists? 543. Congress President Sonia Gandhi, through her obliging PM, appoints Navin Chawla as Election Commissioner, in spite of protest by 205 MPs. The EC, in turn, avoids any comments on Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin before the Supreme Court. Moral of the story: An Election Commissioner in need is a Saviour indeed! (Aug. 2007). 544. Abdul Nasser Madhani masterminded the Coimbatore bomb blast, where among others a 15-year old Hindu boy was killed. As a compensation, the boy’s father was given a job in a

government hospital as attendant, and was ordered to look after Madhani, the killer of his son! Can you imagine the predicament of this poor father? Still he took care of the killer of his son very well. (Madhani admitted having arranged for the explosives). Strange administration, isn’t it? 545. When Kalakshetra Foundation in Chennai was criticised by Hindu Voice for its anti-Hindu activities, NDTV in its report of 01.08.2008 termed KF as a ‘soft’ target. Now if KF is ‘soft’ target what is ‘hard’ target? Is the NDTV using the language of terrorists? Or are they trying to ‘invent’ Hindu terrorism? 546. Kalakshetra Foundation Director, Leela Samson, and NDTV say that Bharathnatyam is an art and not a religion. How can you say that a dance dedicated to Lord Shiva is not related to Hinduism? Are they not detaching Bharathanatyam from its Hindu roots? Is this not a conspiracy to steel our Intellectual Property? 547. Leela Samson refused to send her team of students to perform at the grand finale of Sri Sri Ravishankar (Art of Living) in Dec. 2006, saying AOL’s function ‘is concerned with Hindu religion’. But she did perform, along with her students, at the Papal Mass in India on 7th Nov. 1999 in front of Pope. So, for people like Leela Samson and NDTV, Pope is secular and Sri Sri is communal! 548. Muslims were ruling India for many centuries, before British arrived? Yet, no university worth the name came into being, like Oxford and Cambridge. AMU, the Osmania and JMI were established after the British rule began. Does this not prove that the community has been averse to modern education? 549. Moghul Kings were ruling India for many centuries. But not one of them went to Haj on pilgrimage. The reason is not far to seek. In those days, it would have taken about 6 months to go and come back, during which time his throne may be usurped by his son, brother, relative or someone else. 550. Fitr is just distortion of sanskrit pitr. During this period Hindus observe shraddh paksh for pitr or forefathers, while Muslims observe Ramzan, which is copy of shraddh paksh. They also do charity and visit graves of their forefathers to pray to them for succour. The sanskrit word 'id' means prayers or puja. So idulfitr means prayers for pitr. Ramzan is from ramadan, which is ramah daan or charity for the lord. 551. An NGO, AGNI, filed a Writ petition in the Mumbai High Court to punish the BJP and the Shivasena with a fine of Rs 20 lakhs each for declaring a Bandh in protest against the bomb blasts in Ghatkopar and Mulund in Mumbai. But when Karunanidhi called for Bandh against Supreme Court’s verdict against reservation for OBCs, neither AGNI nor any other ‘concerned citizen’ went to the court.

