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Modularity is a large part of both product quality and ease of troubleshooting. Samba is
modular. The following is a simple block diagram of a Samba system:


| |
client | | filesystem
log.nmb log.smb

The rest of this chapter refers to the preceding diagram as the Samba system block dia-
gram. It’s very simplified,but it’s very functional for the purpose of troubleshooting.

Because troubleshooting consists of dividing a system to narrow the scope of a root
cause,the modularity of Samba greatly eases troubleshooting.

Creating a Turnkey Samba System



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The Samba Troubleshooting Hierarchy

Referring to the Samba system block diagram,it’s evident Samba can be intercepted
before the network by accessing it on the server as localhost,using smbclientand
other utilities. If Samba doesn’t work locally,that’s the problem requiring a fix.

If Samba is accessed from the network,there are a number of different clients from
which it can be accessed. From a troubleshooting point of view,the smbclientprogram
is the most trustworthy client. The following is the Samba troubleshooting hierarchy:

1.Get it working on localhost.

2.Get it working over the wire from a Linux SMB client.

3.Get it working over the wire from a Windows command-line SMB client.

4.Get it working over the wire from a Windows graphical SMB client.

Step 1 bypasses the network for a reading on Samba alone.

Step 2 bypasses Windows clients,which often add problems of their own.

Step 3 bypasses Network Neighborhood and Windows Explorer,which typically are
more touchy than Windows command-line SMB clients such as the net useand net


Step 4 tests the intended use of Samba.

Many times step 2 is bypassed,instead relying on step 1 to prove that Samba and nmbd
naming work and relying on pingcommands to prove network connectivity. That’s what

DIAGNOSIS.txtdoes. DIAGNOSIS.txtis a great example of a series of tests that logically
traverse the Samba troubleshooting hierarchy.

This hierarchy is used to narrow the scope of Samba problems,and it often proves the
problem is not even a Samba problem. For maximum troubleshooting productivity,the
Samba troubleshooting hierarchy must be consciously consulted in all Samba trou-
bleshooting activities.

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