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This person co-ordinates the work of other managers and is responsible to the Board of Directors for the effective running of the organisation. Who is he? 1. Managing director 2. Head of director 3. Chairman of the board 4. General Manager a. 1 and 2 b. 2 and 3 c. 3 and 4 d. 1 and 4 (2 marks) 2. You want to pass an important message to another country. However, that count ry is 12 hours behind the time of your country. Which is the best way to send the massage ? a. Telephone b. Courier c. Video conferencing d. Electronic mail (2 marks) 3. Bill plc bought goods from our company recently. Information regarding this t ransaction can be found in which of the following database? a. Account receivable b. Account payable c. Purchase ledger d. Sales ledger (2 marks) 4. The following are ways to make sure information is accessible to authorised p ersonnel only? 1. Password control 2. Dedicated terminal 3. Database access control 4. Identification badge and PIN a. 1, 2 and 3 b. 1, 2 and 4 c. 1, 3 and 4 d. 2, 3 and 4 (2 marks) 5. a. b. c. d. (2 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. a. b. c. d. What is a system of assessing the performance of employees known as? Performance scheme Monitoring scheme Valuation scheme Appraisal scheme marks) How can a firm ensure health and safety at workplace? appoint fire and safety officer ensure employees are aware of safety procedures disregard evacuation procedures keep records of accidents 1, 2 and 3 1, 2 and 4 1, 3 and 4 2, 3 and 4

Jean Louise Finch is your boss. The figures below show the average cost incurred by your organisation in prod ucing 100.357 April 1995 88. 2. False b. There is no common purpose for the group c. Discuss in the meeting without any charts (2 marks) 9. Which of the following is the feature of an informal group? a. Integrity of the data depends on the correctness of the data stored in the da tabase. True (1 mark) 10. There is no leader in an informal group (2 marks) 12.(2 marks) 7. 1. How can an accountant present these info rmation in a meeting? a. Is the above statement true or false? Average Production Costs (per 100. Is the above statement true or false? a.888 May 1995 82. Use a line graph c. Unemployment that is resulted by surplus in labour supply in financial servi ces after financial crisis of a country is known as cyclical unemployment. 4. You are eager to book a holiday for next month as you . True b.240 March 1995 86. False (1 mark) 11. There is no sense of identity d. and she is currently in a meeting with the f inance director of the firm that you both work for. d. c.000 widgets) January 1995 85. a. b. Use flip chart d.540 June 1995 68.245 a.000 widgets in each of the last six months. 3.127 February 1995 87. Present the figures shown as above b. (2 Which of the following are the advantages of centralisation? More flexibility for departments to determine method Sharing of resources Specialisation of local marketing Standardisation of work 1 and 2 2 and 3 2 and 4 3 and 4 marks) 8. Communication is done through grapevine b.

project objective is clear and staff are willing to accept reward but not punishment from the leader b. Staff know the objective of the team. At a time that is mutually convenient to you both (2 marks) 13. Which of the following situation is considered favourable to a leader? a. What is the meaning of the term stagnation? a. Leader can command authority to reward and punish his staff. unclear about their role s and responsibilities and they are close to the leader c. Checking the customers creditworthiness III. III. Financial reporting 3. V b. I. Record sales transaction V. (2 marks) 14. Economy of a country faces stagnant growth b. II. III. whilst she is in her meeting with the finance director b. Pre-listing . Staff support the leader. Receiving orders from customers II. III. IV (2 marks) 15. I. Which of the following are functions of treasury division in a finance depar tment? 1. When would the most appropriate time to discuss your holiday with your boss? a. IV. The day before you are due to go to Paris c. 1. Investment appraisal 2. III. they avoid him a nd make sure that they are clear about their respective duties to perform. IV d. IV. II. Which TWO of the following are internal control procedures that should be ca rried out in the process of invoicing customer? a. 3 and 4 c. like their leaders and are willing to a ccept leader s reward and punishment d. Immediately. All (2 marks) 17. II c. Project evaluation a.would like to go to Paris for the weekend. Sending out invoice IV. Staff accept leader s decision on reward and sanction. 1. I. Funding 4. Prices become stagnant c. 2 and 3 b. I. Matching invoice against order and delivery note b. Which of the following indicates the correct sales cycle? I. 2. V. Another name for deflation (2 marks) 16. Inflation that is caused by increase in price of crude oil d. Supplying the necessary goods or service a. II. V. As soon as she has finished her meeting with the finance director d. V. 3 and 4 d.