552. Teesta Setalvad and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt had written to Congress President Sonia Gandhi requesting her not to replace Vilasrao Deshmukh as chief minister because doing so could hurt implementation of the riot panel's report. Have they become Congress party members? Otherwise, what business these worthies have with the internal affairs of Congress party. 553. NASA astronaut Sunita Williams said in Ahmedabad (28th Sept. 2007) "When I landed up in Naval academy I had to adjust to military discipline. The RSS culture of discipline in our family came in handy for me at that stage since my father had been associated with the RSS." When Congressmen and our ‘secularists’ blame RSS for anything and everything, here is a lady telling the truth, boldly and frankly. Definitely she would not lie. 554. Kashmir's Grand Mufti Bashir-ud-Din, asked (October. 2007) Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad to undertake penance for his utterances asking people to adopt Gandhian philosophy for worldly success, otherwise his act would be considered un-Islamic. Is praising Mahatma Gandhi un-Islamic? What our ‘Gandhian’ congressmen have to say? 555. Do you know that the "Expert Committee" appointed by the UPA Govt. to study the Sethusamudram Project breaking Ram Sethu had no expert on it from Marine Archeology, Merchant Navy, Coast Guard, Indian Navy, Environment, Ecology, Marine life, Geology & Tsunami. Is it supposed to give a command performance? 556. Sri Krishna 'was loose in morals, having married 16,000 Gopikas', say Christian Missionaries. There are more than a million nuns who assert that they are married to Jesus Christ. (They take an oath when they are ordained as a nun that 'she is married to Jesus Christ'). Just think, between the two Krishna and the nun - who are loose characters. 557. Thailand International airport is named "Swarnabhumi Airport". At the entrance, there is a huge multi-color mural of the famous Hindu mythological depiction of Samudra Manthan (the celestial churning of ocean). Can we imagine depiction of similar inspiring incidents taken from our Hindu culture in our airports? Nope. 558. As many as 63 Christian priests in Kerala alone face criminal charges - for murder, attempt to murder, rape, molestation, assault, abduction, theft, break-in, cheating etc. - as per information obtained under RTI act (Oct. 2007). Just compare the ratio of criminals among Hindu and Christian priests. 559. The Chinese government has invited the Swaminarayan Trust that runs the Akshardham temples in Noida and in Gandhinagar, to build a similar temple in Fohsan state in China. Why do the communists in India oppose Ram Temple at the Ramjanmabhoomi? Why do they want to break Ram Sethu? Why do they despise Hindus and Hinduism?

560. ‘Cremation is much more hygienic compared to burial’ says a Father in Chennai. In Kolkata, many Christians prefer cremation to burial. In USA too many Christians opt for cremation. According to an estimate, the number of Christians in the US opting for cremation would touch 40% by 2010. Yes, observing even the Hindu way of death! 561. For the congress and communists, BJP freeing 3 terrorists to save 100 Indian hostages is shameful. But freeing 4 militants to save just a life of one daughter of its minister in Kashmir (Rubina Sayed) is a natural political dilemma. What a double-standard? 562. For the Congress and communists, if BJP starts yoga in schools in Rajasthan, Gujarat etc. it is communal, but if congress-ruled states do so, then it becomes physical education. 563. Around 4,000 Muslims in Wadala, Mumbai, attacked the police, apparently to prevent them from taking away one of the residents for questioning in a molestation case (October 2007). Have you ever heard of Hindus attacking police for performing their duty? What makes Muslims support criminals? 564. Since its inception, Tehelka (notorious for "Operation Kalank" against Narendra Modi) had gone bankrupt thrice. Although the printing (of Oct. 2007 issue) would be around Rs.50/- per copy, the price of the magazine is Rs.10/- only. One wonders how Tehelka, with no advertisement revenue, has the wherewithal to do such a large sting operation. Probably the people working there live on air and water! 