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My Life

My Life

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My Life

My Life, born 1980 March 12 at , Bareilly/UP/India (0N0 0W0 0W) House System:

"It is my great pleasure to present your SuperPower Report. This document represents a culmination of 24 years of personal effort. I give you my best. I trust you'll enjoy it. For the most part, this report is positive and sincere. Because some people say they don't want to hear any bad stuff and other people want to be forewarned so as to be prepared, I have dealt with the issue by including what may be called reality sandwiches. This report is not to be taken for medical or legal advice and is not for therapy or fortune telling purposes. It is my hope that this report will provoke you to positive right action and entertain you simultaneously. It is my exercise in free speech and your reminder that life is what you make it. Enjoy yourself." -- AdZe MiXXe This SuperPower Report can guide you to your best possible future. Revealing your most important personalized astrological information, the SuperPower Report is like an executive summary about you and for you. This report contains specific tactics to help you achieve your destiny. If you pick up just one appropriate tip and stick with it, this report will have paid for itself many times over. AdZe's SuperPower Report is developed over twelve chapters: 1 Your Most Important Cosmic Factors 2 Sun in Your Chart 3 Moon in Your Chart 4 Mercury in Your Chart 5 Venus in Your Chart 6 Mars in Your Chart 7 Jupiter in Your Chart 8 Saturn (and Chiron) in Your Chart 9 Uranus in Your Chart 10 Neptune in Your Chart 11 Pluto in Your Chart 12 Your Past Lives AdZe's SuperPower Report is an astrological reading for My Life. It is not to be taken for medical or legal advice and is not for therapy or fortune telling purposes. It is hoped that this Report will provoke positive action and entertain you simultaneously. It is an exercise of free speech, and your reminder that life is what you make it. Enjoy yourself.

House System Longitude Rx Declination 21 Pisces 34 3S21 House Longitude 16 Capricorn 12 19S07 1 20 Sagittarius 37 10 Pisces 23 Rx 9N59 2 18 Capricorn 16 5 Taurus 50 14N43 3 17 Aquarius 21 29 Leo 58 Rx 7S43 4 18 Pisces 54 3 Virgo 13 Rx 9S13 23 Virgo 49 Rx 0S23 5 21 Aries 25 25 Scorpio 30 Rx 19N18 6 22 Taurus 12 22 Sagittarius 37 22S01 7 20 Gemini 37 21 Libra 13 Rx 24N18 8 18 Cancer 16 10 Taurus 34 13N41 9 17 Leo 21 28 Leo 08 10 18 Virgo 54 Ascendant 20 Sagittarius 37 11 21 Libra 25 Midheaven 18 Virgo 54 Planet Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Chiron Node 12

22 Scorpio 12

Chapter 1. Your Most Important Cosmic Factors Four or more planets in Earth signs YOU COULD MANAGE A BUSINESS You tend to be the practical sort: down to earth and concerned with material comfort and security. You favor "the real world." Inspirations, feelings and ideas don't mean so much to you as do practical applications, immediate ramifications and tangible results. Concrete facts are your thing. If you can't see it, smell it, hear it, feel it, taste it or touch it, you figure it isn't significant. Dreams and theoretical considerations might not mean much to you. Being pragmatic, you don't usually take chances with your time, money, energy or your feelings. You tend to be dependable, although folks in the fast lane may find you a bit conservative and dull. If you find that you're becoming bored or depressed, you should realize that your values are misplaced, and that your sense of security is false. If you're not happy, change your status quo and embrace the unknown. When paralyzed by fears and inhibitions, breathe deeply and move slowly and deliberately towards what you want. If you put your mind to it, you could cultivate your green thumb. Outward beauty is important to you. Working with your hands can pay off. You can shape the materials of the earth into sellable products. You're well suited to have your own business, provided that you've chosen it.

Fewer than two planets in Air signs ABOUT YOUR IDEAS You probably don't think or reason things out quite the way that other people do. Detached, objective thinking is just not one of your stronger innate abilities. It probably takes considerable effort for you to express yourself and you may even be distrustful of smooth and fast talkers. Although the university life per say may not be your thing, continuing education is necessary. If you do not allow tolerance for cultural diversity, you may suffer from corresponding rigid physical symptoms such as arthritis. TIP: Attend some classes, workshops and seminars on topics of interest. Since book learning probably brings frustration, learn more from hands on experience. Instead of people telling you, have them show you. Add some wind chimes and mobiles to your environment. Do regular breathing exercises. Have someone teach you pranayama which is the yogic science of breathing. Make a conscious effort to find an appropriate outlet for detachment. Five or more planets in Mutable signs YOU HAVE PLENTY OF INTERESTS You're more versatile than most people. You enjoy variety and become bored easily. You're pretty good at adapting to change and going with the flow. In fact, you'd rather go with the tide than against it. Put another way, you're accommodating and obliging. You can adjust. You're good at getting the word out- by phone, by pen or whatever. It's possible that you do six or seventeen dozen things at a time. You're certainly not suited for the Zen approach of one thing at a time; nevertheless, try and focus yourself more. Establish your top two priorities in each of several arenas of your life. TIP: You'll be happier as soon as you determine exactly what it is that you want. Five or more planets in Fixed signs YOUR FORCE OF HABIT IS STRONG More than likely, you're determined, purposeful and persistent. You could also be more introspective, strong-willed, slow and deliberate than most people. Before you act, you like to turn things over and over. Maybe you're more than a touch inflexible and stubborn. At any rate, you are not easily pushed, pulled or pressured. Once you've made up your mind, you stand your ground with firm conviction. Once you make up your mind and are willing to pay the price, you usually get what you want. It may take time, and you may have to overcome obstacles, but that is no matter. If you are committed, you are a powerhouse. After you overcome inertia, you're persevering, steady and stable. Moon Contraparallel Uranus INSTINCTS BRING OUT TALENT FOR LIBERATION Your mother was a character. Part of you is impulsive and ready for anything new and unusual. You can relate to others in a somewhat cool, detached and friendly way. Somehow, you need to be a nonconformist in a way that is comfortable and exciting. Once you make contact with progressive social elements, your life improves considerably. Be a free spirit. Contact some wild friends. You can go for some mutually creative sexy experiments. Otherwise, you can expect unconscious forces to rebel. You can learn to successfully relate to others by way of computer bulletin boards. You could find romance through personal classified advertisements that feature voice mail boxes. You're a bit frisky and desirous of excitement and stimulation. You can relate to people successfully once you learn appropriate ways to arouse their fancy. You were born to do something different. You were born to combine the love of romance with the love of freedom.

