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Word - Introduction

Word - Introduction

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The header is used to set text that will appear at the top of each page, while the footer is used for text
that will appear at the bottom of each page. Unless the document is split into sections, the header and
footer will apply to all pages - regardless of the cursor position when the header/footer is created.

Choose View, Header and Footer to position the cursor in the header and display the Header and
Footer Toolbar.

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Word 2003


The cursor will be positioned in the header area by default - to create a footer click on the Switch
Between Header and Footer
icon on the Header and Footer toolbar.

Type any standard text to appear in the header and footer.
Click on the Page Number, Number of Pages, Date or Time icons to insert these automatic


Click on the drop-down arrow in the Insert AutoText box to insert additional text such as the
filename and total pages of the document.

Click on Close when complete.

An existing header or footer can be edited by double clicking on the header or footer text while in Print Layout

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