565. Tehelka had not conducted any sting operation in respect of Sikh massacre, massacre and ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir, the numerous bomb blasts, the Bofors, Vockers, infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims, etc. Don’t you smell a Congress rat in the notorious "Operation Kalank" against Narendra Modi? 566. When the news about the riots in Ahmedabad was being broadcast (Feb. 2002), NDTV showed a person plying a cycle rickshaw being attacked by a Bajrang Dal worker. When there is no cycle rickshaw in Ahmedabad, how did NDTV get this footage? Is it not ‘manufactured’ to add fuel to the fire? What could be NDTV’s motives? 567. ‘Secularists’ say that the Military arrived in Ahmedabad on 28th and it was deployed by Modi only on the 1st, that is after 3 days. But what they hide is that it was February 28th (2002) and the next day was 1st March. That means, there was no delay in deploying the Military by the Modi government. Do you understand how they fool you? 568. Ram Vilas Paswan & Lalu Prasad Yadav took a look-alike of Osama bin Laden for campaigning in Bihar Election meetings. Paswan wanted a Muslim to become the CM of Bihar. Lalu was caught in the act of publicly distributing money to voters

during Bihar elections. Why was no action initiated against Paswan and Lalu by the Election Commission? 569. Where was our secular gang when Haji Yaquib, a minister in Mulayam Yadav’s govt. in UP, made a public appeal to severe the head of the Cartoonist in Denmark and promised to pay the would-be murderer a sum of Rs.50 crore? Why was no action taken against him for instigating murder? 570. Do you know that Good Friday is not a Holiday in America which is a predominantly Christian country? But in Bharat with roughly two and half percent of Christians it is a Public Holiday. Is it because of our appeasement policy? 571. NDA announced to set up AIIMS in six States, which included four states ruled by Congress. But the UPA never bothered to add a single brick to the proposed AIIMS in MP, Rajasthan, Orissa, Bihar and Uttarakhand during the four years of its rule at the centre, just because all are ruled by NDA. Look at their partiality! 572. In May 2004, an old man called Muhammad Zafer Yaqub Hassan al Jorani came from Sharjah to Hyderabad, for cataract operation. On May 7, he married 19-year old Haseena Begum, and after two days he divorced her. On May 24, he married another 16 year old girl Ruksana Begum. He divorced Ruksana too and married a third one. (Jorani, at his Sharjah residence, had two wives and 11 children). And this is an accepted Islamic practice. 573. Three Gandhis - Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi - have been killed by bullets. Still, the Congress has not learnt any lesson on terrorism? They refuse to hang Parliament bomb-blast mastermind, Mohamed Afzal! They continue to treat terrorists with kind gloves! 574. The CPM is in a killing spree - Sangrur and Nandigram in WB and Kannur in Kerala. They have massacred, apart from RSS and BJP workers, many Congressmen too in Kerala. But the Congress is turning a blind eye, just because it wants to cling to power at the centre. Making scapegoat of workers for enjoying power! 575. Is the Congress aware of the CPI’s role during the Quit India Movement? Peoples’ War, the then united Communist Party’s organ ridiculed the Quit India resolution and denigrated the clarion call issued by the Mahatma to ‘Do or Die’. The paper damned the Congress as a fascist organisation. And now they are having a honeymoon. 576. During 1942 the Communists were more loyal to the British than the King of England. They heaped insults on Gandhiji, Subhas Chandra Bose and Jayaprakash Narayan, ran down the Quit India Movement as an indication of bankruptcy of ideas and sided with China in the Sino-Indian conflict in 1962. And today, they are indirectly running the govt. at the centre

577. To curry favour with the British, CPI leader P.C.Joshi submitted to the government a 120-page report on how the communists have been disrupting the Quit India Movement. He claimed that he was doing a better job of stemming the Quit India Movement than the British government itself! Have they changed a bit? 578. In 1960s, the Communists were dominating Mumbai. It was the Shiv Sena which paid them back in their own coin and kicked them out of Mumbai. Today, Mumbai is free from Communists. Don’t you think that Communists understand only the language of stick, and they are unfit to be treated kindly? 579. During the brief China-India War in 1962, CPM declared Chairman Mao as its own chairman and it gave both overt and covert support to him. Even today, they do not admit that China was the aggressor. It is this party that is presently running the government sitting at the back seat, holding the nation to ransom. 