Lab 2: Target Practice


The obligation of this lab was to learn how a projectile shoots upward and in what type of angle. From my view point, I believe that projectile will reach the target.


The equation that will used is: , ,

Materials needed: robber band, piece of paper, protractor and a ruler.


To start off, we established an equation that allows us to find the degree. We folded a piece of paper that looked like a projectile and got a robber band for us to shot it. We aimed the projectile perpendicularly to the ground. Afterwards, we released the projectile from the robber band. One of the group members placed their hand on top of the projectile so it can hit his palm. After it did we measured the height of projectile from the ground to the palm. We plugged in the height into the equation so can we find the degree. As a final point, we did an additional trial that required the degrees that we found to measured the angle. Once we found it, we shot the projectile horizontally.


Results & Calculations: First we found an equation that had initial V, current V, delta Y (△Y) and acceleration with be our . We found it in our chapter 2 note. We got the measurement which was going . We plugged all everything given into the equation. We used the equation

and got the velocity which is equivalent to followed by V= 5.512. Lastly, plug V into the equation of

which will result

In conclusion, the lab showed that the degree for our projectile was (the shooting point). My hypothesis was fairly correct. The projectile hit close to the target which I estimated would be around (10-15 ).

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