1. Who are the Key players/Characters involved? a) Adults/Elders (Age > 60) b) Facilitators (Different Geography, Universities, Institutes, Non profit organizations) c) Elderhostel 2. What is their motivation / Sources of value for players other than the company? a) Fellowship of learning and culture experience b) Open membership, no academic prerequisites, courses designed, conducted and attended by their own members who are friends, co-volunteers and classmates c) Places and resources not accessible to independent travellers. d) Prestige & Experience from participants

Revenue model a) Fee for enrolment (Tuition & Accommodation) b) Sponsorship by a college or university c) Donors / Contributors (Tax Deductions Applicable) 5. Cost Model a) Tutors / Instructors / Coordinators fee b) Travel services .ELDER HOSTEL: FEE BASED MODEL 3. What are the Set of Assumptions / promise necessary for company to earn value / Plot? a) Adequate Number of Adults b) Boom in aging boomers c) Adults realize their worth and show interest and enthusiasm in educational programs 4.

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