580. In 1835, when Muslims in Calcutta (Kolkata) came to know that the British government intended to start English teaching in all schools, 8,000 maulvis signed a petition to stop it, on the grounds that learning in English would undermine Islam. Almost fifty years later, in 1882, among 705 students appearing for bachelors’ and 235 licentiate examinations Muslims numbered eight and five respectively. There was not a single Muslim graduate either in engineering and medicine. In MA courses there were 5 Muslims out of 326 and in BA there were 30 out of 1,343. 581. Contrast the above fact with what Hindus decided. When, in 1824, the government planned to start a Sanskrit College in Calcutta, Hindu citizens, under the leadership of Raja Rammohan Roy demanded that instead of a Sanskrit College, they preferred an English college. Today, England wants Indian teachers to teach English to English children. Poor Macaulay must be turning in his grave. 582. Indonesia is a Muslim majority country, but is proud of its Hindu past? They proudly say that "Indonesians are Hindu in culture, Muslim in religion and Indonesian in nationality’. Their airline is called Garuda Airlines. On their currency, they have the figure of Ganesha. Will Indian Muslims be proud of their Hindu past? 583. Kerala Police busted a Terrorist recruitment camp in Panayikulam in Aluva and arrested 18 Muslim youth (April 2008). They seized hate literature and CD’s. Subsequently, the Police conducted raids in many centres and arrested many SIMI activists. Finally, the Jihadi-friendly government termed the operation as Police highhandedness over the religious rights of Muslims! Is this the way to contain terrorism? 584. There are many Communist Christians in Kerala, who have become even ministers. But Bishop Jose Porunnedam of Manathavadi Diocese has declared that a true Christian cannot be a communist. He has warned that "it is better for them to

keep off from the church rather than believing in Mao and Christ at a time". What our Christian communists will do now? 585. Gone are the days when we were dependent on British investments in India. It has now become the turn of India to invest in UK. Today, India is the second largest investors in UK, next only to USA. 586. The CPM has been raising concern against the violation of socalled human rights in Kashmir, but as regards Tibet, Prakash Karat is fuming that "national sovereignty cannot be breached in the name of human rights". The CPM does not mind raising the bogey of ‘self-determination’ for Kashmiris. For Tibet, selfdetermination my foot. Karat is speaking in His Master’s voice - China. 587. In Pakistan, a Hindu boy, Jugdesh, 22, was beaten to death by his co-worker, for passing blasphemous remarks about Mohammed (in April 2008). Have you ever heard of a Hindu attacking his colleague for blasphemous remarks on Hindu Gods and Goddess (remember MF Husain?). Why is this murderous instinct? 588. On 4.03.2007, when Hindus were celebrating Holi in the house of Mrs. Kajal Haldar of Sarberia village, Dist 24 Parganas (N), WB, suddenly a mob of about 50 Muslims of CPM, led by Shajahan Akunj, attacked the house, without any provocation. After attacking, they issued a warning to all local doctors not to provide any treatment to the victims. Don’t you think that your village may be next? 589. The Congress Govt. in Himachal Pradesh has enacted an anticonversion law (March 2007), saying that such a law is needed to sustain communal harmony. But the same Congress opposes similar laws passed by Gujarat, Rajasthan and MP governments. Is it because these states are ruled by BJP? 590. Christian Missionaries and Bishops have requested Sonia to dismiss the HP CM because the state has passed an anticonversion law. Don’t you think that under Sonia, the Congress party is being identified with Christianity? 591. The Centre has repealed POTA. But Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh (the Congress ruled states) have enacted similar laws to deal with terrorism. But when Gujarat and Rajasthan assemblies (the BJP ruled states), passed similar laws, the Governors refused to sign them. Partiality, thy name is UPA! 592. When the MP government introduced Yoga classes, the congress and the left were more vocal in opposing it. But the Standing Committee of the HRD Ministry, with CPM and Congress members, has recommended that Yoga should be made mandatory for all school going children in the country. What is this drama?

