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Project Report on Amul

Project Report on Amul

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Published by: Ketan Bankar on Dec 14, 2010
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S R Nagale. I would like to express m gratitude to all those who gave me the encouragement to complete this project. 3 . for providing me the opportunit to work with the one prestigious Organization. Mumbai for having spared his valuable time with me and for all the guidance given in executing the project as per requirements. I accept the sole responsibility for any possible error and would be extremely grateful to the readers of this project report if they bring such mistakes to my notice. However. I would li e to present this project report for Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd.Mumbai for having given me the opportunity to do my project work in the organization and lighted my way of progress with his guidance. Faculty Member of Unitedworld School of Business. My sincere and deepest thanks to Dr. It has been an enriching experience for me to undergo m summer training at ³GCMMF´. As a student of ³United world School of Business´. Mumbai.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT With imm s pleasu e.. GCMMF Ltd. which would not have possible without the goodwill and support of the people around.Krishna Ram. I would like to express m sincere thanks too all those who helped me during m training program.Priya Kenkare.Manager(SALES). I would like to thank m college authorities and Director Dr. I would like to give m heartily gratitude to the Mr.

Priya Kenkare Faculty Guide Signature Dr. Signature Dr. It is understood that by this approval the undersigned do not necessarily endorse or approve any statement made..DECLARATION The following summer internship project report titled ³Sales of Amul Ice Creams in Catering Industry´ at Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. Mumbai from 21st May 2010 to 8th June 2010 is here by approved as a certified study in management carried out and presented in a manner satisfactory to warrant it¶s acceptance as a prerequisite for the award of post-graduate diploma in management (PGDM). opinion expressed on conclusion drawn therein but approve the summer internship report only for the purpose it is submitted.Ram Krishna Director 4 . For which it has been submitted.

Ketan Gajanan Bankar 5 . Date: Signature Mr. It is to the best of my knowledge and belief. Pune is an authentic work done by me.CERTIFICATE I hereby declare that the following project report titled ³AMUL ICE CREAMS (SALES AND MARKETING) at Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. competitor analysis and sales promotion is a profound and honest work of mine. This is to declare that all my work indulged in the completion of this Project Report such as research..

6. 8.-: Table of Contents:- Sr. Topic Title Page Acknowledgement Declaration of faculty guide Certificate of trainee Introduction and history Report details Summary Conclusion Bibliography Page No 2 3 4 5 7 14 16 17 18 6 . 7.No 1. 4. 9. 5. 3. 2.

A l C eese. w en t e exploitation beca e intolerable. T is syste leads to exploitation of poor and illiterates¶ far ers by t e pri ate traders. A q ality control expert in Anand ad gge ted t e brand na e ³AMUL´. A l Milk and A lya a e ade A l a leading food brand in India. He ad ised the far ers to for a society for collection of the ilk. Instead of supplying ilk to pri ate traders. of t e arketing sa y of a far ers' organi ation. Thi word derived form the Sanskrit word ³AMULYA´ which means ³PRICELESS´. In t e year 1955 AMUL wa e tabli ed. Shri Desai held a eeting at Samarkha illage near Anand. A l B tter. T e ain supplier of t e ilk was Polson dairy limited. Sardar Patel ad ised t e far ers to sell t e ilk on t eir own by freedo establishing a co-operati e union. In t e early 40 s. of t e tri p of indigeno s tec nology. And a e a pro en odel for dairyde elop ent (Generally known as ³ANAND PATTERN´). 7 . on 4th January 1946. A lspray. N tra l. A l C ocolates. of t e genesis of a ast co-operati e network. T e traders used to beside t e prices of ilk and t e far ers were forced to accept it wit out uttering a single word. A l prod ct a e been in e in illion of o e ince 1946. In t e year 1946 t e nion wa known a KAIRA DISTRICT CO-OPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS¶ UNION. T i nion elected t e brand na e AMUL in 1955. (T e total sale is Rs. INT U TION AND HISTORY In t e year 1946 t e fir t ilk nion wa e tabli ed. T at ti e t ere was ig de and for ilk in Bo bay. w ic was a pri ately owned co pany and eld onopoly o er t e supply of ilk at Bombay fro t e Kaira district.5. T i nion wa tarted wit 250 liter of ilk per day. A l Ice crea . T ey collecti ely appealed to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. A l S rik and. A l G ee. w o was a leading acti ist in t e o e ent. t e far ers were frustrated. Sardar Patel sent the far ers to Shri Morarji Desai in order to gain his co-operation and help. A l Milk Powder. Today A l is a sy bol of any t ings like of t e ig -q ality prod cts sold at reasonable prices. 6 billion in 2005). Howe er. t e ain so rces of earning for t e far ers of Kaira district were far ing and selling of ilk. T e brand na e A l ean ³AMULYA´.

