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From: Sent: To: Subject: Patricia Wednesday,lT March20101:47p.m. BarryWards;' _ RE: Whangarei Advocate

Sensitivity: Confidential


so long as it meets our zoo standardwhich is to be buriedoy'Jt{e..,S$Fdsp(t[e z]Q, which is what has whichwhat is has happened. NSry, The continual harassment frornthe Northern Advocat,

I willdiscuss with Any nny pefon withcommonsense commonsense would know w wp5\xffiNtltal sftq+ad-grief with fieffi'iefwith losing Daluandwouldhaveenough dealwithwithout to trying makefdqey\$ of poor\Yfrhe only to r\Ufrhe onlytige tiger partsthatweretakenwerethosetakenthrough law whoeverdi&{hQtqtopsyQqd parts that were taken were those taken throughthe lawby whoever the di&thQu.topsyQqd I si\|ed a form to say si\}ed form si (althoughdidn't that knewthatpartshadbeenremoved that I knew that parts had been removed(althoughI didn'tview the-,rnJ thX thes€+Elq would not be viewthem)and thX tfreselsltswouldnot be and returned to Zion. After the autopsy the staff discretelydug a holeffifuiedried nlulrN#operty, A!t-bq\-e:gf'qp*e-rty_, l d,idn't ! d,idn' even p\bi ask where, it was the last thingon my mind. I do not intendto aSK\tKprnxhe ihe mv he g{actr\bt}s I don't wantto know don't*ant a&l+(el+nhe e, eftc(bpbt}s t don'i want know

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andhis otherspokespQq'lelofiinudlhFunQbd smooth running the Zion tfre of

a itie_s9f'r\inqd plus Craig's manip lationof ib u


operationand wellbeingof the staff. For too long1'ha\NheMinp.d{Mfir}rave decidedthat from now on we page on our web qitq\QTst/tes fESqrhplcanprove,factualinformation will run a specialinformation or evidencewe have in our hands,photosor wfqtdv$1ib,hteyfu\\$Ythere is anotherview oppositeto the currentsmearcampaignthat has gone on s@pryF. Vy+6l$gt) well startwith Abu,followedby anything else that is false or intendedto destroythe buslhesd \\) Kind regards Patricia

everything Advocat

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g fYomchinese herbalmedicines heavens to knowswhat. TheWhangarei beenon the phoneto our communications people.We are responding with a at, to the bestof our knowledge, theseallegations falseand that Abu hasbeen are in accordwith regulatory requirements.

We're tryingto shut this done but it's gettinga life of it's own - anything you can do would be appreciated. Regards


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