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Mission Week Mission Team LOL Minutes01

Mission Week Mission Team LOL Minutes01

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Published by Natalie Kwok

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Published by: Natalie Kwok on Dec 15, 2010
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Mission Week Minutes LOL

Attendees: George, Jamie, Kelly, Jenny, Sian, Tyra, Ara, Me, Alex, Chris! We miss Tsungai Ideas y y Acoustic night ± week before Advertisement ± SU Calendar, Radio Station, Print 24 (flyer company) £31.70 for 2500 flyers, hoodies, posters (Big ones) (Stick things all around especially departments and by the doors) (tell flats), Email, facebook (a whole new page)(Web design ± Alex), play videos? (Su Bar TV Screen) Prayer and Praise night Create a Private page for Mission Team Comm ittee Alpha Course after all the events as follow ups Room bookings Events ± Film night (the film we choose ± The sliding doors?), Question booth thing (Get people with a PhD)(Do cards that people can write questions on Email them back), Comedy night, Lunch bar (buy food), Assign committee role ± other groups on Campus (Keep them motivated) Jamie drew poo Budget ± about £500 Approach minister at your home Church for stuff like financial, prayer, etc. Organize CU people to help out ± relate it back to CU keeping them up to date

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