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11.2 Judicial Facilities.


by restricting or projecting into a means of egress
required by the appropriate administrative

(c) Judges' Benches and Courtroom Stations.
Judges' benches, clerks' stations, bailiffs' stations,
deputy clerks' stations, court reporters' stations
and litigants' and counsel stations shall comply
with 4.32.

(2)* Permanently installed assistive listening
systems complying with 4.33 shall be provided in
each courtroom. The minimum number of
receivers shall be four percent of the room
occupant load, as determined by applicable State
or local codes, but not less than two receivers. An
informational sign indicating the availability of an
assistive listening system and complying with
4.30.1, 4.30.2, 4.30.3, 4.30.5, and 4.30.7(4) shall
be posted in a prominent place.

11.2.2 Jury Assembly Areas and Jury
Deliberation Areas.
Where provided in areas
used for jury assembly or deliberation, the
following elements or spaces shall be on an
accessible route complying with 4.3 and shall
comply with the following provisions:

(1) Refreshment Areas. Refreshment areas,
kitchenettes and fixed or built-in refreshment
dispensers shall comply with the technical
provisions of 9.2.2(7).

(2) Drinking Fountains. Where provided in
rooms covered under 11.2.2, there shall be a
drinking fountain in each room complying with

11.2.3 Courthouse Holding Facilities.

(1) Holding Cells - Minimum Number. Where
provided, facilities for detainees, including central
holding cells and court-floor holding cells, shall
comply with the following:

(a) Central Holding Cells. Where separate
central holding cells are provided for adult male,
juvenile male, adult female, or juvenile female,
one of each type shall comply with 11.2.3(2).
Where central-holding cells are provided, which

are not separated by age or sex, at least one cell
complying with 11.2.3(2) shall be provided.

(b) Court-Floor Holding Cells. Where
separate court-floor holding cells are provided for
adult male, juvenile male, adult female, or juvenile
female, each courtroom shall be served by one cell
of each type complying with 11.2.3(2). Where
court-floor holding cells are provided, which are
not separated by age or sex, courtrooms shall be
served by at least one cell complying with
11.2.3(2). Cells may serve more than one

(2) Requirements for Accessible Cells.
Accessible cells shall be on an accessible route
complying with 4.3. Where provided, the
following elements or spaces serving accessible
cells shall be accessible and on an accessible

(a) Doors and Doorways. All doors and
doorways to accessible spaces and on an
accessible route shall comply with 4.13.

EXCEPTION: Doors and doorways operated only
by security personnel shall be exempt from
4.13.9, 4.13.10, 4.13.11 and 4.13.12.

(b)* Toilet and Bathing Facilities. Toilet
facilities shall comply with 4.22 and bathing
facilities shall comply with 4.23. Privacy screens
shall not intrude on the clear floor space required
for fixtures or the accessible route.

(c)* Beds. Beds shall have maneuvering
space at least 36 in (915 mm) wide along one side.
Where more than one bed is provided in a cell, the
maneuvering space provided at adjacent beds may

(d) Drinking Fountains and Water Coolers.
Drinking fountains shall be accessible to
individuals who use wheelchairs in accordance
with 4.15 and shall be accessible to those who
have difficulty bending or stooping. This can be
accomplished by the use of a "hi-lo" fountain; by
providing one fountain accessible to those who
use wheelchairs and one fountain at a standard
height convenient for those who have difficulty

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