Mercury Contraparallel Jupiter CONCEPTS BRING OUT TALENT FOR ENCOURAGEMENT Both common sense and business sense are yours. You can be constructive and can develop literary skills. You've a mind for politics and for propaganda. You might want to start your own Zine. A Zine is a sort of magazine that came about as a result of desk top publishing and the photocopy and offset printing processes. One way or another, you can make money from your ideas. You can become a very persuasive communicator. You can learn to see both sides of a dispute. You would be very good at law, negotiation and arbitration. You can develop a gift for prophecy. TIP: Allow yourself the luxury of brainstorming sessions; on regular occasion, think about "possibilities" without being critical or doubting. You have an excellent command of language. You can find travel to be extra rewarding. You have a great mind of anything social. You easily know what works and what does not work with people. Venus Parallel Chiron AFFINITY UNITES WITH MENTORING Connect with a group of like minded individuals. Join together with more social mavericks. For instance, you could find happiness in a writers or artists co-op, or a meditation or healing circle. Spend and earn more money in new age ways. For example a variety of seminars, creative works, individuation processes and mentoring sessions can all benefit you. The key to success in to do it in groups as opposed to going it alone. Saturn Contraparallel Node DECISIONS BRING OUT TALENT FOR INTERCHANGING To gain more power, cultivate some of your natural affinity for the powers that be. You can get the approval and help that you need to achieve your professional goals. Pluto beyond the Tropic of Cancer SPECIAL ANALYTICAL POWERS You are a "Pluto Person." You could be a major power behind the scenes. You can be: the producer, head shrinker, "tax" collector or investigator. Whatever it is, you probably have an intense, all consuming approach to your work. You feel about sex the same way that you feel about many other things, it's either is all or nothing at all. Love you or hate you, tell you to your face or say it behind your back, people have some drastic opinions about you and your efforts. You have some natural detective instincts and an ability to see through facades and appearances. You probe deeply and want to know what motivates people. Folks feel compelled to confide in you and tell their secrets. You could make your mark with a syndicate, network or the like. Learn a therapy modality and charge people by the hour for your sessions. Your life has not been easy and some or much of what you have lived through would have simply killed weaker folks. Part of your life must have been a living hell. However, your will power and sense of control is extraordinary. You get second chances. You could be in the public eye a long time. If you choose to you can become extremely wealthy. Mercury Retrograde CONCEPTUAL FORCE IS TURNED WITHIN (APPARENT BACKWARD MOTION) There is more to your mind than meets the eye. In your early years, you were in your own little world, focused internal. As you age and mature, your focus will become more external. Your mind will move into higher gears, and learning will become easier. You may have started your life self-conscious and shy, especially about speech and communications. To those who do not know any better, you may appear absentminded. You are, in fact, contemplative and attuned to and aware of subtle psychological states. You just can't always explain what's happening. You naturally learn through absorption. Make learning easier; get a copy of The Brain Gym. This little booklet will show you simple tricks to make you smarter.

In time you may develop special communications skills and make your mark on the world. Along the way, to make life easier and more fun, learn to make some small talk and deal naturally with casual acquaintances. Stay alert for changing signposts. Mars Retrograde MOTIVATING FORCE IS TURNED WITHIN (APPARENT BACKWARD MOTION) There is more to your actions than meets the eye. Often times, you do not do what you are told. You do not necessarily obey all of the laws all of the time. Because of this it is important for you to decide which laws you will follow. You need a code to live by to make your life easier. Are you a candidate for repressed and potentially explosive anger? Do you exhibit passive aggressive behavior? If so, it's a good idea for you to learn healthy and appropriate ways to deal with your anger. Otherwise, your temper may get the best of you. An appropriate channel for these angry feelings might be rigorous physical exercise. Exercises specific to your needs are in the section that follows. TIP: Beware of displaced or misplaced aggression. Energetically you're not necessarily more docile or lazier than other people, you just use your power and strength differently. You can go off on your own tangent. You can have cycles of unconventional action and sexual behavior. Prominent persons with "retrograde Mars" include Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King. Some places possibly suited to your curious Martian temperament may include Alabama, Albania, Angola, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Japan, and Tennessee. Jupiter Retrograde FORCE OF ENCOURAGEMENT IS TURNED WITHIN (APPARENT BACKWARD MOTION) It hasn't been easy for you to find your place in the community. You're more philosophical and meditative than most people. Somewhat socially reclusive, you often prefer your own company. Paradoxically, you have a great need to belong to a group. This is one of your most basic choices: Will you sustain the effort to create a place for yourself in the community, or will you become progressively more unhappy, isolated and alienated? TIP: If you're not happy with social conditions, retreat, reconsider and find a creative way to rebel. Search out groups of people who share your belief systems and with whom you are psychologically attuned. This may take some time to find the proper fit. The people that you are looking for are out of the ordinary, uncommon and atypical. Consider starting a local chapter of a national or global organization. Saturn Retrograde DECISIVE FORCE IS TURNED WITHIN (APPARENT BACKWARD MOTION) Something in you bridles against tradition, conventional wisdom and authority. You don't like to be told what to do. Evaluate when and where it is important to take on the establishment. Get Kerry Johnson's The Science of Self Discipline, available from Nightingale-Conant at 1-800-323-5552. Nightingale-Conant offers an unconditional, 30-day money-back guarantee. TIP: Besides the hard ways, there are other ways to learn. If you can learn from hard knocks, then you can learn from pats on the back. You can do some of your best work alone. Ironically, in your later years, you may become a leader. Uranus Retrograde LIBERATING FORCE IS TURNED WITHIN (APPARENT BACKWARD MOTION) When you are feeling especially anxious and socially alienated, it may be a sign that you are rebelling against yourself. Allow yourself the freedom to be unique and, possibly, unconventional. Unusual friends are pluses too. You can be a genius. Pluto Retrograde

CLEANSING FORCE IS TURNED WITHIN (APPARENT BACKWARDS MOTION) Become aware of your deeply seated psychological motivations. Recognizing and grappling with your repressed desires and your suppressed anger will benefit you tremendously. Among the benefits are: increased energy, productivity and peace of mind, body and soul. Spend some time alone contemplating and meditating. Chapter 2. Sun in Your Chart On the first page of Genesis it says, "God made the Sun to rule the day and the Moon to rule the night and to be for signs and wonders." To the ancients, the Sun was known as Shamash, Ra, Apollo "breaker of family curses" and Tonatiuh, "dispenser of fate". The Sun gives you light and life. It also represents how and where you shine. The Sun is the star of self-expression, ego-identity, leadership, honor, glory and pride. The sunspot cycle of 22.22 years constitutes one heart beat/drum beat for the Sun. As such, it is the chief symbol for the circulatory system and the pulse of life. TIP: When you come to terms with your solar power you become a star. Below are described some of your stellar qualities My Life. Sun in Pisces COMPASSIONATE SELF-EXPRESSION The Pisces sun sign is two fish, thus, essentially, there are two of you. One fish is more kind, loving, tolerant and long-suffering than most people. The other fish can bite with shark's teeth. You don't want to hurt people, unless you are feeling righteous and need to punish the guilty. It's fair to say that you're imaginative, a dreamer, and even mystical. You certainly seem to absorb and drink in your surroundings more than most people. You have your mood swings and can benefit from live music and dance. TIP: My Life, break the chains of fate and destiny. The future can be for those who take it and those who make it. More than most people, you are a product of your beliefs as much as your disbeliefs. As Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or you can't, you are right. Sun Sextile Moon SELF-EXPRESSION COOPERATES WITH INSTINCTS To become a star, first get in touch with your own inner peace and serenity. Before going off, it is a good idea to figure out what you want and how you can get it. Sun Semi-Square Venus SELF-EXPRESSION CHALLENGES AFFINITY You know how to please people and you want to be liked. You can become a star by swaying others with your natural charm and style. You are somewhat warm-hearted, affectionate, social and erotic. Comfort, pleasure and luxury are necessary for you to be you. TIP: Create an equilibrium between pleasure and other senses of your identity. Sun Quadra-Novile Jupiter SELF-EXPRESSION MUSES WITH ENCOURAGEMENT Have the courage to follow where your heart leads you, namely to travel and education. Will dramatic changes be necessary? Be honest with yourself. You could get more involved with lawyers, artists, and literary types. You're suited for more commitment to business, sports, publishing, anything international in scope. Sun Opposite Saturn

