Homeschool Supply List

Paper & Binders Binder/Filler/Notebook Paper Butcher Paper* Composition/Journal book Construction paper Copy/Printer Paper Envelopes (big & small) Handwriting/lined/primary Index Cards Dividers (tabbed) Post It Notes Poster Board Report Covers Sketch pad Three ring binders/spiral notebooks Tracing Paper Transparencies/Page protectors Fasteners Glue/glue stick Paste Paper clips Tape (scotch, magnetic) Tape dispenser Push pins Rubber bands Brads (paper fasteners) Stapler Staples Arts & Crafts Tempura paint Clay (modeling) Water Color Paints Glitter Pipe Cleaners Pom pons Writing/Drawing Instruments Pencils Pen Colored Pencils Crayons Markers Dry Erase Markers Highlighters Chalk Erasers Pencil Sharpeners Erasers (pencil/chalk/dry erase) Measurement Rulers Protractor Compass

Containers/Storage Pencil Pouches/box Supply containers/drawers/Tote box Book bag Folders (manila) Pocket file folders Craft box

Boards Chalkboard Dry Erase Board Bulletin/cork board

Science Potting soil Sand Milk containers Beans/seeds Plastic straws Magnets Magnifying glass Binoculars

Math Counters: (beans, macaroni, spaghetti sticks, popsicle sticks and commercial counters) Sorting: Buttons, toys, commercial sorting materials

Miscellaneous Scissors Stickers Hole Puncher Clipboard Incentive charts Awards certificates Printer cartridges

*Butcher paper can sometimes be obtained from local newspapers for free (ends of rolls)


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