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Immigration Law Clinic: Immigration assistance through Proper Immigration Policies

Immigration Law Clinic: Immigration assistance through Proper Immigration Policies

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Published by Leon Versfeld
Foreign nationals find immigration assistance and advice from immigration experts in legal clinics.
Foreign nationals find immigration assistance and advice from immigration experts in legal clinics.

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Published by: Leon Versfeld on Dec 15, 2010
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Immigration Law Clinic: Immigration assistance through Proper Immigration Policies

Illegal immigration has recently become a heated debate which concerns many staff members of immigration law clinics. In recent years, border states like Arizona, Texas, and California have seen a dramatic increase in illegal immigrants. On April 2010, Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, signed a controversial immigration bill, the nation s toughest bill on illegal immigration. The bill has not only managed to draw Governor Brewer into limelight, but has also put the issue of illegal immigration to the forefront. District Judge, Susan Bolton blocked the most controversial provisions of the bill, which allowed police to ask for the immigration status of someone. She also ruled against warrantless arrests of suspected illegal immigrants, and she reduced the immigrant s penalties for failing to carry registration papers. Many agree there s a need for change in immigration laws, but the approach to such changes are varied, and sometimes contentious. Aware of the complexity of immigration policies, several immigration assistance programs have been created. These centers are open to everyone, but especially to those who need help with immigration laws, or those who are looking to obtain citizenship. Basically, immigration and nationality issues of those who come to the United States are taken care of by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). DHS enforces U.S. immigration laws, processes immigration applications, and petitions for legal status. They are the deciding authority on who can enter, or stay in the U.S. Yet, if an immigrant gets confused with U.S. law, or doesn t speak English very well, an immigration legal clinic can provide help. These immigration assistance clinics educate and guide immigrants who are seeking certain visas such as marriage visas, sports and performing visas. They also, help immigrants obtain student work visas. Immigration law clinics have a thorough knowledge of immigration law, and they can advise foreign nationals, who are temporarily working in the U.S., how to change their status to Permanent Residence. Immigration assistance can help you obtain citizenship or legal status from the Department of Homeland Security. An immigration legal clinic can represent you in Immigration Court, if your situation has become a serious issue. Immigration law clinics can explain that immigrants are eligible for a marriage visa if they are married to a United States citizen which also qualifies them for a green card. Foreign students can benefit from going to an immigration law clinic by getting help with immigration when applying for a student visa. Student work visas have two categories: F-1 visas for academic programs, and M-1 visas for vocational programs. If a foreigner is a professional athlete, or performer, he or she can seek immigration assistance in obtaining the P visa that is for athletes and entertainers.

America is an immigrant friendly nation. There are a number of immigration law clinics that help foreigners while they are in the U.S. These legal clinics can explain complicated laws and provide immigration assistance to those who are unsure of U.S. law, says, Leon Versfeld, of Versfeld and Hugo. Versfeld and Hugo, LLC is a legal firm that helps individuals, families, and corporations across the world in matters of immigration, naturalization, and consular law. For help with immigration questions or problems, visit Versfeld & Hugo, LLC at : http://www.versfeldlaw.com

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