SELF-EXPRESSION CHALLENGES DECISIONS Virginia Woolf said, "I don't believe in aging, I believe in forever altering one's aspect to the sun." You're serious, responsible, industrious and hardworking. You probably matured early and may have missed out on much of the joy of childhood. You tend to get along well with mature people and the elderly. You can become a star by becoming more purposeful. Your discipline can make you a self-made person. You can become a star by learning how to get more joy out of the sheer struggle of life. Become consciously aware of the rules that you have made for yourself and for others. Become aware of internal voices that judge you. Sun Trine Uranus SELF-EXPRESSION COOPERATES WITH LIBERATION FAME AND FAVORABLE PUBLICITY You can become a star by channeling your willpower through your mind. Once you allow originality and intuition to guide you, accomplishments and new heights will follow. Your confidence and enthusiasm can inspire others. Make new friends. Learn new skills. Allow sexual sparks to fly your way. TIP: Inspire, inform and innovate. You're brilliant, original and independent though somewhat erratic, impulsive, and rebellious. You're naturally innovative and can become a star by adjusting your talents to the information age. Marriage is challenging, to say the least. Before someone becomes your lover, see if you are friends. Give yourself permission to enjoy unusual relationships with outstanding characters. Sun Square Neptune SELF EXPRESSION CHALLENGES FANTASY You're better off if you do not drink alcohol. If you must, a little bit will take you a long way. Moderation. Your challenge is to harness the power of prayer. You can be a star by being straight and sober. If other sections of your reading confirm this, you're quite charismatic and can be easily bamboozled. You are advised to take a cautious approach to all things occult and mystical. Learn to trust your first impressions. The more you trust yourself, the easier your life becomes. TIP: Pay more attention to your body. Become more physically active My Life. Some of your emotional desires and romantic tendencies are peculiar, to say the least. Love and do as you will. Stay away from secret affairs and destructive escapism and sexual relations with married people. Learn to be objective and take people, places and things with a pinch of salt. Eat more wholesome grounding food such as grains, soups and stews. You can become a star if you learn to see people as they are, not as you would like them to be. You have refined aesthetic taste and are better off with original art and live music in your life. You are like a Jaguar automobile. To run smoothly, everything must be tuned. You are keenly aware, sensitive and psychically attuned. Be selective as to who and what you allow around you. To become a star, learn to trust your first impressions and go with them. Sun Square Ascendant SELF-EXPRESSION CHALLENGES YOUR REALITY The universe wants you to know that it's OK for you to be an individual, to stand out, and to be just a bit different from everybody else. The universe supports your efforts to be an unique human being. TIP: Define your identity. Define what you want. Define what you want to achieve My Life. To be a star you need to clarify your life's purpose, and increase your life force. From time to time, it is important for you to awake at dawn and begin your day with ritual, prayer and meditation. Your life will be as interesting and exciting as you make up your mind for it to be. Sun Opposite Midheaven

SELF-EXPRESSION CHALLENGES WHAT WILL BE You've had your share of conflicts with family and people in authority. Your ambitions can challenge you. It may seem that you can not get what you want by being yourself. To become a star you are advised to serve the needs of others, and do it on your own terms. You need a strong career. You would do well to work in a field where you can express the full force of your personality. At times it may be easy for you to overwhelm others. However you're happier and better-off commanding their respect. You can become a superstar by developing character, especially your dignity. TIP: Leave behind something that will survive your name My Life. You are something of a leader. Your work could put you in the public spotlight. Before you set out to achieve, define your basic sense of self, will and purpose. You are likely to accomplish something great. Powerful people will become your friends and allies. Chapter 3. Moon in Your Chart Astrologically speaking, the Moon is an instinctual force. It is an ever-changing symbol of your emotional life including such things as home, family, mother, dreams, feelings, the public, women and your early childhood. The Moon represents your environment, the one you were born into and the one you create for yourself. It also talks about your support system, and your "involuntary nervous system." More than that, the Moon symbolizes your unconscious life. The Moon represents what happens while you're sleeping. The Moon is the intermediary between the Earth and the universe, and you're somewhere in the middle. Because of this positioning, understanding how the Moon figures in your life is essential for happiness and personal growth. Historically, some of her names are Isis, Diana, Artemis, Selene, Hecate, Sin, Nanna, Mona, Heng O and the Moon goddess. Below is described some of your personal lunar landscape My Life. Moon in Capricorn DETERMINED INSTINCTS NOTE: THIS POSITION REQUIRES EXTRA MAINTENANCE. You like to maintain your dignity and keep your emotional life in check. Normally, you're somewhat cautious, shy and reserved. Under stress, you can get very cold and business like. Your critics may say that you have no feelings. Probably you got this way from your mom who was not the most huggy kissy person in the world. Let go of harsh self judgements. Focus on realistic self improvement projects. You can be uptight and rigid. You could benefit from professional body work, massage, chiropractic care and the lot. Pay more attention to your body and its basic animal needs. Respond more to your feelings. Take a calculated risk to find out who really loves you. Try a classical approach to love. The more clearly you can define your concept of fun, the more fun you will have. TIP: To enjoy success, you must first respect the rights of others. You're pragmatic. You can work hard and obtain many of your ambitions. Money, power and status interest you, and you're responsible enough to get them. Discipline, patience and commitment will win the day for you. It's O.K. for you to reach the top spot. Moon Tri-Decile Venus INSTINCTS MODIFY AFFINITY Your cheerful disposition can make it easy for you to relate to people. Your tact and diplomacy serve you well. Your sensitivity and tenderness can bring you love. When you adjust your emotions to social circumstances, Cupid adjust his arrow for you. Enjoy your physical and emotional desires. TIP: Use dream magic. Write the name of a lover on a piece of paper and then slip it under your pillow. Sleep on it. When you wake up remember your dreams. This will help you to understand your relationship. Be careful with your affections. Give yourself permission to leave relationships that you do not really want to be in. What you need to learn is that you set and free yourself from your own traps. You can have challenging relations with women. If you are a woman, you are challenged by your

