Elect Valerie F.

Leonard Alderman, 24th Ward
“A leader for such a time as this”

Valerie’s Agenda for Education
1. Develop 24th Ward Master Educational Facilities Planning Task Force • Comprised of stakeholders from CPS, CTU, business community, nonprofits • Provide input into facilities and curriculum planning for 24th Ward Schools • Encourage alignment of curriculum of feeder schools with high schools, and alignment of high school curriculum with employers and colleges • Evaluate impact of school openings, closings, turnarounds and attendance boundaries 2. Encourage Stronger Collaboration & Partnerships Between Chicago Public Schools and Community • Advocate for CPS Board meetings to be on different dates from City Council meetings • Broker relationships between Schools, community based organizations and churches • Replace negative competition with spirit of partnership • Put community in a better position to seek federal funds for education and after school programming • Provide more cohesive delivery of services 3. Make Schools the Center of Community • Encourage CPS to expand Community Schools programming in the 24 th Ward • Schools open for extended hours to be used by the entire community • Supportive Services • Adult Learning • Job Training • After School Programs • Recreational Activities 4. Reduce Criminalization of Our Children • Advocate for funding for proven crime prevention programs and strategies ▫ Restorative Justice Programming ▫ Afterschool programs with mentoring and job training components ▫ Summer employment ▫ Service Learning and Unpaid Internships ▫ Greater access to and coordination of supportive services and benefits 5. Increase Parental Involvement • Work with LSC’s and parent advocacy groups to reach out to foster greater involvement of parents in their children’s education ▫ Advocate for more funding to support programs that promote parental involvement through education and training ▫ Broker partnerships between CPS, parent groups, churches and other community based organizations
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