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Permaculture food gardening guide for schools

Permaculture food gardening guide for schools

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Published by: fernando_coelho_13 on Dec 15, 2010
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You need at least ten enthusiastic learners, two committed teachers and
two parents and/or community members for a strong school gardening
team. It is a good idea to enlist the support of your school principal
early on.

n The gardening group should hold a site visit and meeting to talk
about what is needed to start a garden: land, water, sunlight, soil,
people, seeds and tools.

n Give your gardening group and garden a fun name.

n Your gardening group might begin meeting once a week, but once
you start planting, the garden will need attention every day.

n Once your garden is established, your
gardening group should continue
meeting at least once a month to discuss
various gardening issues that may arise.

n It is a good idea to have a gardening
committee and some guidelines for the
gardening group to follow.

Visit your garden
daily for weeding,
watering and

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