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Entrepreneur Business Plan

Entrepreneur Business Plan

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Published by: Noora Al Shehhi on Dec 14, 2010
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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park

1)Executive Summary

United Arab Emirates is beautiful environment with desert environment. There are emirates having less access to desert areas with entertainment and leisure facilities for people. The reason is that most of the areas are living and shopping places and due to this desert is less or usually far. The tourists, visitors and family members are interested in sand entertainment facilities.

Sand Ski Park will save time and effort for planning and making trips to far desert places and purchasing necessary needs searching and location from different shopping centres. The opportunity identification is by questionnaire survey where there is contribution of 10 family members. There should be venue with all entertainment equipments and facilities, which will serve the purpose of Sand Ski Park.

The amount of investment will be AED 1 million and from it, AED 700000 will be in actual investment. The remaining of 30%, which is AED 300000 kept as reserve to bring improvements and developments when there is slow down in business or sales. The reserve amount is to assure customer satisfaction.

The mission is to create unique tourism entertainment that satisfies quality of experience. The management includes professional people in marketing, sales, accounts, facilities, human resources and administration. The customers are visitors, tourists and family members or individuals.

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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park

I) Background

Sand Ski Park is unique and entertaining opportunity and it will boost tourism industry in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Moreover, it will create and attract new competitors to open or to introduce and to establish similar business. The services are not limited and there will be improvement and development each year by Sand Ski Park. The main purpose is to make sure customers are loyal and they are experiencing good and enjoyable time. The profit margin is high due to minimum costs and expenses financial plan during Sand Ski Park startup.

II) Purpose

The purpose of project is to create new and unique business idea that does not exist in Dubai’s tourism industry as a part of entrepreneur business planning.

III) Objectives

 To develop new tourism business idea that is unique in the economy of Dubai.  To startup and introduce business with aggressive planning for assured sales and profit.

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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park
3)Plan Description

I) Business Activities of Sand Ski Park

Sand Ski Park will be Desert Park with activities that family members can enjoy entertainment and fun. The business activity is solely for entertainment of fun lovers in desert area with air-condition and cold environment creating comfortable and fulfil location.

The business activities not limited and Sand Ski Park will introduce new business activities whenever potential customer interest and profit realized. There are possibilities for new business activities in first three years and later.

The business activities will be:  Renting equipments  Selling lunch, dinner and snacks  Providing membership packages with discount on all activities  Playing areas for: o Sand skiing o Sand boarding  Renting camel trek  Renting motorbikes  Renting camps and overstay locations

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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park
II) Business Status

There is in need of more travel and tourism businesses in the economy of Dubai. The travel and tourism marketing is seeking for more business opportunities to support the demand of tourists and visitors including local people. The reason that Sand Ski Park selected is because it is unique and Dubai is now mostly developed areas where there is less view of desert location. The business opportunity identification is by conducting questionnaire and interview with people on visit and family members.

 Sand Ski Park opportunity

There is no sand skiing and other entertainment activities provided within Dubai. Moreover, it will be unique and leader in travel and tourism industry or market. It is also true that tourism industry market share is big and not small where there are other entertainment activities and fun location areas. The plan is to obtain 70% of customers from Dubai and 80% customers from other emirates.

III) External Market Conditions, Competition and Market Positioning

 Sand Ski Park / Tourism business The external market is tourism business industry and it is leisure and entertainment where there will be sand skiing, food court, camel trek & sand boarding with other activities. The structure of Sand Ski Park is customer to management structure.

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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park
IV) Attracting customers The means of attracting customers are by marketing and advertising to adults and children either they are visitors, individuals or with family members. The expectation is customers will join us with family members and friends, which is good means to obtain group of customers. In addition, it will be around 60-90 customers daily and Sand Ski Park investment should be able to occupy this group. The services and products will be from renting to selling of all facilities locker, parking, etc, for customers, offering, and packages for loyal customers.

V) Core objectives

The core objectives division is into four sections and they are:  In financial objectives, it is to create profit of AED 250000.  In strategic objectives, it is to obtain customers from Dubai 70% and other emirates 80% overall.  In operational objectives, it is to satisfy customers 80%.  In marketing objectives, it is to increase awareness of Sand Ski Park 100% in the UAE and 20% internationally.

VI) Strategy for Objectives  To minimize costs and expenses, this will enable creation of high profit.  To create sales or targets, and this is in order to reach intended percentage of customers.

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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park
 To assure quality or satisfaction and this is to differentiate from regular entertainment and activities.  To create marketing activities and this is support sales and profit generation.

Objective 1) 2) 3) 4) VII)

Investment AED 50000 AED 50000 AED 50000 AED 100000

Achievement 20% 70-80% 80% 20-100%

Responsibility Sales Management, Marketing and Sales Management, Marketing and Sales, Quality Management Marketing and Sales

Risks and opportunities

SWOT Strengths

Analysis Statement  Unique in the market  Aggressive tourism industry of Dubai  Low capital start-up  High profit margin and amount  Quality assurance  Price satisfaction  Services and facilities satisfaction  Leader in local market  30% finance required from bank  No reserve without finance  Partnership  Supplier cooperation permanent or temporary  Inside business for food or equipment suppliers  Competitor entrant before opening


Opportunitie s


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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park
 Supplier conditions and long-term commitment VIII) Limiting risks, developing strengths, improving weaknesses and exploiting opportunities

