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Join your friends and neighbors for a

Candlelight Vigil for 99ers
And every American who is suffering this Holiday Season The Unemployed, Underemployed, Small Business, Middle Class

Monday, December 20 6:00 to 7:00 pm, local time City Halls Nationwide
Main site: Providence, RI

Please Bring Your Candle
Help Light the Way back to an America That works for all of us and secures our children's future
The current 5 million 99ers are the first victims of this recession. Laid off at the beginning, they have not only lost their UI, but their homes, cars, retirement savings, good credit and, their hope. They are not counted in the official numbers and not included in the extension now being debated in Congress. There will be 4 million more 99ers in the next few months. Many other Americans are also suffering. The unemployed, some of whom qualify for UI, though many do not. The underemployed, those that can't survive on part time work. Small and family businesses are being forced to lay-off workers and close.

America is hurting, but there IS HOPE. Please Help Light the Way.
If you are unable to go to your City Hall, please place a candle in your window. Thank you.

Labor Donated

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