593. A Kerala Minister, Elammaram Kareem, himself a Muslim, has warned the parents of Muslims youth to keep an eye on their sons going regularly to ‘Subah’ prayer in Mosque, as they may be coming back home with bombs in their pockets and become NDF terrorists. Do you need any more certificate that Mosques are becoming terrorist training centres? 594. A Nepali citizen, Moni Kumr Subba, has managed to become a Congress MP from Texpur, Assam. He was convicted in Nepal and was imprisoned from 1971 to 1973 there. Now, for close to three decades, he has held several high profile posts in Indian Govt. Is the Congress giving MLA and MP tickets to foreigners? 595. At a demonstration sponsored by the Pakistan American Alliance, which supported AID funded ‘peace’ march by Sandeep Pandey, a placard reading "Allah will destroy the terrorist state of India" was held. Yes, leave alone Pakistanis, even for some of our ‘secularists’ - like Sandeep Pandey, Arundathi Roy, etc. - India is a terrorist state? Do you understand their motives? 596. The Raja of Mahamudabad, Begum Aizaz Rasul, Raja of Pirpur, Maulana Hasrat Mohanti, etc. from UP, Syed Hossain Imam from Bihar, M. Mohd. Ismail from Madras, etc. to name a few of the host of Muslim League leades, have stayed back in India, though they had actively worked for the creation of Pakistan. Why did they stay in a Kafir land, instead of moving to the Darul Islam? 597. Justice Rajender Sachar, Manmohan Singh, Kuldip Nayar as well as Jyoti Basu and Buddhadev Bhattacharji, to mention a few ‘secular’ warriors, have fled from the Islamic state of Pakistan in 1947 to escape massacre or forced conversion. And they all now strive to make the whole of India into Darul Islam! 598. About 40 Muslims rushed to the residence of Mr. Jity Mehta, a BJP leader, in Rajkot (Gujarat) and attacked him with sharpedged weapons (in March 2007). The reason: Mr. Mehta rebuked a Muslim boy for harassing girls in the area. And you hear from our ‘secularists’ that Muslims are not safe in Gujarat! 599. One of the prominent Malayalam dailies in Kerala, a literate state, carried this advt. (in March 2007): "Wanted a Muslim kidney". Now will the Muslims advertise for "Muslim Blood", "Muslim Heart", "Muslim eye", etc? And still they talk of alienation! 600. Crores of Bangladesh Muslims have infiltrated into India and have obtained ration card and become voters. But Taslima Nasreen who has come to India legally is being haunted by fanatic Muslims. Welcome to infiltrators, but no to immigrants! 601. In April 2007, the entire British media highlighted as to how Hindu girls in England are being targetted by Muslims. The British press was widely reporting this issue. But the entire Indian media was silent on this. Is it against their ‘secular’ Dharma to report such news, because Hindus are the victims?

602. When Sushma Swaraj as I&B Minister protested about FTV, the media shouted ‘stop moral policing’. Now Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi bans FTV and the media and other "Rights Activists" are no where to be seen. Why do they pounce on NDA, but become mute for Congress? 603. Many Central Govt. Dept. buildings, Delhi’s high-profile Golf Club, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Central Government Offices Complex around Lodhi Road area, the CBI headquarters, the Oberoi Intercontinental and several important institutions are Waqf properties and are ‘illegally occupied’. These ‘startling facts’ were discussed at a 3-day international seminar, May 810, 1999. (Ref. Islamic Voice, June 1999). Instead of claiming a few State and Central Govt. properties, they should claim the whole of India, and they may get it too! 604. A Book "Islam - A Concept of Political World Invasion by Muslims" authored by Supreme Court Advocate R.V. Bhasin, Mumbai, has been banned and copies confiscated (April 2007). The print and electronic media blacked out the news. Our Rights activists who support MF Hussain, never bothered about the issue. What could be their motives? 605. The Delhi metro route was changed to save Qutub Minar. The Taj corridor scheme was stopped by the Supreme Court on the ground that it would threaten the historic Taj Mahal. Why the same logic is not applied in the case of Ram Sethu. Is it because Ram Sethu is a Hindu monument. 606. The Punjab & Haryana High Court in a historic order delivered in 1993 declared the Brahma Saravor at Kurukshetra as an "Ancient Monument" and a "historic formation". Why can’t the same sense of history, culture and preservation apply in the case of Ram Sethu? 607. The singing of "Vande Utkal Janani", the State song of Orissa, has been opposed and rejected by the Mullahs and Maulvis in Orissa, because it amounts to worshiping Mother Utkal. A fatwa has been issued not to sing the song. Don’t you think that Muslims are always antagonistic and never intend to come to the national mainstream? 608. Pak Tourism Minister Nilofar Bakhtiar has earned the wrath of Islamic clerics at the Red Mosque, for hugging a foreign man. She was helped by a male instructor during a charity parachute jump. They have asked the govt. to ‘punish and sack’ her for this ‘great sin’. Where are our women lib activists? 609. The UPA govt. has given permission for a Saudi Investor, Anees Ikbal, to construct a new ‘film city’ with an investment of Rs.1,000 crores on a 50-acre plot in Kasara, Maharashtra. Why should the Saudis be given the freedom to propagate their tribal culture in India when they deny even human rights to non-Muslims living in their country?

