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Production Log

Date: Location: Edwin’s House Cinematographer: Callum Moreman

Shot Shot angle: Location: Any sound or Props, scene, What’s

Number: dialogue: mise en scene happening in
& framing: shot:
Medium shot Bedroom Birds twittering Couple of Shot of
1 mid angle posters, posters
Text books
Medium close Bedroom Boy breathing Bed & Alarm Boy turning
up and alarm clock off alarm
2 clock clock

Medium close Bedroom Heavy Bed & Phone Boy waking

up breathing up again and
3 checking
time and
jumping out
of bed/
Medium long Bedroom Sounds of Teeshirt with Boy opens
shot blinds opening the title on blinds

Long shot Bathroom Door closing Dressing gown Boy goes

5 and towel into

Close up Bathroom Shower turning Shower Boy turns

off and on shower on &
6 off and

Medium shot Bedroom Dialogue “oh Clothes on Boy picking

& close up man” floor up clothes
7 (match on

Medium long Kitchen Feet pattering Fridge Boy walking

8 shot to fridge

Close up Kitchen None Bowl and milk Boy picking

9 up bowl and
pouring milk

Close up – Kitchen None Bowl & Milk

10 Medium close and spoon Same as
up above but
spills milk
this time

Medium shot Bathroom None Toothbrush & Boy is

11 toothpaste brushing

Medium close Hallway None Shoes Boy puts on

up shoes

Medium shot Hallway Door closing Bag & shoes

Boy walks
13 out of door

Disclaimer – Some of these shots are subject to change.

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