femininity and the role of gender. You can relate to people by fighting some battles in the sexual revolution. Learn to do it in a non reactive, in your face kind of way. You might have a sweet tooth and relate to people in a sensuous and sumptuous manner. Make your home pleasant. Get out in public and enjoy success. You can do very favorable things in conjunction with women. This includes business and politics as well as the personal dimension. Moon Sesqui-Quadrate Mars INSTINCTS CHALLENGE MOTIVATIONS You like to be candid, sincere and excitable. Your mom could be a bit of a hot head. One way or another, you deal with intense emotions. Find a safe way to feel your feelings. Once you learn to control your temper you can succeed with people. Maintain an even flow of emotions. Be brave and you will overcome obstacles. Caring is one thing and criticism is another. People are touchy and appreciate any sensitivity you show for them. Burn off some steam. Enjoy some competitive sport. TIP Pace yourself to your partner. Get psyched and take the initiative. Start new projects. Yes, it is up to you to fire the emotional charge and get things going in your life. Moon Septile Uranus INSTINCTS NON-CONFORM WITH LIBERATION Your mom's a character. Part of you is impulsive and ready for anything new and unusual. You can relate to others in a somewhat cool, detached and friendly way. Somehow, you need to be a nonconformist in a way that is comfortable and exciting. Once you make contact with progressive social elements, you life improves considerably. Be a free spirit. Contact some wild friends. You can go for some mutually creative sexy experiments. Otherwise, you can expect unconscious forces to rebel. You can learn to successfully relate to others by way of computer bulletin boards. You could find romance through personal classified advertisements that feature voice mail boxes. You may be impulsive and separate yourself from others without good reason. You're a bit frisky and desirous of excitement and stimulation. You can relate to people successfully once you learn appropriate ways to arouse their fancy. You were born to do something different. You were born to combine the love of romance with the love of freedom. Moon Sesqui-Quadrate Node INSTINCTS CHALLENGE INTERCHANGING You have a spiritual link to other people in past and future lifetimes. The eclipse cycle has an inordinate effect upon your destiny. In this lifetime, you must again visit Stonehenge. In the mean time, read book five of The Earth Chronicles: When Time Began, The First New Age by Zecharia Sitchin ISBN 0-380-77071-7. Moon Trine Midheaven INSTINCTS COOPERATE WITH WHAT WILL BE Work to achieve your emotional objectives. You can develop a knack for public relations and sales. As your feelings are strongly associated with your community status, it is crucial for you to find employment that you find acceptable. Chapter 4. Mercury in Your Chart Astrologically speaking, the planet Mercury is the conceptual force. It is a symbol of your mental life and such things as your mind, ideas, analytical abilities, as well as your sense and style of communication. Mercury describes patterns of thought, of learning and of assessing reality. Consequently it affects your self image and the force of your thought. It's what Dr. Timothy Leary calls "laryngeal manual dexterity" - which is the ability to manipulate symbols and artifacts. Mercury also represents the respiratory system. Mercury is youthful and it is the symbol of wit and levity.

Mercury is the symbol of titles and it's appropriate that Mercury is known as: winged messenger, herald, arbiter, scribe of the gods and inventor of writing. He also has many names including Loki, Nebu, Trickster, Piltzintecuhtli and Hermes. More than ever in this age of multimedia information and disinformation, understanding the limitations and advantages of Mercury's placement in your chart heralds both survival and success. In the next paragraph is a description of just what kind of "mercurial" character you are and can become My Life. Mercury in Pisces COMPASSIONATE CONCEPTS It would seem that you absorb ideas and tend to learn through osmosis rather than study. You're somewhat psychic, intuitive, telepathic and receptive to the thoughts of others. This may even be unconscious. Either way, you're impressionable and need to be in a suitable environment. Your style of communication can be mysterious and other worldly. There's something of the absent minded professor about you. You can be overly sensitive to criticism and can benefit from private coaching , mentoring and tutoring. You may be secretive and keep your own ideas to yourself. Find the right balance between privacy and being a recluse. Your vivid imagination is an asset in the arts and creative endeavors. Put it to good use. You can communicate some utopia ideas to the world. Photography, film and cameras are a plus. Learn to get your ideas across clearly, orderly and one at a time. Mercury Opposite Jupiter CONCEPTS CHALLENGE ENCOURAGEMENT LOTS OF CURIOSITY Both common sense and business sense are yours. You can be constructive and can develop literary skills. You've a mind for politics and for propaganda. You might want to start your own Zine. A Zine is a sort of magazine that came about as a result of desk top publishing and the photocopy and offset printing processes. One way or another, you can make money from your ideas. You can become a very persuasive communicator. You can learn to see both sides of a dispute. You would be very good at law, negotiation and arbitration. You can develop a gift for prophecy. TIP: Allow yourself the luxury of brainstorming sessions; on regular occasion, think about "possibilities" without being critical or doubting. You're prone to exaggeration and could use this tendency to create humor. You might try joking about people who sermonize. In other words, make some fun at the expense of preachy fundamentalists. Pick, polish and perfect your best idea. Figure out how to effectively put it into practice. Find a way to make your efforts rewarding, then work hard to achieve your goals. Some additional education will prove to be helpful. Mercury Sextile Chiron CONCEPTS COOPERATE WITH MENTORING Read and write about holistic health practices. Assume a maverick stance to criticism. Question those who enforce medical monopolies through the power of force and coercion. Chapter 5. Venus in Your Chart Astrologically speaking, the planet Venus is the force of affinity. Venus represents a good part of what you attract, cherish, enjoy and are receptive to. Venus describes much of what makes your life worth living My Life: love, civilized sex, seduction and creativity. Venus is also an indicator for many of the qualities you look for in a mate and your sense of femininity. More than a symbol of your values, Venus represents beauty, devotion to pleasure, appreciation of art and romantic longings. Venus rules such things as skin, hair & kidneys. Femininity has many aspects. Women have a different kind of power when they are younger than when they are older. Both are pertinent to the personality of Venus astrologically. This "goddess of beauty and lady of battle" was an historical personage known both as Ishtar and Indira. While Venus first and foremost loves her pleasures, she also knows that it is sometimes necessary to prepare to go to war to secure them. To gain deep

rappport with Venus, study her ways in one of the glorious cities named in her honor such as Vienna and Venice. Starting in the next paragraph, some of your "Venusian" sensibilities are described My Life. Venus in Taurus ACQUISITIVE AFFINITY NOTE: THIS POSITION CONFERS EXTRA POWER. Loyalty, consistency and faithfulness matter to you. You appreciate people, places and things that are solid and dependable. You have a taste for luxury and posh surroundings. You have strong personal powers that attract good luck. To increase your powers of attraction, wear crystals and precious and semi precious stones. Add lots of extra pillows to your home. Typically, you don't rush into love affairs. You feel things out before you get involved. Much more than most people, you love food and you love sex. To give yourself an edge in your battle with your weight, eat at least five servings of fresh fruits and veggies every day. Venus Semi-Square Sun AFFINITY CHALLENGES SELF-EXPRESSION There are good indications that you struggle to be popular, loving, lovely and loved. You can learn to use your charm to get what you want. Venus Trine Jupiter AFFINITY COOPERATES WITH ENCOURAGEMENT You have magnetic personal powers working for you and lots of them. Be cheery and friendly and you can enchant and lure what you want to you. You can regulate your force of attraction through will power. People will respond to your honesty. Your creative and artistic expressions can bring you cash. Your socializing can lead to business. Your business can be other people's pleasure. You can gather others around you in the spirit of fun and love. If you run out of money, mail a letter soliciting donations. One way or another, you can cash in on your talent for dealing with the public. As you are probably aware, to be happy you need to accept that your moods have cyclical aspects. Enjoy different activities at different times of your cycles. Learn when it's time to win new friends. Know when it's time to reorient your position and reach out to new people. A sense of humor can prove to be a one of your biggest assets. You can also learn to see sex in harmonious and positive lights. You can grasp how to make yourself higher and higher, and figure our how to bring yourself and your lover to the limits without going over the edge. Master some Taoist sexual practices for extending, increasing and improving orgasms. TIP: Read The Tao of Love and Sex by Jolang Chang. It's the ancient Chinese way to ecstasy. ISBN 0-14-019338-3. Venus Sesqui-Quadrate Saturn AFFINITY CHALLENGES DECISIONS Does your value system sometimes put you in conflict with authorities and the law? You can take relationships seriously. When you get needy you get a grave quality that keeps folks away, even as you hold onto feelings for them. Sometimes, it may seem that you will be denied the love you seek. Because the amount of affection you receive seems to have limits, relationships aren't always easy for you. You and your spouse may be married to your work and duties. You may struggle to create a warm personal place. With effort, over time, you can raise the limits on love. Marriage can be prevented or delayed and will tend to work better if you marry after you are 30 years old. You can enjoy some golden romantic years when you are 56 to 60 years old. Some but not all of your romantic feelings may be sacrificed or sublimated for duty, perhaps to the care of an elderly parent or relative. You may be psychologically bound to a parent and thus restrained from attracting romantic love. Responsibility may only temporarily thwart your romance. With time and effort, a great love may be secured. You can find love with older, more mature individuals. If you learn your lessons, your love life will improve as you mature. You may marry one whose age is somewhat different than yours. TIP: To be happy become a genuine optimist.