Vroom C. Theory X 4. 2 and 3 c. Which words can be used to complete th is sentence? a. Ensuring adherence of company policy by the staff 2. Hierarchy of needs 1. Chain c. Solving problem using this method is slow d. size of organisation. The profit of an organisation (1 mark) 19. 3 and 4 d. Competence test (1 mark) 20. National culture. Different views or different ways of solving the problem can be obtained b. Two-factor theory 2. Conflict and disagreement between members can occur c. Ensuring completeness and accuracy of transaction records a. Psychometric test b. Expectancy theory 3. Maslow D. Ensuring efficiency in business operation 3. Herzberg B. The culture of an organisation c. Theory Author A. Aptitude test c. we can use a committee. Safeguarding company assets 4. Circle b. Price checking (2 marks) 18. Which of the following communication network is the most effective in solvin g simple problem? a. Member with strong personality can overshadow other members opinions . 1 and 2 b. Match the following theories to the authors. Giving a candidate applying to be a group accountant a test of performing co nsolidation of accounts is an example of which type of selection test? a. The structure of an organisation b. ownership of the business and techno logy are factors that can influence _____________________. In making decision or solving problems. Checking the customer creditworthiness d. What is main concern of accounting control? 1. Wheel (1 mark) 21. McGregor A Matches ___ B Matches ___ C Matches ___ D Matches ___ (2 marks) 22. 1 and 4 (2 marks) 23.c. Which one of the following is a major advantage of using committee? a.

Ethics base on guideline d. Exports. An organisation is structured based on product. Pragmatist d. Ethics base on duty (2 marks) 30. sales c. When a country is in surplus. Is the above statement true or false? a. purchases b. What does IFRS stands for? a. Which of the following is likely? a. The product department is the most important department d. A caller makes enquiries about an advertised vacancy for a payroll clerk has been incorrectly routed to your telephone extension. Activist b. There is one human resource department. Theorist c. International Foundation of Reporting Statements b. International Financial Reporting Standards (2 marks) 29. True b. There is efficient use of resources (2 marks) 25. This approach of ethic has the idea that a person should behave according to a set of absolute moral rules in all conditions. Reflector (2 marks) 26. in correct order. Ethics base on consequences b. Purchases. Which words. one for each product c. According to Honey and Mumford s learning styles. Ethics base on virtue c. imports (2 marks) 27. one marketing department and one administration department b. False (1 mark) 28. Which of the following word compl etes this sentence? a.(2 marks) 24. Which office should you transfer the call to? . its _______________ is more than its _________ ______. people who tend to test solu tion and improve existing process are known as _______. which approach is this? a. International Federation of Reporting Standards d. There are a few accountants. One of the recent issues in the corporate governance is the emphasis of pres ence of nonexecutive directors in the board of directors of public limited companies. Imports. exports d. rather than function. Sales. International Financial Reporting Statements c. correctly complete this sentence? a.

Fictitious supplier d. Select the personal qualities (select all correct qualities) expected of an accountant from the following list. d. Timeliness g. Social responsibility (2 marks) 33. Paying less to female workers that perform the like job as male workers do (2 marks) 32. Courtesy e. Strategy formulation c. Internal control review (2 marks) 37. Skepticism i. Bogus supply b. False (1 mark) 34. Independence f. Accountability d. Reliability h. b. Employing staff who is 190cm or taller d. Which TWO of the following are frauds that could happen in a purchase cycle? a. Three desirable qualities of information being input are that it should be a ccurate. Is the above statement true or false? a. True (1 mark) 35. To assure regulators. Teeming and lading c. Respect b. Responsibility c. investors and the public that audited statements of pub lic limited .a. Which one of the following is an example of direct discrimination? a. Inflation that happened in many countries which reached fifty to nineteen th ousand eight hundred percents after world war one and two is known as superinflation. complete and valuable. Bounce cheque (2 marks) 36. Which of the following are roles of non-executive directors? (select all rel evant answers) a. True b. Paying less to operational level staff b. Is the above statement true or false? a. (2 Finance Human resource Sales Administration marks) 31. Risk management b. Employing only staff who possess the required qualification for the job c. a. False b. Performance management of the company d. c.

1.corporations can be relied upon to provide accurate picture of the financial hea lth of those companies . a blank look 4. liaison and leader c. disturbance handler and resource allocator (2 marks) 43. What is the name given to a condition applicable to both DELETE THIS SPAM MS G!!! but which one *DELETE THIS SPAM MSG!!! has considerably smaller ability to comply with it than the other? a. 3 and 4 d. 1. Direct discrimination b. spokesperson and monitor b. Feedback in a communication process includes which of the following? 1. a shrug a. Who is the author of dispersed leadership theory? a. Internal auditor c. In which stage of experimental learning cycle does this happen? a. Training employee 5. External auditor b. Figurehead. Kotter c. Coordinator. Disseminator. All (2 marks) 40. Public oversight board (2 marks) 38. 2 and 3 b. Experience b. Heifetz d. Application (2 marks) 41. a smile 2. Motivating and communicating with staff 4. Indirect discrimination c. negotiator and implementer d. Which of the following are the work of manager according to Drucker? (Select all correct answers) 1. Entrepreneur. Conceptualisation d. 2 and 4 c. Organise work (2 marks) 39. Bennis b. Test our analysis of the experience by applying the ideas and principles iden tified . 2. Board of directors d. an answer 3. Whose responsibility is this? a. Reflection c. Kotler . Victimisation (1 mark) 42. Which of the following are decision-making role of a manger according to Min ztberg? a. Performance appraisal 3. Set objective 2.