of New Zealand under the Colombo plan. At the initial stage only 250 liters of ilk was collected everyday. Since far ers sold all the ilk in Anand through a co-operative union. today A ul has ore than 150 chilling centers in various villages. For 15 whole days not a single drop of ilk was sold to the traders. Having see ed the co condition. the govt.. 8 . 50 millions for factory to manufacture milk powder and butter was planned. Since ilk was a perishable co odity it beco es difficult to preserve ilk flora longer period. Milk is collected fro almost 1073 societies. the president of India laid the foundation on November 15.Rajendra Prasad. As a result the Bo bay ilk sche e was severely affected. However. it was co only resolved to sell the ilk under the brand na e AMUL. With the financial help from UNICE . so as to preserve it for a longer period. Thus. Today A ul collect 11 lakhs liters of ilk everyday. he decided to fulfill the far ers de and. the prime minister of India declared it open at Amul dairy on November 20. assistance from the govt. Mr. the collection of ilk increased. The ilk issioner of Bo bay then visited Anand to assess the situation. Shri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Thus their cooperative unions were forced at the village and district level to collect and sell ilk on a cooperative basis. whichwould collect the ilk and could chill it. The Kaira district ilk producers union was thus established in ANAND and was registered for ally on 14th December 1946. Verghese Kurien showed ain interest in establishing union who was supported by Shri Tribhuvandas Patel who lead the far ers in for ing the Cooperative unions at the village level. 1954. of Rs. did not see to help far ers by any eans. there was a fear of spoiling of ilk.These illage societies would collect the ilk the selves and would decide the prices at which they can sell the ilk. The district union was also for to collect the ilk fro such village cooperative societies and to sell the . 1955. without the intervention of Govern ent. To overco e this proble the union thought out to develop the chilling unit at various junctions. Dr. the far ers of Kaira district went on a ilk strike. To respond to this action of govt.Besides when the ilk was to be collected fro the far places. It was also resolved that the Govern ent should be asked to buy ilk fro the union. But with the growing awareness of the benefits of the cooperativeness. It gave the negative response by turning down the de and for the ilk.

processing and marketing of milk. 4. 5 lakh retail outlets Export to 37 countries worth Rs.5 million liters of milk procured per day Rs. Basically the cooperation of people brought Amul into fame i. In that sense. of an intervention for rural change. it has remained with the smallest producer members. veterinary care. material and machines. 53 billion The Govt.8 million milk producer member families 13.759 village societies 13 District Unions 8. Amul is an example par excellence. Bring at the command of the rural milk producers the best of the technology and harness its fruit for betterments. in the rural sector for the common good and betterment of the member producers. by prudent use of men.Amul as been able to: 1. The Union looks after policy formulation. of India has honoured Amul with the ³Best of all categories Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award´. 150 crores Winner of APEDA(The Agricultural and Processed Food products Export Development Authority) award for nine consecutive years 9 . provision of technical inputs to enhance milk yield of animals. Produce an appropriate blend of the policy makers farmers board of management and the professionals each group appreciating its rotes and limitations. better feeds and the like all through the village societies. name which suggest THE TASTE OF INDIA. the artificial insemination service. 2. 3000 Wholesale Distributors.e. A y y y y y y y y y y y y ie ements of GCMMF: 2. growing with time and on scale. Largest milk handling capacity in Asia Largest Cold Chain Network 48 Sales offices. Plough back the profits. Even though. 3. 150 million disbursed in cash daily GCMMF is the largest cooperative business of small producers with an annual turnover of Rs. AM L (ANAND MILK NION LIMITED).