You can find happiness with the "right work". When duty fits your values, happiness will follow. Venus Quadra-Novile Uranus AFFINITY MUSES WITH LIBERATION CUTE AND KINKY "Unpredictable" creative energy will find its place in your life. You can be excited by the unexpected. You can be turned on by novelty. Choose to do some exciting things. If you want to be a creative genius, you must free yourself enough to be original. You can develop unique social skills and a flair for public relations. You're a bit self willed, and emotionally intense. "An eccentric is someone with a unusual idea, until they succeed." Mark Twain TIP: To make more money, cultivate more character. To be happy, develop the natural sparkle in your personality. Be coy and venture to become an original piece of work and don't let others take you for granted. To be delighted, create some unconventional relationships. In your love life, when things happen it can be sudden, surprising, fast and not necessarily long in duration. Feel free to do things that are cute and kinky. You have a switch that can turn your emotions on and off abruptly; and you have the unique ability to jump start romance. Venus Conjunct Chiron AFFINITY UNITES WITH MENTORING Connect with a group of like minded individuals. Join together with more social mavericks. For instance, you could find happiness in a writers or artists co-op, or a meditation or healing circle. Spend and earn more money in new age ways. For example a variety of seminars, creative works, individuation processes and mentoring sessions can all benefit you. The key to success in to do it in groups as opposed to going it alone. Venus Sesqui-Quadrate Ascendant AFFINITY CHALLENGES YOUR REALITY It is your personal challenge to develop natural charm and display your beauty. You can get what you want through the use of tact and diplomacy. People love your artistic sociable harmonious attitude. Chapter 6. Mars in Your Chart Astrologically speaking, the planet Mars is the force of motivation and mobilization. It is a symbol of your drive, action and energy. The placement of Mars in your chart influences the condition of your muscular system. Mars is associated with a lot of "A" words: aggression, anger, arousal, ardor, and appropriate assertiveness. My Life, Mars also represents things that are urgent, things that trigger your temper, and things that you furiously pursue. Mars indicates many of your issues with men and the "male ego." Mars is the father of Cupid or Eros. Lusty love and passion are Mars driven. To the Greeks and Romans, Mars was the divine consort for Aphrodite and Venus. Mars is a strong protector and defender of hearth and home and his devotees. In times past, Mars was known as the "god of fire and war." It is a symbol for armed forces and the issues and values for which you fight. Below is a description of your "martial" self My Life. Mars in Leo DRAMATIC MOTIVATIONS Perhaps you think you're the queen or the king and that justifies your temper. You get what you want with a dramatic and sometimes melodramatic flourish. You can go after success, recognition, attention and applause. You like to be the center of attention. You're affectionate, sociable, have a great aura and need much ardent affection and regular bouts of hot sex My Life. Pride and loyalty are things you fiercely value. When you're self confident, you can do practically anything. Treat yourself to lots of sunlight and some drumming rituals. Exercises that suit your temperament include demonstrations, recitals and competitions. Mars Sesqui-Quadrate Moon

MOTIVATIONS CHALLENGE INSTINCTS When you don't get space to express your personality, you can get caught in moods and become emotionally tense, excitable, feisty, spunky, impatient and quarrelsome. There is a strong correlation between your energy and your need to find appropriate ways to care for others. TIP: Make time for a good long soak in a hot tub. For the most part, you're emotionally dynamic, energetic, independent and enjoy robust good health. Spicy food perks you up. You yourself are a spicy dish who can churn the hot love juices of another. Efforts from the outside world to control you have failed; you need to learn some self-control. Mars Conjunct Jupiter MOTIVATIONS UNITE WITH ENCOURAGEMENT You believe in yourself and have good timing. You can put your beliefs into action. Ready for something new? With your enterprising spirit and talent for organization you can probably pull it off. You show flashes of rebellious bravado and might enjoy golf?! TIP: Become more competitive and you'll become more lucky. Put more energy into your education. To win more money and love, learn to act decisively on big ideas. Strong physical desires motivate you. Find your true ideals. Allow them to direct your energy and you will find a renewed optimism and enthusiasm. "Fortune favors the bold". Intense stamina helps you to be a goal oriented, adventurous, willful, wayward risk taker. Match your motivation with preparation. You will get your opportunities. Keep your blood pressure down. Make long walks through good scenic areas part of your lifestyle. Mars Septile Pluto MOTIVATIONS NON-CONFORM WITH CLEANSING Your physical and psychological conditions are intertwined. When the chemistry is right you are superhuman and unstoppable. You have strong desires and physical needs and a fearless persistence and determination to get what you want. You are motivated by satisfaction. You can be quite willful and obsessive in the pursuit of pleasures. You can learn to be dynamic and courageous without being cruel, brutal, and sadistic. Be forceful and friendly and you can accomplish plenty. To get respect, learn to administer your authority fairly. You can enjoy some vigorously intense love play and power plays and combine the two. You experience very powerful and passionate energies. Sexual energy exchanges will transform you, your life and your lifestyle. You are motivated by passion and deep commitment to people and causes. TIP: Become trustworthy and the truth will not be denied you. People want to see your actions and your leadership abilities. Demonstrate some courage and self-confidence. To really pursue your goals, you need an exercise program suited to your individual needs. Mars Tri-Decile Chiron MOTIVATIONS BRING OUT TALENT FOR MENTORING You've some maverick energy and are counseled to find an arena where you can run out and play hard. Try a sagacious approach to athletics. Strengthen your body mind connection. TIP: Hire a professional trainer or become one. Mars Conjunct Node MOTIVATIONS UNITE WITH INTERCHANGING Your fate includes hot action and sexual power. Meet with people who can help you to pursue your goals. To get what you want, you must be competitive, if only with yourself. Quarrelsome attitudes could interfere with your destiny, work to handle them. Focus more energy on building your love muscles and working them out with that special someone. Build some spirited sexual ties.

