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Word2007 Introduction

Word2007 Introduction

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Published by: mekkouk9 on Dec 13, 2010
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The Format Painter is used to copy formatting from one area of the document to another. Character
formatting such as fonts, bold and underlining can be copied, as well as paragraph formatting such as line
spacing and alignment.

To copy character formatting, select any word(s) containing the formatting. To copy paragraph
formatting, select the entire paragraph containing the formatting to be copied
Click on the Format Painter button on the Home ribbon

The mouse pointer will display a paintbrush - drag the mouse over the new text to contain the
formatting options copied

To copy formatting to more than one location, double click on the Format Painter button. Select all new
blocks of text to copy the formatting to, then click on the Format Painter button again to switch it off.

Word 2007 Introduction

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