610. None of the 205 members of the United Nations has in their respective constitution provisions where a person of foreign origin can either head a political party or hold any political office. In what way India is different? Have our congressmen become so sycophants? 611. Richard Gladstone who was the British Prime Minister once had announced, holding the copy of Quran in his hand and waving it to all others sitting MPs, that as long as this book exists there can never be peace in this world. Was he a fool? 612. Rajasthan Governor and UPA Presidential candidate, Pratibha Patil said in June 2007 that the purdah (veil) system was introduced in India to protect women from Mughal invaders. Muslim leaders pounced on her saying that she is talking the language of Sangh Parivar. But facts are facts, wherever they come from! 613. Mohammed said to his followers: "if you give up now even 10% of what I say and do today, Islam will be destroyed, but a time will come when if you follow only 10% of what I say and do now, Islam will be saved". Considering these words, he is indeed a prophet. 614. A couple, Mohammed Ishaq and Bismillah, was blessed with the 23rd child. (Nuh, Haryana, June 2007). Interestingly, their three eldest children are married and have children of the same age of their siblings. And the UPA govt. is bestowing upon them special privileges. Whither population control? 615. A Christian ‘peace’ worker KA Paul, settled in US, who has converted thousands of Hindus in AP through his Global Peace Initiative, levelled serious allegations, including threat to his life, against AP CM YSR Reddy, a Christian. This is because he (Paul) did not give him (Reddy) US$5 million for poll expenses as demanded by Reddy in 2005. One fraudster is accusing another! 616. Two Muslim girls in Mumbai - Samina (19) and Zarina (18) have approached the Bombay High Court to seek protection from their neighbours who do not want them to pursue higher studies because it is against Islam. (June 2007). And you say Islam is a progressive religion? 617. Kashmir’s Grand Mufti, Mufti Muhammad Bashir-ud-Din, has issued a fatwa against accepting money or help from the Indian Army in rebuilding mosques and shrines, as it is against Islam. Why can’t he issue a fatwa against Haj subsidy which is paid from Hindu tax-payers’ money and temple funds. 618. Switzerland, a secular country, has banned minarets. ‘The minaret is a symbol of a political and aggressive Islam ... The minute you have minarets it means Islam will have taken over’. Has Switzerland not confirmed that Islam is incompatible with secularism? Why do we not understand?

