Job analysis

a) Job analysis is a systematic investigationof the tasks, duties and responsibilitiesnecessary to do a job. b) Job analysis is the process of collecting job related information.

Objectives/Purpose of Job Analysis

responsibilities. Tools. y Job description acts as an important resource for ±Describing the job to potential candidates. ±Guiding new hired employees in what they are specificallyexpected to do.Process of Job analysis Types of Job analysis Information a) b) c) d) Work Activities: Machines. required qualifications and reporting relationships of a particular job. y Job description y Job specification y Job evaluation Job Description y A job description is a written statement of the duties. y The job description is based onobjective information obtained through job analysis. Personal requirements Job context Outcomes of Job Analysis The information obtained from job analysis is classified into three categories. Equipments and Work Aids used. . ±Providing a point of comparison in appraising whether the actual duties align with the stated duties.

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