What does it mean by appraisal as bureaucracy? a. Keeping the data in one physical database b. Unfair c. It is considered a form filling exercise to satisfy the personnel department. Redundancy (1 mark) 47. 2 and 3 c. 3 and 4 d. Computer matching 3. 3 and 4 (2 marks) 49. Forming b. All b. Self actualisation need c. Security need d. _______ dismissal is dismissal without good and fair reasons. What need is he trying to fulfill? a. Adjourning d. Norming c. Its underlying purpose of improving individual and organisational performance is often forgotte n. Wrongful b. Dorming (2 marks) 45. 1. Limit check a. Efficient storage and processing data (2 marks) 46. Which of the following controls will help to ensure that data has been input correctly? 1. The same physical database can give rise to different logical views c. The appraisal interview is considered an exercise without purpose or outcome . Needs for affiliation b. The same data is needlessly held in more than one place d. Appraisals are based on yesterdays performance and not on the whole year. Keith is a successful businessman and when he is asked on what is his greate st dream he said a son to be my successor . What does data redundancy mean? a. In the team development model according to Tuckman. b. tha t there is lack of agreement on performance levels d. Team members resign and new team members join the team . 1. which of the following terms would be used for this stage of the team s development? a. Range check 4. Which word cor rectly completes this sentence? a.(2 marks) 44. c. Ego need (2 marks) 48. 2. Format check 2. The appraisal should be part of a continuing future focused process of perfor mance management and not just once a year affair.

restructuring c. executi on. It means different people should be doing the tasks of authorisation. tall scalar chain b. preparing the agenda .Dont miss even a single topic. return on investment c. signing the minutes b. but interesti ng.non profit b. some of its managers are now working in small project teams. inventory report b. decision making d. increase in share value b.You have to know how they are applied in everyday business environment. bank reconciliation d. its founder yes/no b. custody and recording b. Got 83%. wide span of control c. short scalar chain d.for profit c.Most of them are scenario based and conceptual. downsizing b. Which TWO of the following are true about segregation of duties? a.The questions are not as easy asit seems on the text and syllabus.Its better to do a through reading and understanding. So if you do a little bit of work its easy to score about 70%-80%. It reduces checking in business transactions d. sales invoice c.co-operative 2)An organisation removed some of their managers from its structure. what was the process a. 7)what is the duty of a committee secretary a. Gud Luck!!!!!!!!!!!! Some the cbe questions I can remember 1)Trade union and staff association In which TWO sectors they belong? a. Bought tony surridge materials and did all the Q&A in opentuition.I missed the learning process theorie s and lost 7 marks from that!!!!!!!! I did self study using kaplan text book. mutual d.Memorizing theories does nt seems to be enough. 6)Whats the main interest of a share holder a. its history yes/no 5)Which TWO of these are both internal and external information a.what differe nce it made -select TWO a. It reduces the risks of intentional manipulation or errors c. delayering d. outsourcing 4)The culture of an organisation depends on the following a.(2 marks) 50.narrow span of control 3)as part of a restructuring program a company retarined some of its staff and r ehired them. It allows a person to record and process a complete transaction # Had my f1 cbe yesterday.

herzberg c. management accountant d.bennis 19)which one of these are the benefits of having diversity policy 20)what is the first stage in kolbs theory when some one learning something new.value of imports will be less and export will be more b.B. 8)which one relates to ethics select from few options 9)ecological which environmental factor does it belong a. more 13) Which one is porters generic strategies a. savings c. political b. 21)shiela is struggling with learning and meeting deadline before a test .D 2. writing minutes d. Rate this post+2 Quote # # Avatar Image lizzykapambwe said 1 month.cost leadership c. technological d. investment on capital goods 12)country xyz has a trade surplus what will happen if its currency becomes weak er a.C . content theory 18)whos theory is about basic human needs a. maslow d.customer focus b. drucker b. 11)which one of these effects the demand in an economy a. 3 weeks ago: 1. 17)vrooms theory is aa. both import and export value will be less/ d. social c. 14)relationship between accountancy and production dpt. appoint safety officer c.process theory b.theorist Thats all guys Sorry that i cant remember all the options and the exact wordings o f the questions but hope this help you all a bit. systems b. 15)Functions of financial management 16)anita is doing th evariance analysis-which dpt. inform other staff about immediate hazards d. make sure equipments are working safely b. reflectors c.pragmatist d. is she working a. value of export will be less and import will be more c. d. which one of these categories she belong a.activist b. budget preparation c.c.economical 10)Which one is the duty of staff regarding to health and safety a.

