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JITWCC Ministry of Helps Applications

JITWCC Ministry of Helps Applications

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Published by Dr. Corey D. Butler

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Published by: Dr. Corey D. Butler on Dec 15, 2010
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Ministry of Helps Application

Partnership #_________ Personal Information
Last Name: Local Address Home Address City E-Mail : First Name Local Phone Home Phone State MI

Zip Code

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Be a full fledge tithing member in good standing, having been born again, baptized in water, believe in being filled with the spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues Being Living a lifestyle that is consistent with the Christian principles, the Vision of the house and the rules and regulation governing the ministry of Helps Must have gained victory in manifestation for six months over smoking, drinking, narcotics, and/or illegitimate sexual habits Be consistent in physical attendance in the weekday and the Sunday worship.(persons working nights must inform their department head in order to be excused from the weekday worship) be in attendance at a majority of the scheduled meeting established for the helps ministry to which application is made be willing to support the Ministry, both prayerfully and financially on a consistent basis and must be a consistent tither (Malachi 3:8) Must fill out a Ministry of Helps Application

All partners are permitted to work on a maximum of three (3) ministries of Helps □ Partnership Services □ The Door Keepers □ VIP’s (Very Impressive People) □ The Set-up Ministry □ Audio Ministry □ Events Planning Services □WOE Women’s Fellowship □ M2M Men’s Fellowship □ Kingdom Connection □ Wee Saints Nursery □ Media Ministry □ Temple Maintenance □ Ordinance Ministry □ Mistrals □Praise & Worship Team □ Nurses □ Pastoral Security □ Light Media Center

I completely understand the aforementioned requirements and stipulations for admittance into the ministry of helps of Jesus Is The Way Christian Center and I fully agree to submit and follow them.

Partner Signature ___________________________________________________ Date ________________

Butler the Senior Pastor and Apostolic Overseer of Jesus Is The Way Christian Center. Secondly. Again it is my honor to serve as your spiritual covering and Pastor as we endeavor to propagate the gospel in this region and the world Grace & Peace.D. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce our New Partners Packet. I’m honored to be your pastor and spiritual covering. Senior Pastor/ Apostolic Overseer . Th. Butler. I encourage you to read thoroughly the information. This packet will provide a mass of information concerning this ministry and its various outreaches. Pastor Corey D.Greetings In the Name of Jesus: I’m Pastor Corey D. Let me be the first to welcome you to “ The Way” I thank God that you have chosen to be a participating partner here at “The Way” I am primarily honored that I have the distinct honor to co-labor with you in the propagation of the Gospel.

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