Symmetry In Motion

Block 4 (make 2)

This mystery will contain 5 different blocks. Each set of blocks can be done in different colors or, in the same color way as you choose. Only small amounts of fabric are required for each set of blocks so ydg. is not given. A small scrap or FQ of each color should be sufficient. Yardage for the background will be given at the end in final assembly. Step 1: You will need to select three colors of your choice for this block. Cut squares in the size and quantities given below.

Color A - cut 6 @ 4" and 4 @ 3 1/2"

Color C (light) - cut 4 @ 4"

Color D (dark) - cut 2 @ 4"

Step 2: Assemble the blocks as described below.

On the wrong side of the large color A squares, draw a center cutting line corner to corner, and a 1/4" sewing line on each side.

Using the marked color A squares and the color C & D squares, line up all sides and sew on both sewing lines as shown at right.

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Symmetry In Motion Continued page 2

Cut pieces apart on the center cutting line. You should have half-square triangles as listed below.





Using a square up ruler, trim pieces to measure 3 1/2" square.

Using the color A sqs. and half-square triangles, create rows and join to form the block as shown below.


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