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Power Point 2007 Introduction

Power Point 2007 Introduction

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Published by: mekkouk9 on Dec 13, 2010
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To select a single object, click on the edge of the object:

Multiple objects are selected in different ways, depending on how they are positioned on the slide. If the
objects are not positioned next to each other, click on the edge of the first object as normal. Hold [Shift] and
click on the edge of each additional object.

To select the square and circle In the following example:

Click once on the edge of the square
Hold [Shift] and click on the edge of the oval

PowerPoint 2007 Introduction

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If the objects are positioned next to each other:

Click on the Select button in the Editing group of the Home ribbon
Drag the mouse over all objects to be selected, as from position 1 to 2 in the following illustration:

To select all objects on a slide, click on a blank area of the slide, then click on the drop-down arrow of the Select
button on the Home ribbon and choose Select All. Alternatively, press [Ctrl A].

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