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Power Point 2007 Introduction

Power Point 2007 Introduction

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Published by: mekkouk9 on Dec 13, 2010
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Each slide you create in a presentation has an underlying layout. Layouts contain placeholders for text and
objects such as text, charts, SmartArt or images. To build the slide once the layout has been selected,
simply click in the placeholder and insert the text or object as required.

To insert a new slide in normal or slide sorter view:

Click on the drop-down arrow of the New Slide button on the Home ribbon
Choose the layout of the slide you wish to insert

From the drop-down menu you can also choose to insert a blank slide with no layout, or a duplicate of the
current slide.

You can quickly insert a new slide using the Title and Content layer using one of the following


Click on the New Slide button on the Home Ribbon - above the drop-down arrow of the button or
Press [Ctrl M]

You cannot insert new slides in slide show view.

PowerPoint 2007 Introduction

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