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The Last Pixie

The Last Pixie

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Published by Lisa Arnopp
Pixie is not a derogatory term for a Fairy.

Felicia never left Southland until her boss sent for her to visit Kingdom City. Taking her best friend Gin-gin, who happens to be a Fairy, the two embark on an adventure meeting pirates, Trolls, Elves and the dashing Commander Moberly along the way. They race to find the last Pixie before the pirates do.
Pixie is not a derogatory term for a Fairy.

Felicia never left Southland until her boss sent for her to visit Kingdom City. Taking her best friend Gin-gin, who happens to be a Fairy, the two embark on an adventure meeting pirates, Trolls, Elves and the dashing Commander Moberly along the way. They race to find the last Pixie before the pirates do.

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Published by: Lisa Arnopp on Dec 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The boat steadies and the sound of the ocean returns. We are past the Rocks.
Now the boat picks up speed as Rogan changes from muffling us to enchanting the sails.
“We’re past the Sirens.” Madison tells me as she sits on the chair. “Nineteen
men flung themselves to their death.”
The news of the deaths is morbid but considering they would have no qualms
about killing us, I do my best to shake the guilt.
“And we’ve lost Jaxton’s ship. We must be going double speed.”
“That’s about how fast we ran on the Catalina when Gin-gin did the same.”
She looks down at Charlie and puts her hand on his arm. “It’s been a day. I was
hoping he would be through this by now.”
A tear falls.
“I’ll see you in the morning. Rogan’s going to sleep in my cabin tonight.”
I snicker through my tears. “I found him in a drawer this morning. Said the room

was too big.”

“Good to know. I’ll set him up in my closet.”
The next morning I wake when Charlie gives another sudden jolt in the bed. I
hold him. “You’ll be all right. You have to be.” His limp body is a reminder that we
have a long way to go.

Rogan may have started in Madison’s cabin but he’s in my drawer again.
Needing to stretch my legs I take a quick walk around the deck after lunch while
Rogan boosts his spell. The crew is far more cordial than before our visit to Isla de
Diablo. Even Hugo asks how Commander Moberly is doing and seems sincerely upset
that his condition hasn’t improved. He pretends that he doesn’t care by adding, “What
did I waste my effort getting him out of the burning bar for if he’s going to sleep through
all the hard work?” But that’s his way.
“How far are we from the mainland?” I ask knowing we’ll come up on the
backside of Southland peninsula and then turn north to Kingdom City.
“At this rate, we’ll be there before nightfall.” Hugo tells me. “Are we stopping at


Lisa Marie Arnopp

The Last Pixie


I shake my head no. “Madison and I had a discussion about it and since there
wasn’t anything to do to help Charlie we decided to go straight to Kingdom City. We
have to get to that Pixie before Jaxton and even if we have a couple of days on him, we
have no idea where to start.”

Fearful that Charlie will be in the same state, I linger. He’s always the same and
I’m not ready to face the grim news. Leaning over the railing I look out at the vast sea.
Rogan flies up and lands next to me.
“It’s so tempting to jump.”
I do not have the full strength to talk him off the ledge. “Please don’t.”
“Since I’m able to help, I feel useful. As long as we’re going to Kingdom City, I
may as well meet your friend first. I’m not expecting to change my mind.”
“I’d miss you if you did something like that.”
He gives me a hug. “And that may be the biggest reason why I haven’t.”
Gin-gin will know what to do or one of the other Fairies if any stuck around. I

suspect a few might have.

Clancy’s shoulder bumps mine. “How are you holding up?”
“I’m great.” I overtly lie.
“Tough as nails.”
More like straw but I don’t debate him. “Is that a whale?” I point to a large area
of glass smooth water heading our direction. Before he answers, I can see that it isn’t. A
shadowy figure materializes as a creature swims closer to the surface. The bulk of the
body could be a whale but there is a long snake like neck and an equally long tale.
“Sound the alarms and brace yourselves!” Clancy yells. The beast’s head is
yards away when the good seaman pulls Rogan and me from the ledge.
If he hadn’t, we would have fallen over when the monster hits the hull of the ship.
“There’s another one!” The man in the crow’s nest shouts as a second bump

bucks our vessel.

We run up to the helm.
“They’ll break the Orb Weaver to wood splinters if they keep this up.” Madison
tells us. “Do we have any meat to toss in as bait?”
“I’ll see.” Clancy runs off to take inventory.

Lisa Marie Arnopp

The Last Pixie


“They’re coming around!” The man hollers down to the deck. Another thud
followed closely by a second hit. The beasts must have taken another pass.
“Rogan, can you do anything?” I frantically ask.
“Sure, sure. Don’t know why I should bother except that it would be ungrateful

not to serve you.”