SWOT Strengths

Analysis Statement  Introducing new products and services within one year to remain unique in tourism market  Assuring that tourism industry is aggressive and establishing other businesses to support tourism and travel  Obtaining reserve amount and 30% of capital finance  Maintaining high profit without increasing price and offering offers and discounts for loyal customers  Developing quality standards and obtaining ISO certification  Maintaining same level of low price and avoiding increasing of price by cutting costs and not cutting quality  Providing a wide range of facilities and services upon demand and need  Remaining leader in the market with continuous improvement


and lasting in the tourism market  30% finance required from bank  No reserve without finance  Partnership  Supplier cooperation permanent or temporary  Inside business for food or equipment suppliers  Competitor entrant before opening  Supplier conditions and long-term commitment

Opportunitie s


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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park
IX) Financial costs and expenses

 Costs and expenses The costs are salaries of employees, it is AED 55000 per month, and this will include administrative, sales and frontline staff members. The location rental as a start-up venue for Sand Ski Park will be AED 200000. The food court design and arrangements will be AED 50000. The facilities support and design will be AED 180000. It is very important that there is professional reception with enough staff members to entertain, receive and communicate with customers and the investment will be AED 20000.

There should be washrooms and prayer rooms and cost will be AED 20000 for design and requirements. Moreover, the people might need lockers to keep their stuff internally while they are playing or enjoying being in Sand Ski Park and investment will be AED 50000. The needs and fulfilment of equipments will be AED 25000. There will be need of equipment when customers will be playing and they can buy or take it as rent and investment will be AED 25000.

 Sand Ski Park Affording The investment amount along with reserve is AED 1 million and expected to spend or to make investment in Sand Ski Park start-up is AED 700000. There is no reserve amount and this might be in need for bringing improvements and boosting business when there is turnover or slowdown in business and it will be natural. This

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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park
investment is necessary because during the start-up there is expectation for 100 customers on alternate days and more on weekends.

X) Financial Plans

The financial plan is a projection plan as per the period and details specification below:

Item Venue Food court Facilities Reception Washrooms Lockers Monthly expense Equipments TOTAL Item Maintenance & cleaning New equipments Salaries Marketing/Sales/Incentive s Electricity/Water Rent TOTAL Usual Cost AED 50,000 AED 25,000 AED 55,000 AED 100,000 AED 15,000 AED 200,000 AED 445,000

Startup Cost AED 200,000 AED 50,000 AED 180,000 AED 20,000 AED 25,000 AED 50,000 AED 55,000 AED 25,000 AED 605,000 Quarter AED 150,000 AED 75,000 AED 165,000 AED 300,000 Annual AED 600,000 AED 300,000 AED 660,000 AED 1,200,000

AED 45,000 AED 180,000 AED 600,000 AED 2,400,000 AED 1,335,000 AED 5,340,000

The profit determination is as per 100 customers on daily basis:

Item Renting equipments Selling

Profit AED 1,500 AED 10,000

Monthly AED 45,000 AED 300,000

Quarterly AED 135,000 AED 900,000

Annually AED 540,000 AED 3,600,000 Page 9 of 15

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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park
lunch, dinner and AED 216,000 AED 105,000 AED 105,000 AED 150,000 AED 75,000 AED 300,000 AED 648,000 AED 315,000 AED 315,000 AED 450,000 AED 225,000 AED 900,000 AED 2,592,000 AED 1,260,000 AED 1,260,000 AED 1,800,000 AED 900,000 AED 3,600,000

snacks Membership AED 7,200 Sand skiing AED 3,500 Sand AED 3,500 boarding Renting camel trek Renting motorbikes Renting camps and overstay locations TOTAL AED 43,200 AED 5,000 AED 2,500 AED 10,000

AED 1,296,000

AED 3,888,000

AED 15,552,000

Therefore, according to deduction of start-up and regular costs from projected profit, the annual profit will be AED 9,607,000 when there are 100 customers on daily basis and using Sand Ski Park complete services, products and offerings.

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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park

The recommendation is that Sand Ski Park will maintain a part of their capital and the investment of this part will be when there is need for introducing new services due to high demand. There are possibilities that customers will demand new services and entertainment opportunities within six months.

The recommendation for marketing and sales is to target total 150 customers so Sand Ski Park will be able to obtain at least 100 customers on daily basis. This will ensure projected sales and profit obtainment as per determination and projection in financial planning of profit and loss and this included startup costs.

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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park

Sand Ski Park will be leader in the tourism industry due to its variety of services that assures quality and satisfaction of customers in terms of facilities and pricing. The main aim of Sand Ski Park is to provide good and unforgettable experience so the customers will become loyal and they will refer their family and friends. The start up and usual cost is kept low and most of the services and products obtainment will be from suppliers and partners on an agreed mutual benefits such as motorbikes.

Sand Ski Park will require fewer expenses in facilities but there will be more expenses in marketing and sales activities. The number of customers target is realistic and profit is also realistic and it is possible only by the means of aggressive marketing and sales scheme that should be effective and on target basis to create appropriate awareness in the market locally or internationally.

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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park
6)Resources Reading

          




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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park
 



Sand Ski Park Market Analysis Questionnaire





1) I love desert entertainment and fun. 2) It will be great to have Sand Ski Park. 3) The pricing really matters. 4) There should be appropriate and
facilities and equipments.

  

    

    

 

5) It will be great to have food court.

Thank you for participation!

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Business Plan: Sand Ski Park
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