TIP: Actively seek new friends. Assemble with those who turn you on. To get energized over your goals, establish new connections. In a past life, you achieved honor as a hero and a warrior. This time around, you can gain from the selective use of mercenaries. You have incarnated to be a pioneer. Do something first and best. Be a winner. Chapter 7. Jupiter in Your Chart Astrologically speaking, the planet Jupiter is the force of encouragement and expansion. Jupiter is the biggest planet and possibly a sun in the making. No matter what, Jupiter measures up big. It is a symbol of your success, luck, optimism, generosity, blessings, good fortune, adventure and opportunities for growth. Life is a bowl of cherries and more is never enough for Jupiter. In its expansive sense, Jupiter also represents how you can become over-inflated, hot, greedy, over-zealous, righteous and extravagant. Jupiter, "the dispenser of law and giver of gifts," also known as Jove, Zeus, Marduk, Thor, Tlaloc, "Lord of Rain and Earthly Paradise," also represents your fondest beliefs, your knowledge, your path or calling and your sense of personal direction. Jupiter is a social, communal force. It's very much about assimilation. Jupiter's placement indicates your most important beliefs and opportunities for glory. Below is a description of your "jovial" character traits My Life. Jupiter in Virgo HELPFUL ENCOURAGEMENT Duty is important to you. With sufficient practical knowledge, your organizational skills can win the day. Possibly you sometimes make mountains out of mole hills. Publish some of your social criticisms. You can do something big with your skepticism. The greater the value you place on your work, the greater will be your rewards. You may do something akin to the 12 labors of Hercules. TIP: Get a subscription to Prevention Magazine. Be constructive and the world will be yours. Get more involved in ecologically sound projects and the "animal rights" movement and you will receive more love and support. Also, extra dishes of home cooked food brings extra domestic bliss. Be sure to get yourself a big brass bed; or take a ride on one. Jupiter literally means "to break bread with" and by Jove, some wholesome foods for your special needs include: fresh dill, miso soup, and sauerkraut. Jupiter Quadra-Novile Sun ENCOURAGEMENT MUSES WITH SELF-EXPRESSION You like to do things in a big way and with a flourish. Part of you is bigger than life and can over eat, over drink, over sex, over speak or whatever. You can be a dash extravagant and unduly optimistic, especially when gambling. Possibly you will learn how much is too much by taking on more than you can handle. Jupiter Trine Venus ENCOURAGEMENT COOPERATES WITH AFFINITY LUCKY BREAKS BRING BIG BUCKS You have an immense appetite for love, luxury and amusement. It's easy for you to make money. Now, ease some into a strong local savings bank and build up the savings habit. Charm can win you the day and pay you intimate dividends at night. A display of warmth and cordiality can be counted upon in your presence. You value good fellowship and the good life. Some self discipline would bring you major results. Jupiter Conjunct Mars ENCOURAGEMENT UNITES WITH MOTIVATIONS STRENGTH AND VIGOR Great energy crackles around you. Possibly you're outspoken. You need a variety of activities to complement your power.

TIP: Find your game and play it. Over achievement and executive power isn't all bad. Just be sure to take the kinds of risk that you enjoy. When you have an interest in something you're courageous and businesslike and hard to stop until you get it. Jupiter Tri-Decile Neptune ENCOURAGEMENT BRINGS OUT TALENT FOR FANTASY Subtle force of enlightenment nudge you to create your own religious community rituals. You might start your own church or reform a branch of an existing one. If somebody tells you that their fantasies and imagination are bigger than yours, they're exaggerating. You can develop an abundance of creative talents that are second to none. Jupiter Conjunct Node ENCOURAGEMENT UNITES WITH INTERCHANGING The past life thing is yours in a big way. For example, you could have a great interest in past lives, you could have lived many past lives and many people from your past lives could be with you right now building a more abundant future. Jupiter Tri-Decile Ascendant ENCOURAGEMENT BRINGS OUT TALENT FOR YOUR REALITY Try to remember that you do not always know best. Unless asked for help, let people figure things out for themselves. On the other hand, dare to do what you have not done before. Chapter 8. Saturn in Your Chart Astrologically speaking, the planet Saturn is the force of discipline. Saturn defines your duties, responsibilities and the structure of your life. Saturn also represents the heavy hand of authority, fear, inhibitions, constrictions, restrictions, reservations, anxiety and limits imposed. It is a symbol for the force of gravity. Words like "must" and "can't" relate to Saturn. Hard work and perseverance are also saturnian concepts and that's not all bad. "The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine." Saturn represents mastery, seasoned professionalism, efficiency, consolidation and dependability. This Khronos, Odin, "star of limiting the place" also represents daddy, and Jehovah complexes. Below is described your "saturnian" self My Life. Saturn in Virgo HELPFUL DECISIONS You can be practical, exacting, hardworking, moral, orderly, conscientious, and a perfectionist. For you to get past your limits you must learn efficiency, accuracy and precision. However, you must pay some dues before you learn to distinguish trivial pursuit from what is necessary to success. TIP: Develop a sense of humor. Work for the common good of humanity. Respect individual rights. Find proper outlets. If you must criticize, do it professionally. Find an acceptable focus for your analytical skills. Allow yourself an appropriate outlet for perfectionism. Don't pick apart other people and their toys. High standards are only good standards when they are realistic standards. In time your patience and precision can become your strongest asset. Saturn Sesqui-Quadrate Venus DECISIONS CHALLENGE AFFINITY Part of you is shy and reserved and possibly even anti-social. Your parents may be a burden. One way or another, the demands of the world seem to stand between you and love. Discontent will be your lot until you define your values, and clarify your goals. To gain more power and a big payoff read Dale Carnegie's classic How to Win Friends and Influence People.