butter. which engaged in manufacturing chocolate. ghee.Plants: First plant is at ANAND. Second plant is at MOGAR. which engaged in the manufacturing of milk. nutramul. milk powder. flavoured milk and buttermilk. Amul Ganthia and Amul lite. 10 .

Fourth plant is at Khatraj.Third plant is at Kanjari. 11 . which engaged in producing cheese. which produces cattelfeed.

twelve dairies are producing different products under the brand name Amul. 1 dairy in Asia and no. Today Amul dairy is no.Today. 12 . 2 in the world. which is matter of proud for Gujarat and whole India.

b. Amul Ice Creams. Category Liquid Milk. Amulya. dairy whitener. 2. 6. c. b. 4. 7. Cheese a. Amul cheese spreads in three flavors. Amul Lite. 8. d. Butter a.A. 5. Ice Creams a. Sagar Ghee. Amul pasteurized processed cheddar cheese. Milk Powder a. 30 50 10 15 2 1 3 4 13 .GCMFF: PROD CT PORTFOLIO: Sr. b. 85 80 8 10 65 80 60 50 90 Market Position 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 3. a low fat butter spread. Amul Butter. Amul Ghee.No 1. Amul Milk Powder. Amul Spray. c. Sweets Chocolates Chocolate Drinks Market Shares N.

Target achieved Rs. 4. 2.Yogesh. 2. Temperature of cold storage maintain at -22 degree centigrade. Learning¶s: 1.50 lakhs in May 2010. Rs. How to deal with retailer in case of problems. 6.Bankar Mo d. Located at Dockyard road. 5.17 lakhs in April 2010. How to maintain and grow market shares. 010 Learn t e basi s of Sales & get t e knowledge of market Om Sai Marketing     Details of Om Sai Marketing: 1. 5.23.Anas Company Proje t Guide Period of SIP Obje ti es Name of t e Distributor Mr. 3. Communication skills. 14 . 3. Stacking of goods. Sameer Nagle 9t April. Order taking procedure. How to build customer relationship. REPORT DETAILS Name of t e Institute Names of team members nited World S ool of Business Ketan G. 010 ± 19t May. Total outlets supplied 115. 4.6. Owner name Mr.

C. C. 2. Re ommendations: A. Updating the price list of the Amul products is a problem as frequent price changes were observed by the retailers and they found it difficult to manage price list. Distributor: 1.Problems fa ed: A. GCMMF: 1. 4. LONG TERM: 1. Due to non availability of goods. If the claims for other damages such as party pack and family pack are provided would be a better solution for the company to build a longer growth prospect in terms of relationship with the distributors. 3. Huge problem faced in replacement of damage goods. B. increase the sales turnover of the distributors as well as the company. 15 . Irregular supply of ice creams. LONG TERM: 1. Sometimes ice creams are supplied after their expiry date. B. Shortage of stocks. 2. Sales personnel: 1. If the production for the products such as those that are highly in demand in the market are carried out in a huge quantity would solve the short term problems such as Irregular supply of goods. 4. Freezer problems. sales personnel have to face problems from retailers. There seems to be a huge demand of the flavor called ³Sitafal ³. 3. which would be a better solution for pushing up the product and creating a demand beforehand. To carry out Advertisements for the new arrivals in the market before the product is available to sell. Less salary and less incentive. Delivery problems. SHORT TERM: 1. 2. 2. building customer loyalty. If this is produced there could be a huge turnover in the sales. Damage ice creams sold to retailer & there is hardly any replacement give by the distributor. increase the sales turnover.