Good luck! 1.B 14. 16.A 13. Glad I passed.C 6. Raising finance and controling resources 15. 3 weeks ago: 5.a and b 18. 9.a Please send me the answers. I hope it ll help oth ers to pass their exam. c 17.D 10.Both a and b(yes) I think these are the answers.A 12. 4. what aspect does external audit assess internal audit about? 9. scrutinised draft financial statement is concerned with which of the followin g reliability comprehensiveness relevance . Duty of audit committee Connected stakeholder (choose from the a list) Characteristic of assimilating Which trend can be described by demography Economic Population Globalisation Employment 5. The followings are the notes I took from the version in my exam. managed to finish all the questions j ust under one hour. Started to take note of some of the questions I wasn t sure of in case failing the exam as I had quite a lot of time left.please send more. better company reputation reduce marketing cost as customer retained reduce in cost of distribution reduced wage costs in service department during low activity 6. 3.A 7.how is the last one Rate this post Quote # # Avatar Image lizzykapambwe said 1 month.A 4.C 8. who would be the loser of rapid inflation saver borrower business with large overdrafts non-unionised labour 8. what s mechanism of internal control? 7. the advantage of service provision happy customer. Passed ACCA F1 a couple of days ago (CBE).thank you for the questions. 2. 11.b 19 20 21.3.

A team has been working together very well for a period of time. excited about various of work he gets involved . What a mispresented financial statement will result in? false share price reduction of working capital incorrect decision 14. which of the following measures will be used? Reduce public sector spending Reduce public sector borrowing Reduce income tax Increase interest 13. What would be Intrinsic rewards for John. Getting exclusive Variety of work Status of position . informal organization and formal organisation co-exist aloneside. which of the following would be the duties of the financial controller Providing accounts reports for the other department Preparing costing for new products Payroll Investing surplus 17. Which member(s) of the committee should sign the minutes at a committee meet ing to confirm it s the true and accurate record. Tom believes contribution.comparability 10. Honey and Mumford learning style. True or False. Who is using Y theory? Neither John Tom Both 12. enjoys getting exclusive stories. in a flat organisation structure Supervisor has more personal relationship with employees Structure more adaptable to a participative form of management. general system control training new staff testing & document of program changes 15. what s the characteristic of pragmatist Step back & observe Try out new idea and see if work in practice Involve themselves fully without bias to new experience Adapt and integrate info step by step 20. being mentioned in the headlines. meaningful goal is more important for employee s. John believes employees value security abov e all. they have n ow felt that they have achieved the purpose of forming the team initially: gette r financial situation and decide it s time to split and concentrate on their perso nal goals. A company employed a Financial controller and treasury manager.. who is a journalist. a question about X and Y theory. under what circumstances this relation hindered? tall organisation flat organisation organisation in transition 11. Which of the following is the Greek god did Handy liken to role culture 19. 21. with good sal ary. Chairman Any 2 members Secretary 18. Government is trying to increase employment via immediate growth of private sector. Which stage is this team at?? Storming Norming Adjourning Forming 16.

Chairman Any 2 members Secretary .Good pay 22. responsibility etc 13) best place for a small accountancy firm to advertise for a new job. What management information system would Tom needs?? 26. 10. thanks so much for taking ur time to identify the qns.) 3) what human resource management concerned with 4) link between production and accounting department 5) link between marketing and accounting department 6) ecological : which 2 PEST would be concerned with this 7) technology and its affect on a organisational structure 8) identify what is coaching 9) business ethics 10) internal controls 11) identify a substantive test 12) identify if its was authority. Which of following has the highest richness of information Emails Memos Telephone Face to face 25. Who s theory interested in meeting basic human needs Maslow Honey&mumford McGregor the ones I remember Question about 1) the definition of internal audit 2) few questions of audit committee ( adv of. Tom s work involves print monthly budget report. Which member(s) of the committee should sign the minutes at a committee meet ing to confirm it s the true and accurate record. budget cost & control cost an d any variance occurred. would like to know the ans for this 2qns if u still remember them. under what circumstances this relation hindered? tall organisation flat organisation organisation in transition 17.. Vroom theory emphasised on Process Content 27.. Fayol s theory: function of management 23. informal organization and formal organisation co-exist aloneside... Porter s 5 forces 24. 14) financial accounting vs management accounting 15) T/F : a treasurer or internal auditor report to the finance director hi. deciding best remuneration of.

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