In growing up you could have been told that you weren't old enough to do what you want, and that you mustn't touch things. If you're 21 or over, you are old enough and you can touch things. Saturn Sextile Uranus DECISIONS COOPERATE WITH LIBERATION You have a strong independent streak and the ability to persuade the masses. A good tactic for you is lawful progress. One way or another, new ideas and technologies will play a decisive pivotal role in your destiny. As you have unique terms for success, yours is a somewhat curious fate. To get more power you need to make the most of advanced technologies and of the wisdom of the past. You are somewhat willful, determined and reform minded. You can implement original ideas in a practical way. Self discipline brings you opportunity for freedom. To get more power you need to cultivate your interest in astrology, politics, big business and science. Saturn Square Neptune DECISIONS CHALLENGE FANTASY You are challenged to create your ideal working conditions. It will not necessarily be easy, and it can be rewarding. You need to make an extra effort to distinguish between fantasy and reality. To get more power, work through any tendencies that you have toward morbidity, fears, anxieties, neurosis, phobias, and inadequacies. You can become an artistic innovator. Saturn Conjunct Midheaven DECISIONS UNITE WITH WHAT WILL BE Discipline and ambition, that's you. It sounds simple and it is not easy. You can gain more power and status and security through the consistent application of hard work and ambition. In time, you can become a leader. Chapter 8A. Chiron in Your Chart Discovered in 1977, Chiron is a relative newcomer to astrology. Named after the half-brother of the Greek god Zeus, Chiron is a comet from outside our solar system, according to the latest scientific findings. In Greek mythology, Chiron was tutored by the Sun and the Moon (Apollo and Artemis) and, in turn, taught the offspring of other gods. Chiron taught special skills such as astrology, philosophy, ethics, music, medicine, horseback riding, and weaponry. These skills where thought necessary for gods, and humans, to achieve their destinies. The position of Chiron in your birth chart denotes what and where you may teach or be taught. It is also where you can be healed and how you can heal others. A Centaur, who is part human, and part horse, Chiron is a half-breed. His higher self sometimes struggles with his own animal nature. What follows is a description of the "chironic" side of your character. Chiron in Taurus ACQUISITIVE MENTORING To come to terms with your true values and your potential resources, you need to become a bit more of a maverick. Any time you want to open new doorways to the financial world, you only need rearrange your beliefs. To gain a new understanding of the big picture, learn something from bankers, CFO's and earth stewards. To become more prosperous, you need to become more generous. To earn more money, you need to build a new bridge between the known and the unknown. You will become truly rich by realizing that you truly have enough. Ground your belief systems in reality. Imagine for a moment that you're Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame, Yoda the Jedi Knight or Helen Keller mentoring the blind, then give some sagacious thought to how you can benefit by helping those less fortunate than yourself. Try your hand at credit unions. Chiron Conjunct Venus MENTORING UNITES WITH AFFINITY Forbidden fruits could attract you so much that you come to express the taboo creatively. You could devote yourself to the arts or woman's rights. Help society move beyond the patriarchy by reconnecting with your own instincts for beauty. TIP: Read Shakti Woman by Vicki Noble it's about "feeling our fire and healing our world." ISBN 0-06-250667-6.

Chiron Tri-Decile Node MENTORING BRINGS OUT TALENT FOR INTERCHANGING DESTINY REQUIRES MAVERICK ASSOCIATIONS Erratic, eccentric behavior causing problems? Find out who you really are, explore uncharted territory. Get together with different types of people. Fill a unique social niche. TIP: Find a public forum to share your inner teachings and self knowledge. Chapter 9. Uranus in Your Chart Astrologically speaking, Uranus is the force of liberation. It's no accident that Uranus was rediscovered in the period between the American and French revolutions with their emphasis upon liberty. Uranus is where you change unexpectedly and are surprised. It's where you are unusual, eccentric and extraordinary. Uranus represents the new ideas that you are open to and where you are disinclined toward cohesion. Uranus is also a symbol for electro-magnetic energy and, naturally enough Uranium. Uranus represents disruption. It only takes one brief flash of uranium to make a big boom. The root word of Uranus is "Anu," the first supreme being in Sumerian cosmology who changed the course of the world by affecting mankind's evolution. You can tell that this planet is trouble just by the way that it is pronounced. Uranus in Scorpio INTENSE LIBERATION NOTE: THIS POSITION CONFERS EXTRA POWER. It is important that you free yourself from a restrictions on your sex drive. Some of your secrets are unsettling. Unusually intense and unique energies are yours to weald. Dare to be original. You get a 7 year itch to do the impossible. Uranus Trine Sun LIBERATION COOPERATES WITH SELF-EXPRESSION INDIVIDUAL BURSTS OF INITIATIVE New ideas stimulate you to somewhat hyperactive and eccentric behavior. People find you impatient and exciting. Your unbridled passion for freedom can be contagious. The more that you develop your personality and your individuality, the more you become original and brilliant. Uranus Septile Moon LIBERATION NON-CONFORMS WITH YOUR INSTINCTS EMOTIONS WIRED Your home life and your mom are somewhat unconventional. You can sometimes be emotionally restless and withdrawn. Perhaps the tranquil life is not always yours. It could be a good thing for you to strike out on a new and somewhat unorthodox path. Stay on the alert for your dream machine. Learn to rewire your emotional hot buttons. TIP: Make friends through on line computer services. In your own home, mix and match different cultural elements and artifacts. The provincial look is not for you. Create your own multimedia environment with music playing, fountains bubbling, and hypnotic cassette tapes running on auto reverse. Uranus Quadra-Novile Venus LIBERATION MUSES WITH AFFINITY INTIMATE INNOVATIONS Unusual taste delight you. Become a patron of the avant garde. There can be a rather unconventional side to your private life. You don't like to be tied down, except maybe for kinky sex caprices. There is no personal need for you to fit yourself to conventional rules for relationships. How free is your love to fit into life's nooks and crannies? TIP: Learn new steps in the modern dance of love.

Sudden romantic attractions and disengagements can keep you emotionally strung out until you come to terms with strong personal needs. The brilliance in your aura is great and good. Uranus Decile Pluto LIBERATION BRINGS OUT TALENT FOR CLEANSING POWERFUL EXPERIMENTS It's possible that you may push the limits until you break through (What?)... You were born to experience social change. It is possible that if you consciously probe the deepest parts of your unconscious mind(s), and process your stuff, progressive historical forces will prevail. Sometimes you may face anthropological and sociological disruptions in your personal and professional life. TIP: Most "personal problems" are standard human issue. Strive to overcome personal problems by overcoming your humanity and becoming a transhuman. Start by developing a new technical skill. Scope out futurism. Read science fiction. Take some time to be left alone and some time for sexual experimentation. Chapter 10. Neptune in Your Chart Neptune represents fads, impressionability, style, glamour, imagination and inspiration. Neptune, Poseidon, "The Artful Creator" also represents your charisma, creativity, and your spiritual life. Neptune is a symbol of your immune system, parts of your aura and subtle body. Neptune is the force of deep space and the force of consciousness expansion. Neptune can be spirits in a bottle of one sort or another, the communion of the saints, and a great shroud of fog in between. Neptune describes where and how you yield, suffer, escape and waver. It also describes where you are confused and self-deluded. Neptune in Sagittarius EXPANSIVE FANTASY TRAVELS AND LEARNS REVELATIONS When it comes to the world of religion, you tend to be part of a generation that has a blind spot. Your religious beliefs are lofty and even far sighted, you are surrounded on all sides by old, outworn philosophies. Everybody seems to be saying that theirs is the only true way, and they all contradict one another, and coerce themselves and each other into submission. This may tempt you to revert to cynicism and pessimism. Suffice it to say that any group that says that theirs is the only way, and uses violence and coercion to get their way, is wrong. TIPS: Write the affirmation "Nothing is permanent or pervasive. Everything appears to pass and to change. I go with the flow. I create the change." 7 times a day for 7 weeks. For at least 5 minutes a day for 5 weeks, concentrate your mind exclusively on the thought "If they aren't that happy, then they aren't that smart. When I'm not that happy, I can make smarter choices". Neptune Square Sun FANTASY CHALLENGES SELF-EXPRESSIONS INSPIRES PURPOSEFUL REVELATIONS You're unconsciously in contact with the emotional life of others. You don't have to be hypersensitive or vulnerable, but you do need to be grounded in your own identity. To do this, try adding more fresh root vegetables to your diet. If you have been having trouble diagnosing medical conditions, try a chiropractor. TIP: Have someone teach you a meditation. You can develop subtle uses of power through hypnosis and magic. Develop your ability to see through appearances. Get more involved with music, poetry and metaphysics. You have unique and vivid dreams. Learn to distinguish between fact and fantasy. What does the expression, "You can't cheat an honest person," mean to you? Neptune Square Saturn FANTASY CHALLENGES DECISIONS INSPIRES DELIBERATE AUTHORITY Put your imagination to practical use. Use your visionary powers in pragmatic ways. Instead of projecting it away, claim more self control. Start an unusual business.