619. In July 2007, the US Senate, the Upper House, opened with a Vedic mantras (Hindu prayers) by Rajan Zed. Since then, many states in US, have their houses opened with Hindu prayer. Can this ever happen in India, the land of Vedas and Hinduism? 620. Did Edwina, Lord Mountbatten’s wife, influence Nehru’s decision to refer Kashmir to the UN? According to Edwina’s daughter, Pamela, yes. "She (Edwina) and Jawaharlal are so sweet together, they really dote on each other" Pamela wrote in her book. In any other country, such a person would be treated as a traitor. But in India, he is the architect of modern India! 621. On 15th July 2007 night, Shahjahan Shaikh and Matiyar Rahaman Mollah broke open the door of a Nepali Hindu family in Diamond Harbour, WB. They raped the eldest daughter. When the mother went to save her, they raped the mother too. When the mother went to the police station and returned, she found her younger daughter too raped. (Anandabazar Patrika & TOI, 17th July 2007). Raping a Kafirs is pampered in Islam. 622. Our PM and HM proclaim that terrorism has no religion. That is right. Then why did he (PM) talk of "the role of Hindu fundamentalists" when referring to Malegaon Mosque blasts. Like terrorism, fundamentalism too has no religion. Isn’t it? Has he ever said ‘Muslim fundamentalism’? 623. At the award ceremony (in Sept. 2007), Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik said: "I want to thank everyone back home in Pakistan and Muslims all over the world. Thank you very much". The VHP Press Statement said: "We congratulate the team and all citizens for the marvelous victory". Whose statement is provoking and communal, considering that we have Muslims too in our team? 624. The Allahabad High Court observed that "it is the duty of every citizen .... to follow dharma as propounded by the Gita" (Sept. 2007). As a rejoinder, union Law Minister HR Bharadwaj said "every religion has its own Dharma Shastra". Are Islam and Christianity dharms? Is he not aware of the difference between Dharm and Religion? 625. The belief of Hindus in Ram Sethu is questioned by the secularists. Have they ever questioned the belief of Muslims in Hazratbal (hair of Mohammed) Shrine in Srinagar? When they are bold enough to question Hindu beliefs, why are they afraid of questioning other religions’ beliefs. Is this because Hindus are tolerant? 626. If Ram Sethu is merely a series of reefs, why has the UPA govt. named it "Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project"? The very word ‘sethu’ means bridge. Then how can the govt. deny the existence of the bridge? 627. An atheist is equally opposed to all religions. But DMK, DK and Communists are all bhai-bhai when it comes to Christianity

and Islam. They even participate in the Iftar parties and Christian functions. They oppose only Hinduism. Are they not charlatans? 628. In Srinagar, on 6th Sept. 2007, a leopard mauled a Muslim girl to death. When policemen brought the victim to her village of Machipora, they were attacked by the local Muslims. Now, what is the fault of the policemen and why should they be attacked by the followers of the religion of peace? 629. When the UPA govt. is belittling Ram and Ramayana, lessons from Ramayana have formed part of teaching on leadership, management and governance at many Business Schools and IIMs in India and USA (Pioneer News Service, Sept. 2007). That is the speciality of Hinduism - the more you suppress, the greater it bounces back! 630. A Mumbai-based Muslim organisation, Daarul-Ifta-Manjar-eIslam, has issued a fatwa against Salman Khan for attending a Ganesh puja (Sept. 2007), saying Islam prohibits idol worship. And you sing Mazahab nahi sikhaata aapas mey bair karna and all religions are the same. 631. CPM Gen. Secetary Prakash Karat has questioned India’s moral right to condemn the Chinese action on Tibetan insurgents by asking if the Indian Govt would allow a free J&K or a free Nagaland. You can understand their (dis)loyalty to India. And these are the people who are running the government today! Is the nation secure in such hands? 632. In Karachi, Pak, a Hindu factory worker, Jagdish, aged 22, was beaten to death (on 8th April 2008) by his Muslim colleagues, allegedly for criticizing Mohammed. The factory management has banned about 40 Hindu workers. About 2,000 Hindus in that locality fear for their life. Just compare how India treats Muslims and how Pakistan treats Hindus! And still we are accused of intolerance! 633. "Har Har Mahadev", "Jai Shree Ram", "Bharat Mata Ki Jai", etc. are considered ‘threatening’ by Muslims. And an obliging government, asks Hindus not to use such ‘provocative’ slogans. On the same breadth, can Hindu say that "Allah-Oh-Akbar" is a war cry - which in fact is? 634. Rahul Gandhi was the star campaigner in the elections to Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh assemblies. But in all 3 elections, the Congress was routed. Still he is made the General Secretary of the party. What does that indicate? promotion instead of demotion! 635. When the Shiv Sena Chief Balasaheb Thackery made an alleged communal talk in Mumbai a few years ago, he was disenfranchised by the Election Commission for six years. But Karunanidhi, a CM, called Sri Ram a "drunkard". The EC and all our ‘secularists" are silent on this? Is this their secular dharma?

