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Special Scholarships “Good Governance in Afghanistan” (GGA) and “Master of Public Policy” (MPP) at the University of Erfurt, Germany
What are the objectives of the programme?
Since 2002, probably more than 20,000,000,000 $ of awarded international donor funds were returned unspent because of lacking administrative capacities at Afghan authorities. Many setbacks in Afghan reconstruction activities are due to the absence or inadequacy of administrative skills and procedures. Providing qualification in public policy issues – summarized under the term of “Good Governance” – would therefore clearly be an asset in the process of Afghan civil reconstruction and have a direct impact on key criteria such as sustainability and Afghan ownership. In view of this situation, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is offering scholarships for Afghan postgraduates to participate in the preparatory programme “Good Governance in Afghanistan” (GGA) and in a following Master’s Degree Course “Public Policy” at the Willy-Brandt-School of the University in Erfurt, Germany. The preparatory course (GGA) is designed to offer instruction and information which is closely tailored to specific Afghan needs and realities. It will cover a period of 7 months (March till September 2011). The course will be taught in English and includes an Intensive German language course in the period from August 1 till September 30. The Master course “Public Policy” (MPP) at the University of Erfurt will cover a period of two additional years (October 2011 till September 2013). The Master course has an international orientation and will be taught in English. Successful completion of the preparatory course (GGA) will be a prerequisite for getting admission to the subsequent Master course. Further details about the Master course at Erfurt University can be obtained in the Internet:: http://www.brandtschool.de/master/concept/)



30. 2011) it will not be possible to be accompanied by spouse or family. NGOs.. During the subsequent Master course (starting Oct. or as academic staff at universities. DAAD advises applicants to bear in the mind that it is presently very difficult and time-consuming to obtain the necessary family visa and that DAAD is not in a position to influence visa procedures in any way. Scholarships for a seven-month preparatory course and a subsequent two-year Master programme at Erfurt University. Target group What is fundable? • • During the preparatory course (March 1. a family allowance (during the Master course only). 1. 400 EUR payable prior to return to Afghanistan after having completed the Master course). one-time study and research subsidy of 460 EUR. accident and private/personal liability insurance in Germany travel allowance of 950 EUR in two instalments (550 EUR payable prior to departure from Afghanistan.Who can apply? The scholarship scheme is open to candidates from Afghanistan whose current professional activities will benefit from a qualification in the field of “Good Governance” issues. No more than six years should have passed since receiving the last academic degree. Eligible candidates will typically be employed as executives in state or public authorities. adequate health. business firms.050 $). and.) The scholarship includes: • • • monthly scholarship rate of currently 750 € (approx. 2011) scholarship holders are entitled to apply for family allowances according to general DAAD regulations. 1. (Participating in the Master programme depends on a successful completion of the preparatory course. 2 . if applicable. 2011 – Sept. Excellently qualified graduates with a first university degree (Bachelor or equivalent) who in the future would like to actively contribute to the social and economic development of their home country. However.

Applicants must submit: 1) A filled-in and signed DAAD application form (available in the internet from the following link: www.pdf or from our Kabul Office (address see below). 3) Good English language skills certified either by TOEFL test or IELTS. Due to limited data storage capacities. Other certificates of English language proficiency will not be accepted.de: November 15. 2) Motivation Letter containing a precise description of the applicant’s academic / professional and personal reasons for wishing to participate in the Master’s degree programme. 2013) Due to the tight time schedule in both programmes there will be no possibility for a home visit between March 1. the scanned copy should be submitted in PDF format and strictly not exceed a volume of 5 MB. Please note: Invited preselected applicants must bring all originals of documents which were submitted as copies so that they can be officially acknowledged during the Kabul interviews. Registering for TOEFL or IELTS tests in Afghanistan is strictly a matter of the applicant’s own initiative and responsibility.de/imperia/md/content/en/deutschland/formulare/forsch ungsstipendium_en. in the internet and will effect a convenient reduction of data space. DAAD will try to provide assistance. (PDF converters are freely accessible e. It is urgently advised to register early for TOEFL or IELTS tests in Kabul. however.daad. 2011 – Sept. 30. 2011 . 4) Curriculum Vitae including information about precise field of study 3 .g. 30.). • • • Requirements In addition to the study results achieved so far.kabul@gmx. Paper-based pre-selection Invitation of pre-selected applicants to Kabul for personal interviews and written test (December). Preparatory course at Erfurt University (March 1. Fees for obtaining such certificates are considered as a personal career investment and will not be reimbursed.Time Schedule • • • • Deadline of submission of two complete application sets at the German Embassy Kabul : November 15. 2010. since availability of testing places is limited. 1. In case of problems. 2010 Deadline of submission of one scanned copy of the complete application set by e-mail to daad. the main criterion for selection is a convincing description of the subject-related and personal motivation for the study project in Germany and the expected benefit after the return to the home country. 2011) Master course “Public Policy” at Erfurt University (Oct. 2011 and March 2012.Sept.

containing information on grading system. or (in case of professionals) current or former employers: 6) Officially authenticated copies of all certificates (school and university diplomas) with individual grades. Afghanistan E-Mail: daad. and Erfurt School of Public Policy at Erfurt University: (http://www.m. The decision on the award of scholarships will be taken by a selection committee composed of professors from the Master courses and representatives of DAAD. DAAD will not consider incomplete applications. if applicable.kabul@gmx. 2011.de Applications submitted through other channels or to other authorities will not be considered.de/master/concept/ ) 4 . a copy of the application set must be submitted by email to daad.kabul@gmx. 5) Two letters of recommendation by Afghan professors. Afghanistan In addition. The results of the selection will be announced by the end of January or beginning of February.de Phone: 0093-79-42 79 89 5 Office hours: 2 p. or “Electrical Engineering” rather than just “Engineering”) and. to 4 p.m. Applications (two hard copies) can only be submitted to Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Wazir Akbar Khan Mena 10 Kabul.brandtschool.g.(e. “Chemistry” instead of “Science”. Deadline Contact and advice November 15. Applicants who have been resident in Germany for more than one year at the time of application cannot be considered. description of current job situation. 2010 Further information can be obtained from: DAAD Liaison Office Kabul c/o Ministry of Higher Education Kabul.

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