TIP: Master an art form. Are you involved with power struggles with bogus bosses? Do you deny authority? Is your authority denied? In your fantasy castle, what happens in the dungeon? Avoid major problems by distinguishing between right and wrong. Develop a greater sense of responsibility. Become more fair and just and you will become less suspicious and paranoid. Neptune Sextile Pluto FANTASY COOPERATES WITH CLEANSING INSPIRES LUCKY TRANSFORMATIONS Somewhat consciously and somewhat unconsciously you will be influenced by and personally able to utilize supernatural forces. We're talking seeking truth and self mastery. Put an end to the insignificant side of your life. Develop a mystical comprehension of destiny. TIP: Learn reverse paranoia. Imagine that everyone is out to help you and make you life better. Loosen oppression. Neptune Conjunct Ascendant FANTASY UNITES WITH YOUR REALITY INSPIRES INTENSE IDENTITY It's a wise person who knows their limits. Don't drink alcohol. Learn to trust your first impressions. Regularly affirm that the more you trust your intuition, the easier your life becomes. Show the world more of your unique vision and sense of style. Seek a mystical oneness with yourself and a partner. TIP: Get inspired by meeting others. Neptune Square Midheaven FANTASY CHALLENGES WHAT WILL BE INSPIRES DELIBERATE CAREER It is important that you have some "artistic" content to your career. Do something with music, film and theater. It is very possible for the public to perceive you as a highly charismatic and creative person. You look good by the beach, on a boat, in a pool and any place wet. Enjoy the creative struggle for right livelihood. TIP: Learn a new dance step. Show off magic feet. Chapter 11. Pluto in Your Chart Astrologically speaking, the planet Pluto is a symbol of what the ancients used to call the "secret parts," including reproductive and elimination systems. Pluto is the force of cleansing. Are we talking about taking a bath or an enema? Are we washing our hands or confessing our sins? There are physical cleansings such as a juice fast which can be spiritual cleansings as well. There is therapy combined with meditation. Pluto is the death goddess and ultimate controller of unseen, forbidden and underworld forces. Words that are rooted in Pluto such as plutonium (a deadly radioactive poison) and plutocracy (the secret rule of the wealthy class) leave little trace and yet tell much to those who seek. Pluto represents trust and violation of trust, control, obsessions and power struggles. Pluto is the force of intense transformation, so make the most of it. Analyze your situation and deal with deep psychological and political sludge. Much fate is associated with Pluto, not many choices. When Pluto reaches out to touch you, you must restructure your self and your life, or Plutonian fates may give you a terminal nudge. Pluto is also the force of technical manipulations. In addition, Pluto represents "living hell" stories, second chances, rising up from the ashes and resurrections. Pluto in Libra THOUGHTFUL CLEANSING ATTRACTS TRANSFORMATIONS You're also part of a Pluto generation that finds it extremely important to exert conscious will power over your most significant relationships. Your generation knows that sexual equality is more than just an expression and part of your task is to eliminate sexual discrimination and harassment. To some degree, your obsession or fear of commitment, is a generational issue. Fate has arranged

for you to experience some catharsis, trauma and transformation through partnerships and marriage. Purge yourself of people who aren't dealing with the changing realities of the 1990's. Create deep healing and intimate relationships. TIPS: Find a proper balance between yourself and your significant other, Trust your social instincts, Place greater value on beauty and harmony, Define these concepts for yourself. When all seems lost, examine the artifacts of ancient civilizations. When you get into therapy or analysis, a good place to start would be your partnership issues. Pluto Septile Mars CLEANSING NON-CONFORMS WITH MOTIVATION At times you may act drastically, possibly because of conscious or unconscious anger. Caution is advised when mixing sexual behavior, including avoidance, with anger. Unconsciously, you could work against yourself. The solution is to sharpen your reasoning powers and to channel more of your considerable energy into creative projects. TIP: Read "The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sexual Practices". Brenda Love wrote it to include more than 750 entries and 150 original illustrations on the world's strange sexual practices. "It will take you down byways whose very existence will amuse and possibly delight you. It will carry you into dark backwaters that will repulse and may even sicken you". Chapter 12. Your Past Lives The Moon's Nodes represent points in space where the moon's orbit crosses the orbit of the Earth as the Earth orbits the Sun. That's a mouthful, but the key point is that the Nodes represent points of "interchange." These are powerful meeting places, somewhat like heavenly crossroads. It's for this reason that the Nodes have long been associated with reincarnation and past and future lives. "Understanding the past opens doors to the future." When you want more quality information about your past lives schedule a past life reading. Talking about past lives, whether you believe in reincarnation or not, can provide an elegant, entertaining, practical and helpful model for living in this life. Node in Leo DRAMATIC INTERCHANGING DEMONSTRATES ALLIANCES It is possible that in a past life you were extremely socially oriented. Too much of your energy was spent on group efforts. To this day your path of least resistance may be giving into your friends and social pressure, but it is not necessarily the way for you to go. In your present incarnation, you need to make greater use of your creative talents. In fact, your spiritual path is to be found in the creative world. Express your uniqueness. If you become more receptive to fun ideas, your future will be more amusing. When it comes to spontaneous adventure, go with the flow. Attune yourself to forces from the future; they are encouraging you to do your own thing. Check in from time to time and see what other creative people are up to. It is possible that in a past life you lived in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay or even Atlantis. This time around, Akashic (a record of all that has ever occurred) forces are leading you to visit, do business with and make friends with people from Japan, the Philippines and Australia. Node Sesqui-Quadrate Moon INTERCHANGING CHALLENGES INSTINCTS To the extent that you are bothered by the hysterical mob mentality, you have yet to meet your challenge to come to terms with the forces of your own unconscious mind. Assume another frame of reference when remembering your dreams, and the fates will take a liking to you. I see where you are a very old soul with as many lifetimes as fingers and toes.

TIP: This time around do what you feel like doing. If you're not sure what you feel like doing, just pretend that everyone would approve and cooperate. Node Conjunct Mars INTERCHANGING UNITES WITH MOTIVATIONS Physical fitness will play a pivotal role in your destiny. The more that you pay attention to your health and well being, the kinder the fates will be to you. It is conceivable that in a cycle of past lives you were a police officer, a martial artist, a warrior, a dare devil and a fire fighter. It is not unlikely that you fought many great battles and died many violent deaths. TIP: This time around, channel more energy into sports, exercise and vigorous passionate sex. Node Conjunct Jupiter INTERCHANGING UNITES WITH ENCOURAGEMENT Food will play a pivotal role in your destiny. Deal with agriculture and nutrition, and the fates will be kinder to you. It is conceivable that in a cycle of past lives you were a lawyer, a soldier of fortune, and a bible thumper. You could have even been a Buddha, Santa Claus and Uncle Sam. Clearly this time around you need to do something in a big way. Everybody wants to know when you'll pull the goodies out of your bag.

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