636. When the BJP released a ‘communal’ CD in Lucknow, all the ‘secular’ parties clamoured for its derecognition. But when DMK goons openly declared in TN that BJP, VHP and Hindu Munnani workers will not be allowed to roam in the streets, no one condemned it, leave alone asking for its derecognition. Is it against their secular Dharma? 637. The Supreme Court questioned the worship of Ram Sethu (15th April 2008). The Sun (Surya Devata) located millions of miles away high up in the sky, is regularly worshipped by Hindus. Similarly the Kailash Parvat (Abode of Lord Shiva) is located far far away but is still worshipped by millions from long distance. Then how can the worship of Ram Sethu be questioned by SC, simply because it is situated in sea? 638. There are many underworld criminal gangs. When any member tries to desert the gang, for leading a civilised life, he is immediately declared an apostate and put to death. How can this rule be applied to a religion - Islam? 639. The Supreme Court questioned: "Don't say people go there and worship. Who says it (Ram Sethu) is a place of worship?". In the same breath, will they ask: "Don't say people (Muslims) go there and worship. Who says it (Ramjanmabhoomi) is a place of worship for Muslims?" They wouldn’t. Because hurting Hindu sentiments and assuaging Muslim feelings is secularism. 640. Ref: Serial bomb blast in Jaipur on 13th May 2008. The Home Minister says that the Centre is extending all help to Rajasthan Government. UPA has refused to sign the Rajasthan Control of Organised Crime Bill and also a similar Bill of Gujarat which are pending with the Centre for more than two years. This is definitely not the way of helping a state in fighting terrorism? 641. In India, it is the paternal grandfather who is more important than the maternal grandfather. Then how come for Nehru family, it is only the maternal grandfather who is talked about and not the maternal grandfather. Who are Rajiv Gandhi’s and Rahul Gandhi’s paternal grandfathers? 642. Germany offered to provide to India the data of Indian black money holders in secret bank accounts in Liechtenstein, a small country near Austria. (Ref. TOI, May 21, 2008). But the Finance Ministry and the PM Office did not show any interest. Is it because there will be many skeletons in the cupboard? 643. In Karachi, a 100-yr-old temple is being used as an auto workshop by a Pathan (TOI, 7th May 2008). Can you imagine a Mosque in India being used so? Heaven would have fallen for our ‘secularists’. But they never care about Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh. 644. The HM Shivraj Patil has drawn a parallel between the hangings of Mohammed Afzal and Sarabjit Singh. Are plotting

to blow up our Parliament and straying into Pak territory by mistake similar? Or is he confirming that (a) Sarabjit was indeed a spy and (b) that Afzal will not be hanged. 645. Lalu, Mulayam, Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, BJP President, etc. all own up defeat in elections. Do Sonia or Rahul ever own up defeat? They always look for scapegoat. They rush to accept garlands when there is victory, but run away when defeated! What type of leaders they are! 646. The NDA Government in 2001 rerouted Delhi Metro at cost of 500 crores and delay of 1 year, because of simple complaint from a Muslim NGO that the Metro route can cause cracks to three graves near Qutub Minar! But the UPA Government ignored 35 Lakhs signatures by Rambhakts requesting not to destroy Rama Sethu! 647. Are you aware that in nearly 40 Panchayats in Tamilnadu where Muslims gained majority, they stopped providing civic services such as water, school, garbage cleanup? They served notices in Urdu that they need to convert to get those services. Karunanidhi, who boasts of Tamil culture, is blind to these threats! 648. IUML supporters climbed up the top of Karipur airport, removed our national flag and hoisted ML flag. Yet no arrest has been made. IUML leader E. Ahmed is our Minister of State for External Affairs. 649. Ahmedias, who claim they are Muslims, are not recognised by Muslims. They are persecuted in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. by Sunni Muslims. But in Bharat, Dalits are forced to say they are not Hindus, by their leaders, to serve their political interest. Yes, dividing the Hindu society pays! 650. Thousands of goats can be made to run for life by one tiger. Have Hindus become goats? O Hindus! Come and prove that you are not a goat, but a lion, which you really are!

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