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The Title of This Book is Freak the Mighty

The Title of This Book is Freak the Mighty

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Published by: stonepicker3 on Dec 15, 2010
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Freak the Mighty

1. The title of this book is Freak the Mighty 2. The author of this book is Rodman Philbrick, Yes he has written more books, and some titles are Taken, The Young Man and the Sea, The Last Book in the Universe, Torn, and The Mostly true Adventures of Homer P. Figg. 3. The publication date is 1933 4. I would rate the cover at a 3. The reason is because there’s nothing on the cover to make me want to read the book. 5. The plot of this story is how Freak and Max go through all these challenges some they overcome some they don’t. Freak and mighty start off on the wrong but end up being friends. Max thinks freak is the smartest kid in the world because he knows a lot of words. Freak and Max have gone through rough times like fighting off a gang. Max becomes Freaks mighty stead as they go on quest. Freak and Max go through different neighbor hoods but calls them secret kingdoms. Max learns more and more words with Freak. 6. The main character, He thinks crutches are cool, and he likes fighting. 7. One great line in the book is, were Freak the Mighty that’s who we are. Pg: 39-40 8. My rating of the book is a 5 because it wasn’t that eye catching

Max faces Man vs. Man.Freak the Mighty A teen would in enjoy this book because it teaches a lot of word and it teaches of friendship. Blade and his gang start throwing rock but the cops come just in time. If it were in a big city they might not have a pond to go look at fireworks. Man conflict when Tony D. 12. 9. Then Freak helps him get away when Tony(Blade) chases him with a knife. If I changed the setting of the book I would make it a town out in the county. Freak get Max to jump in the pond on the shallow end because he is tall but Blade trys to jump in after him but gets stuck. . 10. Yes the settings make a difference in the book. The conflict in this story in Man vs. Mind. and Man vs. (Blade) starts calling him names at the pond on the forth of July. The setting of this book is a small town. I would change Max’s backyard from a clump of chain meal to a nice backyard with grass and flowers. Freak helps him get away from him by steering Max like a horse. 11.

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