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Sixth Grade

This year’s sixth graders discuss the new transition to Middle


You see them in the hall doing the normal middle school routine but how are they
really adjusting to middle school life. Who are they you may ask? Well they are
sixth graders year’s sixth graders you know the little kids in the 400 wing who you
probably don’t even notice most of time. Even though you may not notice them
they have a lot to say about the new transition to middle school. Remember when
you were that little (well not that little I guess) and you were so excited for middle
school but scared all at the same time? Well here’s what this year’s sixth grade
students think about the new transition to middle school is like.
Julie Sohnen: “Unexpected”
Yehuda Saroa: “Some subjects are hard and some are easy but it’s nothing
different from last year”
Emily Farbowitz: “Tests and work are much harder but its definitely more fun than
lower school”
Gaby Schorr: “Fun filled and exciting”
Simone Tassler: “Awesome”
Binyamin Novetsky: “I like the short classes which make its get used to the longer
Jacob Silber: “It’s a very big transition because it’s not spit back”
Sammy Wietschner: “The best part is the hockey team”
Wow lots of different opinions here! Think about how you felt when you were in
sixth grade were you happy, scared, angry, excited etc. For me I have to say that
even though the work is hard it’s still fun at the same time. We are getting older
so it’s right to have a little bit more responsibility like making sure we are on time
to class with our books, doing all of our homework and projects while still handing
them in on time, studying for tests and a bunch of other stuff too. Even though it
is harder we still get extra privileges like muffins in the morning, ordering food on
Wednesdays from restaurants, maybe and if we are really lucky get a free period
like really lucky. All these things are awesome but it comes with work but I think
it’s still worth it most of the time. So to all the sixth graders this yea