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Download the original attachment Download the original attachment OBJECTIVE Seeking a challenging opportunity as a System Administrator with

a growth oriented organization where i can utilize my creativity and breadth of technical skills to contribute to their success and my own. CORE SKILLS
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Compiling , Customizing and Tunning of the kernel Managing various server in HP-UX Integrating Windows and Linux Network Trouble Shooting Managing various servers in linux TCP/IP troubleshooting on Linux/NT network Performance Monitoring Tools

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Suse 10.x Desktop , RHEL 4 and 5, Fedora Amanda, Firewall (IPCop) Apache Servers (httpd 2.2.x) Samba, NFS, NIS, SSH, VNC, NX, WINE, VMWARE, Iptables, Apache, DNS, Squid

• • •

Redhat 9.0, RHEL 4.0 RHEL 5.0 (x86_64) SUSE 10.x (x86_64) Fedora, Centos, (x86_64)

organize and prioritize my work to meet deadlines. Alpha 400. ability to make strategic recommendations.1B) 4 HP Proliant Servers installed with OS RHEL-5. ability to come up with new idea and improvements. Excellent business requirement understanding.PERSONAL STRENGTH • • • • Excellent ability to plan. Capable to translate business requirements to functional specifications. Alpha 200. Fluency in written and spoken English. 5. 5. under HP AMC/Warranty.0 F. REDHAT Linux training at HP-Bangalore in June 2007. IT Training • • • SUSE Linux training at HP-Bangalore in August 2007.1A. Committed to learning new technologies. Gwalior – Duration One Month CERTIFICATION RHCE -: Certification no CCNA -: Certification no WORK EXPIERINCE Work experience with different companies Worked as Customer Support Engineer and on site call Basic Engineer Setup • • 17 Alpha Servers Model: Alpha DS20e. Alpha station 300. Onsite Corporate training at Doordarshan. Alpha ES40 (Digital UNIX ver 4. . multiple language skills. IBM Server installed with RHEL-3.

Only add small servers above .. Gwalior (MP.S.3 Deployed Internal DNS server using bind 9.. Integrated windows with samba has pdc for comapny.S........... Board) in March ‘99 H.E. Miss Hill. in Electronics and Communication.....C..... Deployed Internal websites in Apache 2.Projects Completed Developed website ehindi..2. Board) in March ‘01 PERSONAL INFORMATION . EDUCATION • • • • B.C...Bhopal) in July’06 with 67% S....... Gwalior (MP.... Miss Hill.... NRI ITM Gwalior (RGPV.... Add what ever u have done in my class etc . Servers Currenty Maintaining Servers samba dhcp ftp nfs etc..

ph-no. . etc…………….Name ..

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