“Prepare for impact!” The crow’s nest warns.
Their wakes form giant arrows in the water aimed straight for mid-hull.
“Rogan are you going to help us or not?” Madison pleads.
“Already have.”
True to his words, the creatures were on the other side of the boat swimming
away and slowing probably wondering how they missed such a large target. One of their
necks rises above the water and for an enormous creature it has a smallish head. Still it is
longer than a man from snout to the tip of its neck. Ducking down they move quickly
and again pass under us without touching a slat of wood. Now two heads look at the Orb
Weaver. One mouth opens wide and wails a mournful sound.
“They aren’t going to give up that easily are they?” I say preparing for the worst.
In answer they glide to our ship with their heads held high. One moves to the
bow and the other to the aft. They can reach us and one clamps down barely missing
Hugo. Swimming in circles they form a monster-made eddy under us. The Orb Weaver
begins to turn rather than sail straight. The creatures heads poke overhead again looking
for easy pickings.
“Working on it.” He tells Madison.
One head makes a go at a pirate and gets a cut from a saber. Screeching it pulls

back angrier than ever.

It looks like they’re sinking below water until I realize that Rogan has levitated
the ship out of the sea and high enough to keep these monsters from reaching the deck.
With a mighty thump one hits the hull with its skullcap but we float up higher. Once out
of the ocean we move even faster.
Thinking that the commotion could have woken Charlie, I go to investigate. He
hasn’t improved. He’s not restless. What if he’s given up fending off the poison? It’s

Lisa Marie Arnopp

The Last Pixie


too much and I collapse on him holding his motionless body and sob. “Wake up Charlie.
You have to wake up. Mary needs you and Edward. And what about Eddie? He loves
his uncle Charlie.” I sniffle. “And I love you. I need you Charlie. If you wake up I
promise to never disobey you again.”
“Never again?”
“Yes. Just get better. I’ll do anything.”
His fingers run through my hair as he clears it from my face. “That’s a very
tempting offer. What about a kiss? Maybe if you gave me a kiss I’d wake up.”
I sit up. He’s smiling from ear to ear. “You’re awake?”
“And you promised to listen to me going forward. I won’t forget that.”
Kissing him with all my might he pulls me tight to his chest. I don’t ever want to
let go. So excited to see him alive I kiss all over his face.
“How long have I been out?”
“Two days.” I sputter between kisses.
“And where are we?” He’s confused.
Leaning up on my arm I answer, “On the Orb Weaver.” Has he forgotten
everything that happened? “What is the last thing you remember?”
“Crabs. I don’t remember anything after the crabs.” Still disoriented he says,
“Are we moving? It’s too smooth to be on the sea.”
“We’re flying. Rogan lifted us from the water when sea monsters attacked.”
“Sea monsters?”
I nod. “And we passed the Sirens with his help. He silenced their sound from our


“Two days you say.” He sits up and caresses my neck before kissing me. “We’ll

have to continue this later.”
“You should rest.”
“No need. I feel great.”
I’d put down my foot but he looks strong and healthy albeit a bit stiff in the joints.
We go up to Madison who runs into his arms and kisses him hard. Blushing she gives me
a guilty glance and pushes away. “I don’t know what came over me.”
Clancy sighs.

Lisa Marie Arnopp

The Last Pixie


Charlie looks over the railing at the two monsters lagging behind still eyeing their
escaped quarry. The sun sets beyond them. “Rogan, how difficult is this for you?”
He shakes his head sadly. “It’s very difficult. I hate being freed. I miss the cage
as outrageous as that sounds and yet all I ever thought about was killing myself when I
was captured.”

“Not that? How much energy does it take to fly the ship?”
“Oh.” He doesn’t seem bothered at Charlie’s lack of concern for his
psychological wellbeing. “Energy isn’t a problem. I have a power surge since Isla de
Diablo. It’s like all my magic was stored up beyond full capacity.”
“Do you mean to have him fly us all the way?” Madison questions.
“If we fly over the forest we can cut off more time.” After two days of
unconsciousness he’s clever as ever.
“That’s brilliant.” Hugo smirks. “Glad you’re back to your usual self.”
Charlie does a double take. “Are you?”
“Sure. You were a worthy opponent.” He gives him a wink and holds up his
fists. “Who else will fight me on this ship? The rest are cowards or wise enough not to
try. You’re brave and dumb.”

The Commander’s head falls back in laughter. “We have a bout to resume, don’t


“Enough of that.” I say completely certain that men never truly grow out of
childhood. “What about when Rogan needs to sleep?”
“We can make it in a day at this rate.”
“Then I can go without sleep. But I should eat.” Rogan guesses.

Lisa Marie Arnopp

The Last Pixie


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