Nutritional problems in India y Malnutrition y Deficiency disorders y Low birth weight babies y Infant Mortality y Maternal Mortality y Under five mortality .

National Nutrition Policy y Adopted in 1993 y Under the aegis of the department of women & child welfare y Series of actions advocated in different spheres such as: y Food production y Food distribution y Nutrition education y People with special needs y Nutritional surveillance .

Nutrition Relevant Actions y Direct Nutrition Interventions y Health Interventions y Food Interventions y Poverty Alleviation Programmes .

Direct Nutrition Interventions y Integrated Child Development Services Scheme (ICDS) y Mid Day Meals Programme y Applied Nutrition Programme y Tamil Nadu Integrated Nutrition Programme y Vitamin A prophylaxis Programme y Anaemia Prophylaxis Programme y Goitre Control Programme y Mobile Food & Nutrition Extension Education .

Direct Nutrition Interventions Programme Implement Preschool ing Agency children Women School children Objectives / strategies ICDS Women & Child Welfare 0-6 years 15 .44 child malnutrition MIM Education 2-14 years malnutrition & School attendance child malnutrition through integrated efforts TINP Dept of Social Welfare 6-36 months Pregnant & Lactating women .

Direct Nutrition Interventions Programme Implementi Preschool ng Agency children Food & Nutrition Board Health & Family welfare 1-5 years Women School children Objectives / strategies Production of protective food Vit A deficiency through oral mega dosing ANP Vit A PP APP Health & Family welfare 1-5 years Pregnant & Lactating women of Anaemia through Fe & Folic Acid Supplements .

Direct Nutrition Interventions Programme GCP Implementi Preschool ng Agency Children Civil Supplies Women School Children Objectives / strategies Iodised salt distribution to reduce IDD All ages Nutrition / health education to improve dietary practices Mobile Food & Nutrition education Food & Nutrition Board .

Health Interventions y Expanded programme of immunisation y Diarrhoeal disease control programme y School health services y Maternal & Child health Programme .

Indirect Interventions y Food Interventions y Poverty Alleviation Programmes .

Food Interventions y The public distribution system (PDS) y Food ² subsidy / income transfer programme y Administered by the ministry of food & agriculture y Provides essential food grains to poor households at hugely subsidized rates .

Poverty Alleviation programmes y Integrated Rural Development Programme y National Rural Employment Programme .

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