of the triumph of indigenous technology. Instead of supplying milk to private traders. Amulspray. That time there was high demand for milk in Bombay. without the intervention of Government. AMUL Ice cream. In the year 1955 AMUL was established.7. 16 . Today AMUL is a symbol of many things like of the high-quality products sold at reasonable prices. of the genesis of a vast cooperative network. The district union was also form to collect the milk from such village cooperative societies and to sell them. At the initial stage only 250 liters of milk was collected everyday. But with the growing awareness of the benefits of the cooperativeness. AMUL products have been in use in millions of homes since 1946. the main sources of earning for the farmers of Kaira district were farming and selling of milk. He advised the farmers to form a society for collection of the milk. AMUL Milk and Amulya have made AMUL a leading food brand in India. Thus their cooperative unions were forced at the village and district level to collect and sell milk on a cooperative basis. which was a privately owned company and held monopoly over the supply of milk at Bombay from the Kaira district. it was commonly resolved to sell the milk under the brand name AMUL. Chocolates. Sardar Patel advised the farmers to sell the milk on their own by establishing a cooperative union. In the early 40's. These village societies would collect the milk themselves and would decide the prices at which they can sell the milk. This union was started with 250 liters of milk per day. A quality control expert in Anand had suggested the brand name "AMUL". The main supplier of the milk was Polson dairy limited. This union selected the brand name AMUL in 1955. The farmers of Kaira district went on a milk strike. It was also resolved that the Government should be asked to buy milk from the union. S MMARY In the year 1946 the first milk union was established. The brand name AMUL means "AMULYA". The milk commissioner of Bombay then visited Anand to assess the situation. AMUL. of the marketing savvy of a farmers' organization. Mr. Amul Milk Powder. Since farmers sold all the milk in Anand through a cooperative union. AMUL Shrikhand. As a result the Bombay milk scheme was severely affected. AMUL Cheese. AMUL Ghee. For 15 whole days not a single drop of milk was sold to the traders. It gave the negative response by turning down the demand for the milk. Verghese Kurien showed main interest in establishing union who was supported by Shri Tribhuvandas Patel who lead the farmers in forming the cooperative unions at the village level. The Kaira district milk producers union was thus established in ANAND and was registered formally on 14th December 1946. AMUL Butter. Nutramul. In the year 1946 the union was known as KAIRA DISTRICT COOPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS UNION. the collection of milk increased. The traders used to beside the prices of milk and the farmers were forced to accept it without uttering a single word.

8. With the help of research. but prompt availability of other Milk brands and aggressive promotional activities by others influences the consumer towards them and also leads to increase sales. y y y 17 . People have believed in Amul¶s product and they will accept it also if effective actions were taken. The survey resulted into following conclusions: y Amul must come up with new promotional activities such that people become aware about Amul Milk like Amul Tazza & Gold. Quality is the dominating aspect which influences consumer to purchase Amul product. To a milk producer ± A life enriching experience To a consumer ± Assurance of having wholesome milk To a mother ± A reliable source of nourishment for her child To the country ± Rural development and self reliance As we know that Amul is very big organization and market leader in dairy products. Gokul & Krushnai provide a better availability and give competition to the hilt. People are mostly satisfied with the overall quality of Amul Milk. But in case of local market like Pune the Amul milk is not a popular product as compared to other Amul Products. It has maximum market share in Milk. Con lusion Amul means different things to different people. Butter. Katraj. the other players such as Chitale. Cheese & Ice-Cream which are its main/core products. but for the existence in the local market Amul must use aggressive selling techniques. In comparison to Amul Milk. company can find out its week points in Milk product and can increase its market share through rectify mistakes.

Bibliograp y 1. www.9. 2.com www.google.amul.com 18 .

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