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Extra Writing Assignments Critical Questions

Extra Writing Assignments Critical Questions

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Published by: mrmeileclass on Dec 13, 2010
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(Critical Questions) 1. What are the main themes in the novel?

2. From what point of view is the story written? How does this affect our understanding of the story?

3. Why was precision of language so important to the Community?

4. Why didn¶t Lily know what an animal was in Chapter 1? In Chapter 2, why did the author say the bear and the elephant were imaginary creatures? What do you think happened to the animals?

5. What made Father think of calling the newchild by name in Chapter 2?

6. Why did the Community allow the rule about the bicycles to be broken?

7. In Chapter 5, the author says Jonas rarely dreamed. Is this significant?

8. How do you think Jonas felt when he was passed over during the Ceremony of Twelve in Chapter 7?

9. In Chapter 8 the Chief Elder told the Community they could not afford another failure in selecting a new Receiver of the Memory. Why was that?

10. Why was it significant that rules Jonas received said he could lie?

11. Why did the Community release one of the two twins?

12. Why was Gabe able to receive memories from Jonas? What does this suggest about the rest of the Community?

13. In Chapter 16 The Giver gives Jonas a memory of a special day/event. What was described? What do you think happened to the original event?

14. Why don¶t the people know what happens when someone is released?

15. Why did The Giver think it was important for Jonas to watch the release in Chapter 19?

16. How do you think Jonas felt when he watched the release?

17. In Chapter 21 the author told us that Jonas lied about his day and that his father also lied. Do you think the father really lied? Why would he lie?

18. At the end of Chapter 20 The Giver said he wanted to be with his daughter, Rosemary. What did he intend to do?

19. Was Jonas right to leave the way he did in Chapter 21? Why didn¶t he try to talk to The Giver first?

20. What items did Jonas take when he left? What was the significance of each item?

21. Why did the Community send searchers for Jonas and Gabe?

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